Public Relations Niseko November issue [No. 739] Text version

Town Development Information Room

Please let me hear everyone's voices

In order to make Niseko Town a more livable town, each and every citizen must
Your opinion will be most helpful. At the town hall, I wanted to listen to everyone's voices as much as possible.
We strive to create an environment where it is easy to discuss opinions and questions by using a variety of methods.
I am. Here we will introduce how to do this, so please take advantage of it.

We will hold a community development meeting

The mayor will visit the venue in each district to inform them about the current problems the town is facing and the projects being undertaken, and listen to everyone's opinions and requests in a round-table discussion.
We welcome any questions you may have, such as things you notice on a daily basis, simple questions, or requests for things to be done, so please attend the meeting and give us your opinions.
You can also participate in the meeting even if you have no particular opinions.
We will consider whether immediate action is possible or necessary for the opinions and requests we receive. We will do what we can do immediately, and if we need a certain amount of money, we will reflect it in next year's budget.
We have prepared a venue for each district for the conference, but you are free to come to any venue according to the date and time that is convenient for you, even if you are not in your area.

2023 Development Council Schedule

Date and time Venue
November 27th (Monday) 18:00-19:30 Soga Revitalization Center
November 28th (Tuesday) 18:00-19:30 Central Rengo Neighborhood Association Community Center
November 30th (Thursday) 18:00-19:30 Miyata Meeting Hall
December 1st (Friday) 18:00-19:30 Kondo Regional Community Center
December 2nd (Sat) 13:30-15:00 Town Center Small Hall
Monday, December 4th 13:30-15:00 Ikoi no Yuyado Iroha
18:30-20:00 Satomi Community Center
December 5th (Tuesday) 10:00-11:30 Childcare Support Center “Ohisama”
19:00-20:30 Niseko Regional Community Center
Wednesday, December 6th 18:00-19:30 Motomachi Community Center
December 7th (Thursday) 18:00-19:30 Nishitomi Town Citizens Center
December 8th (Friday) 14:00-15:30 Fukui District Community Center
18:00-19:30 Arishima Thanksgiving Hall

*This year, we have increased the number of "Ikoi no Yuyado Iroha" venues.

■Inquiries/Public Relations and Public Hearing Section, Planning and Environment Division Person in charge: Ohno, Aoki
 TEL 0136-44-2121
 FAX 0136-44-3500

There is also a delivery town development meeting.

The mayor will come and talk to you at opportunities for everyone to gather, such as club activities, general meetings, meetings, neighborhood association gatherings, and employee discussions.
Would you like to have a casual chat with the mayor in an environment where it is easy to talk with friends who share the same interests?
There is no set date or time, so please contact the Public Relations and Public Hearing Section and we will coordinate the schedule with the town mayor.

Please use the town development talk

Once five or more people have gathered, the mayor will go to the location of your choice and talk to you. You can also use it if you want to hear specialized stories from each section manager or person in charge.
If you are interested, please contact us in advance to adjust the schedule.
If you do not have a suitable venue, we will prepare one for you.

Please feel free to come by. Hello (good evening) Mayor's Office

The town hall and mayor's office were originally for the townspeople. People should be able to visit freely, but ``it's difficult to enter the town hall.''
If you feel that way, please feel free to take advantage of this day.
Even if you don't have anything to do or just want to see the mayor's office, anything is fine.
On this day, the mayor will speak to each person individually.
The talk time is approximately 20 minutes.
Every month, we alternate between "Hello" (daytime) and "Obandesu" (evening).
There is no need to apply, but you may have to wait, so it would be helpful if you could contact us in advance.
For dates, please see the Niseko Public Relations ``Town Calendar'' or the website.

Please come anytime! My opinion? Town Development Public Listening Box/Homepage Inquiry

I don't have time to go to the mayor's office or town planning meetings.
If you are such a person, please feel free to give us your opinions by telephone, fax, letter, post at the public hearing box, inquiries from our website, or the ``My Opinion'' form.
We will respond to your comments as long as we have your name on them.
In addition, we will introduce information that should be communicated to everyone in the town in the public relations magazine.
Niseko Town homepage Town development public hearing box installation location
Town Hall, Town Citizens Center, Kiranoyu, Playbook

At the town hall, we are waiting for your opinions, requests, questions, and suggestions regarding town development.
Any method is fine. Please tell us your thoughts about Niseko Town.

Thinking about the future of Niseko Town

6th Comprehensive Plan Interim Report

The town is currently developing its 6th Comprehensive Plan, which is the top of all the town's plans.
So far, we have held three council meetings and workshops for adults and children to discuss what Niseko Town wants to be 12 years from now.
This month, I would like to share with you the five basic goals that emerged from the council and workshop.
■Inquiries/Planning and Environment Division Management Planning Section Person in charge: Ohno, Yoshida, Sasaki

Past Comprehensive Plans of Niseko Town
Niseko Town 's comprehensive plan began in 1972.
The period and basic philosophy to date are as follows.
●First Comprehensive Plan (1972-1981) (10 years)
●Second Comprehensive Plan (1982-1991) (10 years)
〇Catchphrase: “Love the mountains and green nature, and create a town with a bright and prosperous lifestyle and production.”
●Third Comprehensive Plan (1992-2001) (10 years)
〇Subtitle: “Jump up Niseko 21 Plan”
●Fourth Comprehensive Plan (FY2002-FY2011) (10 years)
〇Basic philosophy
Although it is small, it is a city with a world-class environment where you can feel the ease of living.
"Small world city Niseko"
●Fifth Comprehensive Plan (FY2012-FY2023) (12 years)
〇Basic philosophy
"Environmental Creation City Niseko"
●6th Comprehensive Plan (FY2024-FY2035) (12 years)
〇Basic philosophy
Currently under consideration

5 basic goals
When we summarized the points of contention and important keywords raised at the council and workshops by category, we found five basic goals.
The relationship between these five basic goals when compared to a single person is shown on the left.
*The title of the basic goal is a draft and may change in the future.

Future schedule
We will continue to discuss the basic principles at council meetings, explain the comprehensive plan at community development conferences to be held in each district, and create a draft while receiving everyone's opinions. Once we have a draft plan, we will inform everyone at the Town Development Citizens' Lecture.
After that, we will formulate the plan by the end of this fiscal year after public comments.

1 A society that creates sustainable cities

human resources development
2 Developing the ability to survive in the future

3 Circulate Niseko's value

4 Improving safety, security, and ease of living

5 Aiming for harmony between natural resources and development

Five basic goals (draft)

Philosophy: Creating a sustainable city
In addition to promoting community-based town development, we will work with the entire community to revitalize the local community and carry out a variety of activities based on the ideas of townspeople, based on the spirit of mutual aid.
Keywords: Basic town development regulations, resident participation and information sharing, spirit of mutual aid, civic pride, kindness and acceptance of people

Human resource development: Developing the ability to survive in the future
In order to survive in the coming era, we will strive to create an environment where students can learn according to the times, social trends, and local characteristics.
Keywords: Education that fosters empathy (EQ) and imagination (CQ), increasing educational options, interacting with people, creating a place where people can easily gather, culture of international exchange, place for young people to thrive

Economy: Circulating Niseko's value
We will support business development in Niseko Town throughout the region, create new value, and create a system that circulates that value within the region.
Keywords: regional economic circulation, fresh and abundant vegetables, relaxing hot springs, unique restaurants, Niseko rules, environment that makes it easy to start a business and fail.

Society: Improving safety, security, and ease of living
We will work together as a community to create an environment that supports child-rearing.
We will also enhance our systems for medical care, firefighting, first aid, and disaster prevention measures to protect the lives of residents, as well as for the transportation of residents and tourists.
Keywords: Improving local transportation, easy-to-access libraries, improving the shopping environment, improving the medical system, easy-to-rent rental housing, enriching sports facilities and playgrounds

Foundation: Harmonizing natural resources and development
We will combine our wisdom and strength to tackle difficult issues that involve various factors, such as nature conservation, landscapes, water and forest resources, disaster prevention and safety, convenience of life, agriculture, and industrial promotion, and pass them on to the future.
Keywords: Protection of the natural environment and water resources, typical Niseko scenery, maintenance of powder snow, regulation of overtourism, creation of a system that produces results in the public interest


Topic of town

みなさんの地域や職場の話題などありましたら、広報担当(TEL 0136-44-2121)までお気軽にご連絡ください。

Both adults and children are full of smiles
63rd Hokkaido Puppet Festival in Niseko
The puppet show festival was held in Niseko Town this year for the first time in about 60 years. The event is sponsored by the Niseko Executive Committee (co-sponsored by the NPO Hokkaido Puppet Theater Association). This event was held in Asahikawa City in 1959 as the nation's first puppet theater festival, and since then it has been held every year in various locations throughout Hokkaido in a format tailored to the region in which it is held.
This year, over two days from September 30th to October 1st, a total of 19 puppet theater groups, including the "Asobuku Puppet Theater Company" and professional and amateur puppets from all over Hokkaido, Kagawa Prefecture, and Osaka Prefecture, will perform at the Town Center. Presentations included joruri, panel theater, puppet theater, hand play, and ventriloquism. The children enjoyed watching the powerful puppet movements unfold right in front of their eyes.

Puppet play “Pyonta who wanted a red wing” by Asobuku Puppet Theater Company

Captivating the audience with authentic puppet theater

Try the fruit guessing game

Run through while feeling the beginning of autumn
41st Niseko Marathon Festival
The Niseko Marathon Festival (sponsored by the executive committee) was held for the first time in four years on September 17th, with athletes from all over the country running through Niseko's autumn scenery. The number of entries this year is 1,553.
Under cloudy skies with the lingering summer heat remaining, athletes started at the track and field stadium in each event: half, 10km, 3km, and fun run. Athletes ran along Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum, Niseko Ohashi Bridge, and the Kirakaido Road, which was decorated with orange pumpkins.
The course was difficult with some elevation changes, but the athletes worked hard to reach the goal while receiving messages of support through road painting and cheering from the roadside.

Athletes starting off strong

Run with a smile on a difficult course with varying heights!

A luxurious autumn moment
autumn art concert
On September 23rd, the "Autumn Art Concert" was held at the Town Community Center, sponsored by the Niseko Resort Tourism Association.
Continuing from last year, members of the small professional orchestra "Minichestra", which is active both domestically and internationally, performed anime and movie music.
It was a fun concert, with each participant introducing the instruments they played and their memories of Niseko.

The audience joins in the performance by clapping their hands.

Playing with trees and thinking about the forest
Niseko Wood Park
On September 24th, NISEKO WOODPARK (sponsored by the Executive Committee) was held at the Niseko Annupuri International Ski Resort parking lot.

Under the crisp autumn sky, many people enjoyed live performances such as wood chopping, forest stamp rally, wooden toys, wooden skateboard park, forest concert, chainsaw art, and other experience corners.
At the adjacent venue, the Niseko Gravel Festival, where bicycles were ridden on dirt roads, was also held, and food and beverage and outdoor brand booths were also crowded.

It’s easier to split firewood if you have a chopping table!

This year's theme is restart (restart)
Niseko Junior High School Cultural Festival
A cultural festival was held at Niseko Junior High School on September 30th. The theme is "Restart," with the hope that once the coronavirus pandemic is over, the school's memories will bloom once again through this school festival.
In the hallway, placards expressing "restart" and works by the art club were displayed, and in the gymnasium there were stage presentations from each grade and a choir competition.
In the afternoon, there was a class PR presentation using slides taken, edited, and created by the music club and students, and not only the students but also their parents and local residents enjoyed the junior high school students' works and presentations.

Beautiful singing voice of 3-part mixed chorus

Installing air conditioners in elementary and junior high schools
Elementary school students make a request to the mayor
On October 5th, Niseko Elementary School 6th graders Airi Shinmei, Sorai Kamiya, and Aino Sato visited the town hall and requested Mayor Katayama to install air conditioners at elementary and junior high schools.
Rather than being told by teachers or parents, the three children thought about it on their own, visited the town hall, made an appointment with the town mayor, explained the necessity of installing an air conditioner, the changes in temperature, financial resources, etc. I gave a presentation in front of them.
The town is currently investigating the cost and construction details in order to install air conditioners not only at elementary and junior high schools but also at Kindergarten and high schools.

Explanation in an easy-to-understand manner divided among three people

thank you
Appointment of new board of education
Tsumugi Chiba (Toyosato) was appointed as a member of the Board of Education on October 1 2023.
Regarding education in Niseko Town, the Board of Education identifies issues faced by the region and provides opinions on the education that townspeople and parents expect.
Currently, there are four members of the Board of Education, and the Board of Education actively incorporates the opinions of the townspeople and reflects them in educational policy.

Commissioned for four years until September 2020

Towards resolving the taxi shortage
“Niseko Model” cooperation agreement concluded
On October 3, in Sapporo City, the Hokkaido Hire Association, Kutchan Town, Niseko Town, and GO Co., Ltd. signed a collaboration agreement for the "Niseko Model", a demonstration test aimed at resolving the taxi shortage.
Through this partnership agreement, the Hokkaido Hire Association aims to dispatch 25 crew members from 10 taxis from Sapporo and elsewhere to the Niseko area (Kutchan Town and Niseko Town) this winter.

Responds to ride requests using the app

Clean the town
Autumn Clean Strategy
With the cooperation of the town's residents and various organizations, a ``cleanup operation'' was held on October 3 to pick up trash from the main roads.
We also carried out a cleanup operation in the spring, and there was a lot of garbage left on the roads, including cigarette butts, empty cans, and plastic bottles.
The clean-up campaign was a good opportunity for participants to interact with each other by picking up trash.

Never litter

Get to know fighters and sports
Fighters Sports Caravan in Niseko
The Fighters Sports Caravan was held for three days from October 6th to 8th, sponsored by Fighters Sports & Entertainment Co., Ltd. (in cooperation with the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Niseko Supporters Association and Radio Niseko). Fighters Academy coaches, Fighters Girl, and mascot characters B and B visited Kindergarten, Niseko Elementary School, Kondo Elementary School, and Day Service Center, and interacted with the children.
At Kindergarten, the children tried tossing a ball at a target and high-fived B.B. At Niseko Elementary School and Kondo Elementary School, they did the fox dance with Fighters Girls and enjoyed catching balls. At the day service center, the participants tried out a real baseball board and it was a great match.

I was overjoyed by the high five with B.B! (Kindergarten)

Catch the ball well! (Niseko Elementary School)

There were many home runs and hits (day service center)

Try it out with a spirit of challenge!
Straight talk “Inviting Mr. Kensuke Tanaka”
The Fighters Sports Caravan in Niseko Radio Niseko Forum was held on October 6th, co-sponsored by the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Niseko Supporters Association and Radio Niseko.
Kensuke Tanaka, special advisor for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, held a talk show with members of the Niseko Supporters Association on the theme of "town development, education, and the Fighters."

Answering questions from children very carefully

A big hit with authentic costumes
Niseko Halloween 2023
Niseko Halloween was held on October 8th near Niseko Station.
On this day, the Niseko Express was open to the public both outdoors and inside, and the railway heritage complex was crowded with many people.
In the costume contest, 5 teams won prizes out of 20 teams that passed the preliminary round. Fighters Girl and B.B also participated as judges and excited the venue.

Dance performance with Fighters Girl

Radio Niseko is very active!
Award for creating a safe and secure community free of crime
On October 11th, the Governor's Award Ceremony for the ``Hokkaido Crime-Free Safe and Secure Community Creation Award'' was held in Sapporo City, and Radio Niseko received an award from the Hokkaido Governor.
This award recognizes organizations that have made outstanding achievements in voluntary activities and pioneering efforts to create safe and secure communities free of crime, and this year four organizations from all over Hokkaido received the award.

Examples of Radio Niseko's activities were also introduced.

Let's start with what we can do
Global Warming Fusegi-tai Environmental Classroom
On October 10th, an environmental class was held at the Niseko Children's Center by the Global Warming Fusegi Team sponsored by the Hokkaido Environmental Foundation, where 2nd to 5th grade elementary school students learned about the environment.
The children watched a panel theater that told the story of 4.6 billion years from the birth of the Earth to the present, and enjoyed a picture-story show about the causes and effects of global warming and our lives.
At the end, the students tried the "Southern Island Experience Game," a sugoroku game consisting of two types of squares for eco-friendly behavior and wasteful behavior, and were able to have fun learning about the environment in a game format.

Learn about the effects of sea level rise by actually filling an aquarium with water

Feel the nature of Switzerland
swiss yodel wind
On October 10th, a concert sponsored by the town cultural association was held at the town center for the first time in four years.
Five people performed on the alphorn, yodel, and flute, including Lisa Stoll, one of Switzerland's leading musicians and known as the ``Swiss Lady of the Alphorn,'' as well as yodeling singers Keiko Ito and Gushti Sidra.
Approximately 100 people in the audience enjoyed the soft tones and high technique of Swiss folk music, including performances of rare instruments such as the pan flute and cowbell.

The audience participates in the concert by moving their bodies along with the performance.

Let's walk around town and map it out.
Children's Town Development Committee
The town held its third Children's Community Development Committee meeting on October 14th, and 12 children, ranging from fourth graders of elementary school to second years of high school, participated in a ``disaster prevention walk'' where they walked around the town and compiled their results into a map. did.
With the cooperation of Hokkai Gakuen University and Hokkaido Broadcasting (HBC Television), we divided into two groups and walked around the town, checking the purpose and location of fire hydrants and fire prevention water tanks, and taking quizzes about the role of town facilities as evacuation centers. I learned more through this.
At the end, they pasted their notes and photos from their fieldwork on a map and summarized the information for a presentation.

Each group will work together to compile information obtained from walking around town.

I was able to harvest a lot.
Niseko small rice harvesting experience
On October 11th, Niseko's 5th graders had a rice harvesting experience at Yuichi Miura's rice field in Niseko. The rice field where the rice was harvested was the same place where the children had planted the rice by hand in June of this year, and this day was the second time they had practiced.
Nine members of the Regional Revitalization Cooperation Team also joined in to support the project, and after harvesting the rice in the designated areas, they observed how rice was harvested with a combine harvester and the rice was threshed.

We plan to eat the harvested rice during cooking training.

I wish you delicious wine
Kondo small grape harvest experience
On October 11th, six fourth grade Kondo elementary school students experienced the work of harvesting grapes at the vineyard of Niseko Winery in Kondo.
As part of the comprehensive study period, Representative Yasunori Honma hosts students from Kondo Elementary School, Niseko Junior High School, and Niseko High School every year to support the education of children in the community. The children were harvesting grapes with their practiced hands.

This is the third training day.

Enjoy socializing and shopping
Autumn garage bazaar
“Autumn Garage Bazaar” was held at Niseko Seikatsu no Ie on October 14th.
The bazaar was started by the ringing of a bell by the "young people," and many people came from outside the town. Parents of young people, volunteer staff, and young people were in charge of each booth for handmade goods, miscellaneous goods, and clothing, and everyone who visited enjoyed shopping while interacting with the people in charge of each booth.

The music played by the cooperation team also makes for good background music.

Everybody's page

This is a participation page for all town residents.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Everybody's page

Planning and Environment Division Public Relations Section
TEL 44-2121 FAX 44-3500

Niseko Fan News vol.76

Corner for townspeople by townspeople
Would you like to work as a reporter too? We look forward to your participation.

This month's reporter is "Mitsu Geirin." Chairman of the 63rd Hokkaido Puppet Festival in Niseko Executive Committee. Also active as the Asobuku Puppet Theater Company.

After the “63rd Hokkaido Puppet Festival in Niseko”
Thank you very much for your support and cooperation.
For two days, September 30th and October 1st, we were able to hold the ``Hokkaido Puppet Festival'', which has been going on for 63 years, at Niseko Town Center.
The executive committee, led by the Asobuku Puppet Theater Company, began preparations for the event in May of last year.
We have been performing puppet shows at elementary schools, early Kindergarten, Asobuku festivals, Asobuku Christmas parties, etc., but we want more children to see more puppet shows. With this in mind, preparations for the event have begun.
We wanted to make the admission free so that as many children as possible could watch the show, so we decided to apply for a subsidy from Niseko Town and ask for donations from the local community. Fortunately, there are many people in Niseko Town who care about children, and they were willing to support us despite our rude requests.
All the members of the executive committee were very grateful to receive so many individual donations.
This time, 19 theater companies performed, with a total of 27 plays. The total number of visitors over the two days was 595.
Because there were so many performances, they had to be performed in two rooms at the same time, but multiple responses to the survey said, ``I wanted to see everything, but it was a shame.'' When the theater companies saw the children reacting honestly and having fun, we received comments such as ``Niseko's children are cute,'' and ``I'm glad we were able to hold the event in Niseko.''
Now that we have successfully completed the Puppet Festival, which was a ``huge undertaking'' for us, we once again feel strongly that this would not have been possible without the understanding and support of Niseko Town and the local people. All the members of the executive committee are truly grateful. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude.

Niseko High School Agriculture Club

Serving as president of the agricultural club
3rd year Chairman Otone Saito

Niseko High School has also entered a period of generational change.
The one-day trial enrollment, which is the last event for the current executive committee members, has ended successfully, and activities with the new members will begin with the officer election on October 12th.
I have served as the president of the agricultural club since the second half of my second year, and have been involved in the progress of events as an executive member for about two years.
Now that the last event is over, it's a very strange feeling to think that I won't be facilitating any more events at Niseko High School.
Looking back on my time as chairman, in the beginning I was too busy even thinking of the chairman's address for each event, and as I had been relying on my seniors, there were many areas in which I was inexperienced in organizing events. .
However, by working together with my colleagues in the executive department, I was able to grow.
This past year as chairman has been a truly fulfilling year for me.
From November, Kudo, a second-year student, will become the president, and the new executive team, which includes first-year students, will lead Niseko High School. Thank you for your continued support of Niseko High School.


Niseko Tanka Association

A narrow garden where autumn cherry blossoms bloom modestly, a place of solace for my heart Tsuneo Sugino
Miyo Hayashi sipping tea in the cool breeze after harvesting green beans in the hot month

Niseko Haiku Association

Grass flower vase in the gorge Takako Usuyama
Yoshie Koshino grilling fragrant corn
Glossy autumn eggplants in front of the Buddha Masako Kashishita
As soon as the bus leaves, the red dragonfly, Reiko Kameda, is on board.

Play Book News No.248

Learning Exchange Center Aso Book
■ Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Closed: Mondays, last Fridays, public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays
TEL.0136-43-2155 FAX.0136-43-2156


Volunteer group Otodoke-tai delivers books to users who cannot come to Aso Bukku.

Book collection inspection
On September 27th and 28th, we conducted our annual book collection inspection. The number of books in stock and the number of unknown books as of September 28, 2023 are as follows.
◆Number of books: 41,058 items
◆Number of unknown books: 14 books (of which, 10 books were newly unknown this time)
We will continue to carefully search for the whereabouts of the missing books.
We would like to continue to carefully store and manage our collection of books, which are a valuable asset for the residents of the town.

Playbook hobby class
"Christmas wreath handmade class"
We will be holding a workshop by Mr. Kuwasoe to make Christmas decorations, which has become an annual tradition.
◆Date and time: November 16th (Thursday) 10:30 a.m. to noon
◆Capacity: 15 people (junior high school students and above) *Application required
◆Lecturer/Nozomi Kuwasoe
*For details, please see the poster in the Asobuk Hall and the website.

Notice of closure
In addition to regular closings, we will be closed on November 3rd (Friday) and November 23rd (Thursday) due to holidays, and on November 24th (Friday) due to library sorting day. To return books on days when the library is closed, please use the book drop located at the main entrance of Asobuku.
If you have borrowed books from other libraries from Asobook, please return them directly to the counter. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.


Book Exhibition 10/28-11/22 Pillar Exhibition “Wonderful Dog”
The ``cat-filled'' exhibit in February of this year was well received. This month, we are exhibiting picture books, picture books, novels, and more with the theme of dogs. Please enjoy.

hobby exhibition
11/1~11/14 Aquarium/Chika Sugimoto
11/15-11/30 Himmeli (wheat craft)/Komi Raffert

Asobukku recommended books

“Fun with manga and picture books! Understandable Nobel Prize Book: Natural Science Category” Author: Uetani Couple (Daiwa Shobo)
In October, news of Nobel Prize winnings spread around the world.
In this book, the authors, Mr. and Mrs. Uetani, use fun and easy-to-understand illustrations to explain the Nobel Prizes (in three categories) in the field of natural science, including the research that won them, their theories, experiments, and even failure stories.
It makes science appealing not only to children, but also to adults, and tells them that they will soon have the opportunity to experience the wonderful achievements of Nobel Prize winners.
The Nobel Prize was established based on the will of Alfred Nobel (1833-1896), a Swedish chemist known for the invention of dynamite. Please take this opportunity to experience the Nobel Prize and science.

New arrival book introduction

practical book
Healing Animal Nerikiri Masaaki Miyake
Chestnut work and chestnut sweets Masae Shimozono
Easy-to-understand orthostatic control disorder Satoko Nakazawa

Reading material

Fired from my youth, Mio Nukaga
Beloved Takehiro Ueda
All of existence Takeshi Shioda

Children's books and picture books

Dosukoi Miichan Bakery Naoko Machida
Benny Mizutama Hat Sachika Shiomitsu
Glass made from scratch Tetsuji Yano

There are many other new books. Please take a look at the Playbook.

Niseko Town Area Development Cooperation Team

Report daily activities from the members!
Cooperation Team Next Door 26.

We will send out information every month so that the townspeople can learn about the activities and personalities of our volunteers!

Editor in charge
<3rd year> Ken Suzuki
<2nd year> Misa Kudo
<First year> Takako Itami Ago Miyamae

Introducing the activities of the cooperation team
≫Radio Niseko
Inside [Kira Niseko]
“The cooperation team,
Because I love Niseko.”
(Every Monday from 3:20pm to 50pm)
<Those scheduled to perform in November>
11/6 Rie Sudo/Hideki Hinoura
13 Takako Itami and Junyuan Zhang
20 Emi Deguchi/Ken Suzuki
27 Ago Miyamae/Masaaki Yasui
≫Information is also being sent on SNS!




Enjoy summer!
Looking forward to winter!
1st year Rie Sudo (from Osaka Prefecture) Assignment/Niseko Resort Tourism Association
Hello! It's been about 5 months since I came to Niseko. I am getting used to life in Niseko, working at the tourism association where I am assigned, supporting events as a member of the volunteer team, and driving again for the first time in over 10 years.
Winter is coming, and as I'm from Osaka, I realize that I'll be living with snow in a way I can't even imagine, and even though I'm nervous, I'm also looking forward to it.
From now on, I would like to learn more about Niseko that I don't know yet, and in the future, I would like to become a person who can spread the charm of Niseko.

My mind is spinning with planning
1st year Onohana Suzuki (born in Chiba, raised in Sapporo) Assigned to: Planning and Environment Division
It's been 8 months since I moved to Niseko Town, and I'm very happy to be able to interact with various people in Niseko Town!
The Planning and Environment Division, where I am assigned, plans and operates migration projects, conducts "trial workcations" aimed at researching demand for workations, "Nise collaboration" aimed at solving problems through interaction between towns and companies, and IT human resource development. We are running a programming course aimed at! I try to propose and manage projects with purpose and goals in mind!

Introduction of my assignment
23・Learning Exchange Center Play Book
1st year Takako Itami (from Tokyo)

“Library play book in an attractive town”
The Asobook I am assigned to is a town library run by the NPO Asobook Association, and various volunteer circles are also active there.
The library holds creative exhibitions every month, and has special multilingual corners, Hokkaido and Ainu corners, and is a small but attractive library.
I think it's great that you are disseminating information on SNS every day.
I think this is because the director and other staff members truly love playing books and work with enthusiasm to make the library a fulfilling one.
I will also do my best to help.

steps to independence

3rd year Yukako Ohashi (from Osaka Prefecture) Assigned to/ Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
Wine school and travel business in Niseko
I want to create a place where people can enjoy wine in Niseko, such as meetings where people can enjoy wine more easily and wine qualification courses that can lead to higher salaries.
Our network with producers and restaurants is also expanding, mainly in the Shishi region and Sapporo.
The other day, I was happy to be able to create an opportunity for a newly released wine by a new producer to be carried at a starred restaurant.
Also, thanks to the Fermentation Festival, I have been working at the Niseko Cheese Factory since September. I'm working hard on making soft serve ice cream!
I have received support from Hokkaido for my self-reliance activities, so I would like to enjoy this great natural environment and create something tangible during the remaining term of my term so that I can move there in earnest. thank you.

Overall activity report August/September implementation

event support
halloween pumpkin
For the first time, participants gathered at the town hall, divided into groups, and placed pumpkins one after another into the back of a light truck that had driven into the pumpkin patch. Loaded pumpkins were placed in front of town facilities and on the side of the road.
The second time was to harvest and install a giant pumpkin weighing dozens of kilograms. We installed them at Kiranoyu in front of the station, in front of Radio Niseko, etc.
It was a tough job, but the tourists happily took commemorative photos with the pumpkins in front of the station.
It makes me happy to see you take pictures. (Takako Itami)

41st Niseko Marathon Festival
A big event for the whole town, held for the first time in 4 years! The volunteers participated in advance preparation by putting bibs and information into envelopes.
In preparation for the day before the tournament, they set up the venue and wrote messages of support in chalk on the road, and on the day of the tournament, they worked with guides to clear the venue.
My job as a guide was in a place with a series of steep hills, but I was energized by everyone's gutsy running! Thank you to all the runners for your hard work in the hot weather! (Misa Kudo)

Wood education event NISEKO WOOD PARK × Niseko Gravel is Niseko Annupuri Ski
It was held at the venue. This year, the second time, it was held jointly with Niseko Gravel.
Gravel bikes are road bikes designed for long distance riding on gravel and paved roads, and this time the course also included forestry roads that are routinely laid by the forestry team.
Many of the participants lived outside of Hokkaido and enjoyed riding their bicycles through the Niseko Forest to enjoy nature.
NISEKO WOOD PARK also had a lot of content.
There were many woodworking artists, a skateboard park, a forest concert, chainsaw art, a forest quiz rally, a firewood chopping experience, and much more, so I think everyone from children to adults could enjoy the event. (Hokuto Takagi)

The cooperation team leader has been replaced!

Onohana Suzuki (born in Chiba, raised in Sapporo) Assigned to: Planning and Environment Division
My name is Onohana Suzuki, and I will be taking the place of Koichi Fukikoshi, who was the captain for the first half of this year, and will be the captain for the second half!
It's my first year as a volunteer, so I'm still inexperienced, but I'll do my best to liven up the town together with everyone in Niseko Town!

smiling square

In this corner,
Introducing various activities and information!

Parenting topics

knit a jump rope

Every year around this time, older children braid a piece of cloth and make it their own.
Make a skipping rope.
The cloth to be braided is 3m25cm long, and the children begin by tearing the cloth into three pieces with their own hands.
It's hard work, but it's actually quite fun when you try it.
After that, choose 3 pieces of fabric in your favorite color and start knitting the jump rope.
It is very difficult to knit a long piece of cloth while handling it well, but you can re-knit it repeatedly.
This will create a nice, tight jump rope.

It's hard but fun!

Refresh with yoga


We held a ``yoga class'' that is effective in relieving stress and frustration for mothers who are busy raising children.
Yoga, which combines breathing and poses, is said to have the effect of relaxing the mind and body and correcting ailments. We invited Mayumi Otomo to be our instructor, and we worked out for about an hour and a half.
Participants gave very positive feedback, such as ``I felt very refreshed and refreshed,'' and ``It was great to be able to take a break from raising children and relax both physically and mentally.''

``Ohisama'' is a place where parents and children can play casually, and where friends can talk about their worries and problems. (Inside Kindergarten)


Child-raising course "Knitting Class"
Why not knit warm woolen scarves and gloves for your children?

◆Date and time: November 22nd (Wednesday), November 28th (Tuesday) 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
◆Place/Townsman Center
◆Application deadline: November 14th (Tuesday) *Childcare available
◆ Daycare / Child-rearing Support Center “Ohisama”

Consultation to Ohisama
Ohisama Nikoniko Consultation (Public Health Nurse Consultation) will be held on the following schedule.
Would you like to consult with us about your child-rearing concerns and questions, such as child development, vaccinations, and baby food?
Also, if you are pregnant for the first time and want to touch an infant, or if you want to see "Ohisama", please come and visit us.
◆Date/Time: November 29th (Wednesday) 10am-
◆ Place: Child-rearing Support Center “Ohisama”

Childcare lecture
We will be holding a lecture by Dr. Ryuji Shioya, representative of Shokasonjuku.
Here are some tips that will help you raise your child so that they are less irritated and have more smiles on their faces.
Wouldn't you like to laugh, have fun, and learn about stories that will make your life easier if you know a little bit about them, how to get a body that doesn't get tired, and the secret to keeping your mind and body in top shape?
◆Date and time: Friday, November 17th, 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
◆Place/Townsman Center
◆Application deadline: November 13th (Monday) *Childcare available
◆ Daycare / Child-rearing Support Center “Ohisama”

<Inquiries about this page>
Niseko Town Kindergarten "Kiratto" charge / Aoki / Sato
TEL(代表)0136-44-2700  FAX 0136-44-2725

Hello, this is Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum vol.36

Hello vol.36
Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum

Curator Ito
有島記念館 TEL0136-44-3245

Why a public art exhibition at Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum?

This year marks the 35th time for Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum 's regular fall event, the ``Takeo Arishima Youth Painting Exhibition.'' Drawings by middle school and high school students were collected from all over Hokkaido, and this year's exhibit was 352, the largest number ever.
Takeo Arishima was a best-selling author about 100 years ago, and was known around the world for his novels ``Descendants of Cain,'' ``The Problems of Being Born,'' and the novel ``A Certain Woman,'' in which Niseko appears as a model. However, Arishima had a different face.
Arishima has been drawing since he was a child. It is said that the fairy tale ``A Bunch of Grapes,'' in which a painter cannot achieve the color he wants to paint with his own paints, so he steals a friend's belongings, was based on Arishima when he was a child.
In addition, he continued to use a paintbrush until his death, including his own illustrations and work as an illustrator.
Arishima also became a pioneer in introducing the latest flow of art to the people of Hokkaido, who had previously only seen Japanese paintings, by exhibiting Impressionist reproductions and Rodin sculptures in Sapporo. .
I also exhibited my own paintings at the exhibition. Kinjiro Kida, a native of Iwanai who would later become a painter, was impressed by the painting and visited to see his own painting. Using this encounter as a model, Arishima wrote ``The troubles that arise.''
Arishima held an exhibition for Kida in Tokyo and sent the proceeds to Kida, who in turn bought paints, and continued to encourage Kida as well. Following Arishima's teachings, Kida established a unique position as a painter based in Iwanai.
In this way, Arishima left a mark not only on Hokkaido's culture, but also on the history of modern painting.
Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum holds a public exhibition in order to pass on this spirit.
This is the 35th time the public exhibition has been held, and the junior high and high school students who submitted works in the early days are now art teachers and professional painters.
They have started exhibiting the works of their students and even holding their own exhibitions at Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum.
The seeds sown 35 years ago are steadily sprouting. In order for this bud to grow into a large tree, we would like to continue holding public exhibitions while increasing its appeal.

Information of living

News from Niseko Town
Information of living

Let's all protect the beautiful scenery

Niseko Annupuri and the foothills of Mt. Moiwa (parts of Niseko, Soga, and Higashiyama) have been designated as quasi-city planning areas since March 6, 2009.
In addition, from July 1 of the same year, in addition to the rules for quasi-urban planning areas (restrictions on floor area ratio, road access obligations, etc.), the area will also be subject to special use restriction areas (outline of use restrictions for buildings such as playgrounds and factories). )" and "Landscape District (restrictions on building height, color, wall setback, etc.)" ordinances are in effect.
Due to these rules, it may be inconvenient for everyone to have to apply for confirmation or certification that was not necessary before, or to be unable to freely build buildings on their own land.
However, in order to prevent the Niseko-like landscape from being destroyed by disorderly development, everyone involved in the landscape, including business operators and residents, must make efforts to protect the landscape themselves and continue to protect the landscape, which is a local asset, for the future. I need to go.
In order to continue to protect the landscape of Niseko Town, we ask for your understanding and cooperation with the rules we have formulated together with everyone.
For detailed information such as the rules for quasi-urban planning areas, please visit the town website or contact us.
Additionally, apart from the quasi-urban planning area, some areas within the town have been designated as natural parks.
Within natural parks, there are various regulations regarding the construction of new buildings, extensions and renovations, the installation of advertising materials, changing the color of buildings, changing the shape of the land, and cutting down trees and bamboo. Please contact us for more information.
■HP/(Semi-urban planning)
■問合せ/(準都市計画) 都市建設課都市計画係 TEL 0136-44-2121
Person in charge = Miya, Ishikura, Kanazawa
(自然公園)後志総合振興局環境生活課自然環境係 TEL 0136-23-1354

Applications for inheritance registration will be mandatory from April 2020
From April 2020, it will be required by law to apply for registration within three years of learning of the acquisition of real estate through inheritance.
If you do not apply without a valid reason, you may be subject to a fine of up to 100,000 yen.
Masu. Start registering the inheritance of inherited land and buildings now.
■Guide to procedures for inheritance registration (handbook)
■問合せ/札幌司法書士会 相続登記相談センター TEL 011-211-6665 平日正午~午後3時

★Would you like to join us?
Niseko Ballet Circle

The biennial presentation will be held on November 25th (Saturday) at Iwanai Bunka Kaikan.
We will be recruiting new students after the recital.
If your child saw the presentation and wanted to try it out, why not take a tour or take a trial lesson? There is also a toddler class for younger children. Please feel free to come by.
■Lessons/Every Wednesday from 3pm
■問合せ/町民センター TEL 0136-44-2221 またはTEL 090-4477-2633 担当=神野

Disaster prevention radio automatic start training
In conjunction with the emergency earthquake early warning training and nationwide information transmission test of the National Instant Alert System (J-ALERT), the town will conduct automatic activation training for disaster prevention radios.
In order to notify the townspeople of emergency information announced by the government as soon as possible, the disaster prevention radio will be automatically activated in conjunction with J-ALERT.
At the training time, a loud voice will be heard from the disaster prevention radio.
This is a training session, so please be careful not to make any mistakes.
■Training date and time/
1.Earthquake early warning drill: November 2nd (Thursday) from 10am
2. National information transmission test (Civil Protection Information): November 15th (Wednesday) from 11:00 a.m.
■問合せ/総務課防災係 TEL 0136-44-2121 担当=青田・小西

Notice of Recruitment of Self-Defense Forces
● Self-Defense Force Candidates (5th)
・Eligibility for taking the exam: 18 years old or older but under 33 years old as of the 1st day of the scheduled hiring month
・ Reception period / November 10th (Friday) to December 8th (Friday)
・Examination date: December 16th (Sat), 17th (Sun)
Higher technical school students
・Examination eligibility: Males aged 15 to 17 as of April 1, 2020
・Reception period: October 1 2023 (Sunday) to January 5, 2020 (Friday)
・Test date/[1st test] January 13th (Sat), 14th (Sun), 2020
[Second exam] January 25th (Thursday) and 28th (Sunday), 2020
Please contact us for more information as test dates are subject to change.
■問合せ/自衛隊札幌地方協力本部倶知安地域事務所  TEL 0136-23-3540
または自衛官募集相談員 下口 登さん  TEL 0136-44-2177

Attorney Sato will solve your worries!

●This month's theme
"Parental authority and children"
Although we often hear the term "parental authority," we don't know much about its specific content. Parental authority is said to be the authority and obligation to take care of (raise, etc.), educate, and manage a child's property for the benefit of the child.
Under current law, the custody of children during marriage is jointly shared by both parents, but in the event of divorce, the parent must decide which parent will have custody of the child.
If divorce negotiations are not progressing due to disagreements over which parent should have custody, there are cases where the divorce is divided between parental authority and custody (the right to actually raise the child), but if there is no parental authority, juminhyo (certificate of residence) will be changed. This may cause problems during the school admissions process.
It is not uncommon for disputes to flare up several years after the divorce, with the parent requesting that custody be changed to the parent who actually has custody. Therefore, when it comes to custody, it is important to carefully consider which parent is most appropriate for the child.
Currently, there is discussion about amending the law so that even in cases of divorce, joint custody can be granted, just as during marriage. Regardless of the system, I believe that adults must put the interests of children first.

Park Front Law Office Niseko Office
141 Hondori Niseko Town
TEL 0136-44-3800  FAX 0136-44-3801

heart gift
We received your donation. thanks for the goodwill

《Niseko Town Social Welfare Council Reception》
“As a thank you for taking care of my mother during her life.”
Mr. Toru Nakai, Otaru City
“As a thank you for taking care of my husband when he was alive.”
Boyoudanchi Tomiko Nomura

Echinococcosis screening results
The echinococcosis screening conducted on Monday, September 4th had 76 people. Please rest assured that there were no abnormalities in the results.
■問合せ/保健福祉課健康づくり係 TEL 0136-44-2121 担当=上仙・齋藤

Nationwide “Women’s Human Rights Hotline” Strengthening Week
The Legal Affairs Bureau has established the Women's Human Rights Hotline, a dedicated consultation line for women's human rights.
Please consult with us regarding your concerns regarding women's human rights, such as violence from your husband or partner, stalking, etc.
Additionally, from 2023 15th (Wednesday) to November 21st (Tuesday), 2020 is ``Nationwide Women's Human Rights Hotline Strengthening Week.''
During this period, the weekday reception period will be extended and consultations will be accepted on Saturdays and Sundays as well.
■Reception hours/Weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)
■Reception hours during reinforcement week: November 15th (Wednesday) - November 17th (Friday), November 20th (Monday), November 21st (Tuesday) 8:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Saturday, November 18th and Sunday, November 19th, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
■Women's Human Rights Hotline
TEL 0570-070-810 (Nationwide common navigation dial)
■Inquiries/Sapporo Legal Affairs Bureau Human Rights Protection Department
TEL 011-709-2311

Townsman Center closed
The entire building will be closed due to waxing. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
■Date/Time/December 9th (Sat) - 10th (Sun)
■Inquiries/ Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry
TEL 0136-44-2214 担当=大野

Snow removal support project for the elderly in town
We have summarized the town's snow removal support projects below.

Snow removal support project for the elderly in Niseko Town

Conditions etc.
Individual burden amount
Application period
Application address

Private road snow removal service for the elderly
Snow removal from private roads from public roads to residences
・Comprised only of household members over 65 years old
・Households consisting only of household members over the age of 65 and members with disabilities that make snow removal difficult.
・Private road from public road to residence is 30m or more ・Snow can be removed with a large snow blower
・Other examinations will be conducted based on nursing care level, etc.
・30% of snow removal costs will be borne by the individual (up to 50,000 yen)
2023 November 1, 2020 -2023 November 30, 2020
保健福祉課福祉係  TEL 0136-44-2121                                   

Nursing care prevention and lifestyle support business (snow removal service business)
Snow removal around houses
・Households consisting only of household members who are 65 years of age or older and have physical or mental disabilities.
・Households aged 65 or older with a household income of 2 million yen or less
・Depending on the snow situation, the Social Welfare Council will dispatch a snow removal company.
・Disabled households: 200 yen per hour
・Elderly households: 600 yen per hour
2023 December 1, 2020 -2023 December 25, 2020
 社会福祉協議会  TEL 0136-44-2234

Subsidy project for snow removal costs for roads in front of senior housing
Individuals entrust snow removal from walkways in front of houses to companies etc.
Households where all household members are over 70 years old
・Resident tax exempt (excluding per capita taxation)
・We will assist you with a portion of what you paid to the business operator.
・50,000 yen + 1/3 of the amount exceeding 50,000 yen
[If snow removal cost is 75,000 yen]
Grant amount: 16,000 yen (rounded down to the nearest thousand yen)
2023 November 1, 2020 - Friday, March 22, 2020
Health and Welfare Section Welfare Section
TEL 0136-44-2121

Come to Niseko Elementary School Community Visit Day
We will hold a community visit day where not only parents but also the local community can see the school life at Niseko Elementary School.
There will be festivals to entertain visitors and open classes for each subject, so please come to Niseko Elementary School to see the children's lively learning activities.
■Date and time: November 21st (Tuesday) 1st and 2nd grade festival: 9:30 a.m. to 11:20 a.m. 3rd to 6th grade classes open to the public: 10:35 a.m. to 12:10 p.m. 5th and 6th grade cell phones Internet safety class: 11:25 a.m. to 12:10 p.m.
■Location: Niseko Elementary School *Please bring indoor shoes when visiting the school.
■問合せ/ニセコ小学校  TEL 0136-44-2252 担当=教頭

★Please talk to us about any concerns you have on a daily basis.
Establishment of special consultation desk for people with disabilities
A special consultation desk will be opened to help people with physical and mental disabilities and their families with questions and concerns in their daily lives, explanations of the welfare system, and procedures for using and applying for welfare services.
The Mt. Yotei Roku Consultation Support Center is a business office that provides counseling and support for people with physical and mental disabilities, with an office in Kutchan Town. Once a year, the Mt. Yotei Roku Consultation Support Center opens a consultation desk that travels to each town and village of the Mt. Yotei Roku.
It does not matter the age or type of disability of the person being consulted. We will respond to various inquiries such as ``I want to try something like this, but I don't know what to do...'' and ``I want to make friends!''. We also provide consultation and support for children with developmental disabilities. Please feel free to contact us as we will keep the contents of your consultation strictly confidential.
*Please note that depending on the situation such as infectious diseases, it may be canceled or postponed at short notice.
■Date and time: November 15th (Wednesday) 1:30pm to 3:30pm
■Location/ Niseko Town Hall Disaster Management Office
■Counselor/Mt. Yotei Consultation Support Center staff
■問合せ/保健福祉課福祉係 TEL 0136-44-2121 担当=尾崎・中川

Track! Vol.34
Activities of a town development company!

We will hold a lodging experience session at a high-performance apartment complex!
The lodging trial session for the high-performance apartment complex "NISEKO BOKKA" that was held this summer will be held again this winter!
The event will be held from November 6th to around the end of November, so if you are interested, please check the flyers posted at each facility in the town or Niseko Town's SNS/HP for detailed information. Please contact us♪
NISEKO BOKKA is a highly insulated and airtight housing complex similar to the Niseko Mirai building. The room we will show you is 33 tsubo (3LDK) in size, and with one 6-tatami air conditioner, you can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so you can live comfortably. We hope that you can experience its features and usability through your stay!
Thankfully, our last stay experience was very well received, with inquiries from people both inside and outside the town. For this accommodation experience, we plan to give priority to people who live in Niseko Town so that everyone in the area can experience it.
In addition to lodging experiences, we also accept open houses at any time, so if you live outside of Niseko Town,
If you are new or interested, please feel free to contact us ♪
■Application/Inquiry/Niseko Machi Co., Ltd.
TEL 0136-55-6087
Person in charge: Sasaki/Hinoura

City Case Files
Niseko Town Crime Prevention Association

Incidents 12 incidents of theft There was an incident in which a steel plate that had been stored on company premises was stolen.

Traffic Accidents Of the 16 property accidents, 5 occurred in parking lots. A head-to-head accident occurred on National Route 5.

倶知安警察署/TEL 0136-22-0110


November 9th is Day 119
As part of our activities to raise awareness of disaster prevention and the ability to call 119 accurately and quickly, we have designated November 9th as ``119 Day.''
The Mt.Yotei Roku Fire Association handles all 119 calls from the seven Mt.Yotei Roku towns and villages it has jurisdiction over (Kutchan Town, Rankoshi Town, Niseko Town, Makkari Village, Rusutsu Village, Kimobetsu Town, and Kyogoku Town) at the Fire Command Center (Kutchan Town). We accept it.
Fire engines and ambulances will be dispatched as soon as the location of the disaster is known, so please remain calm and answer the dispatcher's questions without panic.
Depending on the situation, you may be asked to provide guidance to the scene or provide first aid to the injured or sick person, so if possible, call 119 using a mobile phone or similar device from near the injured or sick person.
When calling 119, you may be asked not to turn on the siren, but when a fire truck or ambulance is driving in an emergency, they must always drive with their red warning lights flashing and the siren blaring. This is stipulated by law, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.
◆When calling 119, be sure to clearly state the following:
・Please tell us the type of emergency (fire, emergency, rescue, etc.) first.
・Please tell us the exact address where you want the fire truck or ambulance to go, starting with the name of the town or village.
・If you don't understand, please explain your goal.
・Please calmly tell us what the situation is without panicking.
・Please answer the dispatcher's questions thoroughly.
■問合せ/羊蹄山ろく消防組合消防署ニセコ支署  TEL 0136-44-2354 担当=佐々木・佐竹・宮入


Holding “Twenty Years Old Gathering”
To celebrate the future of everyone who is turning 20, we will be holding Niseko Town "Twenty Years Old Gathering". Information will be mailed to those who are registered as residents in Niseko Town in early November.
Please note that even those who are not currently registered as residents in Niseko Town can participate if they have a history of residence. Please contact us for more information.
■Date and time: Sunday, January 7, 2024, ceremony starts at 1:00 p.m.
■ Place / Townsman Center
■Target: People born between April 2, 2003 and April 1, 2004
■Application deadline: December 8, 2023 (Friday)
■問合せ/町民学習課町民学習係 TEL 0136-44-2034 担当=小貫・亀山


★Additional recruitment for installation in 2023
Septic tank installation maintenance cost subsidy
The town subsidizes the installation costs for people who install new septic tanks in private residences within the town. Due to a cancellation of applicants this time, we will be recruiting additional applicants.
Application forms are available at the Town Citizens' Affairs Division, so please apply if you are planning to install a septic tank in 2023 (by the end of March 2020).
Please note that the subsidy amount and eligibility requirements include conditions such as the size of the septic tank and the details of the construction work, so please contact us for details.
■Subsidy target
・Being outside the treatment area of public sewerage and agricultural village wastewater treatment facilities
・You must not be in arrears with town taxes, utility fees, etc.
・It is clear that the owner of the house is living as an individual Niseko Town resident, or has moved in and will be living there for more than 5 years (address transfer procedure required)
・It must not be a business office or a residence intended for sale.
・Construction must be completed by the end of March 2020, and the septic tank must be ready for use.
*Please note that if construction is started before the "subsidy grant decision notification" (issued after the subsidy grant application) is issued, the project will not be eligible for subsidy.
■Reception period: November 1st (Wednesday) to November 10th (Friday)
■Other/Please note that the installation work must be completed after receiving the notification of determination of the target person, and the installation must be completed by the end of March 2020.
■問合せ/町民生活課町民生活係  TEL 0136-44-2121 担当=松澤・金子


35th Takeo Arishima Youth Public Painting Exhibition
Inheriting Takeo Arishima's spirit of art promotion, this year marks the 35th public art exhibition.
Prize-winning and selected works will be exhibited. Please look forward to the students' masterpieces.
■Exhibition period: October 28th (Sat) - November 12th (Sun)
■ Place / Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
■Price/Admission fee only (free for townspeople over 65 and high school students)

Hideyuki Fujikura Exhibition North Cape Excursion
We will exhibit works depicting seaside and cape scenery. You can see various scenery from all over Hokkaido, including Fujikura's original scenery, the seaside of Shishi.
■Date and time: November 25, 2023- April 13, 2020
■ Place / Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
■Price/Admission fee only (free for residents aged 65 and over)
■問合せ/有島記念館  TEL 0136-44-3245  担当=伊藤・河野

International Exchange News vol.07

Coordinator for International Relations also cooperated with the Odoriyama festival held at Karita Shrine on September 10th.
From 9:30 a.m. to around 3:30 p.m., we danced around various parts of town.
The route started from Motomachi, went up to the mountains to Takahashi Farm Milk Factory and Niseko Village, and ended up returning to Karita Shrine. Despite the hot and sunny weather, we danced ``Reiwa Ondo'' and ``Omikoshi Ondo'' while cheering along the roadside.
It was my first time participating in a festival as a dancer, and it was a really fun and great experience! I would love to participate and dance at next year's festival.

pension news

The entire amount of national pension insurance premiums paid is subject to social insurance premium deduction!

The full amount of insurance premiums paid from 2023 to December 2023 will be deducted. This includes past years' premiums and late-paid insurance premiums.
In addition, if you pay not only your own insurance premiums but also national pension insurance premiums that should be borne by your spouse or family members (children, etc.), you can receive a deduction for those premiums as well.
Those who paid their national pension insurance premiums between 2023 1 2023 and September 30, 2020 will be notified of the social insurance premium (national pension insurance premium) from the Japan Pension Service in early November. ) A deduction certificate will be sent to you, so be sure to attach this certificate or receipt when filing year-end adjustments or final tax returns.
The entire amount of national pension insurance premiums paid is subject to social insurance premium deduction!
■問合せ/年金ダイヤル TEL 0570-05-1165  
町民生活課住民係 TEL 0136-44-2121 担当=山口・工藤

Publish contract results
We will notify you of the results of contracts for construction, consignment work, purchase of goods, etc.

The following are the bids and free contracts held from September 6th to October 9th.

2023 Late Niseko Funeral Home Cremation Services Commissioned
■Planned price: 2,552,000 yen ■Contract amount: 2,508,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 98.3% ■ Contract partner: Create Service Co., Ltd.
2023 Town road Moiwa underline fall prevention fence repair work
■Planned price: 3,080,000 yen ■Contract amount: 3,025,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 98.2% ■ Contract partner: Shida Construction Co., Ltd.
2023 Town Road Fujiyama Nishi-dori Gutter Disaster Restoration Work
■Planned price: 1,507,000 yen ■Contract amount: 1,452,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 96.4% ■ Contract partner: Makino Kogyo Co., Ltd.
2023 Town road Niseko mountain climbing road roadbed disaster restoration work
■Planned price: 4,444,000 yen ■Contract amount: 4,345,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 97.8% ■ Contract partner: Toa Road Industry Co., Ltd. Hokkaido Sales Office
2023 Town Road Tomikawa Route 7 Slope Disaster Restoration Work
■Planned price: 2,893,000 yen ■Contract amount: 2,805,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 97.0% ■ Contract partner: Makino Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Purchase PP snow poles
■Planned price: 1,047,200 yen ■Contract amount: 1,034,110 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 98.8% ■ Contract partner: Union Co., Ltd.
Commissioned work to create basic policies regarding Niseko Town staff housing.
■Planned price: 2,662,000 yen ■Contract amount: 2,640,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 99.2% ■ Contract partner: Niseko Machi Co., Ltd.
Niseko High School dormitory maintenance basic plan contract work
■Planned price: 3,850,000 yen ■Contract amount: 3,795,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 98.6% ■ Contract partner: Niseko Machi Co., Ltd.
Niseko Town Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum Piano Purchase
■Planned price: 7,267,700 yen ■Contract amount: 7,267,700 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 100% ■ Contract partner: Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
2023 Niseko Town Sewerage Management Center mechanical equipment disassembly contract work
■Planned price: 14,850,000 yen ■Contract amount: 14,828,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 99.9% ■ Contract partner: Kubota Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.
Niseko area experimental well water quantity survey contract work
■Planned price: 14,223,000 yen ■Contract amount: 13,860,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 97.4% ■ Contract partner: Aqua Geo Techno Co., Ltd.

*The successful bid rate is the ratio of the amount actually contracted to the amount planned by the town.
*Excludes unit price contracts

Received Silver Award from “Green Destinations”
Niseko Town received a Silver Award on its first attempt after being judged by Green Destinations (headquartered in the Netherlands, hereafter referred to as GD), an international certification organization for tourist destinations.
Destinations applying for the GD Award are judged based on the GD criteria approved by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), and are awarded Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum awards based on their scores. You can get certified (GSTC certification).
This time, Niseko Town received the Silver Award in recognition of its sustainable efforts in the natural environment and social welfare fields, which it has particularly focused on.
As a result, Niseko Town has received high praise from an international third-party organization as a sustainable tourist destination.
■問合せ/商工観光課 TEL 0136-44-2121 担当=三上

Community School Channel vol.38

Creating a school that coexists with the community
Niseko style
Community school

We held a poster contest to think about how to use smartphones and tablets in the future.

The Public Relations Subcommittee of the Community School Committee held a poster contest for elementary school students to think about better ways to use smartphones and tablets in the coming times, and judged the posters.
The CS committee member who was in charge of the judging said, ``The work selected for the Grand Prize has a perspective that we as adults would never have thought of as seeing that there is another world inside our smartphones.'' "It's not a good idea to get too absorbed in it, but I feel like it could be used in a variety of ways in the future."
The two selected students were awarded certificates and prizes by Community School Committee Chairman Yamano.
○Grand Prize Ryosuke Saito (3rd grade, Niseko Elementary School)
○ Excellence Award Rufu Saito (5th grade, Niseko Elementary School)

■問合せ/コミュニティ・スクール委員会事務局 TEL 0136-44-2101
Board of Education School Coordinator Chie Aoyama

Nice to meet you, thank you

Regional Ocean Cooperation Vol.
Planning and Environment Division Niseko Machi Co., Ltd.
Hideki Hinoura (from Aichi Prefecture)
Hideki Hinoura
When I visited Niseko for the first time several years ago, I remember being overwhelmed by the magnificent scale of nature.
I have.
From now on, we look forward to coexisting with such majestic nature and sharing it with you through life and events.

Agricultural Administration Division Forestry Support
Hirodai Ogura (from Fukuoka Prefecture)
Ogura Kodai
Until now, I have been working as an activity guide in Kutchan Town. I would like to do my best in my activities with my late grandfather's wishes in mind and a sense of reverence for the natural environment in mind.

Commerce and Tourism Division Niseko Resort Tourist Association
Keima Sato (from Obihiro City)
Keima Sato
I think the most appealing thing about this town is that it's close to nature, so I'll do my best to fully understand it and make the most of it.
Also, in terms of daily life, we will fully enjoy the changing nature from spring to winter.

Kongetsu is the deputy mayor

Metabolism is important for towns too.
It has been said for a long time that population decline is a major issue for Japan, but as the population declines, the systems that support people's lives will collapse or shrink, such as a shortage of people to maintain infrastructure and provide social security.
Niseko Town is one of the few towns that has maintained its population at the moment, thanks to the booming tourism industry and the succession of farming businesses, and thanks to everyone who gathers in the town.
In order to maintain this size, a town, just like the human body, needs ``metabolism''. In order to maintain a healthy body, we must constantly eat fresh food, excrete food, and exercise to maintain a healthy and consistent body.
It's the same with towns, where new people and systems are brought in, things are discarded, and I believe that a town's size can be maintained and lasted only if it has a ``metabolism'' that continues to respond to changes in the times.
Niseko Town Deputy Mayor Keita Yamamoto

Town Calendar 11 NOVEMBER

Town Calendar/November NOVEMBER

Upper right box article
In November
Fixed asset tax (4th period)
Nursing care insurance premium (5th period)
National Health Insurance Tax (6th period)
Deadline for delivery is the 27th (Monday)
Water and sewerage delivery dates
Direct debit date is the 28th (Tuesday)

If you use bank transfer, please check your balance.
Inquiries about property tax and national health insurance tax/Taxation Division
Inquiries about long-term care insurance premiums/Health and Welfare Division
Inquiries about water and sewage rates/Water and sewage section
いずれもTEL 0136-44-2121

Top left box article
Emergency and sudden illness response at night and on holidays
倶倶知安厚生病院 電話0136-22-1141  文化まつり2~5日

1st (Wed)
●The 35th Takeo Arishima Youth Painting Exhibition / Yes: (~11/12) Living information p20
● Kindergarten Entrance Information Session/Toddler: 18:30~

2nd (Thu)
●Cultural Festival Exhibition/Children's Works Exhibition/Town (~5th)
●Disaster prevention radio automatic activation training/role: 10:00~ Living information p16
●Asobukkurabu (Reservation required)/A: 15:00-
●Winter Japanese Class for Beginners/Town: 15:30~
Open at night

3rd (Friday) Culture Day
●Culture Festival Piano Recital/Town: 13:00~
●Takeo Arishima Youth Painting Exhibition Award Ceremony/Commentary Session/Open: 13:00~
Playbook closed day

4th (Sat)
●Culture Festival Entertainment Presentation/Town: 13:00~

5th (Sun)

6th (Monday)
●Comprehensive cancer checkup (Sapporo)/Meeting town: 6:30
●After-school children's classroom/townsman center: 14:00~
●Budget formulation policy briefing/role: 14:00~
Playbook closed day

7th (Tuesday)
●Muscle storage class/Town: 10:30~
●Winter Japanese Class for Beginners/Online: 18:00~
●Health exercise class/Town: 19:00~
Central warehouse group closed days

8th (Wednesday)

9th (Thu)
●Health checkup for 5-year-old children/Town: 9:00~
● Kotobuki University Study Group/Town: 9:00~
●Asobukkurabu (Reservation required)/A: 15:00-
●Winter Japanese Class for Beginners/Town: 15:30~
Open at night

10th (Friday)
●Echinococcus extermination work/Town: 9:00~
After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00-

11th (Sat)
●Kondo Elementary School School Performance/Kondo Elementary School: 8:45~
●English conversation circle/o: 10:00~

12th (Sun)

13th (Monday)
●After-school children's classroom/townsman center: 14:00~
Playbook closed day

14th (Tuesday)
●Temporary assembly/role: 10:00~
●Winter Japanese Class for Beginners/Online: 18:00~
●Health exercise class/Town: 19:00~
Central warehouse group closed days

15th (Wed)
●Disaster prevention radio automatic activation training/role: 11:00~ Living information p16
●Special consultation desk for people with disabilities/role: 13:30~ Living information p18
●Environmental Council/Role: 14:00~
●Volleyball Tournament Supervisors Meeting/Town: 18:30~

16th (Thursday)
●Play book hobby class “Christmas wreath handmade class” / A: 10:30~
●Asobukkurabu (Reservation required)/A: 15:00-
●Town development lecture for citizens “Decarbonization Action Plan”/Town: 18:30~
Open at night

17th (Friday)
●Childcare lecture/Town: 10:00~ Niconico Square p13
●After-school children's classroom/townsman center: 14:00~

18th (Sat)

19th (Sun)

20th (Monday)
●After-school children's classroom/townsman center: 14:00~
●Winter Japanese Class for Beginners/Town: 15:30~
Playbook closed day

21st (Tuesday)
●Niseko Elementary School Community Visit Day/Niseko Elementary School Living Information p18
●Free legal consultation by lawyer/Town: 13:00~
●Health checkup for 1 and a half and 3 year olds/Town: 13:00~
●Winter Japanese Class for Beginners/Online: 18:00~
Central warehouse group closed days

22nd (Wednesday)
●Muscle storage class/Town: 10:30~
●Childcare course “Knitting Class”/Town: 10:00~ Niconico Square p13

23rd (Thursday)
labor appreciation day
Playbook closed day

24th (Friday)
●Let's think about life meetings/Town: 13:30~
●After-school children's classroom/body: 14:00~
Playbook closed day

25th (Sat)
●English conversation circle/o: 10:00~
● Hideyuki Fujikura Kitamisaki Excursion / Yes: (~4/13) Living information p20

26th (Sun)
●Town-wide 9-person volleyball tournament/Body: 9:00~

27th (Mon)
After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00-
●Town Development Conference/Soga Revitalization Center: 18:00~ Town Development Information Room p1
Playbook closed day

28th (Tue)
●Childcare course “Knitting Class”/Town: 10:00~ Niconico Square p13
●Town Development Council/Central Union Neighborhood Association Community Center: 18:00~
●Winter Japanese Class for Beginners/Online: 18:00~
Central warehouse group closed days

29th (Wednesday)
●Hisama Nikoniko Consultation/Year-old: 10:00~ Nikoniko Square p13

Thursday 30
●Magic Carpet/A: 15:00~
●Winter Japanese Class for Beginners/Town: 15:30~
●Town Development Council/Miyata Meeting Hall: 18:00~
Open at night

Friday, December 1st
After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00-
●Town Development Council/Kondo Regional Community Center: 18:00~

2nd (Sat)
●Chinese style paper-cutting workshop/town: 9:30-11:30, 14:30-16:30
●Town Development Council/Town: 13:30~

Photo album of this month

We are looking for photos!

fighters caravan
(General gymnasium)
Photographer: Niseko Babochans

last of life
After harvesting lily roots (Arijima)
Photographer: Yuuki

With a little action
Be aware of SDGs
Photographer: Mi-san

Food and nutrition story vol.22

[Care prevention cooking class]
We held a "Nursing Preventive Cooking Class" at the Town Center on Monday, September 25th and Tuesday, October 3rd.
This year, we have created a menu that focuses on chewing to prevent oral frailty.
We will introduce some of our menus, so please try cooking them at home.
It is scheduled to be held next year as well. Once the schedule has been decided, we will notify you through public relations and other means, and we look forward to your participation.

Inquiries: Health Promotion Section, Health and Welfare Division Dietitian Kaori Saito
TEL 0136-44-2121 FAX 0136-44-3500

Salt-grilled lotus root with seaweed
Calories 57kcal
Salt equivalent: 0.3g

◆ Ingredients (for one person)
Boiled lotus roots...30g
Green seaweed...a little bit
Salt・・・・・・・・・A little bit
Olive oil...1 teaspoon

◆How to make
1. Drain the boiled lotus root in a colander and dry it with a paper towel.
2. Arrange them on a cooking sheet so that they do not overlap, and pour olive oil on top.
3. Bake in the toaster for 5-6 minutes until golden brown.
4. Sprinkle with salt and green seaweed while still hot.

Unusual sushi (2 types)
Calories 464kcal
Salt equivalent amount 3.0g

◆Ingredients (for 4 pieces)
Sushi rice・・・120g
Small fried... 2 pieces
[1]: Pickled radish...2 slices White sesame...a little bit
[2]: Cucumber...20g Dried whitebait...10g
[Seasoning A]
・Water...80ml ・Soy sauce...1 tablespoon ・Sugar...1 tablespoon

◆How to make
1. Cut the small fried chicken in half, open the middle, and pour boiling water over it to remove the oil.
2. Add the fried chicken and seasonings from A to a pot and simmer over low heat for about 15 minutes until the liquid evaporates, then cool.
I'll leave it to you.
3. Finely chop the pickled radish, cut the cucumber into thin rounds, and sprinkle with salt.
4.Mix ingredients [1] and [2] well with the sushi rice to make two types.
5. Fill the skin with sushi rice and it's done.
*By adding pickled radish and cucumber to sushi rice, you will not only enjoy the crunchy texture, but you will also be able to chew your food more often than usual.


The situation of radiation dose in the town
measuring date
highest price
lowest value
Average value
Until October 15th
1 month
0.033 μGy/h
The spatial radiation dose rate is
normal level
Movement of people (as of the end of September)
Population: 4,973 people
(+-0 compared to previous month)
2,493 men
(-3 m/m)
2,480 women
(+3 compared to previous month)
Number of households 2,667
(+11 compared to previous month)
Of which, foreigners 440
Of which, foreign households 307

Editor's Note

The hot summer has passed in the blink of an eye, and the autumn season has arrived. Autumn is often referred to as ``Autumn of 〇〇'', such as ``Autumn of sports'', ``Autumn of art'', and ``Autumn of appetite''.
This may be because the weather is pleasant and it's the perfect season to do all kinds of things.
This autumn, many events were held where you can experience the charm of autumn, such as the Niseko Marathon Festival for the first time in four years, a puppet show festival that brought together theater companies from all over the country, and the Fighters Sports Caravan.
It was a comfortable environment where I was able to experience ``Autumn in XX'' not only in my daily life, but also through interviews, and I felt deeply that public relations is a wonderful job. (fruit)

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