Ho Lee Shing (Lily)


Ho Lee Shing (Lily)

Division: Niseko Town Hall, Industry and Tourism Division
Duties:Translation / Interpretation (EN / JA), Language Support, Tourist Information, Event Planning, School Visits / Readings
Languages: English, Malay, Japanese, Chinese
Nationality: Malaysia, Port Dickson


Personal History

Osaka University School of Human Sciences

Work Experience:
Japanese language tutor (Volunteer) 6 months, Osaka
Primary school interpreter 1 year, Osaka


Apa khabar? (How do you do?)
I'm Ho Lee Shing from Malaysia and my nickname is Lily.
Most of you probably already know this, but there are no four seasons in Malaysia. Other than the rainy season that lasts a few months, we experience summer for the most part of the year. Moreover, the average daily temperature ranges between 27 to 33 degrees Celsius.
As you can see, the climate in Malaysia and Hokkaido are really quite different. Even though I have experienced the winter in Osaka before, I'm sure the winter there pales in comparison to the winter here. While I am a bit worried about how I will fare during winter, I do look forward to enjoying Niseko's famed powder snow and getting better at skiing!
Another thing that I would like to do here is to organize cooking workshops that will encourage intercultural exchange. Regardless of where someone is from, there will be a dish or two that they love and would like to share with others. Likewise, there will also be people who are interested in learning how to make that dish. Personally, I would like to share some delicious Malaysian sweets and learn how to make South Indian food. Even though I could Google the recipes and try it out on my own, I think that learning together is more enjoyable. So how about joining me in learning about new cultures through food?

Where I'm From

I come from a small sleepy town by the beach called Port Dickson. My hometown is strategically placed between the capital city, Kuala Lumpur, and the historical capital, Malacca.
Kuala Lumpur is approximately an hour drive towards the north of Port Dickson. As it is just a short drive away, there are many local tourists from Kuala Lumpur who like to drop by during the weekends to enjoy the beach. That is why the town becomes slightly livelier during the weekends.
A 1.5 hour drive towards the south of Port Dickson is Malacca. Between 1511 and 1957, Malacca was under the rule of the Portuguese, Dutch and British. As some of the churches built then are still standing, the streets of Malacca is an interesting showcase of European and Malaysian architecture.


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