About disposal of fire extinguishers

A rupture accident of an aging fire extinguisher has occurred.
  • Using a fire extinguisher corroded or deformed may cause an unexpected accident such as explosion.
  • Never use fire extinguishers with corrosion or deformation.
  • When disposing of the product, please ask the purchaser, dealer, professional agent etc.
Note: Do not use rusted fire extinguishers or deformed fire extinguishers for fire, training or any other means absolutely!

How to dispose fire extinguishers · Method

If you have a fire extinguisher at hand, first check the expiration date. There should be a statement in the label. The lifetime of fire extinguishers is stipulated within 8 years from the date of manufacture.
Even if the expiration date is not stated, let's stop storing or using fire extinguishers that are stored for about 5 to 8 years or those that have rust and scratches on the body of the fire extinguisher.
As for disposal, consult with a dealer, a fire extinguisher maker, or a nearby fire department. Fire extinguishers and aerosol fire extinguishers for residential use have a useful life of 3 to 5 years. Regarding here, since the last year is always stated, I will always check. As for disposal here as well, consulting with dealers, fire extinguisher makers and fire departments is a short cut. Municipalities basically do not collect fire extinguishers.
Main body containerThose with corrosion are dangerous in terms of strength, so please dispose of it.
Lid (cap)Those that are scratched, deformed, or corroded should be discarded promptly.
Zinc alloy die-cast lid, the gloss of plating is gone, wrinkles, streaks, and the surface is creped.
Plating peeled off, and white crystals were formed in the traces.
Please do not throw the fire extinguisher like an ordinary garbage or leave it.
  • Fire extinguishers are designed to eject fire extinguishing chemicals at very high pressure. Therefore, corrosion due to rust, and scratches / deformations, there is a danger that the part can not withstand pressure and break.
  • Please be careful not to let yourself get injured, nor to handle others carelessly.
  • To prevent accidents, please dispose fire extinguishers that are no longer needed to dealerships or professional dealers who have never used them without fail.
  • Disassembly / disposal processing costs expensive.
  • For details, please ask the nearest fire extinguisher dealer or fire department.

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