About people / farmland plan (Regional Agriculture Master Plan)

About people / farmland plan (Regional Agriculture Master Plan)

Niseko town local agriculture master plan district study meeting was held.
Niseko Town Community Agriculture Master Plan Area Study Committee was held on the following schedule.
The proposed plan (draft) was held at the person / farmland plan review meeting held on August 25,
It was deliberated and all approved.

District Niseko
Place Niseko Town Office 2nd meeting room
Date, August 25, Heisei 29

【People / Farmland Plan (Regional Agriculture Master Plan)】
In Niseko Town, the aging of agriculture in regional agriculture, shortage of successors, increase of abandoned cultivation land
In order to solve "problem of people and farmland" farmers in communities · settlements repeatedly discussed "people / agriculture
Local Plan (Regional Agriculture Master Plan) "is being created.
In the town, we will provide support and advice to target farmers together with agricultural related agencies based on this plan
. In addition, we plan to revise and publish the plan as necessary from time to time.
In addition, the name of this plan is taken as the local agricultural master plan in town.

【What are the merits of the Regional Agricultural Master Plan】
As farmers are positioned as agricultural management bodies in "Regional Agriculture Master Plan"
You can use various related measures.
● Agriculture Next Generation Human Resources Investment Project (Old Junior Pension Benefit Benefit) (Business Start Type)
During the period until the management of new farmers who take on management risk gets on track, within five years from farming
We will provide a maximum of 1.5 million yen per year as an upper limit to support.
● Substantially interest-free Super L funds
The management body positioned as the management body that is the center of the district in this plan is Super L
You can borrow money (real interest-free by interest subsidization for the first 5 years of loan)
I will.

【Publication of Regional Agriculture Master Plan (Summary Version)】
Regional agricultural master plan is supposed to be announced each time it is reviewed.
We reviewed the plan (summary version) and update it as needed.
Please visit the Agricultural Affairs Division when you wish to view the Regional Agriculture Master Plan.

Niseko Town Regional Agriculture Master Plan
Outline of "Niseko District"
Law on Promotion of Intermediate Management Project of Agricultural Land (Act on Promotion of Intermediate Management Project of Agricultural Land (Heisei
Since the council of farmers etc. was conducted under Article 26, paragraph 1 of the 25th year of law (Law No. 101 of 25 years), the same paragraph
According to the provision of the following.


1. Range of areas with a place of consultation
Niseko district
2. Date when summarizing the results of consultation
August 25, Heisei 29
3. Status of the future business entity (person in charge) in the area concerned
 Number of business entities
Corporation10 Business entity
An individual91 Business entity
Village farming (voluntary organization)0 Business entity
As a result of 4. 3, it is necessary to determine whether there are adequate carriers in the area
The person who carries it is sufficiently secured.
5. Utilization policy of agricultural land intermediate management organization
○ People who intend to exchange usage rights in order to eliminate dispersed complex fields of workers, in principle,
I will lend it to RIKEN.
6. Future directions of regional agriculture
· Promotion of recycling-oriented agriculture through cooperation with livestock
· Cultivation of highly profitable horticultural crops (broccoli, tomatoes, garlic, etc.)
· Improvement of income by sales at shipping facilities
· Training successors and caregivers superior in management sense
· Discover and nurture new farmers
· Landscape maintenance crop cultivation considering surrounding environment
· Regeneration of abandoned cultivated land within the area and prevention

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