2013 Niseko Rice Flour Food Contest Recipe Collection

Purpose of contest holding

In order to know the properties and usage of rice flour and to promote local use in the future, we invite enthusiasts from the general public to increase consumption of rice flour in the town. In addition, as a forerunner to develop into the B class gourmet around the foot of Niseko Yotei mountain in the future, we will try to find recipes that can be challenged at home.

Publish contest listing recipe

The Niseko Rice Flour Food Contest was held on February 3, 2013. We invited Mr. Sachiko Hoshizawa, familiar with the wide cube cooking caster to the chairperson, and we decided the best awards for each of the culinary department and sweets department by voting five judges and 50 general visitors . On this page we will publish recipes of 19 items in total, including 8 cuisine divisions and 11 sweets departments.

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Best award

Sweets sector

Best award

Jury Special Award

Contest Commemorative Photography

Contest Commemorative Photography

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