Notice of Recruitment of Niseko Town Staff Recruitment in 2024

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In Niseko Town, the basic philosophy is "Environmental Creation City Niseko", and in order to promote information sharing and community development with residents' participation toward this, we are planning to hire motivated staff who will be responsible for the future of the town as follows. . It is a rewarding workplace where one person's power is utilized at the site of community development. Please feel free to apply.

1. Recruitment type, number of recruits, eligibility requirements
[General clerical work (2022 graduates / 2023 prospective graduates)] A few people
Those who have graduated from university or graduate school or are expected to graduate by March 2024
[General clerical work (experienced working people / university graduates)] A few people
A person born after April 2, 1984 who has graduated from a university or graduate school, has more than one year of practical experience in a private company, etc.
[General clerical work (people with disabilities)] A few
[Public health nurse] A few people who are qualified as public health nurses or who are expected to obtain the qualification by March 2024
【水道技士】 若干名 技士の資格を有する人または令和6年3月までに資格を取得する見込みの人
[Architect] A few people who are qualified as architects or who are expected to acquire the qualification by March 2024
【保育士および幼稚園教諭】 若干名 保育士および幼稚園教諭の両資格を有する人または令和6年3月までに資格を取得する見込みの人
*People who have previously applied for employment Niseko Town and have been rejected more than twice cannot apply.

2.Scheduled date of employment
April 1, 2024
* However, for those who have already graduated from school and are able to work in 2023, the hiring period may be brought forward after consultation.

3.About the test
Primary examination Document screening
Secondary test July 9 Test venue: Niseko Town Hall and National Town Hall (Nagatacho)

The schedule for the fall exam will be announced on the website as soon as it is decided.

4. The method of hiring Niseko Town staff will change.
5. Other conditions, etc.
・According to Niseko Town service regulations, if you are hired, it is a basic condition that you live in the town.
・Driving a passenger car may be required for official duties.

6.Examination application procedure
Scheduled to be released on HP in the near future

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