Allowance, subsidies and services for the elderly

Subsidize part of kerosene in winter

We will subsidize some of the kerosene necessary for heating during the winter season against the elderly people living alone in the town and the households of mother and child families. (Provided, however, that it is a non-taxable household tax household and the total household income is less than 800,000 yen)
Grant limit400 liters per household per season
Required for applicationseal

Snow removal of old households

Snow removal The snow removal will be carried out at the time of snowfall for households with a length of the driveway of 30 m or more from the public road and falling under any of the following.
  • Single households aged 65 years or over, or households consisting only of 65 years old or older
  • Households consisting only of elderly people aged 65 and older and persons with disabilities who are found difficult to remove due to physical disability
  • Be a snow-removable road by a large snow removal machine (town snow removal vehicle)
Required for applicationseal

Implementation of food service

Once a week, we are serving a food service for those who wish.
Those who can receive servicesNiseko Town, living alone over the age of 65
The burden amount of the principalOne meal 200 yen

Snow removal service

For elderly people living alone and elderly households, snow removal around the houses will be carried out during the winter snowfall.

Services on disposable diapers

We offer disposable diapers to reduce the economic burden even for a family who has bedridden bedridden people who are bedridden at home and people with disabilities.
The maximum amountUp to 4,000 yen / month
Required for application· Receipt for purchasing disposable diapers
ApplicantSocial welfare council
Niseko Town people center in the telephone number: 0136-44-2234

Distribution of safety cane

For physically disabled people, they are distributed as supplementary tools to applicants for a fee (2,000 yen per one).
ApplicantSocial welfare council
Niseko Town people center in the telephone number: 0136-44-2234

Housekeeping help service

Usage feeLess than 30 minutesOnce40 yen
Less than 1 hourOnce80 yen
1 hour or moreOnceFrom 120 yen
ApplicantCouncil of Social Welfare Niseko Town people in the center
· Phone number: 0136-44-2234

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