Support business subsidy system for entrepreneurs making Niseko Town

We support people who "challenge and step up" business management! !

  • Niseko Town in the
  • I would like to open a new store newly
  • I would like to borrow an empty store
  • I would like to extend the shop now
  • Those who would like to change the business type of the store,
We have created a system to subsidize part of construction costs etc.

Purpose and purpose

  • Improvement of the environment to "challenge and step up" against business management (fostering momentum)
  • Economic circulation effect on regional economy due to expanding consumption in town
  • Stabilization and revitalization of the industrial base by increasing the number of companies
  • Increase awareness of existing business sites by entering new offices (stores, etc.)


Niseko Town within, against those who aim for expansion, such as aggressive business development of the conversion or place of business of a person or industry to new entrepreneurs and newly established or inherited himself a small business, a part of the renovation costs Subsidize

Contents of grant

Direct construction fee required for building new building, remodeling and renovation, and renovation of the building and its business Within one-third of necessary equipment and supplies (excluding highly versatile ones)
Note: The limit amount is 1 million yen, however, the total of construction and equipment purchase costs exceeds 600,000 yen.


Committee Members or Commercial Membership Members who are committed to becoming a member, shall be individuals or organizations that fall under any of the following for small business establishments (business establishments with 20 or fewer regular employees).
  • People who start their own business establishments and start up businesses
  • Those who inherit business establishments currently conducting business
  • People who utilize unused facilities as offices
  • Those who are currently conducting business activities and who change industries at the same place of business
  • Those who do extension (30% or more) of the facility at the same business office among those currently conducting business

Applicable industries

It does not cover sex business, political activities and religious activities.

Procedure · Application

  • Pre-screening by the Chamber of Commerce
  • Application for grant etc.
In order to complete the application by the start of the project in the building subject to the subsidy, preliminary review by the Chamber of Commerce is required approximately three months before the business start date.

What is necessary for the procedure

  • Copies of business plan documents, income and expenditure accounts, copies of ownership registered certificates or lease contracts of buildings, copies of construction design documents and design documents relating to remodeling of buildings, copies of estimates pertaining to equipment and equipment purchases
  • Tax payment light documents, documents permitting business plans by the Chamber of Commerce and others

Consultation · Contact point

In addition, please be sure to confirm the details.

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