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Niseko Town Regional Comprehensive Support Center

Niseko Town Regional Comprehensive Support Center is located in the Public Health and Welfare Division. The Regional Comprehensive Support Center provides consultation, support and nursing care prevention projects for elderly people and their families who are having trouble living at home and various problems.

Is there anything you have troubled with such a thing
  • "Long-term care at home is serious", "You can not seniors alone"
  • "I do not know how to care nursing," "I want a convenient nursing care product"
  • "I want to join an elderly facility", "What sort of welfare system is available and available"
  • "Although I have decided to leave the hospital, I am worried about my life at home."
  • "I would like to hear more about the long-term care insurance system"
  • "I would like to take the nursing-care insurance certification procedure"
  • "I'd like you to help me with my care plan and document procedures with nursing-care insurance."
In such a case, we will respond to consultation.
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