Emanuel Neubauer (Ema)

Emanuel Neubauer (Ema)

Division: Niseko Resort Tourist Association (JR Niseko Station)
Duties: Translation/Interpretation (DE/EN/JA), Language Support, Tourist Information, Event Planning, School Visits/Readings
Languages: German, English, Japanese
Nationality: Germany, Berlin

Personal History

Freie Universität Berlin (Free University Berlin)
Major: Japanology
Work Experience:
Nursing Home Volunteer - Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan

Past Events

Eikaiwa Talk!
German Christmas (Dec. 2016)
Easter Egg Painting (Apr. 2017)
Picture Book World, Craft Workshop Lead (Feb. 2017)
Picture Book World, Craft Workshop Lead (Feb. 2018)


Guten Tag.
My name is Emanuel Neubauer. I graduated from the Free University of Berlin majoring in Japanology.
I originally come from the German capital, Berlin. In 2009, I volunteered at a nursing home in rural Hyōgo Prefecture. So I am quite used to life here in Niseko already.
As soon as I saw the beautiful nature here in Niseko I was moved deeply. I think this is a wonderful place.
There are many things in common between Germany and Japan, but also a lot of differences exist. As a Niseko CIR I look forward to introducing new culture to Niseko as well as getting a chance to exchange culture with the people here.

Where I’m From

Welcome to Germany, the land of beer and sausages! But is that really all there is to Germany? Let’s find out!!
The population of Germany is about 80.2 million with its capital being Berlin. As Germany is in the centre of Europe, you can get to many European countries easily from Germany
Though the image of Germany is a country obsessed with beer, the most popular drink is actually coffee.
Germany is known for sausages, but recently more and more people are switching to frozen food rather than cooking for themselves.
Germany is split into 16 states called “Bundesländer”.
The German Emblem is a gold shield with a black eagle which has a red beak and claws.
Germany has a President but the most important position is the Prime Minister, called the Chancellor
The colours of the German flag are black, red, and gold (or yellow).