Niseko Town New Coronavirus Emergency Measures (Economic Support Measures)


Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation regarding the promotion of town development in Niseko Town.
By the spread of the new coronavirus, Niseko Town hotel in the, restaurant, outdoor businesses, such as retail stores, the economic impact of tourism-related operators There are a enormous.
On the other hand, we believe that economic measures against these impacts should be addressed by the national government and prefectures based on the Influenza Special Measures Law, but in Niseko Town, the impact on tourism-related businesses, which is a major industry, However, there are many townspeople who live in this area, and I feel that it is extremely difficult to overcome this enormous economic downturn only with the measures of the national government and Hokkaido.
Therefore, in Niseko Town, as an "investment for the future", we decided to take the town's own support measures as below so that the townspeople could support the lives of the townspeople and maintain their business continuity and employment. , We will announce it to all the residents.
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