Keikichi Kikuchi lecture lecture Why to dig in the history of the area

Focusing on Hokkaido's history after the war, air raids and whaling

Keikichi Kikuchi lecture lecture Why to dig in the history of the area

Niseko Town Arishima Memorial Museum is currently holding a photo exhibition by Shigeto Maekawa, a photographer who has continued to take on the culture of Shimo [Shigetoshi Maekawa Photo Exhibition].
Maekawa has been looking at the history of the farmers after the war, inviting Dr. Keiichi Kikuchi, who is a pioneer of the historic excavation project, which the hotel is working on in recent years, why to dig up the history of people, in your own life work I will tell you through a certain air raid history and whaling history.

Keiichi Kikuchi
Born in 1932.
After school teacher, we will investigate and research about drift ice and air raid history in Hokkaido, history of whaling and the history of pioneer after the war.
I live in Sapporo City. Writing, numerous awards.



July 17, 2016 (Sunday)
Open at 12:30
Started at 13:00

Maekawa Shigetashi Exhibition related business

  • Gallery talk by curator in charge
    [Date and time] Saturday, June 25, 2016, Saturday, August 20
    Start at 13:00 each day
  • Lecture "Why to dig up the history of the area - focusing on the history of the postwar era, air raids and whaling in Hokkaido"
    [Date and time] Started 13:00 on Sunday, July 17, 2016
    [Instructor] Keikichi Kikuchi (writer)
  • Gallery Talk "Photographer of Kyowa, Maigari Maekawa"
    [Date and time] Started 13:00 on Saturday August 6, 2016
    [Instructor] Isozaki Ayako (Curator, Toshio Nishimura Memorial Art Museum Curator)


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