Abolition of browsing system of land register

Niseko Town, we have been reading land registers created based on registration information. However, in recent years, access to personal information has been restricted due to the enforcement of the “Personal Information Protection Law” and the revision of the “Basic Resident Register Act”. Therefore, it is thought that it is necessary to restrict the reading of the land registry information as well.
In addition, since the land register information currently available in Niseko Town takes time to update to the latest registration information, information that differs from the latest registration information may be provided. From these things, reading of land register is abolished from August 1, 2017.
In addition, browsing of registration information of land and houses can be done at the Sapporo Legal Affairs Bureau Kutchan Branch Office.

Sapporo Legal Affairs Bureau Kutchan Branch Office
Kutchan-cho Minami-dori 3-chome Kutchan Local District 3 rd Floor

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