Recruit Niseko Town Ladies Fire Protection Club members

We are looking for Niseko Town Ladies Fire Protection Club members

Niseko Town Women's Women's Fire Prevention Club is working to raise awareness of fire prevention among women who often use fire at home, acquire knowledge and techniques for fire prevention, and prevent fires from starting at home. Under the motto "Do not emit fire from home," why don't you participate in disaster-free town development? Niseko Town Ladies Fire Protection Club is a fire protection organization established in 1963. Niseko Town currently 16 people in our participation in person in the living of more than 20-year-old lady has been active. There is no annual membership fee. Participation in the activities is not compulsory, but you can go to any convenient event.

Main activities

  • Board of Directors and General Assembly
  • Inspection training (day trip)
  • Participate in the Spring / Autumn Fire Prevention Movement (Fireball Balloon Distribution)
  • Handling fire extinguishers, conducting fire extinguishing experiments etc.
  • Implementation of workshops such as how to use slingwood, emergency measures
  • Public awareness raising activities of residential fire alarms
  • Creating a solitary old greeting card
  • Other business recognized as necessary at the Board of Directors

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