We hold Niseko Town local disaster prevention power reinforcement seminar! !


In the town, we will hold a regional disaster reduction strengthening seminar aiming for a town strong in disaster.
In addition to the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and the Great East Japan Great Earthquake, we invited the permanent director of the NPO Japan Disaster Prevention Association, who was also active in the Hokkaido Ball Eastern Earthquake that occurred last year, as a lecturer and talked about 'self-help', which is the most important when a disaster occurs As you get it, the card game is used for how to operate the shelter, which makes it a fun learning content. Please apply by all means.


· Keynote lecture "What is self-help facing disasters?"
Speaker NPO Japan Disaster Prevention Association permanent director Mr. Haruo Yokouchi
· Shelter management game (HUG) Hokkaido version ~ Do Hagu ~
Evacuation center management game (HUG) Hokkaido version ~ Do haku ~ assumes that a direct type earthquake occurs in midwinter and gas etc. can not be used
Disaster Education Education Card Game "that discusses and solves various tasks in groups in line with this policy.
Based on the severe climate of snow and cold in Hokkaido and the experiences of the Great East Japan Earthquake, people living in Hokkaido live in evacuation
Taking the management of difficulty as ourselves, with the aim of making it easy for them to find their own preparations and issues for disaster prevention measures in the region
· Hokkaido Disaster Reduction Study Group
We will receive explanations such as attitudes about natural disasters and nuclear disasters to Hokkaido staff.

Date and time

Saturday, January 26, Heisei 13: 00 - 17: 00


Townman Center Training Room 1

Application / Inquiries

· General Affairs Section Disaster Prevention Section / Tanaka, Kitano
    電話 0136-44-2121 FAX 0136-44-3500   
· Application deadline / January 23, Heisei 31 (Wed)
For the convenience of the venue and progress, the capacity will be 30 people.
Please note that in case of large number of applications, it will be on first come, first served basis.
· Application method / application · Please contact the contact address.
Please inform us of your name, address and telephone number when applying.
※ This project is undertaken with the support of the Hokkaido Municipal Promotion Association, a public benefit foundation corporation.

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