2021 Niseko Town Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Drill (2 reports)


Training publicity from Niseko Town

The Hokkaido Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Comprehensive Training is currently being conducted, and Niseko Town is also participating in the training.

At 9:45, at Tomari Nuclear Power Station Unit 3, the reactor could not be cooled due to a failure of the cooling equipment, and the Prime Minister declared a nuclear emergency.

If you are a resident of Niseko Town, please return to your home immediately.
If you are in Niseko Town for sightseeing or work, please evacuate to a nearby building immediately.
Please evacuate indoors until the Niseko Town Hall notifies you of the cancellation of evacuation.
During evacuation, close all windows, turn off the ventilation fan, etc. to prevent outside air from being taken in, and keep away from the windows.

Detailed information will be posted on Radio Niseko 76.2MHz, Niseko Town website, and various SNS as needed.
We will keep you informed as the situation changes.

At present, there is no release of radioactive substances, so please be calm and do not act on rumors or speculation.

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