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Special feature: Shin Niseko High School, evolving with the region

Niseko High School has started to evolve rapidly this year. This high school, whose survival was in doubt several years ago due to a decline in the number of students, is now making major changes.
In this month's issue, we will tell you about Niseko High School's "current" and "future" in order to help you learn more about Niseko High School, which continues to walk on a new path.

Evolving Niseko High School
Niseko High School is a municipal agricultural high school that operates part-time during the day, with a capacity of 40 students per grade. As the only green tourism course in Japan, all first-year students learn the basics of agriculture and tourism, and from second-year students, they are divided into an agri-food course and a global tourism course to deepen their specialized learning.
In the Agri-Food Course, we aim to become global human resources who have acquired knowledge and skills related to sustainable agriculture through research activities related to agriculture.
In the Global Tourism Course, students aim to become global human resources who have acquired knowledge and skills related to tourism through internships at hotels and global companies.
Students who wish to pursue more advanced studies can advance to the fourth year and undertake long-term training at YTL Hotels in Malaysia.
However, it has been pointed out that educational programs that have focused on ``nurturing people who will be responsible for the core industries of agriculture and tourism'' do not meet the learning needs of students and lack the attractiveness of learning to attract students. .
Therefore, the town will establish a committee to make Niseko High School more attractive in 2022. In order to make the most of the internationalizing environment of Niseko Town and provide an attractive learning experience, we have decided to change our department to a general studies department from 2026.
Currently, schools are proactively moving forward with new learning starting this school year, without waiting for the change of subjects.

school education goals
Nurturing people who can collaborate with others to create a better community by realizing their own happy future (well-being)

The image of students we want to develop
“Global human resources with civic pride”
People who are proud and deeply attached to Niseko Town and the area they are interested in, and who are conscious of their connections with the world and have the self-confidence to get involved and improve the area.

this past year
Do something like this
It's here!

Initiatives over the past year
The learning offered at Niseko High School is wide-ranging, and one of the attractions is that you can gain experiential learning while valuing relationships with the local community. We would like to introduce our efforts over the past year, which have evolved by making use of the activities and traditions passed down by our predecessors.

after school world class
In order to improve English skills and deepen understanding of different cultures through international exchange, we offer after-school classes where students play games and have conversations in all English with Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) and Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs). Masu.

Leader training outside Hokkaido
With a grant from the Mitsubishi Future Development Foundation, we inspected town development projects across the country with the aim of developing global human resources with civic pride. During the field trip to Miyama Town, Kyoto Prefecture, we learned about how to create sustainable tourist destinations and promote them to the world.

Regional future study abroad information session
Regional Future Study Abroad is a platform for recruiting students nationwide. Niseko High School is taking advantage of this and recruiting motivated students from all over the country, with students participating in the Tokyo information session and online explanations.

With local businesses
We are collaborating!

Collaboration with Hakkaisan Niseko Distillery
Using lavender grown at Niseko High School, we are collaborating with Hakkaisan Niseko Distillery to conduct research activities such as developing and selling lavender gin.
This year marks the 10th year of Niseko High School's lavender cultivation research.

Original tea joint development with Lupicia Co., Ltd.
“Niseko High School x Lupicia Original Tea Development Project” started in June.
We jointly developed a new tea flavor, and the product was completed at the end of January. During the development process, we held a tasting session of the prototype products and considered the direction of the taste.

Original bagel development with SEED BAGEL
We developed bagels using strawberries and sweet potatoes grown at Niseko High School with SEED BAGEL, and sold them on the JR Limited Express Niseko train.
It was so popular that it sold out quickly. It was also sold at "NISEKO Christmas" in December and was a great success.

reform schedule
2023: Examination of new school image, examination of general department series, curriculum, etc., examination of core learning
2024: Decision on curriculum, etc. for general studies departments
2025: Recruitment and selection of students for general studies departments
2026: 1st year general studies, 2nd to 4th year agricultural students
2027: 1st and 2nd year general studies students, 3rd and 4th year students in agriculture department
2028: 1st to 3rd year general studies students, 4th year agricultural students

Changes in enrollment over the past five years
The number of applicants for admission in 2024 is 45, exceeding the capacity! (Enrollment will be confirmed in April)

Number of students by current grade level
Source: Niseko Town Board of Education

from now on
Niseko high school
Let's take a look!

The future of Niseko High School

Niseko High School will change to a ``Advancement-type credit-based comprehensive department'' from 2026 (Reiwa 8).
The advanced credit system is a system in which students can choose subjects that suit their career path.
In addition to general studies subjects (5 subjects), the general studies department allows students to choose both general studies subjects and specialized subjects in order to create their own learning according to their own interests. Here's how it works.
Furthermore, it will be reborn as a new school featuring "international education" with global Niseko Town as its field of learning.

1. Review of educational curriculum
In addition to changing the curriculum and enriching the education of general subjects, we are also working on inquiry activities to solve local issues in order to achieve the same learning results as the "comprehensive inquiry time" carried out in general subjects during problem research. Masu.
Up until now, we have been working on the quest for sustainable regional development, and as part of our ongoing learning, we have undertaken leadership training outside of Hokkaido.

2. On-campus study abroad facility “English Village” (tentative name)
In order to create an environment where students can easily encounter languages and cultures from around the world, we are planning to establish an on-campus study abroad facility called "English Village" (tentative name). Last November, the town's Coordinator for International Relations (CIR) and students toured the English village of Hiyoshigaoka High School, a partner school in Kyoto City.
*English village is a facility where you can study English in an environment similar to that in a foreign country while staying in Japan.

3. Learning support app
We have introduced online learning materials ``Study Sapuri'' and ``Roilo Note'' so that each student can proceed with learning according to their learning progress and career choice.
We enable each student to study autonomously, from relearning the basics to preparing for university entrance exams.
It is also used in classes and for winter vacation assignments.

4. Enhancing high school/university collaboration/inter-high school collaboration
We believe that by enhancing collaboration with other high schools and universities, we can greatly improve the educational capabilities of our school.
In addition, collaboration between high schools can enhance international education and entrepreneurship education.
〇Main affiliated universities/high schools
Otaru University of Commerce, Reitaku University, Murdoch University in Australia, Sapporo International University, Shinagawa Women's Academy, Kyoto City Hiyoshigaoka High School, etc.

5, Otaru University of Commerce Satellite
Niseko Town has concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with Otaru University of Commerce for the purpose of sustainable local community development and human resource development.
We plan to continue collaborating to implement attractive educational programs such as entrepreneurship education.
*Entrepreneurship is the spirit and attitude of coming up with new solutions to social issues and confronting them without fear of risk.

6. Construction of new dormitory
In 1990 (Heisei 2), a new school building and a remote dormitory called Kibogaoka Dormitory were completed.
Thirty-two years have passed since its construction, and the facility has deteriorated significantly.
Furthermore, the number of applicants from all over the country is expected to increase in the future. For this reason, in preparation for the construction of a new dormitory, we are considering the size and location of the dormitory, taking into consideration functionality and publicity.

2023 Niseko High School activity report session
Niseko High School's activity report meeting was held on Friday, January 26th.
Students took the lead in reporting on the activities they have been working on this year, including reports on tourism education promotion projects for regional revitalization, research activities of each major group, and new activities of the agricultural club executive department. Approximately 20 people participated on the day.

Niseko High School's activities are supported!

1. Niseko High School's educational program "Developing global human resources with civic pride - Let's dissolve the boundaries between Niseko and the world" will receive a research grant from the Mitsubishi Future Development Foundation's "Program to Drive the Engine of the Heart" in 2023 was adopted.

2. A regional consortium centered on the practice of "sustainable tourism education" was selected for the Japan Tourism Agency's "Tourism Education Promotion Project for Regional Revitalization" (one of three regions selected nationwide). ).
On February 8th (Thursday), the students presented their activities at a national symposium held in Tokyo.

Thoughts on Niseko High School

We interviewed everyone who is deeply involved with Niseko High School about the appeal of Niseko High School and what they expect from Niseko High School in the future.

I want to create a school where diverse values can be shared.

Niseko High School Principal Hajime Motoya
Worked as a science teacher at Monbetsu Kita High School, Nakashibetsu High School, etc. After changing jobs after serving as a guidance supervisor for the Hokkaido Board of Education, he served as assistant principal and vice principal of Kyoto City Tonan High School, and principal of Kyoto City Hiyoshigaoka High School, before assuming his current position in April 2023.

We have clarified our educational policy, student profile, and other goals in preparation for the transition to a comprehensive department starting in 2026.
New initiatives launched this year are creating a positive and proactive momentum throughout the school.
In order to develop the best qualities of students, it is important to secure funds for activities that allow students to realize their desired learning, and to create a school climate that allows students to grow on their own.
Niseko High School has many learning opportunities, and you can learn while feeling connected to the world.
Niseko Town has an environment where you can interact directly with many foreigners. In addition, I believe that a realistic international education can be achieved by having students and foreign students from partner universities who are interested in the international nature of Niseko Town work together to learn.
Another major feature of Niseko High School is that the school and local community work together to develop students.
The local community creates many learning opportunities. This is the charm of Niseko High School.
By taking advantage of the international nature of Niseko Town and bringing together people with different backgrounds at Niseko High School, we would like to create an interesting learning environment where people can connect with people all over the country and overseas. I would like to create a school that values diversity and where diverse values can be shared.

Teachers support students' challenges

Niseko High School teacher Kenji Kawagishi
Mathematics teacher. 6th year at Niseko High School. Director of Academic Affairs

Niseko High School is located in this cosmopolitan Niseko Town, and is supported by many local people on a daily basis.
I think this is a great asset of Niseko High School.
Even students who may find it difficult to express their opinions when they first enter the school are able to openly express their opinions in front of others by the time they graduate. I believe this kind of growth is possible because they are able to interact with local people and have a variety of experiences outside of the classroom.
I once had a local person say to me, ``I would be happy if more high school students came to town and studied here.''
This year, we are working to further enhance our regional research activities.
Niseko High School is currently in a period of major change, and I hope that the new Niseko High School will become a school that fulfills the wishes of local people, students, parents, teachers, and others.
We, as teachers, would like to do our best to achieve this goal. At Niseko High School, there are many opportunities to have a variety of experiences, and there are teachers who support them, so I want students to feel safe and try out various things.

These three years of experience led to my personal growth.

Rin Hasegawa, 3rd year student at Niseko High School
(Global tourism course)

When I entered my fourth year, I decided to enroll at Niseko High School because I was able to gain practical training in Malaysia and learn about tourism in depth.
I feel that local people are actively trying to get involved with high school students in their daily activities.
I am glad that I am involved in the town's activities as a member of Niseko Town through events that I work on in collaboration with local people.
I feel that it is because of the town's homely community that high school students can realize that something can come together through the involvement of many people.
By voluntarily participating in classes and training that are unique to Niseko High School, I have broadened my perspective on things. I feel that my experience at Niseko High School led to my personal growth, so I want my juniors to have the same experience as me and grow. Furthermore, I would like Niseko High School to realize the image it is currently aiming for.

Niseko High School Attractiveness Review Committee Member
Kei Takai (Niseko Takahashi Farm)

We have a deep relationship with Niseko High School, including accepting internships and collaborating on products.
At the Attractiveness Review Committee, we are thinking about the future of Niseko High School, such as what kind of departments we want to develop, what kind of students we want to develop, and the kind of students we aim to be.
I want the students of Niseko High School to cherish the ability to live their lives in a way that suits the times and to be flexible and able to respond to any situation without fitting into a mold.
Would you like to get involved with Niseko High School and its students, who are part of the community?

Niseko High School Attractiveness Review Committee Member
Yasunori Honma (Niseko Winery)

For eight years, we have provided students with hands-on learning opportunities from planting grapes to making wine.
The interns also learned about wine tourism and business.
This initiative is making a major contribution to creating a new curriculum for Niseko High School, which aims to utilize local resources and develop future global human resources.
We at Niseko Winery would be happy to provide further cooperation.

Niseko High School Kibogaoka Dormitory Manager
Mr. Hirofumi Suzuki

From the beginning of Kibogaoka Dormitory until now, we have been providing meals for dormitory residents and managing the facilities of the dormitory.
It's been 30 years this year, and I've been able to continue doing this because I enjoy watching the children grow each year, and there are many moments that make me feel glad that I did it.
I'm happy that even after graduation, my dorm residents come to see me and update me on their progress.
The messages and gifts I have received from my dorm residents are precious treasures to me.

Niseko Town 's town development and Niseko High School have continued to move forward together in a close relationship.
I believe that the unique regional characteristics of Niseko Town are a resource for learning at Niseko High School and lead to the students' ability to take independent action.
Niseko High School is now taking on a new challenge, inheriting the ties it has built with the local community and developing "global human resources with civic pride" who will play a leading role in town development.
Niseko High School is ``nurtured by the community and grows together with the community.''
Niseko High School official SNS
・Niseko High School Homepage
・School information pamphlet for Niseko High School students
・Niseko High School Education Presentation Materials


Topic of town


Expand your worldview through picture books
International exchange event “10th Picture Book World”

The town held the 10th Picture Book World on February 3rd at the Town Citizens Center.
More than 200 foreign picture books and large picture books were lined up at the venue, and about 130 visitors enjoyed reading picture books from all over the world.
The venue was filled with excitement, including reading stories in multiple languages, a batik experience (a traditional dyeing experience from countries such as Malaysia), a panel theater by the Asobuku Puppet Troupe, and music and dance performances by Niseko High School students.
In the multilingual reading of ``Woodley's Wonderful Winter Adventure,'' picture book author Dan Pearcy, who lives in Kutchan Town, participated in the reading in English, providing a valuable opportunity to read aloud by the picture book author himself. .

"Woodley's Wonderful Winter Adventure" was read aloud in four languages.

Children enthusiastic about batik experience

Captivate the audience with expressive panel theater

Learn from calligraphers
Niseko elementary school writing beginning

Niseko Elementary School held a class on writing beginnings on January 23rd and 24th.
Kei Onuki, a calligrapher in the town, served as a school support volunteer and lecturer, teaching the basics of calligraphy and things to keep in mind when writing.
The children carefully began writing, keeping in mind the points that Mr. Onuki taught them, such as being aware of stops, splashes, and beginnings.

I was teaching while demonstrating things to be careful about when writing.

Enjoying interaction for the first time in 4 years
Kotobuki University/Senior Club Joint New Year Exchange Meeting

On January 18th, a New Year's exchange meeting between the Kotobuki University Student Government Association and Senior Citizens' Club Union was held at the Town Citizens Center.
At the social gathering, everyone exchanged New Year's greetings and expressed their resolutions while having a meal.
At the end, a physical rock-paper-scissors competition was held, and prizes were given to all participants.

42 people participated and deepened exchanges in the new year

Safe winter life
Avalanche accident prevention class

On January 18th, a class on avalanche prevention was held at Kondo Elementary School for 5th and 6th grade students.
After Mr. Akio Shintani, director of the Niseko Avalanche Research Institute, talked about efforts to prevent avalanche accidents and the actual search process, the mountain rescue team from the Kutchan Police Station gave an explanation of winter mountain equipment and tools used for searches. Afterwards, the children actually got their hands on the equipment and used avalanche beacons.

Mr. Shintani has been disseminating “avalanche information” since 1994.

Enriching regions through decarbonization
218th Town Development Town Citizens Lecture

On January 25th, the town held a lecture for citizens on ``Global climate change discussions and local decarbonization efforts''.
Junichi Fujino, a senior researcher at the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), explained the global discussions at COP28 held in the United Arab Emirates last year, and then talked about Okayama, which has been selected as a "decarbonization leading region". Mr. Takahiro Ueyama, Special Counselor for Regional Revitalization of Nishiawakura Village, Prefecture, introduced the village's decarbonization efforts using forests.
After the lecture, the two of them and Deputy Mayor Yamamoto discussed the significance of working on decarbonization.

Approximately 20 people, mainly office staff, participated.

Looking to the future of Niseko High School
219th Town Development Town Citizens Lecture

On January 30th, the Board of Education held a lecture for residents on "Niseko High School and Town Development."
First, he introduced the progress and overview of the study to date, and then explained the need for student dormitories and the basic dormitory development plan in order to create an attractive new school.
During the exchange of opinions, the participants discussed the size and construction location of the new dormitory, as well as the merits of a unit format in which groups of six people live together, and connections with the local community.
It has been 32 years since Kibogaoka Dormitory was constructed, and the facilities are becoming noticeably older.

We are currently considering the size and location of the dormitory.

Full of expectations!
Elementary school 1-day trial admission

On February 1st, a one-day trial enrollment was held at Niseko Elementary School and Kondo Elementary School for young children who are scheduled to enter elementary school in the spring.
At the second elementary school, students interacted with first graders and experienced studying Japanese and arithmetic. At Kondo Elementary School, students made a windmill with first graders. At noon, I ate school lunch with my parents.

We made various shapes using shape magnets (2nd grade)

This is what I will study when I become a first grader (Kondo Elementary School)

The light of love in my heart
Scenic Night 2024
"ScenicNight 2024 in Niseko" was held around Kiranoyu for four days on February 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th.
At 5 p.m. every day, candles are lit in front of the word "NISEKO" and the Kiranoyu parking lot is brightly lit up.
On the final day, the 11th, 65 fireworks were set off at 7 p.m., and the event ended with warm applause from the visitors.

The letters “NISEKO” shining on the snow wall are beautiful

Thinking about the future of Niseko Town
220th and 221st Town Development Citizens Lectures

On February 13th, the town held two lectures for residents, one in the afternoon and one in the evening, to explain and exchange opinions about the 6th Comprehensive Plan.
The evening session will be held jointly with the 3rd Basic Environmental Plan.
In the explanation of the comprehensive plan, we will introduce the basic goals revealed through surveys and workshops, measures linked to each, and public comments. In the explanation of the basic environmental plan, the measures that had been set were introduced based on the results of the questionnaire and interviews with the departments in charge.
Many opinions were expressed from the venue, such as snow removal, water resource protection, and measures for decarbonization, and although the number of participants was 14 in the afternoon and evening, which was not a large number, it was a rich discussion. Ta.

The basic philosophy of the comprehensive plan is “Niseko, a city that co-creates the future of children”

The basic philosophy of the Basic Environmental Plan continues to be “Niseko, the city of water environment”

Everybody's page

This is a participation page for all town residents.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Planning and Environment Division Public Relations Section
TEL.44-2121 FAX.44-3500

Niseko Fan News vol.79

Corner for townspeople by townspeople
Would you like to work as a reporter too? We look forward to your participation.

This month's reporter is Yuko Matsuda. I am the editor-in-chief of By Way Goshi, a magazine that tells the history of the region.

learn from local
Previously, a Niseko local study was held for several years with Mr. Tetsuro Yoshimoto from Minamata City invited as a lecturer.
No matter where you are born and raised, or whether you have lived here for a long time, you may not be able to look at your feet.
It wasn't until I started walking on the roads that I pass every day that I realized what they were, and I was surprised by many of these places.
It was quite interesting, and I had always wanted to learn about the history of the local area, but I never realized that learning about the local area was systematized.

Since I started living in Niseko about 40 years ago, I have had the opportunity to talk with local people and enjoy delicious pickles.
He told me about his life when he was young.
At times, the events resembled suspense dramas, and I was so excited that I forgot the time and listened intently.
In the past, there were about 40 houses facing Mt. Yotei from our house, and in the winter, we used horse-drawn sleighs to take the children to Kondo Elementary School.
Apparently there was. In the winter, I remember how people nearby would pull horse sleds along the road in front of my house to train their horses.
When I first arrived, there weren't any houses around, but now there are a lot more.
A person I became close friends with in the town where I lived before building my house said, ``A long time ago, trees the size of 3 kens spread out for several blocks around here, and after they were cut down, we could finally see Mt. Yotei.'' he laughed. Speaking of the size of 3 ken, one ken is 180 cm, so it's 540 cm?
I've certainly seen a photo of someone standing on a felled tree from the time of pioneering. If so, it may be true.
It's fun just hearing stories like this and imagining what kind of scenery it would have been like. I can laugh even if there are some mistakes
Story. How will Niseko change in 100 years?

Niseko High School Agricultural Club

First ski lesson in Niseko
1st year Accountant Ayane Honjo

The first grade students had their first ski class this year. The location is Niseko Annupuri International Ski Resort.
Students choose either skiing or snowboarding, are divided into teams according to their level, and receive instruction from instructors.
Some of the students at Niseko High School were skiing for the first time, so they looked nervous at first, but they skied many times and by the end of the third ski class, they were comfortable with skiing. Everyone had a look of accomplishment on their faces as they learned about the fun and appeal of snowboarding.
There were some days when classes could not proceed as planned due to bad weather, but it was a great opportunity to learn about Niseko's blessed natural environment and why it attracts attention from all over the world.

<Niseko Tanka Society>

A moment of light by the window in winter when the cyclamen petals turn and bloom Tsuneo Sugino

A wonderful night for the first time in many years when I was tempted to eat Christmas cake Miyo Hayashi

<Niseko Haiku Society>

There is no one on the snowy field, and the wind blows through Yuriko Kudo

Land of War: Eve's Father's White Breath Yasuko Shigemori

Ordinary days are happy, the first sunrise Masako Kashita

Preparation for 2017, final report to late father and late mother Reiko Kameda

Play book news No.252

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Artology Workshop -4th-
We are holding a total of 6 expressive art workshops for adults until May.
There are still spaces available for the 5th (Thursday, April 11th) and 6th (Thursday, May 9th). Please contact us.
◆Date and time: March 14th (Thursday) 6:30pm to 8:00pm
◆Capacity/15 adults *Reservation required
◆Lecturer: Masako Muramatsu (graphic artist)
*For details, please see the poster in the Asobuk Hall and the website.

Please send a book request
If you cannot find the book you want to read at Asobuku, please submit a book application form to the staff.
Prepare by purchasing or borrowing from another library.
If the book is currently on loan, please complete the reservation process and we will contact you as soon as the book is returned.
You can also reserve books currently on loan from the Asobook homepage. Other reservations can be made at the counter.
If you have any questions, please contact the Asobuku staff.

Have you forgotten anything?
Did you forget anything when you visited Asobook? Lost and found items from this year will be disposed of at the end of March.
Please check if you have any questions.

Do you know? “Declaration on Library Freedom”
The ``Declaration on Library Freedom'' refers to the mission that all libraries must fulfill, and the ``freedom of expression'' stipulated in the Constitution of Japan.
This was announced to reaffirm the idea that we must be an institution that protects and realizes people's "right to know."
``The most important mission of libraries is to provide materials and facilities to the people who have the freedom to know as one of their fundamental human rights.
2. All citizens have the right to obtain and use the materials they need at any time. To guarantee this right socially means to guarantee the freedom to know. Libraries are precisely the institutions responsible for this. ”

Paragraph 2 says "nationals," but paragraph 5 states that "all citizens have an equal right to use libraries, and there shall be no discrimination based on race, creed, gender, age, or the conditions in which they live." "There must be no such rights. Even foreigners are guaranteed the same rights."
In a town like Niseko Town, where there are many foreigners from various backgrounds, long-term residents from Hokkaido and other countries, and tourists, libraries are built with this idea in mind and with the idea that everyone can use them fairly. , to manage the library
becomes important. (Director: Miyuki Kosaka)


book display
2/29-3/28 Spring “cherry blossoms” special feature
Even for people who live in snowy Niseko, the arrival of spring after a long and harsh winter is a different experience.
According to the calendar, spring is almost here. We will be displaying books about cherry blossoms, which remind us of spring.

hobby exhibition
3/1~3/31 Michika Isozaki (modern artist)
We will be holding a record exhibition of the workshop "Niseko Party" held at Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum in September 2023. We will exhibit animations filmed indoors and outdoors.

New arrival book introduction

practical book
National Cancer Center Breast Cancer Book Revised New Edition Shogakukan Creative
Easy to understand each test value. Gakken
Shun Nagai's 1-minute massage for a good night's sleep that you can do in your futon on days when you can't sleep

Reading material
Love or Retirement? New Drunk Kotoji (26) Yasuhide Saeki
Hiroyuki Kobayashi: Quit living in old age - improve your autonomic nervous system and stay active throughout your life
Akiko Kawasaki

Children's books and picture books
Picture book for living on earth 2 Wisdom connected to the soil Shinji Yotsui
Picture book for living on earth 3 Wisdom for circulating water Shinji Yotsui
Hanging the Stars Kim Sang Geun

There are many other new books. Please take a look at the Playbook.

Next Door Cooperation Team 30.

Report daily activities from the members!
Next Door Cooperation Team 30.

We will send out information every month so that the townspeople can learn about the activities and personalities of our volunteers!

Editor in charge

<3rd year> Ken Suzuki
<2nd year> Yosuke Kiyobe
<1st year> Ago Miyamae Takako Itami
Hideki Hinoura Osamu Muraoka

Introducing the activities of the cooperation team

Radio Niseko
"Kira Kira Niseko" inside
"Because I like Niseko of the cooperation team~"
(every Monday from 3:20 pm to 50 pm)
<Those scheduled to perform in March>
3/4 Naoto Arai/Yosuke Kiyobe
11 Ken Suzuki, Hirohiro Ogura
18 Hiromi Futami/Saiki Saito
25 Naoki Nakamura/Koichi Fukikoshi

Information is also being sent on SNS!




Graduation special feature

We are posting greetings from two members whose terms of service will expire at the end of March 2020.

It was a three-year period in which I am grateful for the many connections.
Ken Suzuki Graduation Special Feature (from Kanagawa Prefecture)
Assignment: Agricultural Administration Division Forestry Support

My name is Ken Suzuki and I am assigned to Forestry Support, Agricultural Policy Division. I will be graduating from the Regional Revitalization Cooperation Team this March.
We are very grateful to everyone in the area for their help.
When I moved to Niseko Town three years ago, we were in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and most of the events in the town were cancelled. I didn't have a chance to interact with the townspeople, and I remember things being completely different from now.
These past three years have been three tumultuous years for me. Although I had no experience in all the forestry work I was involved in on a daily basis, I learned a lot as I carried out forest maintenance such as thinning and cutting bamboo grass.
We were also able to work with local children to create forests for the future.
After graduating from the corps, I will continue to work on forestry in Niseko Town, as well as engage in activities related to forestry, such as selling firewood and special logging, so I look forward to your continued support!

Arisa Fukuda
(Born in Iwamizawa City)
Place of assignment/Niseko Children's Center
From now on in Niseko Town

The three years of JOCV activities, which seem long but short, are almost coming to an end. Over the past three years, I have seen off many of my seniors, and now I feel deeply that I am going to be the one to graduate this time.
Immediately after I joined the military, we were in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and we were unable to hold any major events.
However, in my third year, I was finally able to participate in various activities, and although I will be graduating from the military when the time comes, I have no regrets.
I was able to take care of the children at the place I was assigned to for three years, and I was able to learn a lot from the children. I am currently trying through trial and error to continue living in Niseko Town.
I want to work harder than ever to make life in Niseko Town more enjoyable! Thank you so much for everything!


A new friend has joined us!
New friends have joined us since January of the new year. Please give us a warm welcome!
There are now 30 people in the Niseko Town Cooperation Team!
We will continue to make this event even more exciting by receiving your advice, so we look forward to your continued support.

Kyoka Sato (from Sapporo City) Assigned to/Niseko High School

Overall activity report
Implemented in January

event support
January-February Kids Park

Niseko Kids Park sponsored by the NPO Niseko Mirai Support Team was held at the Niseko Central Warehouse Group.
The cooperation team provided support in setting up the play equipment before the event and taking it down after the event.
On the day of the event, two volunteers assigned to the Children's Future Division operated the event. We prepared play equipment such as trampolines, stilts, tricycles, and air castles, and it was a very fulfilling experience as we received words of gratitude from the people who came and saw the smiles on the faces of the children.
In cold regions, when it snows, there are limited places for children to play, but when you see children venting their lack of daily exercise at a kids park, you will find that it is an event that can be enjoyed indoors during the winter. I feel that this will continue to be necessary. (Ago Miyamae)

1/12 4 people participated in the trial cooperation team!

In Niseko Town, people who are considering applying for the Regional Revitalization Cooperation Volunteers actually come to Niseko Town and are conducting a "Trial Cooperation Team" where they can learn about the Regional Revitalization Cooperation Volunteers and Niseko Town.
This time too, four people from various regions participated.
During the program, a networking session was held with the four active volunteer volunteers, where they talked about a variety of things, including the overall activities of the volunteer volunteers, work at their assigned locations, and life in Niseko Town.
I hope that the people who came this time will take this opportunity to realize the charm of Niseko Town, decide to apply, and become friends. (Takako Itami)

1/31 Winter snowshoe team building training

In order to deepen their understanding of Niseko's environment and engage in team building, new members took a walk through the winter mountains and experienced winter nature.
Mr. Ogawa, a JOCV alumnus and representative of EcoMobility Hokkaido LLC, was invited as a lecturer, and a total of 18 volunteers participated. Mr. Ogawa usually runs an e-bike rental business, footpath walks, snowshoe tours, etc. in the natural environment at the foot of Mt. Yotei.
On this day, Mr. Ogawa led the participants into an unusual winter forest, and by immersing themselves in a world without sound, the participants appeared relaxed.
In the afternoon, instead of taking a nature walk, we listened to Mr. Ogawa's history of moving to Niseko and his future prospects, and it was also a good opportunity for the new members to think about how they should behave in the future. (Keima Sato)

smiling square

In this corner,
Introducing various activities and information!

Parenting topics

Setsubun Kindergarten
During the change of seasons, evil spirits tend to invade, and Setsubun is said to be held to ward off evil spirits by scattering beans.
At Kindergarten, we drove away the crying demons and the bullying demons that live in our hearts.
This year too, the older students made demon masks and played the roles of demons.
At the end, an adult demon appeared, and the older children also threw beans made out of newspaper at each other to get rid of the nagging demons and crying demons in their hearts.

Let's drive out the evil demons in your heart! !

Playing in the snow Ohisama
At the childcare support center Ohisama, mothers enjoy playing in the snow in the Kindergarten school garden.
In the winter, children play more indoors and tend to lack exercise, but children love playing in the snow even when it's cold.
There are many ways to play, such as sliding on your butt and making snowy mountains and tunnels with a shovel.
By touching the snow that changes into various shapes, your imagination will grow.
I look forward to continuing to enjoy playing in the snow.

Playing in the snow is fun! !

“Ohisama” is a place where parents and children can play casually, and where friends can talk about their worries. (Inside Kindergarten)


Parenting course

We will hold a parenting course on “Accessories Making”

◆Date/Time/March 14th (Thursday) 10am~
◆Location/Townsman Center Training Room 1
◆Lecturer/Kiyomi Mitani
◆ Daycare / Child-rearing Support Center “Ohisama”
◆Material cost/1,500 yen
◆Application deadline: Thursday, March 7th

Consultation to Ohisama

Ohisama Nikoniko Consultation (Public Health Nurse Consultation) will be held on the following schedule.
Why not consult with us about your child-rearing concerns and questions, such as child development, vaccinations, and baby food?
◆Date/Time: March 13th (Wednesday) 10am-
◆ Place: Child-rearing Support Center “Ohisama”

<Inquiries about this page>
Niseko Town Kindergarten "Kiratto" charge / Aoki / Sato
TEL.(代表)0136-44-2700 FAX.0136-44-2725

Health promotion news vol.107

Health promotion news vol.107

Nutritionist Saito
Health and Welfare Section health promotion staff

Applications for various health checkups in 2020 have begun.

Health checkups provide an opportunity to learn about your health status and reconsider your lifestyle habits.
In order to live a healthy life, have a medical checkup once a year.
The town compiles applications for annual health checkups. The medical examination application form, schedule and instructions are distributed together with this month's administrative promotion staff document.
If you wish to receive a medical examination, please check the details and apply by Tuesday, March 19th.

Points to consider when choosing
1. There are health checkups that can be done at the town center, or complete health checkups at each facility.
2. Both men and women can undergo various medical examinations when they turn 30 years old.
3. Cancer screening is available regardless of medical insurance.
4. National Health Insurance members between the ages of 40 and 74 can also undergo a medical checkup.
5. Family members covered by social insurance can receive specific health checkups.
6. Those eligible for free cancer screening coupons as of April 1st will receive them in May.

Apply online
In addition to accepting application forms for various medical examinations, you can also apply online by phone, computer, or smartphone.
You can apply anytime, anywhere, without worrying about time.
We recommend that you simply read the two-dimensional code to access the dedicated page, and simply check the required items to complete the application.

Kira points will be awarded
We will give 1,000 points (worth 1,000 yen) to each Niseko town resident who takes the various health checkups conducted by Niseko Town, so please take advantage of it.
Please contact us for details.
■Inquiries/Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section TEL0136-44-2121

Outpatient medical expenses classification

malignant neoplasm
lifestyle-related diseases

If you develop a lifestyle-related disease, you may incur high medical costs.
Screening is an easy way to prevent lifestyle-related diseases. Let's get the whole family examined.

2022 (cumulative) medical cost analysis from Hokkaido National Health Insurance Federation data

Information of living


★It's the season when many people move.

Confirmation of moving procedures

Spring is a time when many people move due to higher education, employment, job transfers, etc.
When moving, various procedures are required.
If you do not complete the procedures, you may not be able to receive the necessary services or receive notifications and other documents. Please be careful not to forget this.

Change of address/Seal registration

When you move, you must notify your change of address. Additionally, when moving out of town, please bring the "Certificate of Moving Out" issued by the town and complete the transfer procedures within two weeks at the municipality where you are moving.
If you have a My Number Card, please also use our convenient online services.
・Moving procedures on Mynaportal
・ Digital Agency policy page "Moving procedure online service"
・“Smartphone electronic certificate installation service”
Please note that seal registration in that city, ward, town or village will be abolished at the same time as you move out.
If you need to register your seal, you will need to go through the registration process again at the municipality you are moving to.
If you have a My Number Card, please let us know during the procedure.

Water supply / sewerage system
Please go to the town hall to change your address or to notify us of abolition.
Please be sure to drain the water as there is a risk of water pipes freezing.
If you do not complete the water and sewerage procedures, you will have to pay the basic charges even if you are not using them, so please be careful not to forget any procedures.

Pension, National Health Insurance, Disability Certificate, etc.
If you are enrolled in the National Pension, National Health Insurance, or have a disability certificate, please complete the procedures at the town hall.
If you are enrolled in welfare pension or social insurance, please contact your workplace.

Electricity, gas, telephone, mail
Please contact each company directly to make changes.
■Inquiries/Change of Address/Seal Registration/National Pension/Resident Section, Town Life Division Person in charge: Kudo, Takahashi
Water and Sewerage/Water and Sewerage Division Maintenance Section Person in charge: Shigemori Nobori
National Health Insurance/Health and Welfare Division Insurance Medical Section Person in charge: Yagi Wang
Person with Disability Certificate/Health and Welfare Division Welfare Section Person in charge: Ozaki/Nakagawa
いずれも TEL0136-44-2121

City Case Files

Niseko Town
crime prevention association

A case

2 cases including theft
There was an incident where cash was stolen at a hot spring facility.
There was an incident where a window was damaged in a public facility restroom.

Traffic accident

A fatal accident occurred at a road intersection.

倶知安警察署/TEL 0136-22-0110

★Installed in 2020
Septic tank installation maintenance cost subsidy
The town will subsidize the installation costs for those who switch from pumping or single treatment septic tanks to combined treatment septic tanks at private residences in the town in 2026.
The application form is available at the Town Citizens Affairs Division or the town website, so please apply if you are planning to switch to a combined treatment septic tank in 2020.
Please note that the subsidy amount and eligibility requirements include the size of the septic tank and the details of the construction.
Conditions apply, so please contact us directly or visit the town website for details.

●Subsidy target
・Being outside the treatment area of public sewerage and agricultural village wastewater treatment facilities
・You must not be in arrears with town taxes, utility fees, etc.
・It is clear that the owner of the house is an individual living in Niseko Town, or has moved in and will be living there for more than 5 years (address transfer procedures are required)
・It must not be a business office or a residence intended for sale.
・Please note that if construction is started before the "subsidy grant decision notification" (issued after the subsidy grant application) is received, the project will not be eligible for subsidy.
■Reception period: March 11th (Monday) to March 25th (Monday)
■Other/Subsidy for septic tanks installed in newly built homes ended in 2023.
■問合せ/町民生活課町民生活係 TEL 0136-44-2121 担当=松澤・金子

★Don't forget to apply; we are now accepting applications for collecting human urine.
We are accepting applications for human waste collection for 2020.
Details will be announced in this month's Administrative Promotion Member document, so please organize your application at each neighborhood association and apply by March 18th (Monday).
If you do not apply this time and need to collect the waste within the fiscal year (until March 2020), please contact the collection company directly.
■収集企業/有限会社 塚越産業 TEL 0136-44-2630
■申込み・問合せ/町民生活課町民生活係 TEL 0136-44-2121 担当=松澤・金子

Lawyer Sato's Life Concerns
We will solve it!

●This month's theme
Is that “like” really a good thing?

Recently, there was a report that a judgment has been finalized awarding damages for clicking "Like" on posts that defame others on social media.
The first trial of this case did not award damages on the grounds that "like" has various meanings, but the second trial ruled that "like" has a favorable or positive connotation to the post. In this case, damages were awarded for certain reasons.
Of course, this judgment does not immediately apply to all cases.
In other words, the result takes into account various circumstances, including not only the content of the post, but also the relationship with the person who was slandered, the position of the person who clicked the "like" button, and the influence such as the number of followers. .
Until now, it has been generally recognized that posting defamatory posts about others on social media may constitute defamation, but there is no consensus as to whether just clicking "like" can constitute defamation. It was divided.
"Like" is easier and more immediate than posting on SNS.
Therefore, you may end up pushing things without thinking deeply.
However, you should calm down and consider that your "like" may be hurting someone before pressing the button.

Park Front Law Office Niseko Office
141 Hondori Niseko Town
TEL 0136-44-3800 FAX.0136-44-3801

There is a vacant room in the town house

Type Apartment name Format Structure Estimated rent minimum to maximum Parking space
Public housing (for households) Nishitomi Danchi Building 2 Room 101 2LDK (63.66 square meters) Built in 1982 (varies depending on income, etc.) Simple fireproof one-story building 8,700-38,400 yen Yes

Specified public rental housing (for households) Nozomi Danchi Building 2 Room 102 3LDK (73.9 square meters) Built in 1996 Fireproof 2nd floor 63,000 yen (including 3,000 yen for garage) Yes

●Reception period: March 1st (Friday) to March 15th (Friday)
●Eligibility and application method/Please inquire for details.
■ Inquiries about town-run housing / City Construction Division Housing Management Section Person in charge = Onuki / Sasaki

★Are you done?
We are currently accepting tax returns
The office is currently accepting tax returns.

Important Notices

Advance reservations are required to declare at the office.
Please make a reservation in advance for your desired date and time to file your tax return at the town hall.
For advance reservations, please contact us by phone or email at least one day before your desired date.
The reception period at the town hall ends on Friday, March 15th. Please make your reservation early as we expect it to be crowded near the end of the reception period.
  TEL 0136-44-2121 メールアドレス/
*If you are filing a tax return at the tax office, you will need to obtain an "admission ticket" in advance, rather than making a reservation in advance.
If the tax return is delayed, the amount of town/province tax (resident tax) and National Health Insurance tax may change during the year, and there is a risk that various tax-related certificates such as income certificates may not be issued correctly at the beginning of the year. there is.
Therefore, with the exception of refund applications, if you need to file a tax return, please do so as soon as possible.

You can also file your tax return from your home computer or smartphone.

e-Tax is a system that allows you to file tax returns via the Internet from your home computer or smartphone.
E-Tax has the following advantages over filing at a tax office or government office.
・You can complete your tax return at home
・You can report at any time
・No need to submit attached documents (life insurance certificate, etc.)
- Fast refund (about 3 weeks)
e-Tax is evolving every year to become more convenient and easy to use. Please take advantage of this opportunity.
■How to use e-Tax/First, search for "e-Tax" on the Internet.
■問合せ/税務課 TEL 0136-44-2121

Notice of Recruitment of Self-Defense Forces
● Assistant Reserve SDF Officer
・Exam qualifications/General: Persons aged 18 to under 52 Skills: Persons aged 18 or older with a national license qualification, etc.
・Reception period: January 10th (Wednesday) - April 4th (Thursday)
・Test date: Any day from April 6th (Sat) to April 21st (Sun)
●General Sergeant Candidate (1st)
・Eligibility for taking the exam: 18 years old or older but under 33 years old as of the 1st day of the scheduled hiring month
・Reception period: March 1st (Friday) - May 6th (Monday)
・First exam date: Any day from May 17th (Friday) to May 26th (Sunday)
・You will be notified of the second exam date/first exam pass notification.
Please contact us for more information as test dates are subject to change.
■問合せ/自衛隊札幌地方 協力本部倶知安地域事務所 TEL 0136-23-3540 または自衛官募集相談員 下口 登さん TEL 0136-44-2177

Track! vol.38
Activities of a town development company!

We held a snow play event!
On January 28th, we held a snow play event at Niseko Mirai.
This event was very popular when it was held last winter, and many people participated, including local children and families, as well as people visiting from out of town and sightseeing.
This time as well, we took advantage of Niseko Mirai's vast space to enjoy a variety of snow games, including sledding on snowy mountains that had been plowed, building snowmen and kamakura, and drawing on the snow using colored water.
The children's ideas and actions were very free and bold, and it was very interesting to see how they played.
In addition, we created a snow digging gotatsu and a drink bar space, so that in between playing in the snow, we had a relaxing break with amazake (sweet sake) and hot drinks.
Thank you very much for your participation this year.
The next event is a snowshoe walk around Niseko Mirai on the afternoon of Sunday, March 24th! For more information about the event, please see the flyers posted at each facility in the town, as well as Niseko Town's SNS (Facebook) and website. We look forward to your participation.

Request for family register certificate
becomes convenient!
From March 1, 2020, people whose permanent domicile is far away, or whose family register necessary for procedures such as inheritance is located all over the country, can now make a request at the nearest municipal office. Ta.
■Points of the wide-area grant system
・A person who can request a family register certificate, etc. must make the request at the family register counter. (Requests cannot be made by mail or through a proxy.)
・The person visiting the counter must present an ID with a photo (driver's license, My Number card, etc.).
・You cannot request a family register certificate that is not computerized.
■Person who can request family register
・Husband or wife (spouse)
・Parents, grandparents, etc. (direct ascendants)
・Children, grandchildren, etc. (direct descendants)
*You cannot request family register certificates for siblings.
Other convenient systems will also be introduced. Please check the Ministry of Justice website for details.
■問合せ/町民生活課住民係 TEL 0136-44-2121 担当=工藤・髙橋
We will subsidize part of the cost of snow removal in front of elderly people's homes.
The town will subsidize a portion of the cost of having a snow removal company remove snow from walkways in front of homes for elderly households.
To receive subsidies for snow removal costs, please apply to the Health and Welfare Division by Friday, March 22, 2021, along with your snow removal contract and receipt.
After confirming your application, we will transfer the grant to the designated financial institution.
Please contact us if you are unsure whether you are eligible for this subsidy.
■Eligibility: Households consisting of only elderly people aged 70 years or older who live in Niseko Town, and all household members are exempt from resident tax.
■Eligible projects: Those that ask a snow removal company to remove snow from the walkway in front of the house where the person lives (costs such as removing snow from the roof or removing snow from around the house are not covered)
■Only if the subsidy amount/contract amount exceeds 50,000 yen, two-thirds of the excess amount will be subsidized. The maximum subsidy amount is 50,000 yen (rounded down to the nearest 1,000 yen)

<Example> If the cost is 75,000 yen
(75,000 yen - 50,000 yen) ÷ 2/3 = 16,666 yen (rounded down)
Grant amount 16,000 yen

■問合せ/保健福祉課福祉係 TEL 0136-44-2121 担当=尾崎・中川

Part 2! Hokkaido rice and milk childcare support project

In Hokkaido, households with children born between April 2, 2005 and April 1, 2020 are provided with gift certificates to purchase Hokkaido-produced rice and milk. The rice and milk childcare support project (second round) has been implemented since January 26th.
■Contents/equivalent to 5,160 yen per household
<1> Set of 3,960 yen rice coupon and 1,200 yen milk gift coupon
<2> Electronic coupon worth 5,160 yen to purchase rice and milk
<3> You can choose from 10kg of Nanatsuboshi rice produced in Hokkaido.
■Application deadline: Until April 30, 2020
If you are a household receiving the first round of supplies and there is no change in your address or family composition, you can apply for a simple application that does not require identification documents.
For details, please check the direct mail (postcard) sent in late January.
*Please note that direct mail will not be delivered to households that have moved from their first registered address.
■問合せ/北海道お米・牛乳子育て応援事業事務局コールセンター TEL 011-350-7371(午前9時~午後5時)北海道ホームページ・申請/

There was an error on page 6 of the February issue of Public Relations Niseko, "A town development meeting was held." We apologize and will make corrections.
Neighborhood association description part
(Incorrect) For garbage stations that are also used by non-members of neighborhood associations, the district is provided with operating fees by counting the number of people who actually use the stations, not by the number of members of neighborhood associations.
(Correct) There is no activity fee issued based on the number of people using the garbage station. The town provides local autonomy promotion grants to support the local activities of neighborhood associations and promote community revitalization.

An event to help you use clothing that is “much better than new” for a longer period of time

Niseko Town is working to reduce its environmental impact and create a sustainable community.
Recently, Patagonia has sympathized with the efforts of this town, and the "WORN WEAR SNOW TOUR" that Patagonia has been holding all over the country will be held in Niseko Town.
This event aims to raise awareness about how everyone can work together to reduce environmental impact by repairing clothing and using it for a longer period of time.
At the venue, there will be free clothing repairs (any brand allowed), maintenance courses, self-repair using repair patches, etc., as well as exhibits from local businesses related to the event (Niseko gloves, Kumagera production).
In order to attract as many families as possible to the event, there will be activities for children organized by community revitalization cooperation teams, as well as a picture book corner.
We also sell used items, although quantities are limited.
All proceeds from this sale will be donated and will be used to promote local snow culture, such as providing free ski equipment rentals for children in the town.
Please note that due to limited parking spaces near the venue, a bus will be running (every 20 minutes) between the Town Center and the central area, so if you are coming by car, please use the Town Center/Hall Parking Lot. please.
Also, please cooperate by carpooling and using public transportation as much as possible.
*Please note that food and drinks will not be sold at the venue.
■Date and time: March 10th (Sunday) 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
■Location/Niseko Central Warehouse Group Warehouse 1
■Contents: Clothing sewing repair (free, reservation required), maintenance advice, self-repair, recrafted product display, exhibits by local businesses, film screening, children's experience, picture book corner, talk event, used goods sales (credit card payment) only)
◎Talk event
We invited Akio Shinya, who has been active in various natural fields, and Taro Tamai, a Patagonia Global Ambassador, to share their memorable pieces and clothing. We would like to ask you about the story of your time with him.
■Admission/Free, no application required
*This event is mainly aimed at local residents.
■Parking Lot/Buses will be running to and from the Town Center and the central area (every 20 minutes).
Please use the Town Hall/Town Hall parking lot.
Also, please cooperate by carpooling and using public transportation.
■Sponsored by: Patagonia
■Sponsorship/ Niseko Town
■問合せ/パタゴニアカスタマーセンター TEL 045-435-6100
Click here for reservations and details

Everyone SDGs

This corner explains SDGs. Of the 17 goals set forth in the SDGs,
The 17th and final item is ``Let's achieve our goals through partnership.''
The goals of the SDGs cover a very wide range of fields.
Among the social problems that exist in our daily lives, there are many that cannot be solved by the efforts of companies and individuals alone. In times like these, working in partnership can be effective.
This allows companies, experts, local governments, schools, etc., to leverage their respective positions and strengths to solve problems.
Niseko Town has also started an initiative called ``Niseko Heart Lab.'' In Japan, where the birthrate is declining and the population is aging, Niseko Town is no exception, and the population is expected to decline eventually.
Under such circumstances, the town is working with everyone who sympathizes with Niseko Town 's desire for sustainable town development, aiming to create a town where people can continue to live peacefully and enriched lives.
What is important about this partnership is that each of us is a bearer of the SDGs. If you have an idea of what you can do to achieve the SDGs, please talk to your family, friends, and local people and take action together.

Niseko Heart Lab HP

We received a generous donation.
thank you for your kindness

《Niseko Town Social Welfare Council Reception》
“To thank my wife for taking care of her while she was alive.”
Motomachi Friendship Association Mr. Shinichi Hotta
《Niseko Town Office Reception》
“Please use this for regional promotion-type renewable energy projects.”
Ines Co., Ltd.
“Please use this for regional promotion-type renewable energy projects.”
Secoma Group Hokuryo Print Technology Co., Ltd.
"Please use it effectively." Shinichi Hotta, Motomachi

2023 adult class
We will be holding an adult class for the first time in four years. This time, we will be visiting the Nitori Art Museum located in the Otaru Art Village.
The Nitori Art Museum exhibits Japanese paintings by artists such as Yokoyama Taikan and Kawai Gyokudo, as well as Western paintings by artists such as Ryusei Kishida.
There is also an exhibition of ukiyo-e collections created by popular artists from the Edo period.
I'm sure you'll be able to come across a work that you've seen before.
On the day of the event, we will provide transportation between Otaru and Niseko by bus. Why not take this opportunity to check it out?
■Date and time: March 22nd (Friday) 9:00 a.m. Gather at the general gymnasium
■Destination/Otaru Nitori Museum of Art
■Target: Adults living in the town
■Participation fee: 960 yen (group admission fee)
*Participation fee will be collected on the day
*Please prepare your own lunch.
*Due to bus availability, we will close once the capacity (40 people) is reached.
■How to apply: Please apply to the Town Citizens' Learning Division of the Board of Education (inside the general gymnasium) by March 14th (Thursday).
■申込み・問合せ/町民学習課町民学習係 0136-44-2034 担当=亀山・小貫


Cat spay/neuter surgery
Since 2021, we have been performing spay/neuter surgeries on cats in Niseko Town every year.
This year as well, we are planning to have Dr. Daimon from the Mobile VET Office, a hospital specializing in spaying and neutering dogs and cats in Ebetsu City, come to perform surgery on cats in the town.
We are also looking for volunteers to help with cat surgeries. This includes setting up the venue, measuring the cat's weight, trimming the cat's nails, cleaning the ears, cleaning equipment, and supervising the cat.
■Date and time: Scheduled for the weekend after the May holidays
*We will consider extending the number of days depending on the number of cats to be operated on.
■Location: 61 Hondori (right next to Hokkaido Shinkin Bank)
■Surgery fee/basic fee: 5,000 yen for male cats, 7,000-8,000 yen for female cats
*Please contact us as your cat may be pregnant or require other treatment or medication, which may incur additional costs.
■Sponsored by: “Aiming for a happy coexistence of cats and people” Association for developing the future of Niseko
■問合せ/さいとう TEL 080-3114-3145

International Communication Vol.11
The 10th Picture Book World held on February 3rd was a great success! This time, the main book was ``Woodley's Wonderful Winter Adventure,'' written by Dan Pearcy, a picture book author who lives in Kutchan Town, and the international relations staff read it out loud in multiple languages.
We would like to once again thank everyone for their cooperation and everyone who came to the event. thank you very much!

pension news
It is advantageous to pay National Pension Insurance premiums by bank transfer.
You can use bank transfer to pay your National Pension Insurance premiums. For bank account transfers, there are options for paying 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years in advance, which offer larger discounts than paying in cash, as well as an early bird discount system that gives you a 50 yen discount every month.
If you wish to have your payment transferred to your account, please bring your payment slip or pension number notification, passbook, and financial institution notification stamp with you to your desired financial institution or the nearest pension office.
Bank transfer forms are also available at the town hall. Please contact us if you are interested.
It is advantageous to pay National Pension Insurance premiums by bank transfer.
■問合せ/年金ダイヤル TEL 0570-05-1165  町民生活課住民係 TEL 0136-44-2121 担当=山口・工藤

Be careful of "floods" and "avalanches" caused by melting snow.
It's the season to feel the arrival of spring. On the other hand, there is still a lot of snow left in the mountains, which will melt as the seasons change.
When water from melting snow flows into rivers and is accompanied by rain, rivers can swell and overflow. Additionally, when snowmelt water seeps into the ground, slopes are more likely to cause landslides. When snowmelt accumulates between the ground and the snowpack, avalanches are more likely to form on mountain slopes and snowy slopes.
Meteorological observatories report flood disasters,
If there is a risk of landslides, flooding, or avalanches caused by melting snow, we issue ``flood advisories/warnings'', ``snowmelt advisories'', and ``avalanche advisories'' to call for caution and vigilance.
Please be sure to check the latest weather information before heading out.
■問合せ/札幌管区気象台 天気相談所 TEL 011-611-0170

Miyama climbing party
The Arishima district is commonly known as ``Miyayama'' because there used to be Yateru Shrine here, where Takeo Arishima declared the liberation of the farm.
How about walking from Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum to Miyayama, admiring the breath of spring and the scenery of Satoyama, and thinking about the history of the local area?
■Date and time: March 2nd (Sat) 9:30 a.m. Gather at Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
■Required time/about 2 hours
■Participation fee/Free (phone application required, capacity 15 people)
*Please wear warm clothes that are comfortable for walking in the snow.

Video screening/Satomi special feature
We will feature explanations and screenings of works originally written by Takeo Arishima's younger brother, Sato Satomi, and produced by Sato's son, Shizuo Yamauchi.
◎Movie “Autumn Weather” (all natural colors)
■Date and time: Saturday, March 2nd, 1:00 p.m. start
■ Place / Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
■Fees/Free (phone application required, capacity 20 people)
■Cast: Setsuko Hara, Yoko Tsukasa, Mariko Okada, Keiji Sada, and others
◎Movie "Higanbana" (all natural colors)
■Date and time: Saturday, March 30th, 1:00 p.m. start
■ Place / Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
■Fees/Free (phone application required, capacity 20 people)
■Cast: Fujiko Yamamoto, Ineko Arima, Yoshiko Kuga, and others
■Commentary/Daisuke Ito (Chief Curator of the Museum)

I will go on a business trip to Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
Continuing from last year, a panel exhibition will be held in the underground walking space in front of Sapporo Station to introduce Takeo Arishima's relationship with Niseko, as well as picture books related to Arishima that will be released this year as planned by Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum.
■Date/Time/March 14th (Thursday), March 15th (Friday)
■Location/Sapporo station underground walking space

Ukiyo-e exhibition
With the cooperation of Otaru Art Village, we will be exhibiting ukiyo-e (high-definition replicas) to help foreign visitors to the Niseko area learn about Japanese culture.
■Date and time: February 15th (Thursday) - March 17th (Sunday)
■ Place / Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
■ Fee/Free

Guitar x poetry reading x ink calligraphy
Live “Where the water twinkles”
Watch Niseko-born Yoshinori Mitani's improvised live performance, which includes guitar, music, reading, and ink painting.
■Date and time: Sunday, March 17th, 1:00 p.m. start
■ Place / Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
■Price/Admission fee only (adults 500 yen, high school students 100 yen, residents 65 and older free)
■有島記念館の事業に対する問合せ・申込み/有島記念館 TEL 0136-44-3245 担当=伊藤・河野

hello mayor

free climate
The ``Manufacturing Regional Strategy Council'' was established within the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry with the theme ``How can we revitalize regions?'' and I was selected from all over the country.
Approximately 12 members were appointed. Although I was only able to attend about half of the meeting to observe and discuss revitalization cases from all over the country, I had a valuable opportunity to see the sites.
The areas evaluated as being revitalized were all areas with a large amount of physical activity (=interactive population and mutual movement exchange). It turns out that age has little to do with aging. I felt that the ``free climate'' that allowed people to speak and act freely nurtured challengers and served as the foundation for regional revitalization. Nowadays, it seems like more and more people in Niseko are taking town development as their own personal responsibility and thinking and acting on their own.
Niseko Town Kenya Katayama


Town calendar 3MARCH

Upper right box article
March is
Delivery date for water and sewerage charges
口座引落としは3月28日(木)上下水道料金の問合せ/上下水道課 TEL 0136-44-2121

Top left box article
Emergency and sudden illness response at night and on holidays
倶倶知安厚生病院 電話0136-22-1141

6th (Wed)
●1st Niseko Town regular meeting (planned) / Position: 10:00~
●Comprehensive cancer screening/Sapporo (bus): 6:30~ (departs from Town Center)

7th (Thu)
●Puppet theater company “Pantaron”/Town: 15:00-15:45
Open at night

8th (Friday)
●Childcare seminar/Town: 9:30~
●After-school children's classroom/general gymnasium: 14:00~

9th (Sat)
●Niseko Junior High School Graduation Ceremony/Niseko Junior High School: 10:00~
●Niseko English Conversation Circle/O: 10:00~

10th (Sun)
●Event for using clothes that are “much better than new” for a longer time/Niseko Central Warehouse Group Warehouse 1: 11:00~
Living information p.19
●OK・NISEKO Concert/Town: Doors open 13:30~, Performance starts 14:00~

11th (Monday)
●After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00~
Playbook closed day

12th (Tue)
Central warehouse group closed days

13th (Wed)
●Hisama Nikoniko Consultation/Year: 10:00~ Nikoniko Square p.13

14th (Thu)
●Childcare course “Accessory making”/Town: 10:00~ Nikoniko Hiroba p.13
●Play Club (reservation required)/A: 15:00~
●Artology Workshop/A: 18:30-20:00 Play Book News p.10
Open at night

15th (Fri)
●1st Niseko Town regular meeting (planned) / Position: 10:00~
●After-school children's classroom/general gymnasium: 14:00~

16th (Sat)
●World Cafe/Town: 14:00~

17th (Sun)
●Guitar x poetry reading x ink calligraphy live “Where the water twinkles” / Available: 13:00 ~ Living information p.21

18th (Monday)
●Niseko Elementary School Graduation Ceremony/Niseko Elementary School: 9:00~
●Hello Mayor's Office/Role: 13:30~
●After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00~
Playbook closed day

19th (Tuesday)
●Kondo Elementary School Graduation Ceremony/Kondo Elementary School: 10:00~
●Free legal consultation by lawyer/Town: 13:00~ (Reservation required by noon the day before)
●Health exercise class/Town: 14:00~
Central warehouse group closed days

20th (Wed)
Vernal Equinox Day
Playbook closed day

21st (Thu)
● Kotobuki University Study Group/Closing Ceremony/Town: Study Group: 10:00~ Closing Ceremony: 11:00~
●Play Club (reservation required)/A: 15:00~
Open at night

22nd (Friday)
●Adult class/Meeting in front of the general gymnasium: 9:00~
● Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony/ Kindergarten: 10:00~

23rd (Sat)
●Niseko English Conversation Circle/O: 10:00~

24th (Sun)

25th (Mon)
Playbook closed day

26th (Tuesday)
Central warehouse group closed days

27th (Wednesday)

28th (Thursday)
Open at night

29th (Friday)
Playbook closed day

30th (Sat)
●Movie screening “Higanbana” (all natural colors) / Available: 13:00 ~ Living information p.21

31st (Sun)

April 1st (Monday)
Playbook closed day

2nd (Tue)
Central warehouse group closed days

3rd (Wed)
●Chinese class (introductory)/Town: 15:30-17:30 (application required by March 20)

4th (Thu)
Open at night

5th (Friday)
Niseko Elementary School Entrance Ceremony/Niseko Elementary School: 10:00~
Kondo Elementary School Entrance Ceremony/Kondo Elementary School: 10:00~

6th (Sat)

Photo album of this month

We are looking for photos!
Why don't you introduce familiar photos such as "This kind of shape of vegetables was harvested" and "Fun tricks of pets" in public relations?

2 types of diamond art stained glass style
Photographer: Moko & Kuu-chan

February 4th: Town employee union and mutual aid association volunteer to remove snow
Photographer: Public Relations Section

Food and nutrition story vol.24

[Alcohol and health]
Alcohol is said to be a ``medicine,'' and when consumed in moderation, it is said to have health benefits such as recovering from fatigue, increasing appetite, and having relaxing effects. However, drinking too much can put a strain on the liver and stomach, and can also cause lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity and high blood pressure. Some people may have more opportunities to drink alcohol in the upcoming season, but it's important to know the correct way to socialize and enjoy alcohol.

[Recommended amount of alcohol]
The appropriate amount of alcohol varies from person to person, but according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's indicators, moderate drinking is ``about 20g of pure alcohol per day on average.''
This amount takes mortality rates into account, and is said to allow you to enjoy alcohol in moderation.
Let's review the appropriate amount by referring to your current amount of alcohol and the recommended amount.
[Recommended amount of pure alcohol 20g]
*Women, elderly people, and people with a low ability to metabolize alcohol should drink less alcohol.

[Drinking situation in Niseko Town]
According to the results of the National Health Insurance Database System questionnaire survey, the frequency of drinking (daily) was 30.5% for both men and women, which is higher than the national average of 25.6%.
Additionally, 13.4% of people drink 2 to 3 cups of alcohol per day, and 5.5% of people drink 3 or more cups of alcohol per day, both of which are higher than the national average. Since there are many people who drink alcohol habitually, it is recommended to maintain a moderate drinking habit by setting aside two days a week when you do not drink alcohol to give your liver a rest.

■問合せ/保健福祉課健康づくり係 栄養士 齋藤 香織 TEL 0136-44-2121 FAX 0136-44-3500

Editor's Note

I decided to write a feature article for the first time to introduce the changes I've noticed at Niseko High School over the past year from the perspective of a graduate.
It was a very strange feeling to introduce the high school I graduated from through PR.
The current students featured in the interviews spoke about their fulfilling school lives during the interviews.
Niseko High School offers many opportunities for you to have a variety of experiences.
Through this interview, I realized that the experiences I gained at Niseko High School have led me to where I am today.
I believe that Niseko High School has been able to transform to this extent because it has valued its involvement with the local community. I hope that they will not only take on new challenges, but also carry on the good qualities and traditions of the past. (fruit)


Radiation dose status in the town and movement of people (as of the end of January)
Population: 5,487 people
(+6 compared to the previous month)
2,846 men
(+6 compared to the previous month)
2,641 women
(+-0 compared to previous month)
Number of households: 3,155
(+3 compared to previous month)
Foreigners 937
Of which, foreign households 789
measuring date
highest price
lowest value
Average value
Until February 15th
1 month
0.033 μGy/h
0.019 μGy/h
The spatial radiation dose rate is
normal level

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