Niseko Camp Site

予約は行っていません。 You can come and use the limited space with consideration for other people.
* Please follow the rules and manners when using.
The Niseko campsite is a quiet campground surrounded by the wilderness at the entrance of the Niseko mountain range such as Niseko Annupuri and Iwaonupuri.
Other than the outstanding landscape, of course, we can also expect a full sky of stars in the evening.
There is also a day-trip bathing facility where you can experience the five colors hot springs in about 5 minutes on foot, and you can heal your body slowly after climbing or camping.
Street addressニセコ町字ニセコ510
Business periodEarly June to late October
※ Because it changes according to the situation of snowfall, please confirm the latest information.
Manager hours10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
※ You can use it freely outside this time
FacilityAbout 40 tents, administrative building, cooking rack, flush toilet (wheelchair compatible)
※ There is no shop / rental.
Cleaning cooperation moneyFor facility users, we ask for cooperation for cleaning cooperation funds.
Please pay during manager's time.
1泊 高校生以上500 yen\300
1泊 小中学生200 yen100 yen
日帰り 高校生以上200 yen100 yen
日帰り 小中学生200 yen100 yen

※ Reservations are not accepted.
Prohibited matter1. カラオケや大きな声の会話など、まわりの人に迷惑となる行為
2. Fireworks and bonfires at the tent site
3. Meals in the parking lot / aisle (excluding cars)
4. Campfires
5. 犬・猫のテントサイト及び広場への持ち込み(守れない場合はペットの同伴はご遠慮ください)
Notes● When using the camp site (camp site), please follow the instructions of the manager
● When you cook, be sure to use a kitchenette
● Please dispose of the charcoal fire used in the leisure stove etc in the furnace of the cooking place
● When washing a leisure stove / shoes etc, please use the water way at the entrance of the road
● Please be careful of foxes and crows causing mischief
● It is a facility within the National Park, so take your garbage home
* Do not enter the mountains at night during dusk hours
* Make a sound, such as carrying a bell or radio, to let others know you are there, and always pay attention to your surroundings.
* If you find a corpse such as a deer, it is possible that the bear was eating it, so leave immediately.
(Trash will bring bears, so be sure to take it home)

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