Conservation of groundwater

Groundwater is an important property

Niseko is blessed with abundant snow cover and rich forest. With the benefits of nature, clean groundwater can be used as drinking water indispensable to our lives. However, groundwater is also a limited resource, and there is a danger of causing drought and ground subsidence by sampling a large amount of water.
Groundwater is an important shared property indispensable to everyone's life. It is required to give consideration to each other and to use it moderately.

Permission and notification of well drilling

In order to prevent drought and land subsidence due to excessive water sampling, Niseko Town requires permission or notification before drilling a well to collect groundwater based on the Niseko Town Groundwater Conservation Ordinance.
The flow of permission and notification is as follows.

Niseko Town Groundwater Conservation Ordinance Flowchart

Groundwater Maintenance Flowchart
  • Reference value of cross-sectional area: For tube diameter 32 mm, cross-sectional area 8.04 square centimeters
  • When there are two or more outlets, the total of the cross sectional area is the target.
  • As of April 27, 2011, when already using a well or drilling
· Cross section area exceeding 8 square centimeters: We assume that you received permission by submitting a notification. Installation is necessary when there is no water measurement device.
· When the cross sectional area is 8 square cm or less: Notification is not necessary.
  • For the ordinance text, please click here.

Application, notification form

pdf file format

word File format

Guidance, order, penalties

Guidance etc.

  • When it is deemed necessary for preservation of groundwater, it can recommend to take guidance, advice or necessary measures.


  • You can revoke your permission for fake or otherwise authorized means.
  • You may order a person who is collecting without permission to set the deadline and take necessary measures.
  • If there is an urgent necessity, it is possible to limit the collection of groundwater by setting the period.
  • When a person who received a recommendation fails to take such measures, he / she may order a matter to take such measures with a deadline.
  • When a person who received the order does not comply, it is possible to order temporary suspension of the collecting action by setting a deadline.

Penal provision

  • In case of violation of an order → fine of 500,000 yen
  • Failure to make various notifications → Fine for 300,000 yen
  • If you receive permission by lying fraudulent other illegal means → fine of 300,000 yen
  • When refusing the on-site inspection without just cause → fine of 300,000 yen

Niseko Town Water Resources Conservation Council Annual Schedule

The Water Resources Conservation Council is scheduled to be held four times a year.
  • Please proceed with the submission of permission application according to the business schedule.
  • Please hold a briefing session for nearby residents by the Water Resources Conservation Council.
  • If there is a project for groundwater collection where the discharge cross-sectional area of the pump, which needs to be held by the council, exceeds 8 cm2, please contact the following reference as soon as possible.
TimesScheduleTarget time for submission of permission application
1stLate MayDuring April
Part 2Late AugustIn July
3rdLate NovemberIn October
4thLate FebruaryDuring January

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