Niseko Town Industry Collaboration Project

Sharing resources in the town and thinking about creating a mechanism to circulate

Niseko Town has abundant high-quality hot springs and has been known as a hot spring resort since the Meiji era. After the war, the development of outdoor sports facilities such as ski slopes progressed, and it has grown to be one of the country's leading ski resorts, accepting 1.5 million tourists annually.
The foothills of Mt. Yotei, where Niseko Town is located, is known nationwide as a potato-producing area, and agriculture is one of the important industries that support the local economy. However, the recent globalization of economic activity has pushed agricultural management into a difficult situation, and the impact has been heavily affected by the region.

Under such circumstances, the town reconsidered the various resources of the area that had not been able to make the most of it, and by linking the power of each industry, one of the industries won Niseko Town Industrial Collaboration Project was launched to circulate

We believe that it is important to conduct various discussions at the project and share consciousness and current situation with everyone, but I think that it is more important to act concretely than anything else. What can I do with the work I am doing? What problems are there in the community and how do we solve them? Members participating in projects from various industries are working to revitalize regional economies beyond existing frameworks.

Specific initiatives

  • "Eating! Playful Play! Niseko Harvest Festival ♪"
  • Niseko Industry Collaboration Meeting "Kira · Kira Talk"


Niseko Town Industrial Collaboration Project Committee

代表Kenya Katayama (Niseko Town length)
A memberMr. Ruoyang (Representative Director, Niseko Resort Tourist Association)
Egawa Hidenori (JA Yeito Niseko Branch Director)
Tatsuto Kudo (Niseko Town Commerce and Industry Chairman)
Hisashi Ohara (Niseko Town Parliament)
Shohei Sato (Niseko Town Agriculture Committee Chairman)
Hiroki Watanabe (President, Industry Collaboration Project Division)

Niseko Town Industry Collaboration Project Subcommittee

ChairpersonHiroki Watanabe (Niseko Northern Resort Annupuri)
Vice-presidentKatsumi Matsuda (farmer)
Department memberIshikawa studies (pension Furano)
Kunihiko Saito (Niseko Grand Hotel)
Tsutomu Sato (Pension Awagurasu)
Atsushi Kato (Niseko Resort Tourist Association)
Masatoshi Koizumi (farmer)
Takahashi Norio (farmer)
Tomoyuki Hiramatsu (farmer)
Shinichi Tsuzuki (farmer)
Yuichi Miura (Niseko View Plaza direct sale)
Yuko Matsuda (Nuporiseceko)
Takashi Tateno (North Base Niseko)
Kitajima Tsuneo (Total Planning Dome)
Maeda Takayuki (Maeda Shoten)

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