Notice of opening date of Goshoku Information Center and Niseko Camp

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Goshiki Information Center


As a hospitality facility available for tourists visiting the Niseko mountain range and as a gateway to the Niseko mountain range, this center is transmitting charismatic Niseko including information on areas close to the rich nature .
Please feel free to use it as a comfortable resting place for everyone who visits Goshiki hot springs and flower gardens.

Niseko Camp Site

2023年6月3日 (土)オープン
When entering the mountain, please be sure to tell your family about the schedule of action, do not mount alone and do mountain with sufficient clothing and equipment suitable for hill climbing.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation so that everyone will enjoy the mountain of Niseko comfortably.

1泊 高校生以上500 yen\300
1泊 小中学生200 yen100 yen
日帰り 高校生以上200 yen100 yen
日帰り 小中学生200 yen100 yen

Please come and visit us! Tourist info information

There are plentiful Niseko special products, agricultural products direct selling place, light snack corner, Niseko's familiar sightseeing spot. There is also a tourist office, so leave Niseko here.

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