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Town Development Information Room

(Tentative name) Toward the formulation of Niseko Town architectural guidelines
Please tell us your opinion

Niseko Town has conducted preliminary surveys, district-based workshops, and questionnaire surveys by last year, and is currently formulating guidelines that will guide the direction of landscape creation in Niseko Town. We would like to provide you with an overview of the draft guidelines that are currently in the formulation stage, and would like to hear your opinions.

Purpose of formulation

In order to maintain the beautiful landscape into the future, the town established the "Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance" in 2004, and when there is a large-scale construction or development plan, it holds resident information meetings, etc. We have been creating landscapes based on mutual understanding between business operators and local residents.
However, in recent years, complex construction and development plans, such as unprecedented large-scale developments, have been increasing in each region, and it is no longer possible to cope with them with current ordinances and regulations alone. It's getting difficult.
Therefore, in order to continue to create better landscapes in the future while deepening mutual understanding between business operators and local residents, we will create guidelines to concretely and visualize the direction of landscape creation in the town.

Contents of the guidelines
The guidelines compile not only landscape-related matters, but also town policies and various considerations when planning and designing all houses and buildings constructed within the town, regardless of size or purpose. I have created this as a reference when you need something like this.
Specifically, issues related to landscape including regional characteristics, snow treatment in areas with heavy snowfall, climate change countermeasures such as energy saving and renewable energy, water supply and drainage related to water resources, river conservation and garbage. We plan to post information on environmental conservation, such as the treatment of water.
In addition, we are planning to re-establish matters related to landscape and snow treatment as review criteria for Landscape Ordinance.
Currently, the contents of the guidelines are being considered by the Niseko Town Architectural Guidelines Review Committee, based on the workshops and questionnaires held last year.

Proposed composition of guidelines

Building guidelines
Considerations during development and construction Main ordinances and related plans, etc.

Landscape/snow treatment ← Landscape Ordinance Landscape District Specific Use Restricted Area ========
→ Positioning
Energy Saving/Renewable Energy ← Ordinance on Proper Promotion of Renewable Energy Businesses =====

Climate change countermeasures ordinance (under consideration) ========

"Basic Environmental Ordinance"

Water supply and drainage ← Water source protection ordinance Water supply vision, basic plan for domestic wastewater treatment =======
← Groundwater Conservation Ordinance ========

Environmental Conservation ← River Environment Conservation Ordinance Global Warming Countermeasures Implementation Plan,
River Management Ordinance Eco-Model City == “Basic Environmental Plan” ==
Waste reduction and action plan,
Ordinance regarding proper disposal, etc. Basic plan for general waste disposal


Landscape goals and five policy proposals

About landscape goals and policy proposals
Based on the goals set when the "Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance" was established in 2004 and the opinions we have received from everyone, we are planning to outline our goals and five policies.
In addition, based on this policy, residents, business operators, and the government will work together to create landscapes by indicating common matters for the entire town and matters to be considered according to the landscape characteristics of each district. We will try to make it visible.

Five policies (draft)

Goal (draft): “Protect and nurture the beautiful and majestic landscape of Niseko, and create landscapes that collaborate with each other.”

Policy 1: Protect the rich nature that changes with the seasons
By maintaining and preserving as much as possible trees that are in harmony with the natural landscape, existing highly natural vegetation, valuable single trees, riparian forests, etc., we will protect the rich natural environment that changes from season to season and maintain beautiful natural landscapes. To do.

Policy 2: Take advantage of the view surrounded by beautiful mountains
The natural landscape, such as the slopes and ridges of Mt. Yotei, the Niseko Mountain Range, and Mt. Konbu, will not be disturbed, and the views from major observation points, roads, and open areas will be protected and utilized. We will maintain the scenery of Niseko Town which is surrounded by beautiful mountains.

Policy 3: Utilize agriculture and forestry that operates in a rich natural environment
By ensuring that the location, color, design, and form of buildings and structures harmonize with the surrounding natural landscape such as forests and hills, including riparian forests, and farmland, we can create an agricultural and forestry landscape that operates in a rich natural environment. We will maintain the rural landscape.

Policy 4: Create beautiful roadside scenery that is in harmony with the surrounding cityscape and nature
The location, color, design, and form of buildings and structures maintain continuity with the surrounding cityscape and the landscape seen from surrounding roads, and improve the attractiveness of buildings and structures through tree planting and landscaping, and improve landscape resources. By giving consideration to the view of the surrounding area, we will create a beautiful roadside landscape that is in harmony with the surrounding cityscape and nature.

Policy 5: Each person protects and nurtures the landscape
Each business operator, resident, and government member involved in Niseko Town is responsible for establishing a snow accumulation space on the premises, maintaining and managing plantings and installing them as necessary, and giving consideration and necessity to the appearance of buildings and structures at the planning stage. We will protect and nurture the beautiful landscape of Niseko Town by proactively creating landscapes with shared goals, such as repairs according to the needs.

Please tell us your opinion
Based on the opinions we have received so far, we will publish the draft guidelines that are currently under consideration.
Please check the contents of the review stage and let us know your opinions. We will use your opinions as a reference for future consideration.
For more information, please see the town homepage.
■Deadline/Friday, December 15th
■問合せ/都市建設課建築係 TEL0136-44-2121 担当=金澤・石倉・宮

Collaborate to counter labor shortages and promote diverse work styles!

Comprehensive partnership agreement concluded with Niseko Town and Kutchan Town

The labor shortage is becoming more and more serious. Niseko Town has recently concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with Kutchan Town and Timey.
The town is working to resolve the labor shortage and create a better life for the town's residents.

[note linked project]
Please also check out the town's official note!

Niseko Town and Kutchan Town have concluded a comprehensive collaboration agreement with Timey Co., Ltd., which operates the free-time job service ``Timey'' nationwide.

Why did you partner with us?

1. As a countermeasure against labor shortage
In the Niseko area, there has been a chronic labor shortage, especially in the tourism industry. In the wake of the new coronavirus, the labor shortage has become more serious not only in the tourism industry but in most fields, and we are promoting collaborative efforts as one of the countermeasures.

2. Toward promoting diverse work styles
Niseko Town aims to be an area where residents have a variety of work and living options depending on their circumstances and wishes.
For example, you can work as you wish even while raising children or after retirement, you can work short hours on the days you wish rather than all day, you can work multiple jobs depending on the season rather than working at one job or as a full-time employee.
This is to promote initiatives that expand the options for working and living in the region.
In the Niseko area, there are already businesses and residents using Sukima Baito services, mainly in the tourism industry.
The track record and feedback from users have shown that it responds to local issues and situations, and has been well received, so in addition to further use in the tourism industry, we are looking to develop it in many other fields such as agriculture, welfare, and education. , we have concluded a cooperation agreement.
By utilizing the Sukima Byte service, which matches "times you want to work" and "times you want to work," we aim to promote new ways of working, eliminate labor shortages, and lead to better lives for town residents and revitalization of the region. We are aiming for

Skimma byte service
What is "Taimy"?
This is a free part-time job service that matches workers' ``times they want to work'' with employers' ``times they want to work.''
Workers can start working immediately by simply selecting the job they want to work for using a smartphone app, without applying or interviewing, and can receive money immediately after completing their work.
Businesses simply set the desired time and skills they want, and workers matching the conditions are automatically matched.

What are your future plans?
Niseko Town has held briefing sessions for businesses so far. We plan to continue holding briefing sessions in the future.
In addition, local revitalization cooperation teams serve as monitors and share their experiences.
We are also planning to hold usage classes and skill training sessions for local residents.
We believe that this initiative is particularly compatible with active seniors and people of the child-rearing generation, and we will continue to spread awareness and introduce it.
First of all, we will work together with the tourism associations of both towns to promote its use in the tourism and food and beverage industries during this winter's busy tourism season, and from there we will consider expanding into areas such as agriculture and welfare.
If you are a town resident who wants to work using Sukima Byte Service, or if you are a business owner who wants to work, please contact us.
■問合せ/商工観光課商工観光係 TEL0136-44-2121 担当=川埜・米田

Characteristics of Timey

・You can quickly find someone who can work now
・Start recruiting in 1 minute from the dedicated management screen
・Poach excellent workers for free
・Fees are paid in one lump sum at the end of the month

・You can quickly find a job that you can work now
・No interview/resume, ready to work immediately
・Easy steps when working
・Salary will be deposited on the same day

Solving transportation issues due to overtourism during winter season
“Niseko Model” is starting!
<Winter only> December 11th to mid-March
In the Niseko area (Niseko Town and Kutchan Town), we will conduct a demonstration experiment on the use of taxis to solve the problems caused by overtourism!
■問合せ/企画環境課経営企画係 TEL0136-44-2121 担当=佐々木・吉田

Click here to download the GO app

To ensure transportation during the winter season, 11 taxis and 25 crew members will be dispatched from businesses in Sapporo, Tokyo, and other areas.

It is scheduled to start from December 11th (Monday) of this month to mid-March next year.

The location is in the Niseko area, so it covers Niseko Town and Kutchan town. *Some exceptions apply.

The number of tourists increases in the Niseko area during the winter, and many local residents and tourists have complained that it is difficult to travel from the station or bus stop they arrived at using public transportation to their final destination, such as a restaurant or inn. I did. We do this to solve this social problem.

The Niseko Model, a method to solve traffic problems caused by overtourism during the winter season, was launched in collaboration with four parties (Hokkaido Hire Association, GO Co., Ltd., Kutchan Town, and Niseko Town).
In addition to the existing taxi operators in Niseko Town and Kutchan Town, 11 new taxi vehicles and 25 taxi drivers will be working on-site in the Niseko area.
How can I make a reservation?
In addition to booking a taxi using the traditional telephone service, you can also use the taxi app ``GO'' to easily arrange a taxi.

*If you make a reservation using the taxi app GO, an app arrangement fee of 900 yen will be charged in addition to the regular fare.

Contribution of local taxi establishments and the taxi industry
A support team (crew + vehicle) will be dispatched from December 2023 to March 2024.
Starts with 25 crew members + 11 vehicles

Lack of taxi supply during Niseko tourist season
Increased demand for taxis during the season also affects local residents' transportation options
Due to profitability issues, it is difficult to temporarily secure the number of vehicles.

Minimize the impact on local residents' transportation options
In addition to dispatching rides by phone, the app covers tourist demand and prevents phone calls from becoming difficult to connect.

What is the taxi app “GO”?

The taxi app ``GO'' is available in 45 prefectures nationwide and has been downloaded over 15 million times, making it one of the largest taxi apps in Japan.
In addition, in addition to support in Japanese and English, we also accept overseas mobile phone numbers and credit cards issued overseas, making it easy for travelers from overseas to use.
If you are a business that would like to help set up "GO" flyers, POP, posters, etc. at restaurants, accommodation facilities, activity facilities, etc., please contact us using the contact information below (survey form).
*For mobile phone numbers from some countries, you may not be able to register an account until you arrive in Japan.

■Survey form/

[Note linked project] Please see the official town note!

Taxi app “GO” Q&A

Q1 If I am already using the taxi app GO, can I continue using it when I come to Niseko?

A1 Yes, you can use the app with an account you have already registered.

Q2 Are the prices different from conventional taxis?

A2 Regarding requests made over the phone, the fare is the same as conventional taxis.
However, if you request a taxi using the taxi app GO, the fee will be added to the app arrangement fee of 900 yen.

Q3 Can I use the taxi range to go outside the Niseko area?

A3 There are no changes (restrictions) to the scope of use for local taxi reservations made by telephone, which have been available to town residents until now.
However, if you request a taxi using the GO taxi app, you can only use the departure/arrival location within the Niseko area (Niseko Town /Kutchan Town). *Some exceptions apply.

Q4 Are taxis safe?

A4 The dispatched taxis utilize the labor management and training education systems traditionally used by taxi operators, and can be used with peace of mind for both workers and users.

Introduction of accommodation tax

The town aims to preserve its excellent scenery and environment, to become a relaxing resort where you can spend a safe and fulfilling time, and to enhance its appeal, as well as implement measures to promote sustainable tourism that is in harmony with the lives of the town's residents. We are introducing an accommodation tax to cover costs.

Accommodation tax review progress
Since 2015, the town has been holding study sessions, visiting advanced sites, and exchanging information with Hokkaido and Kutchan Town, in order to secure permanent independent financial resources to support the creation of sustainable and attractive tourist destinations. We have been considering introducing a tax.
In the "Tourism Promotion Vision" formulated in 2022, the future vision is to become a "sustainable international resort that is trusted by local residents and tourists," and the accommodation tax is presented as a necessary financial resource to realize this vision. Masu.
After the coronavirus pandemic, we announced in March of this year that we would be proceeding with the introduction of an accommodation tax, and in April we established a new accommodation tax section in the tax department.
In addition, in order to build consensus within the town, we will exchange opinions at major hotel manager meetings, lodging operator information sessions, the tourism council, the council, etc., and conduct public staff training, etc., and solicit everyone's opinions on the proposed ordinance. Did.

[Efforts towards introducing accommodation tax]
Year Initiative details
2015 - Announcement of consideration of a new purpose tax for the tourism environment at the town council

2016 - Explanation at community development conferences in each district every year
・Inspection of advanced sites (Kyoto/Osaka)
・Explanation at a meeting of managers of major hotels in the town
・Launch of study group on tourism tax by town citizen volunteers
・Conducted a survey of accommodation businesses in the town (Kutchan Town) Accommodation tax ordinance will be enforced from November 2019
・Exchange of opinions with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Hokkaido Tourism Bureau, and town council
・Exchanging opinions with experts, local governments in prefecture, and advanced introduction sites

2023 - Announced to proceed with administrative work towards accommodation tax (March)
・New accommodation tax section established in the tax department (April)
・Holding briefing sessions for local businesses (May and November)
・Individual opinion exchange with business operators (May to November)
・Exchanging opinions at the town tourism council (April, June, November)
・Explaining the accommodation tax to the town council (May, July, October)
・Held public staff training on accommodation tax (July)
・Soliciting opinions on the draft ordinance (May/November)

Future plans
December 2023 Assembly Submits and deliberates accommodation tax ordinance bill

Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications consultation ↓
↓ Awareness period

From November 1, 2024 at the earliest
Accommodation tax introduced

Timing of introduction of accommodation tax
There are many issues that require immediate attention to improving the quality of tourist destinations, and we are proceeding with the introduction of an accommodation tax as an effective source of funds to implement policies to resolve these issues.
The accommodation tax ordinance bill will be discussed at Niseko Town December regular meeting.
Even after it is passed by Congress, there will still be a consultation period with the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications to introduce the new tax, and a period of time for lodging operators and others to make preparations. We aim to introduce it.

Vision of the future
A sustainable international resort trusted by locals and tourists alike

Improving resident life and tourist satisfaction
↑ ↓

Efforts to improve the quality of tourist destinations and return to the local community
Responding to tourism issues ← Increase in the number of guests per room rate = Increase in accommodation tax revenue

How the accommodation tax is currently expected to be used
Improving local transportation
Promote and support lodging businesses in reducing their global environmental impact
Strengthening tourism association organizations, developing tourism human resources, promoting digitalization of tourism
Landscape and environment (including water resources and waste) conservation measures
Preparation for emergencies

What we aim to achieve with the introduction of the accommodation tax

While the tourism industry has positive impacts on local communities such as job creation and ripple effects on other industries, it also has negative impacts such as deterioration of the natural environment and landscape, increased emergency services, and garbage problems.
Niseko Town would like to implement initiatives to maximize the positive impact and minimize the negative impact, and to improve the quality of the area as a tourist destination.
To achieve this, we are envisioning the use of accommodation tax as shown in the diagram above.

<Specific initiatives>
The main anticipated project is the enhancement of regional transportation. For example, the lack of intra-regional transportation has been an issue for some time.
So far, we have introduced demand buses and operated winter excursion buses using government subsidies, but the costs associated with operation are significant. The government's financial support is also not permanent.
Furthermore, while efforts were being made to promote education and welfare, the amount the town could spend on tourism was limited, and local public transportation measures had to be limited.
As a result, as the number of tourists increases, transportation becomes even more inconvenient, reducing tourist satisfaction and making it difficult for local residents to use the area, creating a vicious cycle. This is a decline in quality as a tourist destination.
Therefore, we will prevent a decline in quality by having everyone staying overnight bear the burden in the form of an accommodation tax and improving local transportation.
This will also provide a means of transportation to enjoy sightseeing in Niseko, leading to increased satisfaction.
By improving transportation and revitalizing movement, consumption in the region will expand, and local residents will also be able to use it more conveniently as a means of transportation in their daily lives.

<Circulation and community return>
In this way, the introduction of the accommodation tax takes into account the various impacts of tourism on the lives of residents, and aims to resolve issues as a tourist destination. We aim to create a virtuous cycle in which we improve the quality of our accommodations and use the increased accommodation tax to further enhance our initiatives, thereby providing a positive impact on the local economy and the lives of residents.

〈Flexible consideration and disclosure〉

In addition to this, we are also envisioning initiatives such as making accommodation facilities more energy efficient and developing tourism human resources, but we will flexibly consider how to use the accommodation tax in response to fluctuating tourism issues and demand.
In that case, we will visualize and share the process, including discussions at the tourism council, explanations in budget briefings for town residents, and publication of tax revenue and usage amounts.

■Inquiries/general system: Taxation Division Accommodation Tax Section Person in charge: Matsuda, Suzuki
Tourism policy: Commerce and Tourism Division, Commerce and Tourism Section Person in charge: Kawano, Yoneda, Abe

Details of the review process for the accommodation tax and an overview of the system are posted on the town hall website.
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<First half> Budget execution status
The town publishes its financial status twice a year in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act and Article 45 of the Basic Town Development Ordinance.
Therefore, this time, we would like to inform you about the town's financial situation for the first half 2023 (April to September).

The initial budget for all accounts for this fiscal year is 6,715.1 million yen, an increase of 535 million yen (+8.7%) from the previous year.
In addition to the fire department building redevelopment project, public projects with large budgets include the Miyata district water pipe renewal project, the Kutchan Welfare Hospital 2nd phase maintenance cost burden project, the public housing improvement project (Central housing complex), and the town road maintenance and renovation project ( We are implementing projects such as improving the slope of the Forest Road Obanai Line (Ogawa Bridge, etc.) and extending the lifespan of bridges (Ogawa Bridge, etc.).
Furthermore, as projects carried over from 2022, a budget of 31.32 million yen was carried over to 2023, and we implemented a project to support securing workers and strengthening management, a project to repair compost center stirrers, and a project to purchase vehicles for managing sports facilities. I am.
Due to budget revisions, the total budget as of the end of September was 7,107,790,000 yen, including all accounts and carryover budget.

The initial budget for the general account was 5,405 million yen (excluding carryover budget), an increase of 285 million yen (+5.6%) from the previous year.
In addition, by the end of September, in addition to the new coronavirus vaccination project, we will increase the budget by 333.27 million yen for the special countermeasure benefit project for fuel price hikes, the special benefit project to support the lives of families with children, and the disaster recovery project. I did.
The execution status for the first half of the year (April to September) is that 2,723.5 million yen was received as revenue against a budget of 5,769.59 million yen.

The local allocation tax, which is a major source of revenue for the town, has increased by 54.77 million yen compared to the previous year, and the town tax has increased by 19.06 million yen compared to the previous year.
In this year's initial budget, it is expected that 468.73 million yen in funds (savings) will be used for the stable management of town finances and the development of public facilities. In order to ensure stable and sustainable financial management going forward, we will strive to reduce the amount of fund withdrawals by securing and expanding revenue and implementing efficient expenditure budgets.

General account execution status

Revenue budget: 5,769,590,000 yen

Amount already received *( ) indicates budget execution rate
2,723.5 million yen (47.2%)

Local allocation tax: 2.275 billion yen
The financial needs of a standard town are determined, and the missing money is provided by the government.

National/Hokkaido expenditure: 799.71 million yen
Subsidies for the construction of roads and public housing, etc.

Town bonds 423.98 million yen
Borrow money when carrying out large-scale projects such as construction work.

Grants, etc. 189.89 million yen
Issued according to the actual situation of the local government

Town tax 922.16 million yen
Resident tax, fixed asset tax, etc.

Transfer: 490.68 million yen
Transfer of funds (savings), etc.

Usage fees/fees: 417.58 million yen
Public housing fees, garbage disposal fees, etc.

Miscellaneous income 221.3 million yen
School lunch expenses and actual expenses for various projects, etc.

Property income 29.29 million yen
Interest, dividends, etc. from asset management

Local allocation tax: 1,529.35 million yen (69.2%)
National and provincial expenditures: 129.39 million yen (16.2%)
Town bond Town tax 0 yen (0%)
Grants, etc. 103.26 million yen (54.4%)

Town tax 614.25 million yen (66.6%)
Deposit: 0 yen (0%)
Usage fees/fees: 292.36 million yen (70.0%)
Miscellaneous income 38.25 million yen (17.3%)
Property income 16.64 million yen (56.8%)

Dependent financial sources Independent financial sources

Special account execution status
budget amount
Revenue amount
expenditure amount

National Health Insurance Business Special Account
209 million yen
55.71 million yen (26.7%)
113.92 million yen (54.5%)

Late-stage elderly medical special account
62.7 million yen
20.91 million yen (33.3%)
19.43 million yen (31.0%)

Simplified water service special accounts
770 million yen
76.41 million yen (9.9%)
202.36 million yen (26.3%)

Public Sewerage Business Special Account
296.5 million yen
22.34 million yen (7.5%)
72.08 million yen (24.3%)

We spent 1,895,050,000 yen in expenditures, and in addition to various public works projects, we are developing projects such as education, health, welfare, and industrial promotion.
The initial budget for public debt expenses, which is the repayment of town bonds (debts), was 687.17 million yen, which was reduced by 11.96 million yen from the previous year.
We will continue to thoroughly review our operations and ensure efficient execution of our expenditure budget.
In addition, in order to develop the necessary measures for the maintenance and development of the town and reduce future burdens, we will prioritize projects from a medium- to long-term perspective and maintain a well-planned and balanced fiscal policy. We will continue to operate it.

The special account accounts for the budget necessary for the stable operation of National Health Insurance and medical insurance for the elderly, as well as the budget necessary for water supply and sewage systems, such as the provision of safe and delicious water, as a separate account from the general account.
The total initial budget for the five special accounts was 1,310.1 million yen (excluding carryover budget), an increase of 250 million yen (+23.6%) from the previous year.
In addition, an increase of 5 million yen was made due to water supply facility well water quantity and water quality survey work under the special account for water supply projects, and the special account budget after the supplementary budget is 1,315.1 million yen.

appropriation budget
5,769,590,000 yen

Executed amount
1,895.05 million yen (32.8%)
*( ) indicates budget execution rate

General affairs expenses 1,682,160,000 yen
Public relations, demand buses, government building management, personnel expenses, etc.

Civil engineering costs 852.01 million yen
Snow removal, road construction maintenance, public housing management,
Sewer etc.

Public debt expenses 687.17 million yen
Repayment of town bonds (debt) (661.83 million yen), interest payment (25.34 million yen)

Educational expenses 619.3 million yen
Management of each school/ Kindergarten, school bus, Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum, etc.

Sanitation expenses 585.07 million yen
Simple water supply, health promotion, garbage disposal, etc.

Civilian expenses 567.05 million yen
Welfare projects, etc.

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries expenses 316.76 million yen
Farmland/farm road maintenance, forest maintenance, etc.

Commercial and industrial expenses 200,570,000 yen
Tourism, commerce and industry promotion, etc.

Firefighting costs: 184.65 million yen
Firefighting activities, emergency activities, etc.

Others 74.85 million yen
Congress, disaster, etc.

General affairs expenses 652.7 million yen (38.8%)
Civil engineering costs 86.96 million yen (10.2%)
Public debt expenses 319.97 million yen (46.6%)
Educational expenses 241.62 million yen (39.0%)
Sanitation costs 140.77 million yen (24.1%)
Public welfare expenses 198.65 million yen (35.0%)
Agriculture, forestry and fisheries expenses 79.33 million yen (25.0%)
Commercial and industrial expenses 46.03 million yen (23.0%)
Firefighting costs 104.6 million yen (56.6%)
Others 24.42 million yen (32.6%)

Topic of town

Topic of town


I achieved the results of my practice.
Niseko Elementary School/Kondo Elementary School School Performance

School plays were held at Niseko Elementary School on October 28th and at Kondo Elementary School on November 11th.
At Niseko Elementary School, 1st, 3rd, and 5th graders presented music, and 2nd, 4th, and 6th graders presented drama.
In particular, the 6th grade students dressed up in angel and devil costumes against a professional background picture, delicately expressing the worlds of heaven and hell, life and death.
Through the play, I conveyed the preciousness of life.
At Kondo Elementary School, lower and upper grades divided into drama and instrumental music presentations, and 4th to 6th graders performed traditional Japanese drums.
In the school-wide chorus, the students sang ``The sky will fly'' along with the teachers' band performance.
The perfect presentation by the teacher and students drew a lot of applause from the venue.

Wonderful instrumental performance by 4th graders in the play “Wolf Without a Wolf” (Niseko Elementary School)

Keyboard harmonica performance “Twinkle Twinkle Star” by first graders (Kondo Elementary School)

Engage the audience with your emotional performance! (Niseko Elementary School)

Check disaster response
Autumn convocation training
On October 15th, a mock drill simulating a building fire was held at Kindergarten by the Niseko Fire Department.
In response to a dispatch order from the Fire Department Headquarters Command Center, the fire department and fire brigade were dispatched and actually sprayed water from the fire prevention water tank installed next to Kindergarten and across from the Loyalty Monument. The group members were working on training with serious expressions so that they could be dispatched immediately.

Water discharge training from a fire prevention tank

Let's protect each person's human rights
Kondo Elementary School Human Rights Class
A human rights class was held at Kondo Elementary School on October 18th, where 14 fifth and sixth graders learned about human rights.
In class, we used the example of slander on social media to think about how the victim felt, and each group summarized and presented their opinions.
We also thought about what words we should say if we encountered such a situation, and we exchanged opinions.

I learned the importance of protecting "human rights"

wishing for peace
MuTia classical concert
On October 21st, the MuTia Classical Concert was held by the Town Music Event Executive Committee.
A lot of anime and movie music was also played for the children.
Yaeko Takemura, who produces MuTia as a training project for young musicians, greeted the audience by saying, ``Peace is important to enjoy music,'' referring to the conflicts occurring around the world.

Explanation of musical instruments such as piano and violin

The goal is the Olympics
2nd place at Niseko High School Ski World Championship
Kazuyoshi Fujimura, a first year student at Niseko High School who won a prize in the Freestyle Ski Mogul Australian New Zealand Cup held in August this year, visited the town hall on October 27th and asked Deputy Mayor Yamamoto about the competition. I reported the results.
Fujimura started skiing when he was 2 years old, and at this year's world championships, which he participated in for the first time, he came in 2nd place in the junior division (7th place including adults).
Fujimura expressed his enthusiasm, saying, ``I want to continue to do my best with the aim of participating in the 2026 Olympics.''

Currently, he is a member of the national team and is practicing a lot.

Let's learn about forests
Niseko Elementary School tree planting experience
On October 28th, 80 Niseko Elementary School 5th graders and their guardians participated in a tree planting experience to learn about forests.
The event is sponsored by NIS-ECO Project (Niseko Mirai Support Team).
The children were divided into two groups and took a walk through the Kinuoka Forest (also known as Kinuoka), which was maintained by the volunteer team, and experienced tree planting.
At the tree planting event held at Soga Forest Park, after receiving a lecture from Yoshifumi Kawahara, representative of Kawahara Seedlings, parents and children worked together to dig a hole with a shovel and each child planted a tree.
The participants said, ``It was a valuable experience and I learned a lot.''

Carefully plant one plant at a time

Experience culture and art
Niseko Town Culture Festival
The cultural festival was held from October 28th to November 5th. Members of the piano and dance circles presented the results of their daily practice, and the works of each circle, such as tanka, haiku, and photography, as well as the children's paintings and calligraphy, were on display.

Chorus by Niseko Cole Bouquet

Exhibition of works by townspeople lined up with masterpieces

Brighten up the town with pumpkins
Making a jack-o-lantern
Jack-o-lantern making was held at Kiranoyu from October 24th to 25th.
About 20 people, including members of the Regional Revitalization Cooperation Team, carefully extracted pumpkin seeds and pulp and created lanterns with various designs.
From October 28th to 29th, pumpkin lanterns placed around Niseko Station were lit up, and many people enjoyed the magical atmosphere.

Express your unique ideas and commitment with pumpkins

Future painters may be produced
Akira Arishima Youth Public Picture Exhibition Award Ceremony
On November 3rd, the award ceremony for the 35th Takeo Arishima Youth Painting Exhibition, sponsored by Niseko Town and Hokkaido Shimbun, was held at Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum.
Out of a total of 352 entries, 26 winning entries were awarded and the judges also provided comments.
The submitted works were exhibited at Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum from October 28th to November 12th, and many people came to admire the works of junior high and high school students from all over Hokkaido.

My heart is moved by powerful works.

I want to eliminate the zero-one female assembly.
Erunosu participation lecture in Niseko Town
On November 11th, the Erunosu Participation Lecture was held at the Town Citizens Center, sponsored by the Society for Developing the Future of Niseko and the Hokkaido Women's Association.
The quota system is a system that allocates a certain number of seats to women in order to correct the gender disparity in the political field.
We invited Mieko Hayashi, chairperson of Hokkaido Association for the Promotion of Quota System, to give a talk.

Approximately 40 people participated in the lecture

Everybody's page

Everybody's page
This is the participation page for the townspeople. We look forward to hearing from you!

Planning and Environment Division Public Relations Section TEL.44-2121 FAX.44-3500

Niseko Fan News vol.77

Corner for townspeople by townspeople
Would you like to work as a reporter too? We look forward to your participation.
This month's reporter is Nobuaki Sugawara. As the chairman of the Tokyo Niseko Association, I promote Niseko Town in the metropolitan area and other areas.

We opened a store at the 27th Hokkaido Farm Direct Fair.
Tokyo Niseko-kai participated in the 27th Hokkaido Farm Direct Fair, one of the largest outdoor Hokkaido products events in Japan, for four days from September 28th to October 1st.
[Revived event]
The venue was blessed with relatively good weather for four days, with no temperature checks or entry restrictions like last year. Eri Suzuki from the Commerce, Industry and Tourism Division came to support the Tokyo Niseko Kai booth for four days, and it was very well received. During the event, the family of Master Hayashiya Kikuogi, Member of the House of Representatives Osaka, General Affairs Division Manager Fukumura, and on the final day, Mayor Katayama, all visited to liven up the booth.
[The most popular corn has been postponed and new trending items are on sale]
In previous years, the popular corn was delivered freshly harvested and received a favorable reception, but due to the high temperatures this summer, Niseko Town is no exception and we are unable to sell corn, making us realize the harshness of the natural environment. . Meanwhile, we newly launched effeff Kesewurst, Lupicia Burdock Tea, and Ostrich Farm Dorayaki Sando, all of which were very popular and sold out.
[Swell of cashless payments]
Last year, we were the only Furusato-kai to use cashless payments. The digitization rate has increased from 30% last year to 40%. The effect was significant, contributing to additional purchases, and I felt that I would not be able to survive without cashless payments in the future. On the other hand, I think it is necessary to strengthen the IT environment in order to expand cashless payments.
【How it will be done in the future】
It was unexpected that so many people purchased 10 kg of potatoes. I became acutely aware of the need for an analysis of the factors involved and the need for alternative products that emerged for corn. Also, all of our items are sold out, and we have received requests for mail order for out-of-stock items, so next time we will be able to prepare leaflets for mail order.
Lastly, the mayor of the town attended the launch, which I think greatly influenced the motivation of the participants. thank you very much.
We would like to thank the town hall's Commerce, Industry and Tourism Division, Niseko Enterprise Co., Ltd., and all of our board members for their efforts.

Niseko High School Agricultural Club

2nd year students went on a field trip!
2nd year vice president Sakura Nakajima

From October 16th to 21st, second year students went on a field trip to Malaysia for the first time in four years.
On this field trip, I had many experiences for the first time, such as sleeping on a plane, trying out batik (a Malaysian dyeing experience), and ordering food in English.
The agri-food course included a bird park tour and a hands-on experience making pewter, a traditional Malaysian craft, while the global tourism course included learning about table manners and experiencing making Malaysian drinks.
At noon on the 4th day, we held an exchange meeting with YTL-ICHM. By interacting with local students, we were able to introduce each other's cultures.
We performed Yosakoi, and YTL students not only sang and danced, but also showed off their country of origin fashion.
They put on a show.
Also, when I toured a place of worship, I wore a hijab to cover my skin and hair due to my religious beliefs.
I don't see them very often in Japan, and I have very few opportunities to wear them, so it was a great experience for me to get a feel for Malaysia's religion and culture. I will make use of what I experienced on this field trip and work towards my future career path little by little!

Niseko Tanka Association

Misa Hayashi's daughter's phone call comforts her in the desolation of the sound of rain falling in her solitary home.

The hot summer has finally passed, and the first stove of this fall is lit Shizuko Nishikage

Niseko Haiku Association

Sairenzaka Squirrel is busy eating walnuts Yasuko Shigemori

Tea Time Talking Autumn Day Yuriko Kudo

Sunny skies, shining mountains, autumn has arrived, Ayako Shimizu

Manjushana decorating the foothills now Eiko Ogawa

Play book news No.249

Play book no.249

Learning Exchange Center Aso Book
■ Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Closed: Mondays, last Fridays, public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays
TEL.0136-43-2155 FAX.0136-43-2156

Ainu embroidery
On October 7th and 8th, there was a fun hobby class.
"Ainu Sashi?" was held. I had a great time

Kondo Elementary School Book Festival
On October 20th, we held a book festival at Kondo Elementary School. The children looked happy as they picked up about 500 picture books and children's books.


Christmas party announcement
We hold a play book Christmas party that the children look forward to every year.
Why not spend some fun time together, such as reading aloud or watching a puppet show by the Asobuku Puppet Troupe?
◆Date and time: December 14th (Thursday) 3:00 p.m.
◆Location/Townsman Center Large Hall (no reservation required)

artology workshop
Expressive art workshop for adults starting December 14th
It will be held for a total of 6 times.
◆Date and time: December 14th (Thursday) 6:30pm - 8:00pm
◆Capacity/15 adults *Application required
◆Lecturer: Masako Muramatsu (graphic artist)
*For details, please see the poster in the Asobuk Hall and the website.
Notice of closure during the year-end and New Year holidays
Closed during the year-end and New Year holidays from December 31st (Sunday) to January 5th (Friday).
Masu. From December 23rd (Saturday) to December 30th (Saturday), there will be a limit on the number of books you can borrow.
Eliminate limitations.
Please note that the museum will close at 3:00 pm on Saturday, December 30th.


book display
11/23~12/29 Pillar Exhibition “Edo Culture”
Introducing the life and culture of the people of Edo. This is an exhibition that both adults and children can enjoy.
We will also exhibit books by Hinako Sugiura, a manga artist who was also active as a researcher of Edo customs.

hobby exhibition
12/1~12/14 Handicraft/Aki Hoshino
12/15-12/29 Accessories/Kiyomi Mitani

Introduction of donated books

By Nadia Murad, Foreword by
Amal Clooney
By Khaled Hosseini
By Marjane Satrapi
“Funeral Freelen” (Shogakukan)
“Heterogeneous Strongest King Encyclopedia” (Gakken)
The books donated by users are very useful in building the Asobook bookshelf.
[Three books about the Middle East]
Message from the donor:
All three books were very moving and gave me a lot of learning and insight. Especially "THE LAST GIRL" and "THE KITE RUNNER"
It was shocking and made me cry many times.
This is a book that has the power to slightly change the way you look at life.
“All three books are eye-opening and deeply moving.
made me cry multiple times, changing the way I see life.”
[From a user from Niseko to the children]
New books such as the comic ``Funeral Freelen'' and ``Heterogeneous Strongest King Encyclopedia'' have arrived from the bookstore. This is a gift from a user.

New arrival book introduction

Teach Shima-san's 100 Helpful Recipes Tasan Shima
Handbook on how to knit gloves Nippon Vogue Co., Ltd.
The most convenient and economical life starting with PayPay Kyoko Sakai

777 Triple Seven Kotaro Isaka
Recovery Kabahiko Michiko Aoyama
Dispel Masahiro Imamura

Satoshi Kako
Ezon pika: Connecting the bond with its cry Kei Sato
Happy Santa Wakiko Sato

There are many other new books. Please take a look at the Playbook.

Niseko Town Regional Revitalization Cooperation Team

Report daily activities from the members!
Cooperation Team Next Door 27.

We will send out information every month so that the townspeople can learn about the activities and personalities of our volunteers!

Editor in charge
<3rd year> Ken Suzuki
<2nd year> Yosuke Kiyobe
<1st year> Ago Miyamae, Takako Itami, Hideki Hinoura, Osamu Muraoka

Introducing the activities of the cooperation team
≫Radio Niseko
Inside [Kira Niseko]
“Because I love Niseko, a volunteer volunteer” (every Monday from 3:20pm to 50pm)
<Those scheduled to perform in December>
12/4 Saiki Saito/Hiromi Futami
11 Onohana Suzuki/Yukako Ohashi
18 Ayaka Sasaki, Daisuke Kudo
25 Misa Kudo/Keima Sato

≫Information is also being sent on SNS!

Introduction of my assignment
24. Planning and Environment Division Public Relations Section 1st year Risa Ito (from Sapporo City)

Public relations staff who collects and disseminates information

I will be in charge of Niseko Town official note, and I have learned a lot by learning about the role of "public relations" and the importance of disseminating information.
The best reward is being able to learn about the town and connect with people through reporting.
I also assist with the editing of public relations magazines and cut out newspapers. What was surprising was that they also prepared for inspections.
There were people from far away in Africa, and it was a moment when I felt like Niseko Town was being noticed.
One day, I suddenly grabbed a camera and went to the mayor's office! It was called. Elementary school students came to the town to ask the mayor to install an air conditioner, and as I captured the scene on camera, I was moved and said, ``Everyone is so cool!''

about us

Cheers to Niseko
1st year
Emi Deguchi (from Kyoto Prefecture)
Assigned to/Niseko Resort Tourism Association Co., Ltd.

It's been 6 months since I moved from Kyoto. I gradually got used to the work at the tourism association I was assigned to, and was able to obtain a qualification as a Japanese language teacher.I am currently attending business school in hopes of starting a business in the Niseko area that utilizes the Japanese language.
Recently, on my days off, I've been enjoying life in Niseko, making bread with Kondo's spring water, enjoying delicious drinks and food at my favorite bar, and toasting with everyone in town!

1st year
Takako Itami (Born in Tokyo)
Assignment location/learning exchange
Center play

I enjoyed life in Niseko for half a year to the fullest, picking wild vegetables in the spring, rafting, canoeing, and ziplining in the summer, and mushroom hunting in the fall. And winter has officially arrived! I've heard from people around me how difficult winter is in Niseko, and while I'm a little nervous, I'm looking forward to living in winter for the first time.
Speaking of Niseko, it's all about winter sports. I'm thinking of trying skiing, which I did briefly decades ago.

steps to independence

Third year
Masaaki Yasui (from Sapporo)
Assigned to/Niseko Resort Tourism Association Co., Ltd.

I will do my best in the last year
This is my third year working at the Niseko Resort Tourism Association, where I am assigned. Our business includes providing sightseeing information and bicycle rental, mainly for school excursions. This year, as an independent activity, I took the Regional Travel Business Manager Examination and Hokkaido Outdoor Guide's Mountain Guide (Summer Mountain) Examination in September.
And, as I announced on the radio broadcast, I passed both exams with flying colors! Now I can organize tours to Niseko and work as a guide for summer mountain climbing!! Including climbing challenges for little kids! Please give us a shout!!

Overall activity report October implementation

event support
10/8 Niseko Halloween 2023
Niseko Halloween was held again this year, and the volunteer team participated in everything from setting up tents and stages the day before, to registering on the day of the festival, and guiding people to the parking lot.
Approximately 1,000 people visited this year, 2.5 times as many as last time, and adults and children in costumes paraded around the station, creating a lively and lively atmosphere.
Many food trucks set up stalls in the plaza, and on stage there was a costume contest in which about 90 groups participated, and a collaboration stage performance with Niseko Town dance team Flash, inviting Fighters Girls.
Trick-or-treating and candy-throwing events unique to Halloween were also held, making it an event full of smiles! (Saiki Saito)

10/11 Niseko small rice harvesting support
Following on from the rice planting experience supported by Niseko 5th graders held in June, the volunteer team also supported the rice harvesting experience. The seedlings I planted four months ago have grown quickly, and in October I harvested the grown rice with a sickle.
We, the volunteer team, provided safety support during rice harvesting, and assisted in aligning the ears of rice that the children had harvested and transporting them to the combine harvester.
Harvesting rice requires a lot of physical strength, but thanks to the active efforts of all the fifth graders, the work was completed ahead of schedule. Seeing how much fun they had, I was once again glad that I was able to support them. (Suzuki Onohana)

Announcement A new member has joined!

Hirohiro Ogura (from Fukuoka Prefecture)
Assignment: Agricultural Administration Division Forestry Support
Until now, I have worked as a rafting guide and snowboard instructor in Kutchan Town.
I would like to carry out my activities with safety first, keeping in mind my late grandfather's will and respect for the natural environment. thank you!

Hideki Hinoura (from Aichi Prefecture)
Assigned to/Niseko Machi Co., Ltd.
I came to Niseko fascinated by the vast nature. We value ``enjoying nature,'' and based on the experience we have cultivated, we aim to create ``a place where you can feel at home and feel free to drop by,'' and we hope to learn as volunteers. Nice to meet you!

Keima Sato (from Obihiro City)
Assigned to/Niseko Resort Tourism Association Co., Ltd.
I am thinking of putting into practice how I can make use of the nature around me through my assignments and volunteer volunteer activities.
I am also interested in food culture, so I would like to keep my ears open in that field every day. Nice to meet you.

smiling square

In this corner,
Introducing various activities and information!

Parenting topics


roasted sweet potato party
The baked sweet potato party is something that children look forward to every year.
For this day, the children picked up fallen leaves from their walks and took them home.
The weather was nice that day, and it was too hot to roast sweet potatoes, but with everyone's cooperation, including the elders who helped put fallen leaves on the bonfire, the baked potatoes turned out delicious.
Under the clear autumn sky, the children happily filled their mouths and said, ``It's delicious.''

It's piping hot and delicious! !


Childcare course “Carrot Digging”
This year too, Ohisama's parents and children had the opportunity to experience harvesting carrots grown by members of the Agricultural Youth Association.
When the leaves were yanked, a large carrot came out and the children were delighted.
It was a very warm autumn day, and it was a great opportunity for parents and children to experience the joy of harvesting carrots and the joy of moving their bodies in nature.
Thank you to everyone at the Youth Association for the valuable experience.

I picked some delicious looking carrots! !

“Ohisama” is a place where parents and children can play casually, and where friends can talk about their worries. (Inside Kindergarten)


Notice of holidays such as the year-end and New Year holidays Kindergarten

★Short-time users
December 22nd (Friday) Closing day
December 25th (Monday) - January 16th (Tuesday) Winter vacation
January 17th (Wednesday) First day of school
★Children who use it for a long time
December 29th (Friday) Childcare payment
Saturday, December 30th Cooperative childcare
December 31st (Sunday) - January 8th (Monday) Closed for New Year holidays
Saturday, January 6th Cooperative childcare
January 9th (Tuesday) First day of childcare
★Childcare support center “Ohisama”
December 25th (Monday) - January 8th (Monday) Closed for New Year holidays

Parenting course

Swag class ~Wreath making~

◆Date and time: Wednesday, December 13th, 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
◆Place/Townsman Center
◆ Daycare / Child-rearing Support Center “Ohisama”
◆Material cost/1,500 yen
◆Application deadline: December 7th (Thursday)

cooking class

◆Date and time: December 21st (Thursday) 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
◆Place/Townsman Center
◆ Daycare / Child-rearing Support Center “Ohisama”
◆Material cost/around 700 yen
◆Application deadline: December 14th (Thursday)

<Inquiries about this page>
Niseko Town Kindergarten "Kiratto" charge / Aoki / Sato
TEL.(代表)0136-44-2700 FAX.0136-44-2725


Takishita office staff
Ikiiki Social Association Newsletter vol.29

Secretariat member Hiroyuki Takishita
ニセコ町社会福祉協議会  TEL.0136-44-2234

Year-end help donation
It will start on December 1st as part of the community chest.
The money is used for Niseko Town 's year-end gifts and for providing New Year's dishes to users of meal delivery services.
For more information, please see the attached document regarding the implementation of the "Year-end Help Fund Campaign."

Local pin badge donation
Since 2017, we have been creating pin badges and are giving away one badge for donations of 500 yen or more.
In 2020, we began working with the community chest committees of six towns and villages at the foot of Mt. Yotei to create an initiative that looks like "YOUTEI" with a different design every year when the badges of the six towns and villages are aligned.
This year's Niseko badge features Anicki holding a large Halloween pumpkin, and you can enjoy a different design every year.
This year's badges can be purchased at Kiranoyu, Town Hall (Health and Welfare Division), Social Security Association (Towns Center), and Roadside Station View Plaza (Information Building).
In addition, badges for Rusutsu, Kimobetsu, Makkari, Kyogoku, and Kutchan other than Niseko are also available at Roadside Station View Plaza and Shakyo.
Please help us with the Red Feather Community Chest.

The ``Red Feather Community Chest,'' which you all know is held nationwide from October 1st to December 31st, is the longest-running fundraising campaign in Japan.
We are still accepting donations at the social association office and donation boxes located throughout the town.
Of the donations received from everyone, 70% is used to support various welfare activities in the town, and the rest is used for support within Hokkaido and recovery support in disaster areas.
Thank you for your cooperation in this special fundraising activity.
This year as well, we visited shops, hotels, and businesses in Niseko Town to ask for the Red Feather Community Chest. Thank you for your cooperation.

Snow removal service
This year as well, we will be removing snow around residences as part of Niseko Town 's nursing care prevention and lifestyle support project.
It is planned to be held from early January to the end of March, with a maximum of two times per season.
We started accepting applications from December 1st. Please note that usage is subject to review.
For more information, please see the attached circular ``We will continue to support snow removal services this year.''

Information of living

News from Niseko Town
Information of living

★Happy new year everyone
Year-end and New Year holidays

■Closed days: December 30th (Saturday) to January 8th (Monday) *Family registration-related notifications will also be accepted on closed days.

Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum /Towns Center
■Closed days/
December 31st (Sunday) - January 5th (Friday)

General gymnasium
■Closed days: December 30th (Sat) - January 8th (Mon)

■Closed days: December 30th (Sat) - January 8th (Mon)

Garbage collection
Please dispose of garbage during the year-end and New Year holidays at each garbage station on the designated garbage collection day by December 29th (Friday).
■Period when garbage is not collected/Saturday, December 30th to Wednesday, January 3rd

Day service center
■Closed days: December 30th (Sat) - January 3rd (Wed)
■問合せ/ニセコ町デイサービスセンター TEL0136-44-1950

Nikotto Bus
There are no holidays during the year-end and New Year holidays. Hours of operation are from 8 am to 7 pm and reservations are required in advance.
■予約電話番号/ TEL0136-43-2200

scheduled bus
Operating hours may change or be suspended on some flights. Please contact each bus company before using.
■ニセコバス TEL0136-44-2001
■道南バス TEL0136-22-1558
School bus
The school bus will be closed during the winter vacation of the schools in the town. Please be careful of the general public who use the school bus when going to or leaving school. In addition, we will provide extra flights according to the event schedule of each school.
■Suspension period: December 26th (Tuesday) to January 15th (Monday)
■問合せ/学校教育課学校 教育係 TEL0136-44-2101

Medical institution/Niseko clinic
■Closed days: December 29th (Friday) to January 3rd (Wednesday)

Kikuchi Dental
■Closed days: December 29th (Friday) noon to January 4th (Thursday) *On January 5th (Friday), the clinic will be open only in the morning.

Niseko dentistry
■Closed days: December 28th (Thursday) - January 3rd (Wednesday)
■Hospital on duty during dental holidays/as below

List of dental clinics on duty *Clinic hours are from 9:00 a.m. to noon.

Month Day Clinic Address Telephone number
12月29日(金) 菊池歯科医院   京極診療所 京極町    0136-42-3130
12月30日(土) やまだ歯科医院    蘭越町               0136-57-5888
12月31日(日) フォーシーズンズDCようてい  倶知安町             0136-55-7800
1月1日(月) 京極ようてい歯科            京極町               0136-41-2222
1月2日(火) 伊藤歯科医院                倶知安町             0136-22-1595
1月3日(水) 中川歯科医院                倶知安町             0136-23-2200

Year-end and New Year counter operations

The office will be closed from December 30th (Saturday) to January 8th (Monday).
Due to the long holiday period, we will be issuing juminhyo (certificate of residence) and seal registration certificates from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 5th.
When issuing a certificate, please bring your identification documents, seal registration card, etc., and be prepared to pay the issuance fee (300 yen per certificate) so that you do not receive change.
Additionally, if you have a My Number Card, you can obtain one at a convenience store during the year-end and New Year holidays, so please use this if you are in a hurry.
Please note that the main entrance to the office is closed as the office is closed, so please head to the left from the main entrance and enter through the staff entrance.
■問合せ/町民生活課住民係 TEL0136-44-2121 担当=工藤・髙橋

Townsman Center closed
The entire building will be closed due to waxing. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your understanding and cooperation.
■Date/Time/December 9th (Sat) - 10th (Sun)
■問合せ/ニセコ町商工会 TEL0136-44-2214 担当=大野

★Please use

Operation of the “Niseko Area Circuit Bus” and distribution of “free passes for townspeople”
This winter, we will also be operating the "Niseko Area Circuit Bus" that connects the ski resort area and the city area. There have been changes to the operating period and timetable since last year, so please take a look at the insert flyer.
■Operation period: December 9th (Saturday) to March 3rd (Sunday) All day operation
*For details, please see the operation calendar in the flyer.
■Ride fare: 500 yen, 250 yen for elementary school students and younger, free for infants
*Town residents can enter for free by showing their "free pass". We will be distributing "free passes for townspeople"
■Distribution period: December 5th (Tuesday) - End of service date
■Distribution location: Town Hall Planning and Environment Division, General Gymnasium, Niseko Station (Tourist Information Center)
■Distribution time/each office opening time
■Required items/Application form (Part of the flyer is an application form. It will also be available at the distribution location). Please bring your insurance card, driver's license, or mail to prove you are a town resident.
■問合せ/企画環境課経営企画係 TEL0136-44-2121 担当=佐々木・吉田

Katahira attorney's

We will solve your worries!

●This month's theme: "Unconstitutional Judgment"

You may see the Supreme Court's unconstitutional rulings on the news. So, what is the meaning of the unconstitutional ruling?
Elections are held by the people, and laws are enacted by the Diet, which is made up of elected members.
This is called democracy, and I think everyone knows it.
Laws are sometimes amended and sometimes repealed.
By the way, elections are by majority vote, so the feelings of the minority may not be conveyed to the Diet.
If the feelings of minorities are not conveyed to the Diet, laws that violate the human rights of minorities may be enacted or may remain overlooked.
Unconstitutional means that a law violates the Constitution.
The Constitution is said to be higher than the law, so if the Constitution is violated, the law will be invalidated in relation to the individual case, and the government will also take steps to prevent the law from being applied in the future. Correspondence has been taken. As a result, the human rights of minorities may be saved.
For this reason, courts are said to be the last bastion of human rights relief.
In this way, it can be said that unconstitutional judgments have the role of correcting democracy.
By the way, there is also a system called the People's Review, in which people vote on the judges of the Supreme Court.
Since courts play the role of correcting democracy, they are designed to require a vote of the people.

Park Front Law Office Niseko Office
141 Hondori Niseko Town
TEL 0136-44-3800 FAX.0136-44-3801

Town management
There is a vacant room in the house

Type Apartment name Format Structure Rent guideline
lowest to highest
Public housing Shin Arishima housing complex 3LDK simple 11,000 yen~
(For households) Building 1 (61.99 square meters) Fireproof structure 48,300 yen
Room 204 Built in 1985, 2 stories (varies depending on income, etc.)

Specified public Nozomi housing complex 1LDK Fireproof structure Rent 36,000 yen
Rental housing building 1 (41.5 square meters) 2 floors Garage fee 3000 yen
(Single person) Room 105 Built in 1996 Total: 39,000 yen

Parking space/Yes

●Reception period: December 1st (Friday) to December 15th (Friday)
●Eligibility and application method/Please inquire for details.
■ Inquiries about town-run housing / City Construction Division Housing Management Section Person in charge = Onuki / Sasaki

Have you forgotten to take a medical checkup?

If you are over 30 years old and have not yet had a medical checkup this year, please do so.
●Cancer Association Comprehensive Examination
■Date and time: March 6, 2020 (Wednesday) 6:30 a.m. Meet in front of the Town Citizens Center Transfer by bus
■Location/Cancer Association Sapporo Cancer Screening Center
■Contents/Specific health checkup, stomach/lung/colon cancer screening, breast cancer screening, uterine cancer screening
■Screening institution/Cancer Association Sapporo Cancer Screening Center
■Other/We are implementing measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection on the shuttle bus and inside the facility, but we ask for your cooperation in wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer.
■Application deadline: February 9, 2020 (Friday)
■申込先・問合せ/保健福祉課健康づくり係 TEL0136-44-2121 担当=齋藤・上仙

Free uterine and breast cancer screening coupons are valid until the end of February.
As of April 1st, the town is offering free coupons for each medical examination to people who have reached a milestone age.
The validity period is the end of February 2024. Please make an appointment with plenty of time to spare.
*Free uterine cancer screening coupons are available for ages 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40.
*Free breast cancer screening coupons are eligible for ages 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60.
■問合せ/保健福祉課健康づくり係  TEL0136-44-2121  担当=上仙・齋藤

Don't forget to get the second measles-rubella vaccination
There is a second round of measles and rubella vaccination for older children. Individual notifications have been sent to affected individuals. Don't forget to get vaccinated.
■Eligibility: Older children (5 to 7 years old, from 1 year before the start of elementary school to the day before the start of school)
■ Number of inoculations / 1 time
■Designated medical institution/Niseko Clinic Every Wednesday 9:00 a.m. to noon, 1:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.
■Where to make a reservation and how to make a reservation: Please make a reservation at least one week before your desired vaccination date to the Health Promotion Section, Health and Welfare Division.
*Please note that you will not be eligible for cost subsidies after March 31, 2024.
■問合せ/保健福祉課健康づくり係 TEL0136-44-2121 担当=上仙・山本

★Please join us

Reiwa 6 New Year’s Party
The town holds a New Year's get-together to exchange New Year's greetings. Those who wish to participate should apply in advance.
■Date and time: Tuesday, January 9, 2024, 3:00 p.m.
■ Place / Townsman Center
■Participation fee/1000 yen
■Application deadline: December 15th (Friday)
■申込み・問合せ/総務課総務係 TEL0136-44-2121 担当=澤田・樋口

Notice of Recruitment of Self-Defense Forces
●Self-Defense Force Candidate (6th)
・Eligibility for taking the exam: 18 years old or older but under 33 years old as of the 1st day of the scheduled hiring month
・Reception period: December 20th (Wednesday) - January 12th (Friday)
・Test date: Either Friday, January 19th or Saturday, January 20th, 2020

Higher technical school students
・Examination eligibility: Males aged 15 to 17 as of April 1, 2020
・Reception period: October 1 2023 (Sunday) to January 5, 2020 (Friday)
·test day/
[First exam] Either Saturday, January 13th or Sunday, January 14th, 2020
[Second Examination] Either one of January 25th (Thursday) or January 28th (Sunday), 2020
Please contact us for more information as test dates are subject to change.
■問合せ/自衛隊札幌地方協力本部倶知安地域事務所 TEL0136-23-3540
または自衛官募集相談員 下口 登さん TEL0136-44-2177

Mental health consultation
At the Kutchan Public Health Center, specialists provide consultations for people with concerns about their mental health, from children to the elderly.
Your privacy will be strictly respected. Reservations are required, so please contact us at least 3 days before your consultation date.
■Date and time: Thursday, January 25, 2024, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Thursday, March 21, 2024, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
■Place/Kutchan public health center
■問合せ/倶知安保健所健康推進課健康支援係 TEL0136-23-1957

Distribution of Niseko Town household budget support gift certificates
Niseko Town will distribute "Niseko Town Household Budget Support Gift Certificates" to all townspeople in order to restore consumption in the town, which has suffered due to soaring prices due to changes in the world situation, and to support the lives of the townspeople.
■Distribution target: Citizens who are registered as residents in Niseko Town as of 2023 15, 2020 (including foreigners)
■Gift certificates distributed/5,000 yen worth of gift certificates per town resident
*For those who have received a maternal and child health handbook from Niseko Town as of 2023 15, 2020, a gift certificate worth 5,000 yen will be added.
■Expiration date: December 10, 2023 (Sunday) - February 20, 2020 (Tuesday)
■How to send/Send by Yu-Pack to the head of the household.
Shipping will begin on Tuesday, 2023 5, 2020, and is expected to take approximately two weeks to complete distribution to all households.
■Gift certificate issue/ Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry
■取扱事業者の募集/ニセコ町商工会で随時受付しています。 TEL0136-44-2214
■Inquiries: Commerce, Industry and Tourism Division, Commerce and Industry Tourism Section TEL: 0136-44 -2121 Person in charge: Kawano, Fukasawa

★Please feel free to come by

Additional town development conference held 2023
We will hold additional community development meetings so that as many people as possible can participate.
At the town development conference, the mayor visits the venue in each district to inform them about the current problems the town is facing and the projects being carried out, and listens to everyone's opinions and requests in a roundtable format.
We welcome any questions you may have, such as things you notice on a daily basis or simple questions, so please feel free to attend the meeting and send us your opinions. You can also participate in the meeting even if you have no particular opinions.
■Date and time: Thursday, December 7th from 1:30 p.m.
■Location: Ikoi no Yuyado Iroha
■問合せ/企画環境課広報広聴係 TEL0136-44-2121 担当=大野・青木

Track! vol.35
Activities of a town development company!

Thank you for your hard work in 2023!
Niseko has entered full-fledged winter, and the cold days continue, but how are you all doing? We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone in the area for their continued support in 2023.
A variety of events took place this year, but one of the biggest was the start of construction on the first building in the Niseko Mirai block, "Mokule Niseko Building A." Exterior work has been completed at this stage, and all work, including interior work, will be completed during the winter.
Residency will begin next spring, and life in Niseko Mirai will finally begin to take shape.
Additionally, we will begin selling our second condominium from this winter. Furthermore, we are planning to construct rental housing next year, and the overall picture of the first construction area is gradually becoming clearer.
We hope to be able to show you the house once the building is completed, so please look forward to it.
The scope of Niseko Town's operations will continue to expand from now on, and this year we have added new employees and volunteer volunteers, and our members are becoming more and more powerful. I would be happy if you could continue to support us in the future. We look forward to your continued support in many ways in 2024.
■問合せ/(株)ニセコまち TEL0136-55-6087

Mokure Niseko Building A under construction (photo taken at the end of October)

heart gift
We received your donation. thanks for the goodwill

《Niseko Town Office Reception》
“Please use it for regional development renewable energy business” Nakayamagumi Co., Ltd., Sapporo City

City Case Files

Niseko Town Crime Prevention Association

Incidents There were no incidents in Niseko Town during October.
Traffic Accident On October 23rd, a head-to-head accident occurred on National Route 5.

倶知安警察署/TEL 0136-22-0110

You can purchase season tickets at low prices again this year.
This season, with the cooperation of ski resorts in Niseko Town, elementary, junior high and high school students living in the town, as well as students commuting to Niseko High School and HIS, can purchase ski lift season tickets at low prices. Starting this year, preschoolers aged 4 and older will also be eligible.
Please buy a season ticket and enjoy skiing and snowboarding.
To purchase, you will need to go through the procedures for issuing an exchange ticket at the general gymnasium in advance. Afterwards, please take your voucher with you and purchase your season ticket at the ski resort.
■問合せ/町民学習課スポーツ係 TEL0136-44-2034 担当=佐々木・吹越


Request regarding snow removal

In order to ensure safe and secure road access during the winter, the town outsources snow removal work to private contractors.
We ask for the understanding and cooperation of all residents in order to ensure that snow removal operations proceed smoothly. About snow removal work in town
Regarding the dispatch of snowplows, we aim to dispatch snowplows when there is approximately 10 centimeters of snowfall in the morning, but if it continues to snow, we may not be able to dispatch snowplows immediately in order to proceed with the work efficiently and effectively. there is.
Normally, snow that falls during the day or night is removed early in the morning, and snow removal is completed by the time everyone commutes to work or school.

Request from the town

●Avoid parking on the street
Parking on the street is an obstacle to snow removal operations. Even just one vehicle cannot clear the snow, causing a great deal of inconvenience to the local community.
Also, please refrain from parking on the street, as it will obstruct general traffic.
●Be careful when removing snow
Snow removal work is extremely dangerous work. During work, visibility from the snowplow is limited, making it especially difficult to see to the rear.
We are working with caution, but to prevent accidents, please do not approach snow removal operations.
●Let's stop pouring snow onto the road.
When snow is thrown onto the road, it can make the road uneven and narrow, creating a problem for traffic.
Also, please refrain from shoveling snow onto the road, as it takes time to remove snow and may not be completed by the time you commute to work or school.
*The town will be contacted by the snow removal company.
●Please cooperate in removing snow from the front entrance etc.
When the snowplow passes, it leaves snow in front of your entrance or garage. We ask for your understanding and cooperation as we ask all residents to remove the snow in front of their entrances.
●Please help us remove snow from the roof.
If snow or icicles from your roof fall onto the road, your life may be at stake, so please be careful when removing snow.
■問合せ/都市建設課土木管理係 TEL0136-44-2121 担当=関・久保

Everyone SDGs

This corner explains SDGs.
Of the 17 SDGs, the 16th goal is "Peace and Justice for All."
Conflicts, wars, and other conflicts are occurring all over the world at this very moment. One in four children around the world lives in conflict zones.
Many people are experiencing hardship and sadness as they have lost their lives or lost family members due to conflicts, violence, and persecution. As a result, many people lose their homes and property, and are forced to flee their homes.
For world peace, it is very important to first know what is happening in the world right now.
For poor children, the biggest threat is discrimination. If you see something on TV or in the news, check it out, or there are support activities you can do by making a small donation. It might be a good idea to talk to your father, mother, friends at school, or teachers about your goal of creating a world without conflict.
To eliminate all conflicts and achieve peace. To this end, it is important that everyone has access to fair systems such as laws.
Let's deepen our knowledge about the current situation where "peace and justice for all" is necessary for the SDGs.

[Public housing]

Beware of falling snow/snow removal work

Request for cooperation
As snowfall increases, more snow accumulates on the roofs of houses, creating snow eaves. There is a lot of snow falling under the eaves, so please be careful when passing by or parking outside.
In particular, if you are parking near a building, please park at a sufficient distance from the building to prevent damage to your vehicle due to falling snow. Please note that in the event of damage, the office will not be able to compensate.
Please also cooperate in moving your vehicle so that it does not interfere with snow removal work.

[Public housing]

Be careful of freezing water
Niseko Town is entering full-fledged winter, and there is a risk that the water supply may freeze. Water pipes may burst if the tap water freezes. Please be sure to drain the water supply at night when the water supply is likely to freeze or when you leave the house for several days. Please note that if the water pipe bursts without draining the water, the tenant will be responsible for the repair costs.

*Please check the drain valve
First, please drain the water once to check if the drain valve is working properly.

*About the toilet
If there is a risk of freezing, drain the water from the low tank after "draining the water."
If you will be away from home for a long period of time, such as when traveling, please fill the toilet bowl with antifreeze.

[Public housing]

Clean the drain pipes frequently
There have been incidents where drainage pipes have become clogged in living rooms in housing complexes, causing water to leak into the floors below. If the property is not used properly, the tenant will be responsible for the repair costs, etc. Please note the following.

〇Never pour solids or oil into drains!
In apartment complexes, the drain pipes for kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, etc. are connected to the upper and lower floors, so if the drains become clogged, water may back up and cause a nuisance to other units.
Drain pipes naturally collect oil and hair as they are used, so be sure to clean them regularly. If the blockage does not clear after cleaning, please contact us immediately.

〇Washing drainage is sure!
If you leave your laundry unattended for a moment while washing, the drain hose may come off and cause water to leak downstairs, so please be careful.

〇We recommend purchasing insurance.
If you cause damage to another tenant due to a tenant's defect such as a clogged drain, you will have to pay compensation to the other tenant at your own expense, so we recommend that you take out insurance.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation so that we can maintain a comfortable living environment for all residents.
■問合せ/都市建設課住宅管理係 TEL0136-44-2121 担当=佐々木・小貫

clean station

Now you have a place to bring your trash
The garbage generated from your home is disposed of at a nearby garbage station, and a collection company collects and disposes of it.
However, there are times when you may not be able to throw away your garbage, such as when you go out or accidentally forget the collection date.
Also, there are times when you are worried that by disposing of a large amount of garbage, the garbage station will become full and cause a nuisance to your neighbors.
Until now, you could only dispose of three types of garbage (burnable garbage, non-burnable garbage, and raw garbage) at stations, but now there is a place where you can bring in your garbage and throw it away.
Garbage that can be disposed of at the drop-off site is combustible garbage, noncombustible garbage, food waste, and recyclable garbage (including hazardous waste from fluorescent tubes and batteries) that has been properly separated into designated garbage bags in accordance with the rules for discharging garbage at Niseko Town.

The locations and acceptance dates and times are as follows.
■Place of delivery/Tsukagoshi Sangyo Co., Ltd. (150 Fujimi, Niseko Town)
■Acceptance date and time: Every Monday to Saturday (Closed from December 31st to January 3rd) Monday to Friday: 8am to noon, 1pm to 4pm, Saturday: 9am to noon
*We will refuse to accept garbage that does not comply with Niseko Town 's disposal rules, so please separate it thoroughly and place it in designated bags before bringing it in. Please note that nearby stations are still available.
Please continue to follow the garbage disposal rules and manners and maintain a clean living environment.

■問合せ/町民生活課町民生活係 TEL 0136-44-2121 担当=松澤・金子

About fire prevention during the year-end and New Year holidays
The year-end and New Year holidays are busy, and people tend to neglect being careful about fire.
To prevent fires, be sure to check the source of the fire before going out, before going to bed, and after using a fire.

〇To prevent fire
・Never smoke in bed.
・Do not place anything flammable in front of the stove or around the house.
・Be sure to turn off the stove after using it.
・Clean dust from the outlet.
・Do not dry laundry on the stove.
・Turn off the flame before refueling the portable stove.

In order to detect fires early and prevent delays in escape, households that do not have a residential fire alarm should install one as soon as possible.
If you have a residential fire alarm installed in your home, be sure to clean the alarm and test its operation during your deep cleaning.
Please enjoy the New Year holidays without any fires.
■問合せ/羊蹄山ろく消防組合消防署ニセコ支署 TEL0136-44-2354 担当=佐々木・佐竹・宮入

International exchange communication vol.08

This winter, the Coordinator for International Relations is holding a Japanese language class for beginners. People from over 35 countries live and work in Niseko Town.
Many people come here for a short period of time in search of winter powder snow. However, there are not many opportunities to learn Japanese.
In order to make your life in Niseko Town a little easier, I believe that by learning immediately usable Japanese in this short-term, intensive course, you will be able to connect with the Niseko community.
As a Coordinator for International Relations, I will do my best to make Niseko Town a global and diverse town!


Nice to meet you, thank you

Regional Ocean Cooperation Vol.

Children's Future Division
Osamu Muraoka (from Hyogo Prefecture)
Osamu Muraoka
I feel that the nature of Niseko Town is a treasure of Japan and a driving force behind Japan's tourism industry. From now on, I would like to rediscover the charm of the region and actively spread it.

Publish contract results
The following are the bids and free contracts held from October 10th to November 2nd.
We will notify you of the results of contracts for construction, consignment work, purchase of goods, etc.

2023 Elderly driveway snow removal contract work
■Planned price: 1,801,800 yen ■Contract amount: 1,782,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 98.9% ■ Contract partner: Niseko Public Maintenance Cooperative
Outsourcing of management of places to receive general waste brought in
■Planned price: 2,519,000 yen ■Contract amount: 2,508,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 99.6% ■ Contract partner: Tsukagoshi Sangyo Co., Ltd.
2023 Consigned snow removal work for town roads, etc.
■Planned price: 173,041,000 yen ■Contract amount: 171,600,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 99.2% ■ Contract partner: Niseko Public Maintenance Cooperative

*The successful bid rate is the ratio of the amount actually contracted to the amount planned by the town.
*Excludes unit price contracts

hello mayor

Creating an environment that is easy to raise children
There are only a few more days left this year. These days, when we feel the passing of time, there is an increasing number of people talking about replacing the time of life (average lifespan) with "seconds" and valuing the preciousness of life and valuing each moment.
A long time has passed since Japan's population decline problem first came to light, but in the meantime, disparities have widened, including low salaries and an increase in non-regular employment, and a society that feels anxious about starting a family and raising children. A culture has been cultivated.
Last month, I attended a children's support council in Nagi Town, Okayama Prefecture, which is rated as the best place for raising children in Japan. While looking forward to the government's efforts to create a ``child-centered society,'' I was able to learn about towns and villages that are boldly taking on the challenge of providing financial support and creating environments that are easy to raise children. We appreciate your understanding in providing further support for child-rearing environments.
Niseko Town Kenya Katayama


Town calendar 12DECEMBER

Town Calendar/December DECEMBER
Upper right box article
December is
Town/province tax (4th period)
National Health Insurance Tax (7th period)
Nursing care insurance premium (6th period)
Deadline for medical insurance premiums for the elderly
The deadline for payment is the 25th (Monday)
If you use bank transfer, please check your balance.
Inquiries about municipal tax and national health insurance tax/Taxation Division
介護保険料・後期高齢者医療保険料の問合せ/保健福祉課TEL 0136-44-2121
bottom right box article
Emergency and sudden illness response at night and on holidays
倶倶知安厚生病院 電話0136-22-1141
3rd (Sun)
●Chinese-style paper-cutting workshop/town: 2:30 p.m.

4th (Monday)
●Town development conference/Ikoi no Yuyado Iroha: 13:30~
●Town Development Conference/Satomi Regional Community Center: 18:30~
After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00-
Playbook closed day

5th (Tuesday)
●Town Development Council/Childcare Support Center “Ohisama”: 10:00~
●Town Development Council/Niseko Regional Community Center: 19:00~
●Free legal consultation by lawyer/Town: 13:00~
●Health exercise class/Town: 14:00~
●Winter Japanese Class for Beginners/O: 18:00~
Central warehouse group closed days

6th (Wed)
●Town Development Council/Motomachi Regional Community Center: 18:00~

7th (Thu)
● Infant health checkup/Town: 13:00-
●Asobukkurabu (Reservation required)/A: 15:00-
●Winter Japanese Class for Beginners/Town: 15:30~
●Town Development Council/Nishitomi Town Citizens Center: 18:00~
Play book open at night Play book closed days

8th (Friday)
After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00-
●Town Development Council/Fukui District Community Center: 14:00~
●Town development conference/Arishima Thanksgiving Hall: 18:00~

9th (Sat)
●English conversation circle/o: 10:00~
●Townsman Center Closed: Living Information p20
● Niseko Area Circuit Bus service: (~3/3) Living information p20

10th (Sunday) ●Townsman Center closed: Living information p20

11th (Monday)
●Muscle storage class/Town: 10:30~
After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00-
Playbook closed day

12th (Tue)
●Circuit mini-doc result briefing/Town: 9:00~
●Winter Japanese Class for Beginners/O: 18:00~
Central warehouse group closed days

13th (Wed)
●6th town council regular meeting (scheduled to open)/position: 10:00~
●Swag class - Wreath making/Town: 15:00 - See Nico Nico Square p17

14th (Thu)
●Christmas Party/Town: 15:00~ See Playbook Newsletter p14
●Winter Japanese Class for Beginners/Town: 15:30~
●Artology Workshop/A: 18:30-20:00 See Playbook Newsletter p14
Asobook is open at night, Asobook is closed on

15th (Fri)

16th (Sat)

17th (Sun)
●NISEKO Christmas/Town: 12:00~

18th (Monday)
After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00-
Playbook closed day

19th (Tuesday)
●Free legal consultation by lawyer/Town: 13:00~
●Health exercise class/Town: 14:00~
●Winter Japanese Class for Beginners/O: 18:00~
Central warehouse group closed days

20th (Wed)
●Radio Niseko Interruption Broadcast/Role: 10:50~

21st (Thu)
●6th town council regular meeting (scheduled to open)/position: 10:00~
●Cooking class/Town: 10:00~ See Niconico Square p17
●Asobukkurabu (Reservation required)/A: 15:00-
●Winter Japanese Class for Beginners/Town: 15:30~
Open at night

22nd (Friday)
●Muscle storage class/Town: 10:30~

23rd (Sat)

24th (Sun)

25th (Monday) Asobuku closed day

26th (Tuesday) Central warehouse group closed day

27th (Wednesday)

28th (Thursday) Asobuku night opening

29th (Friday): Closed for work at the town hall (the town hall, Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum, general gymnasium, townspeople center, and Kindergarten will be closed until January 8th)
Day service center closed (closed until January 3rd)
See living information p19
Playbook closed day

30th (Sat)
●Aso Book closes at 3pm See Aso Book Newsletter p14
●Closed for government offices, general gymnasium, and Kindergarten (closed until January 8th)
●Day service center closed (closed until January 3rd) See living information p19

31st (Sun)
●Asobook closed (closed until January 5th)
●Asobook closed (closed until January 5th)
●Central warehouse group closed (closed until January 5th)
● Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum and Town Citizens Center closed (closed until January 5th) See living information p19

1st (Monday)

2nd (Tue)

Photo album of this month

We are looking for photos!
Why not introduce familiar photos in public relations?
You can also post from Niseko Town official LINE post form.

Jack-o-lanterns decorating the station Photographer: Public Relations Section

Niseko Hascup Winter Rolls Photographer: Masaki Minami

Yukihikari (Hondori) in the sun drying the hash. Photographer: Otaro.

Central warehouse group communication vol.26

I enjoyed the short autumn season!

Hello! This is Matsuda, the director.
Niseko's short autumn season is coming to an end, and we're about to enter the full-fledged winter season with lots of snow bugs.
Well, Niseko Chuo Warehouse Group held a variety of events during autumn, making it a hectic yet fun season!
The events were diverse and varied, including adventure races, seminars, educational trips, movie screenings, school information sessions, and business meetings.
We, who run the event, were also inspired and had a lot of fun responding to it.
Also, on October 8th, "Niseko Halloween" was held for the first time in four years, and about 1,000 people came from both outside and within the town, and the event was very exciting throughout the day!
As winter approaches, it will become difficult to hold events using the plaza, but both Warehouse No. 1 and the former starch factory remain open during the winter season. We are always looking forward to hearing from you about events and events!

Niseko Central Warehouse Group (Former Starch Factory / No. 1 Warehouse)
Opening hours / 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Closed/every Tuesday


The situation of radiation dose in the town
Measurement date: 1 month until November 15th
Maximum value 0.059μGy/h
Minimum value 0.031μGy/h
Average value 0.038μGy/h

The spatial radiation dose rate is
normal level

Movement of people (as of the end of October)
Population: 4,965 people
(-8 compared to previous month)
2,494 men
(+1 compared to the previous month)
2,471 women
(-9 compared to previous month)
Number of households: 2,663
(-4 m/m)
Of which, foreigners 439
Of which, foreign households 308

Editor's Note

The award ceremony for the ``Takeo Arishima Youth Painting Exhibition,'' which was introduced in this month's Town Topics.
This time, I tried live broadcasting for the first time.
We rehearsed in advance at the town hall, and a three-person public relations team arrived at the venue an hour early, but things didn't go well...
As the start time approached, we tried various things, such as reconnecting many times and changing methods, but as a result, we were able to connect almost as soon as the award ceremony started, and successfully broadcast the live broadcast.
All of the works that I viewed after the ceremony were wonderful, and I could feel the feelings of the junior high and high school students who are seriously facing life.
Culture and the arts enrich life. Coupled with the sense of accomplishment after the live broadcast, I felt very heart-stretched. (too)

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Niseko Town Hall