[New Corona Vaccine 4th] About application for vaccination voucher issuance for people over 18 years old with underlying illness


The town has started the fourth inoculation of the new coronavirus vaccine.

More than 5 months have passed since the third inoculation.
1) Those over 60 years old
2) Those who are 18 years of age or older and have an underlying disease, and those who are recognized by a doctor as having a high risk of becoming severe.

Range of people with underlying illness

(1) Those who have the following illnesses or conditions and are outpatient / hospitalized
1. 1. Chronic respiratory illness
2. Chronic heart disease (including hypertension)
3. 3. Chronic kidney disease
Four. Chronic liver disease (cirrhosis, etc.)
Five. Diabetes that is being treated with insulin or medication or has other illnesses
6. Blood diseases (excluding iron deficiency anemia)
7. 7. Diseases with reduced immune function (including malignant tumors receiving treatment or palliative care)
8. Receiving treatments that reduce immune function, such as steroids
9. Neurological and neuromuscular diseases associated with immune disorders
Ten. A state in which physical function is impaired due to neurological or neuromuscular diseases (respiratory disorders, etc.)
11. 11. Chromosomal abnormality
12. Severe mental and physical disability (severe physical disability and severe intellectual disability overlap)
13. Sleep apnea syndrome
14. Severe mental illness (if you are hospitalized for the treatment of mental illness, have a mental illness health and welfare notebook, or if you fall under "severe and continuous" in independence support medical care (psychiatric outpatient care)) or knowledge Mental illness (if you have a nursing notebook)
* Persons who have a mentally handicapped person's health and welfare notebook or nursing notebook are applicable to those with underlying illness even if they are not outpatient or hospitalized.

(2) Obese people who meet the criteria (BMI 30 or higher) [BMI = weight (Kg) ÷ height (m) ÷ height (m)]
* Estimated BMI30: Height 170 cm, weight about 87 kg, height 160 cm, weight about 77 kg.

Application for vaccination voucher issuance

the above,2) Those who are 18 years of age or older and have an underlying illness, etc.vaccination voucher issuance application required
〇 Apply from the Internet
〇 Submit the application form at the office counter
・ Please bring your third vaccination certificate to the Infectious Disease Control Section, Health and Welfare Division.

* 1) Those over 60 years old do not need to apply.
* We will inform you of the inoculation date according to the time when 5 months or more have passed since the 3rd inoculation.

For more information on the 1st to 4th vaccinations, please see the following page.

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