If you get pregnant

Delivery of Maternal and Child Health Handbook

I publish maternal and child health handbooks to pregnant women.
Please fill in the record as soon as possible because you will be recording the record of pregnancy and growth of your child.

Things necessary

  • Pregnancy notification form issued by hospital etc.
  • Pregnant woman's My number card or My number notification card
  • seal

Health checkup of pregnant women

For all pregnant women (those who have an address in Niseko Town), we issue 14 subsidies for regular health checkups and 6 subsidies for ultrasonic examinations. Handed when the Mother and Child Health Handbook is issued.
  • A medical examination ticket is valid only for medical institutions in Hokkaido. If you are planning to have pregnancy medical examination / childbirth at a medical institution outside the way such as returning home please consult before going home. If you have already been taken home please also contact us.
  • Pregnant women who will be transferred to Niseko Town, please contact us when you continue to transfer.
  • If you want to move out, please contact the person in charge of medical examination of pregnant women.

Papa mama seminar

While learning about pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing, we hold as a place to foster parents' feelings and family ties.
ObjectPregnant women and families who are expected to give birth
2020 of the datesThursday, July 2, November 12, Thursday, March 4, 2021
placeMachiya Center
BelongingsMaternal and Child Handbook, Mama Daddy Class Textbook (Distributed at the time of issuing the Mother and Child Handbook)
内容Learning society on pregnancy, childbirth, childcare
Interaction with dads and mothers who have a baby at the same time
RemarksI will show you to the target person individually

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