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Niseko Town COOLCHOICE (conservation of home appliances and joint transport of mobile transportation)
About open call for participants of trust company

This project has three initiatives planned in the Eco-Model City action plan (“To form a short-distance block”, “Promote joint transportation and transportation”, “Promote replacement with energy-saving” ) Is promoted by promotion activities utilizing the COOLCHOICE, a national movement to combat global warming.
It is desirable to carry out the business more effectively by the proposal based on more specialized knowledge, technology and experience in carrying out the extension promotion activities. Therefore, the company is selected by the “open call proposal type proposal” method of evaluating and selecting, based on a certain standard, a plan etc. proposed by the company.


Recruitment schedule

ContentsPeriod etc.
Start of public offeringFrom 9 am on July 22, 2019
· Please download the documents to be submitted on the town's website.
Receiving questions (email)Until August 7, 2019
· Please contact us by e-mail.
Submission of application form (e-mail)From July 22, 2019 to noon, August 8, 2019
・ Please attach to e-mail to Eco-Model City Promotion Section and submit.
・ After sending the e-mail, please call the Eco-Model City Promotion Section for confirmation.・ Participation approval will be notified sequentially by 4:00 pm on August 9, 2019.
Submission of proposals (mail or bring)Participation approval company is by noon of August 16, 2019
・ Please submit by mail or bring to the Eco-Model City Promotion Section.・ After submission, please call the Eco-Model City Promotion Section for confirmation of arrival.
Primary examination (document examination)Scheduled from August 19, 2019 to August 21, 2019
・ We will notify the results of the primary screening by e-mail to all the primary screening participating companies by 4 pm on August 22, 2019.
Second examination (presentation)Scheduled to be held at any of the Niseko Town Halls from August 26, 2019 to August 29, 2019
結果通知By 4 pm on August 30, 2019, we will notify the results of the secondary screening to all secondary screening participating companies by e-mail.
Estimate matchingScheduled to be held at Niseko Town Hall by September 2, 2019

Recruitment Guidelines Specifications Scoring Standards


Part of the presentation (secondary examination)

The second screening for selecting contractors will be conducted at the following times.
1. Presentations will be made public.
2. The selection committee and the contents of the screening after the presentation are closed.

Date and time
August 28, 13: 30 ~

Niseko Town Hall Meeting Room 2

Examination outcome

There was an application from North Ambitious Co., Ltd. for the above public offering.
Based on the guidelines, a selection committee meeting was held on August 28, and as a result of deliberation, it was decided to select a contractor.

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