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Aiming for a town where everyone can live comfortably
Initiatives of Niseko Seikatsu no Ie

Do you know about "Niseko Seikatsu no Ie" located in the Arishima area?
Many people may have come across it through the indigo-dyed products sold at the spring and autumn bazaars and the roadside station Niseko View Plaza.
This month, we will be celebrating 25 years in Niseko Town with the aim of allowing people with disabilities to live in the community with their families, friends, and local people.
I would like to introduce "Niseko Seikatsu Ie" where I have been active.

Until I came to Niseko Town
The predecessor of "Niseko Seikatsu Ie" was the "Sapporo Association for Promoting Education that Grows Together", which was established in 1978. At the meeting,

1. Living in the community
2. It doesn't matter if you have a disability
3. Promote outreach to schools

Based on these three points as a common foundation, we worked with the aim of all children growing together, learning together, and living together in the community.
At the time, these movements were heavily criticized by school officials, and even after completing compulsory education, those who were said to have severe ``disorder'' had nowhere to go, and were placed in detention centers isolated from their families and communities. It was a time when it was considered natural to go to (the word of the time).
Therefore, in 1983, mainly parents of children with disabilities, established a small workshop called Seikatsu Ie in Nishi Ward, Sapporo, as a place for children with disabilities to live after completing their compulsory education. Set in an old rented house
``It was a strange space where all kinds of people came and went,'' (from ``Seikatsu no Ie News'').
They actively interacted with local people and various organizations through events such as beach swimming, overnight training sessions, and Christmas parties.
After that, many friends joined, and in 1985, they moved to a large house in Kita Ward. Parents and children from each ward in Sapporo attended the school, and like Nishi Ward, they were promoting interaction with local residents.

However, as the caregivers and their guardians themselves grow older, they find it difficult to commute from each ward in Sapporo, and we are faced with the serious issue of how to provide a place for young people with disabilities to live after the death of their parents. It will be.

As all members of the group discussed this issue, we continued to work together to create a place to live a lively life together with family and friends in the local community. We confirmed that families and supporters will live side by side and help each other.
In order to make these wishes come true, Seikatsu Ie decided to move its activities and lifestyle to Niseko Town was rich in nature and was undergoing pioneering town development.
Niseko Town cooperated greatly in the search for land, and during the design and construction period, we also deepened our relationships with local residents.
At the end of 1997, when ``Niseko Seikatsu Ie'' was established in Arishima, a land of mutual aid where Takeo Arishima released his farmland free of charge, he and his friends moved to Niseko Town.
Niseko Seikatsu Ie is constructed using a cooperative method (a method in which the process from purchasing the land to the design and construction of common areas is carried out jointly), and the land is purchased by the parents and supporters of the parties (the land cost is shared). (Ideology of equality and sharing), the construction costs for the dormitory were jointly borne by the parents, and each family was responsible for the cost of their own home.

Niseko lifestyle house model

Our thoughts behind “House of Life” and “Young People”
The name ``Seikatsu no Ie'' is based on the concept of valuing ``relationships'' in daily life, and valuing the importance of being aware of each other in the midst of interacting with each other in unmanaged relationships. It contains the desire to go.
When Seikatsu Ie was established, we had a lot of discussions about what to call the parents and supporters who attend Seikatsu Ie.
At the time, it was common to refer to them as residents or residents, but we decided to call them ``young people'' to reflect our desire to live a normal life in the community and value each individual's existence.
Over the past 40 years, the school education system and welfare policy for people with disabilities have changed significantly, with the trend moving away from a system of measures and toward selecting and contracting for services. ``User-san'' has become the common name.
However, Seikatsu Ie was established and operated mainly by the ``young people'' and ``parents'' who attend the school, together with those who support them.
Therefore, even after 40 years, they are still "young people."

Principles of “House of Life”
・Live with family and friends in the community
・Do not differentiate based on the type or degree of “disability.”
・Productivity does not matter. Living is that
For people, it is ``labor'' and ``work.''

This principle is reflected in the name "young people."

Activities in Niseko Town
Seikatsu no Ie has continued to maintain good relationships with residents, including participation in local events and daily visits.
In 1999, we were certified as an NPO, and in 2006, with the enactment of the Act on Independence of Persons with Disabilities, we became the "Niseko Town Community Activities Support Center."
During this time, parents continued to discuss the future ``place of life'' for ``young people,'' and in 2012, they compiled a proposal for the construction of a ``place of life'' and presented it to the town. A wall stands in the way.
So, one of the first steps we took was to draw up a will stating that after the death of our parents, each of us would donate our homes to the ``House of Life''.
In 2019, the parents discussed the matter again and agreed to build a "place to live."
We have had many discussions about ``how to live (place of residence)'' and ``the size and facilities of the building'' outside of our daytime activities at the Community Activities Support Center.
We have held numerous discussions with the town and requested their cooperation in constructing a ``place to live.'' At the same time, we have secured a certain amount of funding through donations and the sale of land owned by the NPO Niseko Seikatsu no Ie.
However, construction costs have skyrocketed due to the requirements of the Fire Service Act and Building Standards Act, as well as the rising cost of materials.
We are currently continuing discussions with the town.
Now in 2023, parents are getting older and it is becoming difficult to live with them. In order for young people to continue living in Niseko Town, there is an urgent need to create a place for them to live.

The concept of “a place to live”

・Aiming for a ``symbiotic lifestyle'' that is typical of a ``house of living'' that is not limited to existing group homes.
・Based on the principle of Seikatsu no Ie, we will respect the individual lives of each and every ``gaisha'' as a normal citizen, and place the utmost importance on the thoughts of young people.

What I do at home

Niseko Seikatsu no Ie carries out various activities as a community activity support center.
A community activity support center is a support organization that is positioned as one of the "community life support projects" carried out by the government, and is a place to promote opportunities for creative or productive activities and social exchange during day-to-day activities. is.

Interaction with the local community
●Spring/autumn bazaar
Although the event continued to be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was held on a smaller scale last year for the first time in three years, and this year it has been returned to its original size.
It is not only a valuable opportunity for young people to interact with the local community, but also an important source of operating funds.
●Welfare Festival
It is a festival that deepens interactions between children, the elderly, and people with disabilities.
●Halloween pumpkin doodle contest
Everyone participates every year by drawing pictures on pumpkins. You may also receive a special award.
●Christmas party
We all play games and enjoy meals together. Before the coronavirus pandemic, we would invite local people and have fun together.

Resource recovery/dismantling of used books
Every Friday, we collect resources by visiting elementary, junior high, and high schools in the town, town facilities, and partner companies in the town.
At the collection points, young people also greet people and interact with local people.
The collected waste paper, used books, catalogs, and milk cartons are dismantled and transported to Doei Shigyo, where they become important operating funds.

gymnastics or walking
I try to maintain my physical strength by doing radio calisthenics every morning and doing rhythm and stretching exercises while watching videos on my computer.
We also take walks in nearby parks and around our homes, and depending on each child's physical strength, we choose to walk long distances or take walks in the forest.

Outing that touches the seasons
I go for drives to nearby parks and enjoy playing in the water in Toyoura Town and the shores of Lake Toya.
Last year, we went grape picking in Sobetsu town as a parent-child recreation trip. It was flat and easy to walk around, and the people at the orchard were kind and enjoyable.

Indigo dyeing and soap making
Indigo-dyed works are sold at the roadside station Niseko View Plaza.
We make soap for home use, as gifts, and for personal sale.

Other activities
We express our gratitude by writing winter greetings and thank you letters to everyone who has taken care of us and who have supported us.
In addition, we draw seasonal posters using paint, origami, calligraphy, etc., and display them on the walls to add color to our daily lives.

Users and staff
There are 7 users of Seikatsu no Ie, and 3 staff members: 2 full-time and 1 part-time. In addition, 17 people, mainly parents of users, are involved in accounting, general affairs, business, etc. without compensation (as of the end of August 2023).

Trends in business income
Business trends from 2017 to 2022 are shown below.
In 2020 and 2021, many events such as bazaars were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, and our income was cut in half.
Even during the coronavirus pandemic, with the cooperation of tourism-related businesses, we were able to secure the same income as before the coronavirus pandemic.
Sales at roadside stations are also good for flower seedlings.

2019 Welfare Festival

From above
life house shop
Genki Shop Ikoru (Sapporo)
Niseko View Plaza Road Station
Doei Shigyo

Materials: Niseko Seikatsu no Ie general meeting materials

The meaning of the bells that young people ring

The bell that rings to signal the start of the bazaar was built with the kindness of maintenance members from the Sapporo era.
Everyone at Seikatsu no Ie calls it the "Mio Tsukushi Bell." This bell was built with great care, praying for a home, a path for young people, and safety.
The bell is ringing to symbolize the decision and thoughts of moving to Niseko Town, and the feeling that the newly met young people will walk together.
At Seikatsu Ie, we would like to cherish sharing these feelings with the people who come to our bazaar.

Main activities in 2022

April Snack making, road cleaning, wall painting creation
May: Field work, dismantling old books, stamping envelopes, drawing thank-you letters bazaar posters
June: Soap making, spring breeze bazaar
July Cut flower wrapping, Tanabata decorations, indigo dyeing
August: Indigo dyeing, Yoichi High School for Special Needs students visited
September Halloween pumpkin painting, hozuki harvest, prune harvest, bazaar poster drawing
October Hozuki wrapping, autumn garage bazaar, used book disassembly
November Evacuation drill, calendar packaging
December: Soap making, Christmas party, cleaning, thank you letters, dismantling used books
January: First calligraphy, New Year's visit, soap packaging, Setsubun mask making, play book display, winter greetings writing, wall painting
February: Bean-throwing, cooking, soap packaging, indigo dyeing experience (Kindergarten)
March Doll's Festival, birthday party, soap making
Monthly walks, gymnastics, karaoke, resource collection (used paper and milk cartons), envelope stamping, letter envelope insertion/shipping/delivery, roadside station delivery, etc.

Photo provided by: Niseko Lifestyle House


Ms. Nahoko Hasegawa
(Chairman of NPO Niseko Seikatsu no Ie)

We want to value the relationship between “young people” and the local community.

At Seikatsu no Ie, we work to think about how we can enrich the lives of young people.
To achieve this, we need to be deeply involved with each individual. You will be able to understand ``young people'' depending on how consciously you engage with them.
If you approach them from a "top-down" perspective, they will sense it right away and close their minds.
In the future, I would like to continue to value the relationship between "young people" and the local community.
The "young people" are relatively old, in their 40s and 50s, so if you were a child you would be forgiven, but if you shake their hand or talk to them, they will be surprised, but they genuinely just want to be friends.
I think it is important to explain things properly and get involved with the local community.
It is still not normal for people with disabilities to live in the community.
In the past, Niseko Junior High School's music club performed at Seikatsu no Ie, and Niseko High School teachers and students even came to help with the bazaar.
We would be happy if local people would feel free to come and visit our home outside of the bazaar, or if they saw the ``young people'' out for a walk, they would feel free to come up and say hi.

Naoko Mizukami
( Local resident)

I think it would be good for the town to become a place where people with disabilities can live normally in the community.

In the city, you often see people in wheelchairs, but in Niseko Town you rarely see them.
However, I wanted people to know that there are many different kinds of people in the world, so I once took my children to a bazaar at a family home.
I was hoping that by meeting young people, I would be able to reflect on myself and think about what kind of society we would like to live in in a way that is easy for everyone to live in.
The performers who performed at Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum also performed at Seikatsu no Ie, and I heard them perform at Seikatsu Ie several times.
The ``young people'' all have a lot of sensibilities, so some of them expressed themselves by swaying their bodies, and it was great to listen to the music in such an environment.
About 20 years ago, when I was a Niseko Junior High School PTA officer, I suggested that the music club perform at Seikatsu no Ie.
For the music club, we thought that performing outside of school would increase motivation and improve the level of performance.
Just as interacting with children from other countries breaks down barriers when you are a child, I think it is important to interact with children with disabilities from an early age. I think it would be good if Niseko Town became a town where people with disabilities can live normally and integrate into the community.

Shigeko Kawaguchi (photo, right), Noriko Ito (photo, left)
(Parents of “young people”)

There are things that you can understand because they intersect.

When my son, who has Down syndrome and heart disease, was born, I was determined to survive with my husband and son.
Thinking about my son's future, I talked to those around me about starting a boarding house where both able-bodied and disabled people could live together, and many of my friends agreed.
Some of them wanted to live in a place surrounded by nature, and when my husband passed away, they invited me to go to the countryside with them.
Many of my friends had already moved to Niseko Town, and the advanced town planning was also a hot topic.
It is also a land of mutual aid, and we thought it was the same thing we were trying to do, so we decided to move our ``home'' to Niseko Town.
When I first met Mayor Osaka (at the time), I told him that I was worried about discrimination from residents, having been involved in protests against the construction of facilities for people with disabilities in Sapporo, and he replied, ``I will do my best to protect you.'' '', I was deeply moved.
The people at the town hall were also very helpful, even talking to the town committee members.
As I went to neighborhood association meetings and to help out at farmers' farms, I started to have more contact with local people (Shigeko Kawaguchi).
I bought land a long time ago with the idea of running a pension in Niseko in the future so that I could live with my disabled son.
In 1997, he opened a barrier-free pension in Niseko Town. However, my son gradually started having flashbacks of the bullying he suffered in middle school and high school, and he became mentally unstable.
I had known about Seikatsu no Ie since my days in Sapporo, so I decided to visit Seikatsu Ie around 2019.
I moved with my son. If I didn't have a home to live in,
I think he went back to Sapporo (Noriko Ito).
There are things that you can "understand because they intersect." We would like to continue to cherish opportunities to interact with local residents by increasing the number of locations where we collect resources.
Welfare is more of a shadow part. However, you never know when you too will become disabled due to an accident.
Some people born with disabilities are unable to live in Niseko Town and live in facilities far away.
I hope that such people can continue to live in this town (Shigeko Kawaguchi and Noriko Ito).

Household account book of our town

Household account book of our town
The financial situation of 2022 financial results
*Based on: Town Development Basic Ordinance Article 45 Announcement of financial status

The town's financial statements 2022 are currently being reviewed by the town council.
So this month, we will let you know how the town's money was used last year.

General account settlement

Revenue: 5,632,110,000 yen

dependent financial resources
Local transfer tax/grant 214.84 million yen A portion of national taxes will be distributed according to certain rules.
Town bond 392.25 million yen Borrowed when carrying out large-scale projects such as construction work.
National/Hokkaido expenditures: 847.52 million yen Subsidies for construction of roads and public housing, etc.
Local allocation tax: 2,505,080,000 yen The government will provide money that is insufficient for the town's financial strength to meet the standard town's financial needs.

Independent revenue source
Transfer funds: 48.91 million yen The shortage will be supplemented with funds (savings)
Miscellaneous income 175.91 million yen School lunch expenses and actual expenses for various projects, etc.
Usage fees, fees, etc. 486.42 million yen Public housing fees, garbage disposal fees, etc.
Town tax 961.18 million yen Resident tax, fixed asset tax, etc.

Maintenance of public facilities
In the general account settlement of fiscal 2022, both revenue and expenditure were lower than the previous year due to a decrease in donations and a decrease in the temporary special benefit program for families with children.
The main projects include demolition of the old government building in conjunction with the construction of the fire department building, work to extend the lifespan of aging public housing, sidewalk maintenance work on West Route 3 in front of the town road station, and learning and exchange center construction.
We carried out work to extend the life of the tar play book.

Projects carried forward to 2023
Based on factors such as the progress of the project and the timing of the government's budget allocation, we have decided on the ``Project to secure personnel and strengthen management,'' ``Purchase of vehicles for managing sports facilities,'' and ``Compost center stirring project.''
Agitator repair projects, etc. will be carried over to 2023.
The total budget to be carried over is 31.32 million yen, and the project will be implemented by securing income through the use of national and prefectural subsidies and the issuance of town bonds.

Town tax revenue increased by 79.18 million yen
The local allocation tax, which is the main source of revenue, increased by 83.91 million yen (+3.4%) from the previous year due to increases in both the ordinary allocation tax and the special allocation tax, and the town tax increased by 7. Although the amount increased by 9.18 million yen (+9.0%), we are still affected by COVID-19, and revenue from town resident tax and bathing tax has decreased compared to before the coronavirus.
On the other hand, town bonds (borrowing from the government, banks, etc.) decreased by 132,290,000 yen (-25.2%) due to a decrease in business scale.

Necessary investments in hardware and software
Hard projects include public housing improvement projects (Chuo Danchi), town road improvement projects (Niseko Station sidewalk maintenance, etc.), bridge life extension projects (Moiwa Bridge, etc.), and Soga area water pipe renewal projects, etc. We have carried out maintenance updates.
In the software business, we focused our efforts on promoting agriculture and tourism, the town's core industries, by implementing clean agriculture and working to create a sustainable tourism area.
We are also continuing to implement welfare and child-rearing measures, such as the continuation of the child medical expenses system and the long-term holiday child care program.

Expenditures: 5,443,630,000 yen

Firefighting expenses 173.49 million yen Firefighting activities, emergency activities, etc.
Agriculture, forestry and fisheries expenses 358.11 million yen Farmland/farm road maintenance, forest maintenance, etc.
Congress, commerce and industry expenses, etc. 401.95 million yen Congress, commerce and industry, disaster recovery, etc.
Sanitation costs 469.27 million yen Simple water supply, health promotion, garbage disposal, etc.
Educational expenses 642.6 million yen Management of each school and Kindergarten, school bus, Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum, etc.
Civil engineering costs 656.65 million yen Snow removal, road construction and maintenance, public housing management, sewerage, etc.
Public debt expenses 696.58 million yen Repayment of town bonds (debt) (principal 673.43 million yen, interest 23.15 million yen)
Public welfare expenses 853.22 million yen Welfare projects, etc.
General affairs expenses 1,191.76 million yen Public relations, demand bus, government building management, personnel expenses, etc.

Settlement amount for each fiscal year (general account)

In 2022, the settlement amount was lower than the previous year.

For future facility development
Currently, the national emergency farmland reorganization project (directly managed project by the state), which is in its 8th year since its inception, is progressing with construction towards completion in FY2020, as well as the fire department building redevelopment project and the Kutchan Welfare Hospital. 2nd phase adjustment
We are also proceeding with projects such as preparation cost burden projects and public housing renovations in a planned manner.
In implementing these investment projects, we will borrow town bonds that receive a high proportion of support from the national government, and prioritize and equalize projects to ensure stable management of town finances in order to properly manage the balance of local bonds. I will try my best.

Settlement amount per town resident
(General account revenue)
1,133,221 yen
*Calculated based on the basic resident register population of 4,970 people as of March 31, 2023
*Town expenses have been replaced to make it easier to imagine.
Please see it as a reference
Town finances (general account)
If we replace this with a family with an annual income of 4 million yen,...


Independent revenue source
basic salary
(Resident tax, usage fee, etc.) 85,675 yen
(Various income) 10,411 yen
withdrawal of savings
(Fund transfer) 2,895 yen
Subtotal 98,981 yen

dependent financial resources
Sales allowance, commission pay, etc.
(local allocation tax, subsidies, etc.) 211,137 yen
(Town bonds, etc.) 23,215 yen

Subtotal 234,352 yen
Total income: 333,333 yen


food expenses
(Personnel expenses/support expenses) 83,796 yen

loan repayment
(Bond expenses) 42,654 yen
Utility expenses, car purchase, etc.
(property cost)
Home and car repair costs
(Maintenance and repair costs/disaster recovery costs)
56,451 yen
17,321 yen
Neighborhood association fees, donations
(Support expenses, etc.) 69,541 yen
Building a house or garage
(Construction project costs)
Medical expenses and allowances
(money withdrawn)
money lent to an acquaintance
30,600 yen
25,031 yen
1,102 yen
6,837 yen
Total expenditure: 333,333 yen

*Town expenses have been replaced to make it easier to imagine.
Please see it as a reference

Special account settlement
Special accounts are established based on laws and ordinances when it is necessary to distinguish accounting from other accounts, such as when conducting a specific business.

National Health Insurance Business
214.68 million yen
213.55 million yen

Medical care business for the elderly
59.37 million yen
59.33 million yen

Simple water supply business
537.02 million yen
536.37 million yen

Public sewerage business
211.28 million yen
210.67 million yen

Agricultural community drainage business
13.87 million yen
13.87 million yen

Medical expenses per insured person under the National Health Insurance program in 2022 were 220,392 yen, a decrease of 2,491 yen compared to 2021

Current status of property
Towns own land such as roads and parks, and buildings such as public facilities and public housing. We also own other assets in the form of investments.

Land 9,753.184 square meters
Building 90,840 square meters
Rights from investment
(Land Development Corporation investment, etc.) 6.95 million yen
(Kirat Niseko stock certificates, etc.) 42.72 million yen
Hokkaido Biko Fund Association Payment
(Savings for disasters) 315.2 million yen

Current status of fund (savings)
Although there was a partial withdrawal from the forest environment transfer tax fund, etc., the overall fund balance increased due to accumulation of debt sinking funds, public facility improvement funds, etc.

1,908.6 million yen (+71.36 million yen)

Forest environment transfer tax fund 4.4 million yen (-5.9 million yen)
Traffic Orphans Education Fund 5 million yen (+1.93 million yen)
Sports Promotion Business Fund 10 million yen (+4.94 million yen)
Social Welfare Business Fund 38.87 million yen (+700,000 yen)
Industrial Promotion Fund 61.85 million yen (no increase or decrease)
Hometown Development Fund 82.04 million yen (+33.32 million yen)
National Health Insurance Fund 87.73 million yen (+8.6 million yen)
Regional welfare fund 97.62 million yen (-7.26 million yen)
Land development fund 180,000 yen (+10,000 yen)
National emergency farmland reorganization project fund 111.79 million yen (+10 million yen)
Government building construction fund 142.12 million yen (+10,000 yen)
Debt sinking fund 194.53 million yen (+15 million yen)
Public facility development fund 485.05 million yen (+10 million yen)
Fiscal adjustment fund 487.52 million yen (+10,000 yen)

Current status of town bonds (debt)
Considering the financial burden of the government building improvement project in later years, we will systematically accumulate funds in the debt sinking fund by FY 2020, when the principal redemption of the new government building begins.

Debt balance: 8,439.8 million yen (-91.88 million yen)
Amount borne by the country and town of the outstanding debt

Estimated amount to be provided by the government: 4,750,010,000 yen 56%
Estimated amount that the town will actually bear: 3,689,790,000 yen 44%

Debt amount and repayment amount for each year

Town bond repayment amount
829.24 million yen (principal)
39.76 million yen (interest)

Town bond issue amount
765.6 million yen

We will inform you of the financial indicators for fiscal 2022

In order to prevent local governments from going bankrupt, the national government enacted the Financial Soundness Act in 2007.
This law is a rule that uses new fiscal indicators to check the fiscal deterioration of local governments in two stages: "early restoration" and "fiscal revitalization."
At the same time, special accounts and public enterprise accounts are combined with the general account in order to clarify the financial situation of local governments through consolidated financial statements.
This fiscal index establishes ``Early Soundness Standards (Yellow Card)'' and ``Financial Recovery Standards (Red Card),'' and also ``Management Soundness Standards'' for public enterprise accounts such as simple water supply and sewerage. yellow card).
Starting with the fiscal year 2008 financial results, local governments that exceed the standards for any of these indicators are subject to various restrictions, including the need to formulate plans to improve their fiscal health.
As a result of calculations based on 2022 financial results, in Niseko Town, all indicators are good values that are below the early soundness standards.

Financial indicators (1)

Niseko Town Early Soundness Standards Financial Revitalization Standards
Real deficit ratio - 15% 20%
Consolidated real deficit ratio - 20% 30%
Real debt service ratio 6.1% (previous year: 8.0%) 25% 35%
Future burden ratio 44.7% (previous year: 53.4%) 350% None

*Real deficit ratio and consolidated real deficit ratio do not occur because there is no deficit.

real deficit ratio
An index of the extent of the deficit in the general account, which summarizes basic administrative expenses such as welfare, education, firefighting, and road construction.

Consolidated real deficit ratio
An index of the extent of the town's overall deficit after adding up the deficits and surpluses of all accounts in Niseko Town.

Real debt service ratio
In addition to the repayment amount of borrowings from the general account, this is an index that is the sum of the amount owed by the special account for borrowings and the amount borne by expenses equivalent to the borrowings.

Future burden ratio
In addition to expenses based on the calculation of the real public debt service ratio, it is an index of the size of the amount that the general account may bear in the future among the retirement allowances for employees and the debts of established corporations and some administrative associations.

Financial indicators (2) Public enterprise accounting

Fund shortage ratio
Name of special account Niseko Town Management Soundness Standards
Simple water supply business special account - 20%
Public sewerage project special account - 20%
Agricultural village drainage project special account - 20%

*As there is no deficit in either account, no ratio is generated.
However, the deficit is covered by funds transferred from the general account.

Fund shortage ratio
An index that compares the deficit amount of each public enterprise account with the business scale such as fee income


Topic of town

Topic of town

みなさんの地域や職場の話題などありましたら、広報担当(TEL 0136-44-2121)までお気軽にご連絡ください。

I'll do my best with lots of energy! Kindergarten sports day

On September 9th, Kindergarten Sports Day was held at Niseko Elementary School Ground.
On a refreshing day, the sports day started with all the kindergarteners performing the "Mickey Mouse March Exercises."
The fox group and the raccoon group compete in the red and white ball. I inserted a lot of balls while the teacher held me.
The sheep group pretends to be farmers, fills baskets and sleighs with colorful vegetables, and runs to the finish line.
The Kuma group was divided into red and white teams, and they easily completed difficult obstacles such as vaulting boxes that were taller than their height, climbing over large doorboards, and crossing the balance beam on the way down.
The children were enthusiastically cheered and applauded by their parents as they worked hard in the competition.

Let's all cooperate and not lose! (Fox group and raccoon group: younger children)

Big harvest festival for the sheep group (year-round children)!

The Bear group (older children) can also jump over high vaulting boxes!

High school is like this! Niseko High School one-day trial admission

On August 19th, a trial enrollment was held at Niseko High School, with the participation of 32 junior high school students and their parents from inside and outside Hokkaido, including Fukuoka, Gifu, and Kanagawa prefectures.
During the class experience, unique classes were held in English, mathematics, Japanese, tourism, agriculture, etc.
In addition, programs such as a counseling session with current students and a tour of the dormitory were also held, making it a trial admission experience that conveyed the appeal of Niseko High School.

I tried practicing English pronunciation.

Everyone is different and everyone is good Niseko Welfare Festival

On August 26th, the Welfare Festival was held for the first time in four years.
Kids dance and hula dancing were performed in the large hall, while a recycling bazaar, used book market, health and nursing care consultations, etc. were held in the small hall and lobby.
The final lottery was filled with great excitement as prizes were won.
For the first time in a while, everyone from children to the elderly and people with disabilities deepened their interactions.

Get the final special prize!

Presentation of a letter of appreciation for local contribution with gratitude

On September 1st, Mayor Katayama presented letters of appreciation to Kikuchi Construction Mining Co., Ltd. and Nippon Road Co., Ltd.'s Hokkaido Branch for their community contribution activities.
Kikuchi Construction Mining was asked to clean the gutters on the Hokuei Higashi-dori Line, and Nippon Road painted the wooden parts of the Kirakaido bus stops (2) and garbage stations (5).
This award was given in recognition of this.

Thanks to Nippon Road (left) and Kikuchi Construction Mining (right)

Community development lecture for citizens towards formulating architectural guidelines

The town held the 214th and 215th town development lectures on architectural guidelines on August 24th and 25th.
The town has been working to create a better landscape through Landscape Ordinance and quasi-urban planning.
However, in recent years, complex construction and development plans, including unprecedented large-scale developments, have been increasing in each region, making it difficult to handle these projects with current ordinances and regulations alone. It's becoming more and more.
Therefore, for the past three years, the town has been working on formulating architectural guidelines that define goals, policies, and standards for landscape formation for the town as a whole and for each region.

Planned to be formulated within this fiscal year

Enjoy skateboarding in Niseko! Chuo Sokogun Skate Park

A skate park event sponsored by the Niseko Skate Park Executive Committee was held for three days from August 25th to 27th at the Niseko Central Warehouse Group.
Following the Niseko Wood Park event held last year, this year it has been held every month since June.
During the beginners class, we also teach how to play at the skate park and provide simple lessons, so you can have fun with peace of mind.
Representative Shinji Tani said, ``A lot of people, from children to adults, come to play.
Someday, I would like to create a place in Niseko where you can enjoy skateboarding! ” he said.

You can ski in a spacious space

Together with friends, Kotobuki University/Senior Club Union Joint Sports Day

On August 29th, a joint sports day between Kotobuki University and the Senior Citizens' Club was held at the Town Center for the first time in four years.
Athletes were divided into three teams based on district: Hondori, Higashi, and Nansei, and competed for points in eight events.
It was a competition that tested teamwork, but all teams worked together to compete in close competition.
In the final event of the morning session, ``Slot Ball,'' students could be seen seriously hitting the ball in hopes of getting a high score.
In the end, the Hondori team won! The players were able to deepen their friendships and have fun working up a sweat.

Have a great time bowling!

Let's climb the mountains of Niseko! Climb Niseko Annupuri together

On September 2nd, the Niseko Annupuri Climb was co-sponsored by the NPO Niseko Mirai Support Team and the town community school.
Led by local mountain climbing guides, everyone successfully reached the summit and descended the mountain.
35 people, including children and parents, participated. The children were intrigued by the scenery and plants that can only be achieved by mountain climbing, and enjoyed the mountains of Niseko.

Climb while checking your feet carefully

Disaster prevention seminar to learn immediately useful techniques

On September 5th, the town held the 216th Town Development Citizens' Course "Disaster Prevention Seminar."
Approximately 20 people learned how to protect children from disasters and outdoor-style disaster prevention techniques, led by Andorisu, who supervises NHK Hokkaido's ``What's Disaster Prevention?'' program.
During the course, we used springs to simulate water pressure when walking through floodwaters.

Rain gear and headlamps are very useful during disasters.

Day donates a rag to Kondo Elementary School as a thank you for the drums.

The day service center visited Kondo Elementary School on September 11th and donated rags to the children's association.
This is the first time we have donated rags.
Every year during the Obon period, we borrowed drums from Kondo Elementary School, and as a token of gratitude, the users diligently hand-sewed the drums during their time at the school.

We asked energetic elementary school students to share their energy with us.


Everybody's page

Everybody's page
This is the participation page for the townspeople. We look forward to hearing from you!
Public Relations and Public Hearing Section, Planning and Environment Division TEL: 44-2121 FAX: 44-3500

We would like to introduce you to the opinions and letters received from everyone.
My opinion
This month, we will introduce a method for you to easily communicate with the town about things you notice about the town and town development on a daily basis.
Please feel free to use it.

Please send me your opinion

This month's newsletter includes a sheet called ``My Opinion.''
This form is enclosed so that you can easily convey your opinions and questions about the town and community development that you have on a daily basis to the town.
After gluing the paper, it becomes an envelope and can be mailed as is (no postage required).
The mayor directly opens the paper that arrives at the town and checks the contents.
After that, we will reply to each of your opinions and questions, so please fill in your name and address as much as possible (personal information will be strictly protected).
In addition, we will give instructions to the department in charge about what needs to be addressed and what is possible, and we will respond as soon as possible.
In addition to this form, we are also accepting opinions in any other way, including by letter, fax, email, or at the Community Development Public Listening Boxes located throughout the town.
I will.
*“Town Development Public Listening Boxes” are installed at the town hall, town center, Kiranoyu, and Asobuku.

Please use "town development talk"
If you want to talk with the town mayor in a group, please use the "Town Development Talk".
Once approximately five townspeople have gathered, the mayor will arrive at a designated location. If you don't have a place, we will provide one in town.
You can also use it when you want to hear specialized stories from each section chief or person in charge.
If you are interested, please contact the Public Relations and Public Hearing Section of the Planning and Environment Division in advance, as dates and other details may need to be adjusted.

Niseko High School Agricultural Club
2nd year students are going on a field trip!
2nd year Accountant Sakura Nakajima

Second year students will be going on a field trip to Malaysia from October 16th to 21st.
This is my first overseas field trip in four years due to the new coronavirus.
Many of them were going abroad for the first time, and they had some trouble applying for passports, but thanks to their families and teachers, preparations went smoothly.
I'm really looking forward to it now. Additionally, during the field trip, there will be classes divided into the "Agrifood Course" and the "Global Tourism Course."
Taking classes abroad is a fresh and valuable experience, so I would like to learn a lot.
This is a very big event in high school life where you spend 5 nights and 6 days with your classmates.
I want to work with everyone, have fun to the fullest, and create the best memories of my high school life! I will go safely without getting hurt! !

Niseko Tanka Association

What do you wish for with the sparklers of your childhood when the strips of paper swayed on Tanabata? Sadako Sasaki
A pear tree is still bearing green fruit in the grassy area of the ruins of the deserted birthplace Hijibumi Yamazaki

Niseko Haiku Association

Eating watermelon and letting the seeds fly and thinking about my sister Eiko Ogawa
The autumn wind and the leaves begin to quietly fall Ayako Shimizu
At dusk, the color is a deep purple, and Yuriko Kudo is grilling swordfish.
It's good to be healthy for the rest of your life Yasuko Shigemori

Play book news No.247

Learning Exchange Center Aso Book
■ Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Closed: Mondays, last Fridays, public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays
TEL.0136-43-2155 FAX.0136-43-2156


If you can find a wonderful picture book
We are displaying recommended books from basic courses held by the Otaru Picture Book and Children's Literature Research Center.

Books donated by Sankei Shimbun
Children's books and picture books were donated. Everyone please use it.


Play book hobby class “Ainu pattern paper-cutting”

Participants will experience cutting out Ainu patterns. Is it a child?
We will open a classroom that can be enjoyed by adults as well. Ainu kimono
You will also experience trying on clothes and appreciating folk implements.
◆Date and time: October 15th (Sunday) 2:00pm - 5:00pm
◆Capacity: 15 people (elementary school students and above) *Application required
◆Lecturer/Kozue Kadowaki
*For details, please see the poster in the Asobuk Hall and the website.

Recruitment of library volunteers

At Asobuku, you can volunteer as a group or as an individual.
We would like to thank everyone in A for supporting our activities. this
We are always looking for library volunteers. people who are interested
Please let us know.
<Work content>
1. Organizing bookshelves 2. Organizing and storing local materials

Recruiting volunteers to appear on Radio Niseko
"Everyone's Playbook" Broadcast every Tuesday from 15:30 to 15:50
Would you like to appear on the Aso Book program “Minna no Aso Book”? Read a prepared manuscript or read aloud from a book.

Notice of closure
In addition to our regular closing days, we will be closed on Tuesday, October 10th.


Book Exhibition 9/30 - 10/26 ``Books by Comedians Who Are Masters of Art'' A collection of books by comedians from various fields. Do you have a favorite comedian?

Hobby Exhibition 10/1~10/14 Photo/Takuji Sakai 10/15~10/31 Handicraft/Yoko Sakai

Asobukku recommended books

“Searching for Spiders” Kanako Nishi: Author (Kawade Shobo Shinsha)
"I got cancer in Canada."
The author, who was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma while staying in Canada during the 2021 coronavirus pandemic, has written her first book, full of prayer and determination, that clearly depicts the eight months from cancer discovery to remission. It's non-fiction.
From the content, you can learn about the differences in medical care between Canada and Japan in various situations.
The author says, ``I am me. I am a woman and I am the best.''
The positive words convey laughter, emotion, and fear, and the author learns that the most important thing is to think about how you want to live. Makes you reconsider the wonders of life
This is a book that will help you.

New arrival book introduction

practical book
macaroni teaches you the basics of making sweets that won't fail macaroni
Warm and stylish children's hat crocheted by Apple Mints
Shintaro Sakai solves the problem of spring fingers

Reading material
August Imperial Palace Grand Manabu Manjome
Respect Brady Mikako
Predator Atsuko Asano

Children's books and picture books
Totto-chan's 15 Pieces Tetsuko Kuroyanagi
Nekoneko School Sumiko Karita
Let's go out every time Nana Furiya

There are many other new books. Please take a look at the Playbook.


Niseko Town Area Development Cooperation Team

Report daily activities from the members!
Next Door Cooperation Team 25.

We will send out information every month so that the townspeople can learn about the activities and personalities of our volunteers!

Editor in charge
<3rd year> Ken Suzuki
<2nd year> Misa Kudo
<1st year> Takako Itami Ago Miyamae

Introducing the activities of the cooperation team

≫Radio Niseko
Inside [Kira Niseko]
"Because I like Niseko of the cooperation team~"
(Every Monday from 3:20pm to 50pm)

<Those scheduled to perform in October>
10/2 Koichi Fukikoshi and Onohana Suzuki
10/9 Kenshi Hirayama/Hokuto Takagi
10/16 Daisuke Kudo/Yosuke Kiyobe
10/23 Risa Ito/Arisa Fukuda
10/30 Onohana Suzuki/Yukako Ohashi

≫Information is also being sent on SNS!

Graduation special feature

Tatsuro Takahashi
(From Aomori Prefecture)
Assigned to/Niseko Machi Co., Ltd.

Thank you for your support,
Let's connect

We will post greetings from members who graduated at the end of July 2023.

I became an employee of Niseko Machi Co., Ltd. from August of this year. I joined the volunteer force in July last year, and since it was still early, I thought about whether to continue as a volunteer volunteer or quit, but I decided to put my foot down and promote what Niseko City is aiming for.
I decided to.
Through event support for the volunteer groups and Niseko Town work, I was able to connect with many people living in the town, including shops, pensions, and hotels.
This is an irreplaceable treasure.
This important accomplishment would not have been possible without the support of my partner, family, volunteer team members, former workplace members, friends, and Niseko Town members.
thank you very much.
Up until now, we have been working to use energy without wasting it, but in addition to this, we would like to help create systems that people living in the city can enjoy. Thank you, continue.

Overall activity report

event support

Tanabata night
I participated in the Tanabata evening held on August 5th.
I was involved in a wide range of tasks such as operation and preparations for the day before, and it was a great opportunity to experience the summer fireworks festival that is unique to Niseko Town.
In particular, the hot air balloon experience, which is one of the highlights of Tanabata Evening, is very popular among people of all ages and genders, and I myself was able to experience a hot air balloon for the first time.
In this way, Tanabata Evening is a summer festival where you can experience an extraordinary experience, and it is one of the most rewarding events in the town, and at the same time, it is a valuable opportunity to deepen friendships with the townspeople and the people who run the festival. I thought.
I was also very impressed by the smiles on the faces of the townspeople, and I felt a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment by being involved in the operation. (Ago Miyamae)

Introduction of my assignment
22.Niseko Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry
2nd year Misa Kudo (from Ebetsu City)

Addressing human resource shortages
At the place I am assigned, I mainly support the members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
After actually working there, I learned that Niseko Town has a serious shortage of human resources.
I have experience working as a cook at an elementary school, so I often receive requests from restaurants.
I sometimes do work in other industries or fields that I have no experience with, but that is also interesting and provides a good stimulus.
I feel that this type of work allows me to gather information about cafe management, which I am aiming for as an independent activity, and also provides a place for me to meet new people.
One of the things I enjoy is hearing from employees about delicious ingredients and restaurants in the Niseko area.
We will continue to do our best every day to help alleviate the shortage of human resources!

steps to independence
Third year
Arisa Fukuda
(Born in Iwamizawa City)
Place of assignment/
Children's Future Division
Niseko Children's Museum

Niseko and used clothes
Comfy, a used clothing store that I started in the winter of my first year, will soon be entering its third year.
The secondhand clothing store, which I started with a lot of anxiety at first, has quietly continued on with the encouragement and courage of the many regular customers.
Customers come not only from within the town, but also from outside the town, and I myself am really enjoying the business.
From the second year onwards, I started participating in various events as a stallholder.
By participating, you can receive advice from stall owners in other regions, so I think opening a stall is a great opportunity to receive a lot of opinions and inspiration.
This is my third year as a volunteer volunteer, with only six months left.
I would like to cherish the time I have left and do my best to continue running my second-hand clothing store, Comfy. Please come and visit us!

ShiriBeshi Glocal Internship
On August 17th (Thursday), a networking event was held with university students participating in the internship program "ShiriBeshi Glocal Internship (commonly known as ShiriBeshi Study Abroad)" conducted by the Shiribeshi General Promotion Bureau, four volunteer volunteers, and one international relations officer. I did.
At the meet-up, we talked about our careers to date, why we moved to Niseko Town, and our future life plans.
We hope that the networking event will broaden the interns' horizons and lead them to take on the challenges of their future dreams and things they want to do.
We look forward to seeing you next time in Niseko in winter! (Emi Deguchi)

PET bottle rocket launch experience support
On Monday, August 21st, we had a chance to experience launching a plastic bottle rocket with the children in the after-school children's classroom and children's building.
Four members from the Japan Cooperation Volunteers participated in the support, and more than 40 children came.
Some of the children launched the ball two or three times, and some were challenging themselves to see who could launch it the farthest.
Although the event was held in the heat, I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. (Koichi Fukikoshi)

A new member has joined!
Saiki Saito
(From Saitama Prefecture)
Assignment location/Central warehouse group

My life has changed from a busy life buried in the crowds of the city to a life surrounded by Mt. Yotei and beautiful nature, eating delicious food, and leading a happy life.
I personally don't have many skills or experience, but I can see a lot of the charm of Niseko Town, and I will do my best to interact with the townspeople and liven up Niseko Town together!
thank you!

smiling square

In this section, we will introduce various activities and information related to child-rearing!

Parenting topics

We harvested vegetables! Kindergarten
The potatoes planted in the spring have grown large, and the Kuma-gumi (older children) dug the potatoes.
Many of the children said it was their first time harvesting potatoes, and they cheered when they pulled the vines and large potatoes came out.
The children looked happy as they harvested a lot of large potatoes and held them in their hands.
We were able to harvest some large and nice pumpkins, and we all took them to Kindergarten.
The harvested vegetables are cooked in the school lunch room and enjoyed by everyone.

I caught a lot!

CPR Ohisama
We held an emergency course for parents of small children to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other techniques.
Niseko Fire Department staff showed us on a projector how to treat broken bones, how to stop bleeding, and what to do in case of accidental ingestion.The second half was a demonstration of cardiopulmonary resuscitation for infants and how to use an AED.
They kindly provided me with technical guidance.
Participating mothers gave very positive comments, such as ``I learned a lot because it was difficult to learn how to use cardiopulmonary resuscitation,'' and ``I'm glad I was able to participate and learn a lot.''

It takes a surprising amount of strength! !

“Ohisama” is a place where parents and children can play casually, and where friends can talk about their worries. (Inside Kindergarten)


Recruiting children to enter the Early Kindergarten in 2020
Recruitment for kindergarteners who will enroll in 2020 has begun.
The documents required for admission will be distributed at Kindergarten.
◆Recruitment period: November 1st (Wednesday) - November 30th (Thursday)
◆Application/ Kindergarten
[Short-time childcare] (kindergarten type)
■Target age/3, 4, 5 year olds
[Long-term childcare] (nursery school type)
■Target age/Children 6 months to 5 years old
<We will hold an information session Kindergarten admission in 2020>
◆Date and time: November 1st (Wednesday) 6:30 p.m.
◆Place/ Kindergarten
*If you would like childcare, please apply by Wednesday, October 25th.

carrot digging
Would you like to participate in the parenting course in October?
◆Date/Time: October 10th (Tuesday) 10:20am~
*Go to the field by bus
◆Meeting place/ Kindergarten
◆Application deadline: October 6th (Friday)
* Reserve date in case of rain: October 16th (Monday)

Kindergarten childcare opening
Early Kindergarten childcare for parents and children aged 0 to preschool age
We will do a release. Experience childcare at Kindergarten.
◆Date/Time/Wednesday, October 25th, 10am-
◆Application deadline: October 18th (Wednesday)

<Inquiries about this page>
Niseko Town Kindergarten "Kiratto" In charge / Aoki / Sato
TEL.(代表)0136-44-2700 FAX.0136-44-2725

Health promotion news vol.107

Josen Public Health Nurse

保健福祉課健康づくり係 TEL.0136-44-2121

A healthy body starts with your teeth and mouth

It is becoming clear that periodontal disease, which is the leading cause of tooth loss, has an impact on the whole body.
Daily dental and oral care is important.

What kind of disease is periodontal disease?
Periodontal disease is a disease that destroys the gums and bones that support the teeth.
The cause of periodontal disease is periodontal bacteria that accumulates in the plaque between the teeth and gums.
This bacteria causes inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) and gradually destroys the periodontal tissue.
Periodontal disease has few symptoms in its early stages, but by the time you notice it, it has progressed and you may lose your teeth.

Self-check for periodontal disease
If applicable, seek treatment for periodontal disease as soon as possible.
・My bad breath was pointed out to me, so I was concerned about it myself.
・When you wake up in the morning, your mouth is sticky
・Blood comes out when brushing your teeth
- Gums are red and swollen
- Gums recede and teeth become longer
-It's easy for things to get stuck between your teeth
・I feel like my teeth are floating.

Diseases related to periodontal disease

1. Diabetes: Periodontal disease has long been said to be one of the complications of diabetes.
Furthermore, it has recently become clear that periodontal disease is associated with worsening diabetes symptoms.
Periodontal disease and diabetes are said to have a bidirectional relationship.

2. Angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, and cerebral infarction: Arteriosclerosis has been thought to be caused by lifestyle habits such as diet, lack of exercise, and stress, but another factor is bacteria such as periodontal disease bacteria.
Infection has received attention. Stimulation from periodontal disease bacteria causes substances that induce arteriosclerosis to be released, causing blood vessels to become clogged.
For the same reason, it is thought that cerebral infarction is also likely to be related to periodontal disease.

3. Pneumonia: Many of the bacteria that cause aspiration pneumonia, which occurs when food or foreign objects are accidentally swallowed into the trachea or lungs, are said to be periodontal disease bacteria.

Oral health begins with a tooth-brushing habit that leaves no residue left behind.
Even if you brush your teeth every day, if there is any leftover brush left behind, this can lead to cavities and periodontal disease.
Let's learn self-care that leaves no residue.

1. Carefully brush the areas where dental plaque tends to accumulate: Focus on the biting grooves of the back teeth, the spaces between the teeth, and the boundaries between the teeth and gums.

2. Check the condition of your teeth and gums in the mirror: Checking the condition of your teeth and gums in the mirror is the first step in preventing periodontal disease.
The important points are whether there is any dental plaque, whether the gums are swollen, and whether the border between the teeth and the gums is narrow.

3. Use floss and interdental brushes: Use dental floss and interdental brushes to thoroughly remove plaque in areas that are difficult to reach with the bristles of your toothbrush.

4. See your dentist: Your dentist can directly check your oral health.
Oral health is connected to overall health, so it is important to work with your dentist to improve your oral health.

Information of living

Information of living
News from Niseko Town


We will hold nuclear disaster prevention training again this year!
This year as well, the town will hold a "nuclear disaster prevention drill" sponsored by Hokkaido and 13 towns and villages.
This year's training will focus on inspection procedures before heading to evacuation facilities in the event that a nuclear disaster requires evacuation outside of town.
In addition, we will provide disaster prevention lectures, interrupt broadcasts on disaster prevention radio as part of public relations training during disasters, and use cars to publicize residents.

■Purpose of the training/Disaster prevention related organizations cooperate to improve disaster prevention technology so that nuclear disaster prevention measures can be implemented smoothly, as well as improve disaster prevention awareness among local residents and disaster prevention measures.
to promote understanding of
■Date/Time/Wednesday, October 25th
8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (tentative)
■Training items/
○Inspection when leaving the evacuation area
We will take a bus to Kutchan Town Central Park, which is the inspection site for evacuation, and undergo inspections of training participants and vehicles, and perform simple decontamination as necessary.
〇Training time
8:30 a.m. Training begins (disaster response headquarters establishment training, disaster prevention radio interruption broadcasts, public relations using public relations vehicles, emergency environmental radiation monitoring training)
10:30 a.m. Disaster prevention lecture (about evacuation center operation manuals, etc.)
12:30 p.m. Inspection upon leaving the evacuation center (Kutchan Town Central Park) Transfer by bus
3:30 p.m. Training ends
■問合せ/総務課防災係 TEL0136-44-2121 担当=青田・小西

Notice of Recruitment of Self-Defense Forces
● Self-Defense Force Candidates (4th)
・Eligibility for taking the exam: 18 years old or older but under 33 years old as of the 1st day of the scheduled hiring month
・ Reception period / October 13th (Friday) to November 9th (Thursday)
・Test date: November 19th (Sun), 20th (Mon)
● Self-Defense Force Candidates (5th)
・Eligibility for taking the exam: 18 years old or older but under 33 years old as of the 1st day of the scheduled hiring month
・ Reception period / November 10th (Friday) to December 8th (Friday)
・Examination date: December 16th (Sat), 17th (Sun)
Higher technical school students
・Eligibility to take the exam: Males between 15 and 17 years old as of April 1 2023
Registration period / 2023 October 1 (Sun.) -2023 January 5 (Fri.)
・Test date/[1st test] 2023 13th (Sat), 14th (Sun), 2020
[Second exam] January 25th (Thursday) and 28th (Sunday) 2023 2020
Please contact us for more information as test dates are subject to change.
■問合せ/自衛隊札幌地方協力本部倶知安地域事務所 TEL0136-23-3540
または自衛官募集相談員 下口 登さん TEL0136-44-2177

Cancellation of Niseko Town Industrial Festival 2023
The industrial festival scheduled to be held in mid-October has been canceled this year.
This is very disappointing news to everyone who was looking forward to it, and we appreciate your understanding.
■問合せ/農政課農政係 TEL0136-44-2121 担当=境・川尻

Don't forget to get the pneumococcal vaccine for the elderly
For those eligible for routine vaccinations, the vaccination period is until March 31, 2024, so don't forget to get vaccinated (please check the instructions sent to you individually).
■ Target /
1. Those who turned 65, 70 2023 or 100 years old between April 1, 2020 and March 31, 2020 and have received pneumococcal vaccination. someone who has never been
2. Persons between the ages of 60 and 65 who have impairments in the functions of the heart, kidneys, respiratory organs, etc., and immune functions caused by the human immunodeficiency virus.
■Fee/3,000 yen of vaccination cost will be subsidized
■指定医療機関/ニセコ医院 TEL0136-44-2201
■Payment method: If you receive the vaccination at a Niseko clinic, you will be required to pay 3,820 yen, which is the subsidy amount subtracted from the vaccination fee.
*If you are receiving the vaccination at a medical institution outside of town/Pay the full amount once, bring your receipt, seal, proof of account number, and My Number card (My Number Notification Card) and apply to the Health and Welfare Division. please. We will transfer 3,000 yen to your account at a later date (vaccination fees vary depending on the medical institution, so please check before vaccination).
■問合せ/保健福祉課健康づくり係 TEL0136-44-2121 担当=上仙・山本

★Erunos participation lecture in Niseko Town

I want to eliminate zero-one female councilors from Hokkaido.
~Challenge of Hokkaido, a group promoting the quota system (Q group, Hokkaido)~
Hokkaido is at the bottom of the 47 prefectures in terms of gender gap, but in order to avoid falling behind, we decided to start by addressing the political field.
From our challenge, I would like to explain the failure of the representative system, which can be said to be the basis of democracy, and why a quota system is necessary to improve it.
■Date and time: November 11th (Saturday) 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
■Venue/Townsman Center
■Lecturer/Mieko Hayashi, Professor, Nippon Medical University
■Sponsored by: Niseko Town, Town Board of Education
■問合せ/未来のニセコを拓く会 TEL080-3114-3145

Katahira attorney's
We will solve your worries!

●This month’s theme “Harassment Investigation”
Recently, sexual assault and harassment committed by a certain corporation has been making headlines.
In the news, it is reported that the corporation has created and published a 67-page investigation report by an outside expert, recognizing sexual assault and harassment, and has established measures to prevent recurrence.
By the way, when a business owner receives a request for consultation regarding harassment such as sexual harassment or power harassment in the workplace, the employer should investigate the facts and, if it is determined that harassment has occurred, take measures to prevent recurrence. It is stipulated by law that companies must formulate the following (Article 11 of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act and Article 30-2 of the Power Harassment Prevention Act).
Therefore, there is a legal basis for the investigation by an outside expert of a certain corporation, and it can be said that the corporation not only conducted the investigation but also made its own efforts in making the matter public.
Harassment investigations proceed without a clear understanding of the overall picture, and in some cases, the level required by law is not reached.
Therefore, I think that one way is to take the plunge and leave the investigation to an outside party.

Park Front Law Office Niseko Office
141 Hondori Niseko Town
TEL 0136-44-3800 FAX.0136-44-3801

There is a vacant room in the municipal housing

Type Apartment name Format Structure Rent Estimated Parking
Minimum to maximum space
Public housing Boyou housing complex 2LDK medium fire resistance 10,700 yen~
(For households) Building G (62.56 square meters) Structure 48,100 yen None
Room 301 Built in 1993, 3 stories (varies depending on income, etc.)

●Reception period: October 2nd (Monday) to October 16th (Monday)
●Eligibility and application method/Please inquire for details.
■Inquiries regarding municipal housing/City Construction Division Housing Management Section Person in charge: Onuki Sasaki

City Case Files
Niseko Town Crime Prevention Association

Incidents: 2 incidents including assault incidents
There was an incident of assault in which a person hit someone on the head on the sidewalk.
There was an incident where a wallet was stolen from a changing room at a hot spring facility.

Traffic Accidents Five of the 12 property accidents occurred in parking lots.

倶知安警察署/TEL 0136-22-0110

Would you like to participate in a tour of a garbage treatment facility?

The town will hold a tour of the garbage treatment facility to raise awareness of waste, including garbage treatment and separation.
This time, we will be touring the waste treatment and incineration facilities and recycling facilities of the Nishi Iburi Regional Union, which is made up of neighboring towns such as Toyoura Town, Date City, and Muroran City. If you would like to participate, please apply.
■Date and time/
October 23rd (Monday) 10am to 5pm (scheduled) Gather at the Town Center
■Visit facilities/Muroran City Melt Tower 21 (garbage processing facility), etc.
■Transportation means/chartered bus
■ Participation fee / free
■Capacity/25 people (first come, first served)
■Application deadline: October 16th (Monday)
■Other/Please prepare your own lunch (there will be a 1-hour lunch break in Date City).
■申込み・問合せ/町民生活課町民生活係 TEL 0136-44-2121 担当=松澤・金子

We collect used small household appliances

Small home appliances (products that run on electricity or batteries in your home) contain useful metals such as iron, aluminum, precious metals, and rare metals, and these metals can be recycled as resources.
If you have small home appliances that are no longer needed at home, please help us collect them.
*Small home appliances from people, businesses, offices, and stores outside the town cannot be collected.
■Collection date/
October 27th (Friday) 4:00pm - 7:00pm
Saturday, October 28th, 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
■ Collection location / Niseko Town heavy vehicle garage (opposite Niseko Dental Clinic)
■What can be collected/Products that run on electricity or batteries at home, such as mobile phones, telephones, digital cameras, irons, DVD players, notebook computers, and personal computers (other than displays)
■Items that cannot be collected: Small wooden home appliances such as kerosene stoves, televisions, washing machines, clothes dryers, air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, cathode ray tube displays, liquid crystal displays, kotatsu, and speakers; small and large cloth home appliances such as electric blankets and electric carpets. home appliances
*Please delete anything that contains personal information on your mobile phone or computer in advance.
*For safe and smooth processing, please be sure to remove batteries and printer ink and toner.
*Outer boxes and packaging materials will not be collected, so please bring only small home appliances or take home the outer boxes and packaging materials you brought to the venue.
*For those who are too old to bring their items to the collection site,
We will be picking up the items on October 26th (Thursday), so please contact the Town Citizens' Affairs Division as soon as possible.
■問合せ/町民生活課町民生活係 TEL 0136-44-2121 担当=金子・松澤

We will carry out the 2023 housing and land statistical survey.

The Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will conduct a housing and land statistical survey as of October 1st.
The purpose of this "2023 Housing and Land Statistical Survey" is to clarify the degree of achievement of housing performance standards such as living environment, earthquake resistance and fire prevention, energy-saving performance housing, and effective use of land. .

Statistics surveyor to survey household
When asked to fill out a survey form, please cooperate with the survey.
*Please be wary of "katari surveys" disguised as surveys.
Investigators must always carry an investigator ID card with a photograph of their face.
If you feel suspicious, please ask for your investigator ID or contact us.
■Survey target area/part of Arishima, part of Hondori, Kondo
■Survey reference date/as of October 1st
■Response method: Handing the questionnaire directly to the researcher, answering by mail, answering online
■問合せ/企画環境課経営企画係 TEL 0136-44-2121 担当=吉田・佐々木


★Let's interact with the local community
Whole town 9-person volleyball tournament

Participate in the regional volleyball tournament and deepen your friendships with the local community.
■Date and time: Game starts at 9am on Sunday, November 26th
■Venue/General gymnasium
■Application deadline: November 10th (Friday)
*Please apply for each regional team.
■Supervisors meeting/Wednesday, November 15th
■ Place / Townsman Center
■申込み・問合せ/町民学習課スポーツ係 TEL 0136-44-2034 担当=吹越・佐々木

swiss yodel wind concert

alpshorn fairy
We welcome "Liza Stoll" to deliver the essence of Swiss folk music.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy the world of Swiss music by Lisa Stoll, who has captivated the world with her soft tones and high technique.
■Date and time: Tuesday, October 10th Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Show starts at 6:00 p.m.
■ Place / Townsman Center
■Price/Free admission (all seats are free seats)
■問合せ/文化協会事務局 TEL 0136-44-2034


★Please feel free to contact us
"Special Administrative Consultation Office" established

Please feel free to contact the Administrative Consultation Committee with any complaints, opinions, or requests you may have regarding the work, services, and procedures provided by government offices in your daily life, things you are not satisfied with, things you would like to see done, etc.
Consultations are free and strictly confidential.
■Consultation contents/welfare, roads, pensions, registration, employment insurance, office counter services, etc.
■Date and time: October 20th (Friday) 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
■ Place / Townsman Center
■Administrative Counselor/Eiji Kanouchi (Arishima) TEL 0136- 44 -2407
■問合せ/町民生活課町民生活係  TEL 0136-44-2121 担当=松澤・金子


October is “Illegal Light Oil Prevention Month”

Illegal light oil refers to mixed light oil, which is made by mixing light oil with kerosene, heavy oil, etc., and manufactured light oil, which is mixed with petroleum products other than light oil.
Selling or using illegal diesel fuel as fuel for trucks, etc. constitutes tax evasion of the diesel oil collection tax.
In addition, these illegal diesel fuels increase PM (particulate matter) and NOx (nitrogen oxides) in exhaust gas, causing air pollution and having a negative impact on the natural environment.
In Hokkaido, October is designated as ``Illegal Gas Oil Prevention Month'' and efforts are being made to eradicate illegal diesel oil.
If you have any information regarding illegal diesel oil, please contact us.
■問合せ/不正軽油110番(通話料無料) TEL 080-0800-2110
または後志総合振興局税務課 TEL 0136-23-1336


Activities of a town development company! Vol.33

We held an outdoor event at the end of summer.
On Sunday, August 27th, we held an event for bench building, chainsaw art, and edamame harvesting!
Mr. Arai, a member of the Regional Revitalization Cooperation Team, used a chainsaw to cut a large log to make a bench using the Sakhalin fir felled during the Shingetsu Fell and Leaf Garbage Tour.
During the chainsaw art tour, Mr. Kinoshita, who participated as a guest lecturer, proceeded with the production and created a rabbit art piece.
The children made yellow flower decorations and it was a very cute atmosphere.
The children who participated watched the work with great interest.
When harvesting edamame beans, we harvested them with the branches still attached, and everyone worked together to remove the edamame beans.
We prepared the soil with plenty of nutrients before sowing, and the beans grew into big, plump beans.
I boiled and ate freshly harvested edamame on the spot and was impressed by the sweetness of the freshly harvested tea beans.
After enjoying the sweetness of edamame, we planted cherries.
Seven seedlings that are cousins of the twin cherry trees inherited from Niseko High School. Everyone dug a hole and planted the tree, saying, ``I hope it grows big.''
Everyone looked serious while planting, and their smiles after planting were wonderful.
Our next event will be a fun fall outdoor event on Sunday, October 29th!
While roasting sweet potatoes over a bonfire, we will collect seeds from the edamame we have grown for next year.
We look forward to your participation in the future!
■問合せ/ニセコまち TEL 0136-55-6087

We received a generous donation. thank you for your kindness

《Niseko Town Social Welfare Council Reception》
"Please use it for social welfare" Anonymous
“Please use it for social welfare” (welfare festival sales)
Ms. Yoshiko Saito, Representative of Niseko Town Red Cross Volunteer Group
“Please use it for social welfare.”
Niseko Asahi Beer Club
“As a thank you for taking care of my husband when he was alive.”
Hondori 3 Makiko Fujimoto


2020 Early Kindergarten Admission Recruitment

Recruitment for kindergarteners who will enroll in 2020 has begun.
The documents required for admission can be distributed at the Children's Future Division, Kindergarten, or downloaded from the town website.
Application forms will be distributed from November 1st (Wednesday), the same as the recruitment start date.
■Recruitment period: November 1st (Wednesday) - November 30th (Thursday)
■Application/Children's Future Division, Kindergarten
■問合せ/こども未来課 TEL0136-44-2101  担当=谷井・齊藤

Recruitment of Niseko Children's Center users

Niseko Children's Center is recruiting children to use the facility from April 2024.
Parents of children who wish to use the facility should check the following conditions, fill out the application form, and attach and submit documents proving that childcare is necessary (such as a certificate of employment).
Application forms can be distributed at the Children's Future Division, Kindergarten, and Children's Hall, or downloaded from the town website.
Application forms will be distributed starting November 1st (Wednesday).
Please contact us for more information.
■Target children: As of April 1, 2020, children from 1st to 3rd grade of elementary school who live in the town and are judged to need daycare.
* We will inform you again about the use of elementary school 4th grade and above according to the number of users up to 3rd grade.
■Usage fee/monthly 6,000 yen
*If two or more children from the same household use the service, the second child will pay half the monthly fee, and the third and subsequent children will be exempted.
In addition, if a child from a household requiring a semi-protector uses the service, the first child will pay half the monthly fee, and the second and subsequent children will be exempted.
In addition to the usage fee, the parents' association provides snacks as supplementary meals, covers the cost of teaching materials for events, and holds parent-child rec sessions.
The parents of all children using the service will participate in the parents' association, and the membership fee will be debited in a lump sum in even-numbered months (the 110 yen bank transfer fee will be borne by the parents). There is no sibling discount.
■ Terms of use / Parents (all adults living together) must meet the following conditions
・ Always work outside the house
・You are constantly working apart from your children in addition to your daily housework.
- Are pregnant or have recently given birth
・ Illness or injury, or I have a physical or mental disability
・I am constantly caring for a relative who lives with me and is sick or has a physical or mental disability.
・ We are working on recovery from disasters such as earthquakes.
■Usage Judgment/We will examine the submitted documents and decide which children will use the service. Please note that you may not be able to use the service if the terms of use are not met.
■Application period: November 1st (Wednesday) - November 30th (Thursday)
■Where to submit your application: Children's Future Division, Kindergarten (possible if you have siblings)
■申込み・問合せ/こども未来課  TEL0136-44-2101  担当=谷井・齊藤

We are recruiting Tokyo Niseko Kai members.

Tokyo Niseko-kai is made up of people who are connected to Niseko Town and live in Tokyo or its surrounding areas.
We hold the ``Tokyo Niseko Association Gathering'' every May and exhibit at the ``Hokkaido Farm Direct Fair'' held at Tokyo Yoyogi Park from September to October, selling fresh vegetables and specialty products from Niseko Town, contributes to the PR and development of Niseko Town through various activities.
We are always looking for new members, so if you have family or friends who live in or near Tokyo, please introduce them to us.
■In charge/Nobuaki Sugawara, Chairman of Tokyo Niseko Association
■問合せ/商工観光課 TEL0136-44-2121  担当=深澤


Niseko Express outdoor & inside public view
"Niseko Express" will be pulled out of the storage garage and displayed outdoors.
For the first time after returning home, you can tour the inside of the train by making a reservation.
Please take a look at the vehicles created in Sapporo for the Niseko area.
■Outdoor release date and time: October 7th (Sat) and 8th (Sun) 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
■Date and time for on-board public viewing: 10:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. each day (10 people each for 20 minutes. On-site registration begins at 10 a.m. on the day)
■SL train whistle blowing/every day at noon
■Turntable rotation show/2:30 p.m.
*It may be canceled due to stormy weather or equipment conditions.

vocal and piano concert

Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum holds concerts and art exhibitions that carry on Takeo Arishima's spirit of supporting young artists.
This time, we will be performing songs by Mendelssohn and others in a concert that combines vocal music and piano.
■Date/Time/October 9th (holiday/Monday) Starts at 1:00 p.m.
■ Place / Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
■Cast: Shihori Kawaguchi (soprano) and others
■Price/entrance fee only

35th Takeo Arishima Youth Public Painting Exhibition

Inheriting Takeo Arishima's spirit of art promotion, this year marks the 35th public art exhibition. Prize-winning and selected works will be exhibited.
Please look forward to the students' masterpieces.
■Work delivery/October 13th (Friday) and 14th (Saturday) 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
■ Place / Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
■Exhibition period: October 28th (Sat) - November 12th (Sun)
■Price/entrance fee only

Inoyama Run Drive
This will be our first live performance in the Niseko area, featuring two members of the synthesizer unit Inoyamaland, who are famous for their electronic and environmental music.
■Date and time: Saturday, October 28th, doors open at 1:30 p.m., performance starts at 2:00 p.m.
■ Place / Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
■Performance/Inoyamaland (Makoto Inoue, Yasushi Yamashita)
■Price/entrance fee only

Takeo Arishima Youth Painting Exhibition Awards Ceremony and Reviews
In addition to awarding awards to the winners, the judges will also provide comments on the submitted works.
Everyone, please join us.
■Date/Time: November 3rd (Friday/Holiday) Starts at 1:00pm (approximately 1 hour)
■ Place / Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
■ Fee/Free
■有島記念館の事業についての問合せ・申込み/有島記念館 TEL0136-44-3245 担当=伊藤・河野

I'm a new employee. thank you.

Agricultural Administration Division Counselor
Yosuke Osada (from Tokyo)
(Seconded from Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC)

I love Mt. Yotei and Lake Toya, and I travel there three times a year.
He's so tall that he's been designated as a meeting place, so if you see him around town, please feel free to say hello.

International communication vol.06

Coordinators of International Relations meet online twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays.
We are holding an in-English conversation circle. Started with the coronavirus pandemic
The online circle is only for people in the Niseko area.
People living in Sapporo and Otaru also participated.
is. Anyone can easily participate, from beginners to advanced levels.
So, each circle starts with "recent events",
I'm talking freely about what you're interested in. English
Not only will it help you practice your vocabulary, but it will also help you connect with other participants.
I was able to do it, and some of them I actually met face to face! I would like to participate
If you have one, please apply using the QR code!
The CIRs run an online English Conversation
Circle every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.
This was started during the coronavirus pandemic
and has even spread outside Niseko, with people
from Sapporo and Otaru often participating too!
We would like this space to be available for anyone
to join freely no matter their English skills, so we
keep the topic simple by asking what everyone has
done lately, and give the participants free reign to
talk about whatever they like. This event has been
a great success so far, not just for practicing
English, but to make connections with others, as
some participants have even met up in person! If
you'd like to join, sign up using the QR code!
〈 TEL〉0136-44-2121

clean station

Do not dispose of garbage by burning it!
Burning household garbage in drums, block enclosures, on the ground, etc. is called ``open burning,'' but open burning is prohibited by law.
Burning in the open produces a large amount of smoke and odor.
This smoke may contain harmful substances, which can harm the health of nearby residents and leave behind odors in laundry and rooms, deteriorating the living environment.
Additionally, sparks may fly in the wind and ignite surrounding plants, causing a fire.
Even if the amount of garbage to be burned is small or there are no people living nearby, burning garbage in the open is a crime, and violators are subject to up to 5 years' imprisonment, a fine of up to 10 million yen, or both. Never burn garbage in the open, as you may be fined.
■問合せ/町民生活課町民生活係 TEL 0136-44-2121 担当=松澤・金子

Personnel changes of town employees

■Date of September 1st
◎Town mayor department
[Planning and Environment Division] ▽ Corporate Planning Section Chief Jun Sasaki (Board of Education High School Education Section Chief and High School Reform Section Chief)
[Townsman Lifestyle Division] ▽Townsman Lifestyle Section Chief - Affairs Manager Tadashi Tominaga▽Townsman Lifestyle Section Chief Ichiro Matsuzawa (Townsman Lifestyle Section Chief)
[Agricultural Policy Division] Counselor Yosuke Osada (seconded from Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC)
[Urban Construction Division] ▽Concurrently Architectural Section Supervisor Riko Sasaki
[Treasury room] ▽Treasurer Shinji Takada (Management Planning Section Manager, Planning and Environment Division)
◎Board of Education
[School Education Division] ▽ High school education section chief and high school reform section chief handling affairs Section manager Nobutaka Fuchino ▽ High school education section supervisor Tomoki Arakawa (School education section chief)
[Townsman Learning Division] ▽ Solving the affairs of the Townsman Learning Section Chief Masato Nakamura ▽ Townsman Learning Section Chief and Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum Section Chief Yuki Kameyama (Treasurer Section Chief) ▽ Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum Chief Supervisor Daisuke Ito (Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum Section Chief)

Consumer affairs consultation memo

Please check carefully before signing a contract

``I signed a contract that was recommended to me by a business that visited me, but I want to cancel the contract because it's not what I expected. Is there anything I can do?'' is frequently received at our counter.
There are people who are busy and end up signing a contract without carefully checking the details, and there are people who sign a contract because it looks good after listening to the explanation, but when they carefully review the contract, they find that it's not what they expected. .
If you receive a surprise visit and end up signing a contract, there is a "cooling off" system that allows you to reconsider and cancel the contract.
However, this system can only be used if the consumer has entered into a contract with a business operator, and there is a restriction that the consumer must give notice of cancellation within a certain period of time from the date of the contract.
Just because there is a cooling off period doesn't mean it's okay to sign a contract.
Furthermore, please be aware that when a contract is signed in the name of a business for business purposes, such as ○○ farm or ○○ store, the contract is not between the consumer and the business, but between the businesses. Therefore, it is not possible to cancel using the cooling-off system.
Before signing a contract, be sure to thoroughly check the contract details, including not only the costs but also the terms and conditions for cancellation.
If you have signed a contract but want to cancel it, don't know what to do, or are involved in a problem, please contact the consultation center or the town hall as soon as possible.

■問合せ/ようてい地域消費生活相談窓口 TEL 0136-44-1600 担当=池田

Publish contract results

The following are the bids and free contracts held from August 5th to September 5th.

2023 Niseko Town Sports Park fence repair work
■Planned price: 4,862,000 yen ■Contract amount: 4,708,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 96.8% ■ Contract partner: Toa Road Industry Co., Ltd.
2023 National emergency farmland reorganization project Niseko area land replacement plan creation commission work
■Planned price: 2,494,800 yen ■Contract amount: 2,387,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 95.7% ■ Contract partner: Kyokuto Consultant Co., Ltd.
2023 road ledger correction commission work
■Planned price: 1,210,000 yen ■Contract amount: 1,155,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 95.5% ■ Contract partner: Ohashi Consultant Co., Ltd.
2023 Bridge life extension inspection contract work
■Planned price: 9,845,000 yen ■Contract amount: 9,240,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 93.9% ■ Contract partner: Civitec Co., Ltd.
2023 National emergency farmland reorganization project Niseko area land replacement plan creation commission work
■Planned price: 2,494,800 yen ■Contract amount: 2,387,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 95.7% ■ Contract partner: Kyokuto Consultant Co., Ltd.
2023 Town road Motomachi 4-sen Dori pavement improvement work
■Planned price: 37,928,000 yen ■Contract amount: 37,400,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 98.6% ■ Contract partner: Makino Kogyo Co., Ltd.
2023 Ogawa Bridge repair work along the Makkari River town road
■Planned price: 16,940,000 yen ■Contract amount: 16,500,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 97.4% ■ Contract partner: Makino Industry Co., Ltd.
"Niseko Town 4th Basic Plan for Persons with Disabilities, 7th Disability Welfare Plan, and 9th Elderly Health and Welfare Plan Formulation Commissioned Work"
■Planned price: 4,099,700 yen ■Contract amount: 4,070,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 99.3% ■ Contract partner: Hokkaido 21st Century Research Institute Co., Ltd.
2023 hot spring pump renewal work
■Planned price: 2,453,000 yen ■Contract amount: 2,420,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 98.7% ■ Contract partner: Showa Plant Co., Ltd.
2023 Kiranoyu outdoor lighting renovation work
■Planned price: 1,584,000 yen ■Contract amount: 1,562,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 98.6% ■ Contract partner: Honma Shoten Co., Ltd.
2023 public sewage sewage pipe cleaning contract work
■Planned price: 1,190,200 yen ■Contract amount: 1,182,500 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 99.4% ■ Contract partner: Tsukagoshi Sangyo Co., Ltd.
2023 Urban area water pipe renewal work (auxiliary work)
■Planned price: 1,980,000 yen ■Contract amount: 1,958,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 98.9% ■ Contract partner: Shida/Nagasawa Ordinary Construction Joint Venture
2023 Urban area water source field survey commissioned work
■Planned price: 1,001,000 yen ■Contract amount: 990,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 98.9% ■ Contract partner: Aqua Geo Techno Co., Ltd.
2023 Niseko Town public sewerage facility electrical equipment renewal work
■Planned price: 38,104,000 yen ■Contract amount: 37,345,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 98.0% ■ Contract partner: Honma Shoten Co., Ltd.

*The successful bid rate is the ratio of the amount actually contracted to the amount planned by the town.
*Excludes unit price contracts

Kongetsu is the superintendent of education.

school improvement
In recent years, it has been pointed out that schools are becoming inward-looking and black boxes, and there is a need for schools that are open to society.
In order to promote "Niseko Style Education", Niseko Town 's elementary, junior high and high schools and Kindergarten have launched a "Niseko Style Education" study group in 2023, and are divided into four subcommittees to carry out specific research activities. I decided to do this.
In addition, we will further promote the activities of the town community school in order to deepen cooperation and exchange with the local community. I would like to thank all the committee members.
It is important for each school to make efforts to inform the local community about its various educational activities.
To that end, we are planning to present the results of our efforts so far at a training session on November 15th, so please come and see it.

Niseko Town Board of Education Superintendent Tatsuzo Kataoka


Town calendar

Town calendar October

Upper right box article

October is
Town/province tax/medical insurance premium for the elderly (4th period)
National Health Insurance Tax (5th period)
Deadline for payment is 25th (Wed)

If you use bank transfer, please check your balance.

Inquiries about municipal tax and national health insurance tax/Taxation Division

Inquiries about medical insurance premiums for the elderly / Health and Welfare Division


bottom right box article

Emergency and sudden illness response at night and on holidays
倶倶知安厚生病院 電話0136-22-1141

1st (Sun)
●63rd Hokkaido Puppet Festival in Niseko/Town: 10:00~

2nd (Monday)
●After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00~ Play book closed days

3rd (Tue)
●Autumn Clean Operation/Meeting in front of the old Niseko Town Hall: 9:00~
●Nursing prevention cooking class/Town: 10:30~
●Free legal consultation by lawyer/Town: 13:00~
●Health exercise class/Town: 19:00~
Central warehouse group closed days

4th (Wednesday)

5th (Thu)
● Infant health checkup/Town: 13:00-
●Asobuk Club (reservation required)/A: 15:00~ Asobukku open at night

6th (Friday)
After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00-

7th (Sat)
●Niseko Express Outdoor & Inside Open/10:00~ See Living Information p23
●Hobby class “Challenge Ainu embroidery” / A: 11:00~
●Hanfu Cultural Festival/Town: 14:00~

8th (Sun)
●Niseko Express Outdoor & Inside Open/10:00~ See Living Information p23
●Hobby class “Challenge Ainu embroidery” / A: 10:00~

9th (Monday) Sports Day
●Vocal music and piano concert/Open: 13:00~ See living information p.24
Playbook closed day

10th (Tuesday)
●Carrot digging/young: Meet at 10:20 See smiling square p17
●Swiss Yodel Wind Concert/Town: 18:00~ See living information p.22
Playbook closed day
Central warehouse group closed days

11th (Wed)

12th (Thursday)
●Muscle storage class/Town: 10:30~
●Asobukkurabu (Reservation required)/A: 15:00-
Open at night

13th (Friday)
●Childcare seminar/Town: 9:30~
●After-school children's classroom/body: 14:00~

14th (Sat)
●English conversation circle/o: 10:00~
●Autumn Garage Bazaar/Niseko Lifestyle House: 10:00~ See special feature p6
●Hokkaido footpath gathering in Niseko/Town: 10:00 reception
15th (Sun)
●Hokkaido footpath gathering in Niseko/Town: 8:30 meeting
●Hobby class “Ainu pattern paper-cutting”/A: 14:00~ See Asobook Newsletter p14

16th (Monday)
●After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00~ Play book closed days

17th (Tuesday)
●Traveling mini dock/Town: 7:00~ ●Free legal consultation by lawyer/Town: 13:00~ Central warehouse group closed days

18th (Wednesday)
●Traveling mini dock/town: 7:00~ ●Radio Niseko interrupt broadcast/role: 10:50~

19th (Thursday)
●Magic Carpet/A: 15:00~ Play book open at night

20th (Friday)
●Adult cooking class/Town: 18:30~
●Special Administrative Consultation Office/Town: From 14:00 See living information p.22
After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00-

21st (Sat)
●Malaysian cooking class/town: 14:00~

22nd (Sun)
●Niseko Morning Market/Maeda Shoten: 8:00~

23rd (Monday)
●Garbage treatment facility tour/training session/town meeting: 10:00~ See living information p.21
After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00-
Playbook closed day

24th (Tuesday)
●Health exercise class/Town: 19:00~ Central warehouse group closed days

25th (Wednesday)
● Mom and Dad Seminar/Town: 10:00-
● Kindergarten Childcare Release/Children: 10:00~ See Niconico Square p17
●Nuclear disaster prevention training/Town: 10:30~ See living information p19
●Muscle storage class/Town: 10:30~

26th (Thursday)
●Adult cooking class/Town: 10:30~
●Asobukkurabu (Reservation required)/A: 15:00-
Open at night

27th (Friday)
●Echinococcus extermination work/Town: 9:00~
●After-school children's classroom/body: 14:00~
●Collection of used small home appliances/ Niseko Town Heavy Vehicle Garage: 16:00-19:00 See living information p.21
Playbook closed day

28th (Sat)
●English conversation circle/o: 10:00~
●Collection of used small home appliances/ Niseko Town Heavy Vehicle Garage: 8:00-11:00 See living information p.21
●Inoyamaran Drive/Available: 14:00~
●Takeo Arishima Youth Painting Exhibition / Yes (~11/12) Living Information See p.24

29th (Sun)
●Find Halloween candy! / Town: 15:30~
30th (Monday)
●After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00~ Play book closed days

31st (Tuesday) Central warehouse group closed day

Wednesday, November 1st
● Kindergarten Entrance Information Session/Children: 18:30~ See Niconico Square p17

Photo album of this month

We are looking for photos!
You can also post from Niseko Town official LINE post form.

I got it again this year!
splendid watermelon
Photographer: Niseko Town Day Service

Mt Yotei in the early morning
Photographer: Takako Murayama

Niseko Limited Express 2023
Photographer: Masaki Minami

Central Warehouse Group News vol.25

the arrival of autumn
I'm about to tell you!

Hello! This is Matsuda, the director.
The annual large pumpkin has been installed! The central district and warehouses are now feeling an autumn atmosphere, as if it had been extremely hot until recently.
Right away, a new member has joined our facility!
My name is Saiki Saito, who is from Saitama Prefecture and joined the Regional Revitalization Cooperation Team this summer.
He has been working hard since August, creating a cafe using the kitchen space of the Central Warehouse Group and thinking of various things to improve the Central Warehouse Group as a whole!
For the next three years, you will work on your own independence while working for the future of Niseko Town and the Central Warehouse Group.
In October, we will be holding a big event for the first time in several years, so we hope all the townspeople will come and join us!

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Niseko Central Warehouse Group (Former Starch Factory / No. 1 Warehouse)
Opening hours / 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Closed/every Tuesday


The situation of radiation dose in the town

Measurement date: 1 month until September 15th
Maximum value 0.041μGy/h
Minimum value 0.034μGy/h
Average value 0.035μGy/h

The spatial radiation dose rate is
normal level

Movement of people (as of the end of August)
Population: 4,973 people
(+14 compared to previous month)
2,496 men
(-2 compared to previous month)
2,477 women
(+16 compared to the previous month)
Number of households 2,656
(+11 compared to previous month)
Of which, foreigners 431
Of which, foreign households 298

Editor's Note

I've known about the existence of "Niseko Seikatsu no Ie" for some time, but I didn't know the details.
I would like to write a feature about the houses I live in someday, but first I participated in this year's spring bazaar as a volunteer for the first time.
At that time, I didn't know how to interact with the "young people," and when they came to the office with a thank you note from the bazaar, I was confused by the "young people" who kept calling my name, so I didn't know how to properly thank them. I couldn't tell you.
In writing this special feature, as I visited the homes of people living in the community several times, I gradually got used to interacting with "young people."
I truly realized that ``interaction is important.'' I hope that there will be more opportunities to interact with people with disabilities in more familiar environments. (too)

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