Report number 119

About Mr. Yotei Mountain Fire Fighting Union to unify the communication directive task

At Yotei Mountain Fire Fighting Association, we began operation of the high fire fighting directive system from April, 2012. This will shorten the time for disaster reception and allow fire brigades and emergency services to arrive quickly on the scene to reduce the damage and improve the life-saving rate.

Change accompanying the start of operations

As a result of the introduction of the advanced fire fighting directive system, since April 1, 2012, the Mt. Yotei Firefighting Association 7 or 119 (fire, ambulance, rescue, etc.) in all the towns and villages are all informed of firefighting association firefighters headquarters I am receiving electricity at the command center. Afterwards, the dispatch order is issued to the relevant fire department and each branch office and the corresponding office will be dispatched.

Fire request

Fire fightingCaller
Yes, it's firefighting. Is it a fire? Is it an emergency?It is a fire.
Where is the place?Example: Address ○ ○ town (place name) It is ○ ○ number.
Note: Address, facility name, etc.
Is there a target building nearby?Example: There are ○ ○ nearby
How many floors is the building?
Where on the floor is burning?
Example: ○ ○ on ○ floor ○ ○ is burning.
Are there any people or injured people who are late for escape?Example: Everyone evacuates.
I do not have an injured person.
Please tell me your name and phone numberExample: Taro fire Taro.
The number is ___ ___ 0.

Ambulance request

Fire fightingCaller
Yes, it's firefighting. Is it a fire? Is it an emergency?It is an ambulance.
Where is the place?Example: Address ○ ○ town (place name) It is ○ ○ number.
Note: Address / facility name, name etc.
What has happened?Example: My grandpa is not feeling well.
Please tell me the name, age, sex of a bad person.Example: Taro fire Taro, 100 years old, is a man.
An ambulance will soon head. I will listen to detailed conditions such as symptoms, medical history and hospital for hospital until ambulance arrives.Example: ○ ○ disease, I am going to ○ ○ hospital.
Please tell me your name and phone numberExample: This is firefighter Hanako. The number is ___ ___ 0.

On oral instruction

What is consciousness?

If you can not nod, reply or move the limbs when you hit the call or shoulder, please judge that you are not conscious. At this time, both breathing and the heart may be stopped. Firefighters will instruct "Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Act" at the telephone entrance. Please follow the instructions with the telephone connected.

What is cardiopulmonary resuscitation?

It is to do cardiac massage and artificial respiration, but there is a high possibility that you will be saved if you perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation immediately after a person collapses. Let's participate in life saving workshops to help families and loved ones.

Report from mobile phone

When reporting 119 by mobile phone

Call 119 of the cellular phone also goes to Mt. Yotei's firefighting association fire department command center. Please settle down slowly.
  1. If you move from the place you are reporting, there is a possibility that the power will be turned off depending on the radio wave condition!
  2. If the power is turned off during a call, please move to a place with good radio condition and report again.

Automatic guidance equipment for disaster situations

Information such as the fire occurring inside the pipe will be announced by synthetic voice inquiries from residents.

Inquiries about disaster situation etc.
Automatic guide only
Phone number: 0136-22-6655

General employee contact address

Facility NameTEL:
Fire department0136-22-2822
Kutchan Fire Station0136-22-1089
Banchō branch office0136-57-5189
Niseko office0136-44-2354
Makura Branch0136-45-2319
Rusutsu Branch Office0136-46-3304
Kigoro Branch Office0136-33-2141
Kyogoku branch office0136-42-2303

Report from FAX

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