Niseko Town Call for Opinions on Local Disaster Prevention Plan (draft)

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Niseko Town Disaster Prevention Council is a plan created by the Niseko Town Disaster Prevention Council based on the Basic Law on Disaster Countermeasures and the regulations of the Niseko Town Disaster Prevention Council Ordinance.
Establishing basic matters to promote disaster prevention measures, while coordinating with related organizations, residents, businesses, etc., focusing on disaster prevention measures such as prevention, emergency, recovery and reconstruction that the town should perform, It is intended to be thorough.
With the holding of the disaster prevention meeting, the revised plan has been finalized, so we are looking for the opinions of the townspeople.
8:30 am-5:15 pm (except weekends and holidays)
■ Location / Contact / Disaster Prevention Section, General Affairs Division
In addition, we will respond directly to your opinion.

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