Mitchel Lange (Mitch)

Mitchel Lange (Mitch)

Division: Niseko Town Hall, Industry & Tourism Division
Duties: Translation / Interpretation (EN / EN), Language Support, Tourist Information, Event Planning, School Visits / Readings
Languages: English (US), Japanese
Nationality: America, Seattle

Personal History

Western Washington University
Major: International Relations & Japanese
JF Oberlin University
Major: Japanese & Japanese History
Work Experience:
English Teaching 2yrs - Tokyo, Ginza
Retail 3yrs - Yokohama / Bellingham, USA

Previous Events

Halloween Party (Oct. 2017)
Christmas Potluck Party (Dec. 2017)
Picture Book World, Bazaar Team (Feb. 2018)


Hello! How's it going?
I'm Mitchel from the US, but most people just call me Mitch. I got interested in Japan when I was younger after making friends with some Japanese people living in America, and then decided to begin studying Japanese. I kept studying and eventually went to JF Oberlin University as an exchange student. After my year abroad I looked around for opportunities to work in international relations and jumped at the chance to work as a CIR here in Niseko.
I mostly do rap and singing, and listening. If you ever want to have a jam session, drop on by!

Where I'm From

With the mountains and ocean so close, Seattle is surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery., There are many big companies which got their. I am from Seattle. Start in the city like Starbucks, Boeing, and Amazon, to name but a few.
It is located on the Western Seaboard with Canada straight to the North. Unlike the people of the East who are known to be impatient, curt when they talk, and always in suits, people in the West take things According to my Japanese friends, the more I would like to express my gratitude to the future of the West Coast. people of Seattle are calmer and seem to care more about that around them.


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