About people / farmland plan (Regional Agriculture Master Plan)

About publication of substantial person, farmland plan

(1) What is a person / farmland plan?
A person / farmland plan clarifies the farmers who are expected to play a central role in agriculture in the region based on discussions with the farmers (center management entity), and the future of agriculture in the region. is.
(2) Benefits of people / farmland plan (support for central management in the district)
1. Agricultural next-generation human resources investment fund (management start type)
2. Make the Super L fund interest-free for the first five years
3. Comprehensive support project for making strong agriculture and leading workers
(3) Existing people / farmland plan areas that can be judged to be already substantial
If an existing plan meets the following requirements, it is judged that it is already materialized.
1. The total of the area managed by the central management entity in the area and the area planned to be loaned from farmers in the near future is more than half of the arable land area in the area
2. Areas where the origin and destination of farmland in the near future are specified
* However, if it is possible to confirm that farming will continue stably in the future, it is considered to be substantial even if the origin is not specified.

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