Mitchel Lange (USA)

International Coordinator Mitchel Lang (Mitchy)

Niseko Town Commerce and Tourism Division

Translation · interpreter · tourist information · event planning · school visit / let's read

Languages:​ ​
English (USA) · Japanese

America · Seattle

Personal History

Work Experience:
English conversation lecturer 2 year Tokyo, Ginza
Apparel 3 Yokohama-shi Bellingham, USA

Western Washington University International Relations Japanese Course
Oirakubin University Japanese Japanese History major


Hello! How's it going? (Hello, how are you?)
Mitchell Lang from the United States. The name Mitchell can be Mitchel or Mitch in English, but in Japanese please feel free to read Mitchie. I was interested in Japan due to the influence of a Japanese friend who lived in the United States when I was young, and started studying Japanese. I continued to study hard and went to Sakurarin University in Tokyo as an international student. I was looking for an opportunity that can international exchange in Japan after the end of study abroad, Niseko Town we arrived to the CIR.
My hobby is music. Music like composing, singing, listening to music. Rap, vocals, piano, accordion are doing for the time being, but those who want jams and sessions, please ask me!

Past Events

  • Halloween Party (Oct. 2017)
  • Christmas · Pot Luck · Party (December Heisei 29)
  • Picture book world - Bazaar team (February, Heisei 30)
  • World cafe - American cuisine - (June - September Heisei 30)
  • World · festival ~ US charge & operation ~ (Heisei 30 year7 month)

Where I'm From:

I am from Seattle. Like Niseko, outdoor sports such as skiing, snowboarding and hiking are popular in Seattle. It is between the sea and the mountains, and Seattle is also rich in nature and green scenery. On the other hand, Seattle has many companies. Seattle is the birthplace of large companies such as Starbucks, Boeing, Amazon and so many people are busy making their way.
Do you know where Seattle is in America? It is on the west coast of the USA and it is near the north near Canada. In contrast to the people on the East Coast, who are said to be impatient, usually wearing suits or talking frankly at work, people on the West Coast went to work with casual clothes at my own pace, It is said that you care about how to express your opinion so as not to hurt. America is a wide country, so culture, values, ways of thinking and so on vary from place to place, but I guess Seattle people seem to be on the west coast. According to a Japanese friend who visited, a man who moved from a different state, the people in Seattle are calm and they often care about their opponent.


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