Employment recruitment

About the second year Niseko town staff employment examination

Renewal September 19
In Niseko Town, we are planning to employ a dynamic staff member who will take on the future of the town in order to promote "information creation and community participation" with "Environment creation city Niseko" as its basic philosophy.

1. Job types and personnel to be employed

  1. Kindergarten teacher / childcare person some names

2. Application Requirements

・ Please see the following file for application guidelines.

3. Conditions of adoption

Those who have a strong willingness town planning in Niseko town, can make full use of their knowledge and experience, acquired skills, etc., to demonstrate their wide range of capabilities to promote distinctive town administration. (Persons who fall under any of the Article 16 of the Local Public Service Act (disqualification clause) can not take the examination.)

Four. Application method and application deadline

If you are applying, please submit the required documents and composition by Monday, October 7, 2019.
※ The prescribed resume is as follows.

Five. Contact information

Niseko Town Office General Affairs Section General Affairs Section
In charge: Ma Ma, when absent: Tani, Fukasawa
Hokkaido, Abuta-gun, Niseko-Cho, Fujimi 47​ ​
Phone: 0136-44-2121
E-mail: soumu ■ town. Niseko. Lg. Jp
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