Guidance of "bus driver / joint recruitment briefing"


The bus operators operating local life bus routes continue to run short of drivers due to the aging of drivers and the lack of drivers. In the future, securing bus drivers will be indispensable to protect daily bus routes, and bus operators will work together with Hokkaido Bus Association and Hokkaido to resolve driver shortages. The “Bus Driver / Joint Recruiting Information Session” will be held as follows. If you are interested in working as a bus driver, please apply.

Date and time

November 2 (Saturday), 10:00 to 15:00


Sapporo Driving Test Center
(Sapporo City Teine-ku Sakai 5 4-1-1 1-1)

Implementation system

Organizer: Hokkaido Bus Association, Hokkaido
Exhibits: Hokkaido Chuo Bus Co., Ltd., Jotetsu Co., Ltd., Niseko Bus Co., Ltd., Chitose Mutual Tourism Bus Co., Ltd.,
Sapporo Sightseeing Bus Co., Ltd., International Sightseeing Bus Co., Ltd., Sapporo Dai-ichi Sightseeing Bus Co., Ltd., JR Hokkaido Bus Co., Ltd.,
Sorachi Chuo Bus Co., Ltd., Donan Bus Co., Ltd.
Cooperation: Hokkaido police headquarters, municipalities
Support: Hokkaido Labor Bureau, Hokkaido Transport Bureau

Implementation content

・ Route bus driving experience
・ Talk session by active driver
・ Employment consultations by bus companies, etc.


Those who are interested in working as a bus driver and are thinking about finding a job at a bus company
* For the bus driving experience, you need to apply in advance for a normal car driver license holder.
* Those who do not have an ordinary car driver's license cannot experience bus driving, but they can participate in employment consultations.

Application address

Hokkaido Bus Association
〒 060-0001
Sapporo City Chuo-ku Kita 1 west 19 chome 2
Telephone 011-621-4161

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