Please use "Niko Bus (Demand Bus)" convenient for door to door to move in Niseko town!


In Niseko Town, in order to secure the means of transportation in the town and to improve the convenience of everyone, it is necessary to use BUS (Demand bus of the form to operate from the home etc. to the destination in the town in response to the reservation of the user ) Is operated.

Please utilize "Nice BUS" not only for town residents but also for sightseeing in Niseko town.

Niseko bus "Otaru Line" (between Otaru and Niseko)

The bus "Otaru Line" which operates between Niseko and Otaru is also very convenient for moving to Otaru, Kutchan, Niki, Yoichi!
In addition, we will also stop at Niseko View Plaza, Niseko Mountain climbing mouth (Hiroo) and Kutchan Health Hospital from Niseko station station.
If you use public transport well, it is very convenient for life.

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