Do you not act as Niseko Town as local revival cooperation corps? (Start of recruitment in 2020)

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Niseko area, also called "miracle place" by ski and snowboard enthusiasts. Niseko Town, where international resorts are located, is a vibrant city that has attracted a large number of tourists from Japan and abroad, and has always had many migrants.
Agriculture is a major industry in addition to tourism, and rich nature and landscapes are spreading. Attention is drawn to tourism, but we believe that nature and landscapes are the attraction of Niseko Town, which is the foundation of tourism and agriculture. The diverse human resources that live in this area are also attractive
Niseko Town values the natural environment and has been selected by the government as an "Eco-Model City" and "SDGs Future City".
In addition, we enacted the ``Niseko Town Community Development Basic Ordinance, '' the first self-government article in Japan, which is said to be the constitution of the town. I am working on it.
We are recruiting "local revitalization cooperation corps" as a leading figure in community development and community in Niseko Town.
* This time, we will be active with our own skills, experience, and passion, and we will also propose proposals that can be used in town planning in Niseko Town.

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