We start direct debit of town tax, water and sewage charges in Rakuten Bank.


In the town, we have partnered with Rakuten Bank of Internet Bank, and from June 2019, we will start direct debit of town tax and water and sewage charges from the bank account.

Account transferable tax items:Personal resident tax, property tax, light vehicle tax, National Health Insurance tax, water rate, sewerage fee
Rakuten Bank provides a service to notify you by mail if there is a shortage of funds before transfer, or to give points for each debit. Even in Honmachi, we have formed a partnership, considering that these services provided by the bank will improve the convenience of taxpayers.
For details, please refer to the following site such as account transfer with Rakuten Bank.
In addition, handling of fund transfer of public money by Internet bank is the first case in Hokkaido (※)
*Niseko Town, Rakuten Bank research
Besides this, the town is promoting diversification of payment of public money. Currently, in addition to direct debit, it also supports payment at convenience stores and some smartphone applications, so please choose the payment method that suits you.
As for the details, please see the above "about the payment method of tax".
※ As of June 2019, payment by credit card does not correspond to any public money.

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