Notice of the 25th House of Councilors Regular Election


■ Voting and balloting date
Voting date and time Original date (2019) July 21 (Sun) 7 am to 8 pm
Voting place shown below
Eligibility date and time 和 和 令 (2019) July 21 (Sun) 9:00 pm
Election place Niseko townsman center training room 1

■ Those who can vote in Niseko Town
Those who can vote in Niseko Town are those who meet the following requirements and are registered in the electoral list.
Age requirements Those who will be 18 years old by July 21 (one born by July 22, 2001)
Address requirements Those who have made a notification of transference to Niseko Town by April 3, 2019, and have continued resident registration for more than 3 months

■ early vote
If you can not vote at the polling place on the day of voting, for work or travel, you can vote early.
Period from May 5th (Thu) to 20th (Sat) of the year 2019
From 8:30 am to 8 pm
Place Niseko Townsman Center Small Hall "Early Polling Place"
Things to bring Election admission ticket (postcard)
※ Procedure is already finished when you have you fill in address, full name beforehand in the written oath of early vote printed on the back of election admission ticket mailed to home.
In addition, you can vote even if you lose the election entrance ticket, so please notify the person in charge about it.

■ absentee vote
People who perform absentee ballots will be in the following cases.
The vote that those who are hospitalized (entered) at 1 designated hospitals and designated nursing homes perform
As you can vote in hospitals when you are admitted (entered) in designated hospitals, please refer to hospital, facility.
2 People with severe disability in the body vote by mail at home
Person who has serious obstacle in the body and obstacle of immunity, person with long-term care insurance insured card need of nursing care 5 person, person receiving grant of "vote certificate such as mails" can vote by mail at home You
As applicable person needs "vote certificate such as mails", please report to the board of elections if you do not have.
3 Voting Day On the day of the day, voting by people staying in municipalities other than Niseko Town
If you are staying outside Niseko for work, etc. and you can not vote in Niseko by the day you vote, you can vote absentee at the board of elections you are staying at. In this case, it is necessary for the person or family member to request a ballot in advance.
Please note that you may not be able to vote if your claim is delayed.
4 Votes by those who have not reached 18 years old on the day of voting before the date
Those who have not reached the age of 18 on the date prior to the date of voting can vote absentee, so please come to the polling place before the due date.

■ Location of polling place
The polling places of each voting district are as follows.
Please check the voting zones where you vote and the polling places in the "Election Admission Ticket" (postcard).
Place of polling district polling place
The first vote district Niseko townsman center (character Fujimi)
The second voting district Kondo area community center (character Kondo)
The third vote district Nishitomi district townsman center (character Nishitomi)
The fourth vote district Niseko-cho Soga activation center (character Soga)

■ Contact
Niseko Town Electoral Management Committee (General Affairs Division)
〒 048-1595 Hokkaido Abuta-gun Niseko Town Fuji 47 Fujimi
Tel: 0136-44-2121 Fax: 0136-44-3500
■ Absent ballot bill
The form of the invoice is as follows.

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