Fire department and emergency

At the Town Fire Department, fire-fighting vehicles and ambulances are readied 24/7 to be dispatched in an emergency. Dial 119 if a fire occurs, or if you find a fire. Once you have reached the fire department, inform the fire department of the site of the fire, whether there are trapped people and who is calling. The number for calling an ambulance due to sudden illness is also 119.
If you are not fluent in Japanese, ask a Japanese speaker to make the call. Or contact the receptionist/management company of your accommodation and ask them to help you explain the situation. Also, if you use a nearby landline phone, your location will be automatically recognized based on the contractor's address. Please be sure to provide us the name of buildings, or landmarks in case that the address is registered at the different location from the landline phone.

When calling from a green public phone

Press the red button on the front of the phone.

When calling from a gray public phone

Pick up the receiver, and dial 119.

When calling from a cell phone

With a Japanese mobile phone contracting with a Japanese mobile phone carrier the caller’s location will only be roughly recognized. Therefore, you need to provide us the name of buildings or landmarks so that we can locate you more accurately. An emergency call from an international mobile phone does not provide a quick accurate location..


Fire Department

Tel. 119

Regarding emergency and disaster

Niseko Town Council Tel. 0136-44-2121 General Affairs Section, General Affairs Division

Regarding emergency radio

Planning & Environment Division, Community FM Section (Phone: 44-2121)

Inquiries in English

Niseko Town Council Tel. 0136-44-2121 Planning and Environment Division