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Year-end greetings

Year-end greetings

Niseko Town Kenya Katayama

Happy new year
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the residents of the town for their deep understanding and cooperation in promoting town government.

Last year, while the new coronavirus infection was coming under control, fighting broke out in the Middle East following Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine, and tragic news was broadcast every day, and there was no need for constant efforts for international peace. It was also a year that made me acutely aware of the necessity.
In addition, the soaring prices of kerosene, electricity, and other goods are putting a heavy burden on our lives.

However, in Honmachi, we are pleased to see that the national farmland reorganization project that supports the livelihood of farmers is making steady progress, and that the number of overnight guests is recovering in terms of tourism.
In addition, in terms of tourism, we were the second place in Japan to receive the Silver Award after Kamaishi City from Green Destinations, which evaluates the quality of a sustainable tourist destination based on global standards. It's done.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those involved in tourism for their efforts so far that Niseko Town Eco-Model City and SDGs future city, has been recognized by the international community.

This year, continuing from last year, we will continue to pay attention to the lives of the town's residents, improve the environment for raising children, and alleviate the vulnerability of town transportation such as "Nikotto Bus". We intend to strengthen our efforts to expand public transportation to increase freedom of movement for visitors. In addition, we support the core organizations of town development, ``Niseko Resort Tourism Association Co., Ltd.'', ``Niseko Machi Co., Ltd.'', ``Niseko Yukimori Kosha Co., Ltd.'', and ``Radio Niseko'', and aim to achieve ``SDGs Future City''. As such, we will strive to create a "empathetic capital society" that values empathy and living.
In closing, I would like to wish everyone good health and happiness and wish you all the best for the new year.

Niseko Town Board of Education Superintendent Tatsuzo Kataoka

Happy new year

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the residents of the town for their deep understanding and cooperation in promoting and enriching our educational administration.

Last year, as the response to COVID-19 moved to Category 5, various cultural and athletic events were revived, and each school and Kindergarten was able to carry out various educational activities, etc. was able to gain valuable experience.

I also think it's good that Niseko Town have more opportunities to interact with each other due to the holding of the Fureai Town Citizen Sports Day, the Niseko Marathon Festival, and the resumption of Kotobuki University and cultural activities.

In order to promote and enhance "Niseko-style education," it is important that schools and local communities work together and cooperate.
For this reason, each school in the town has set up a ``Niseko Style Education Study Group,'' which is divided into four subcommittees: ``Class Style,'' ``English Style,'' ``Furusato Style,'' and ``Special Branch Style.'' A research presentation conference was held in 2015, which achieved great results.
As the Board of Education, we will focus on supporting the Educational Research Group.

At Niseko High School, we are working to create an attractive Niseko high school with the aim of creating a school that will be chosen by local junior high school students.
We have decided to change the department from the Department of Agriculture to the Department of General Studies from 2020, and in order to promote distinctive education, we will continue to improve our school through collaborative exchanges with many universities and visits to schools with advanced international education. Reforms are progressing at a rapid pace.
In the future, we are considering creating an educational curriculum that can accommodate students going on to universities, etc., and we will continue to support the improvement and enrichment of the learning environment.

At Niseko Town 's elementary, junior high and high schools and Kindergarten, we strive to improve the quality of education by interacting with each other.
We would like to ask for your continued support and cooperation this year, and we would like to conclude our New Year's greetings by wishing you all a very fruitful year.

Niseko Town Chairman Yuji Aoba

Happy new year

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the residents of the town and wish them a healthy New Year.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for your deep understanding and special cooperation in the management of the town administration and council.

In the tourism industry, foreign investment in the Niseko region is increasing, and the number of foreign tourists is also steady, which is expected to create a virtuous cycle for the local economy.
In addition, the development of housing and the construction of private housing complexes are progressing, and the population of the town is being maintained.

Work is progressing to extend the Shinkansen line to Sapporo, and the national government is conducting a planning phase study on the expressway between Kutchan and Rankoshi.
Public transportation measures are an urgent issue for the town, and it is necessary to build a transportation system that can firmly support the improvement of the lives of the town's residents and the development of the tourism industry into the future.

Under these circumstances, in order to promote the development of a city that is a good place to live, we must reconsider the duties assigned to councilors, and prioritize the truly necessary measures through COVID-19 discussion. All members of the Diet will work together to resolve future issues.
Furthermore, in order to be able to appropriately reflect the diverse opinions of the town's residents in town administration more than ever before, each member of the council must work hard to improve their qualifications, as well as work with the town's residents. We aim to be a town council that feels closer to everyone.

In closing, I would like to offer my heartfelt wishes for a prosperous year for all of you, and I would like to conclude my New Year's greetings.

Niseko Town Agricultural Committee Chairman Takashi Araki

Happy new year

As we welcome the New Year, I would like to extend my warmest greetings and thank you very much for your continued understanding and cooperation in the activities of the Agriculture Committee.

Four years have passed since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, and our lives are gradually returning to their previous living environments.
However, the global turmoil has not yet subsided and the situation remains unstable.

In our daily lives, we continue to be unable to shake off concerns about our daily lives, such as dealing with unprecedented weather conditions such as daily high temperatures and sudden heavy rains, and soaring prices for food, materials, fuel, etc. .

In order to survive this unstable situation, we believe that further ingenuity is needed to stabilize the prices of agricultural and livestock products, secure yields, stabilize supply, and expand consumption.

In order to "realize resilient agriculture" by improving farmland infrastructure and introducing smart agricultural machinery to improve the efficiency of agricultural work and reduce the burden of work, and to promote soil preparation that does not rely solely on chemical fertilizers by using green manure and compost. Measures are being actively pursued.

The Agriculture Committee will work together as one to support these measures by promoting the preservation and appropriate use of prime farmland.

I would like to extend my New Year's greetings by asking for your understanding and cooperation in the activities of the Agricultural Committee this year as well as by sincerely praying for the healthy lives of all the townspeople and a prosperous autumn harvest.

Connecting regions, connecting hearts
Hello, I'm the local welfare officer and children's committee.

“I’m worried if something happens to me as an elderly person living alone.”
"I would feel better if I could talk to someone, but there's no one I can talk to."
"I'm having a hard time making a living due to soaring fuel and commodity prices."
“I have a disability and would like to talk to someone.”
"I can hear a child crying. Could it be abuse?"
"Mail is accumulating at your neighbor's house."
“I’m tired of childcare and nursing care.”

Have you ever had trouble in your everyday life because you didn't know who to talk to?
Welfare committees and children's committees are volunteers who provide advice from the townspeople's perspective and connect them with related organizations so that they can live with peace of mind.

This month, we will introduce the system and activities of the Welfare Committee and Children's Committee.

Q.What is a civil welfare committee/children's committee?
A.It is a familiar consultant who supports local welfare.
"Civil Welfare Commissioner/Children's Commissioner" is a volunteer commissioned by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare based on the Civil Welfare Commissioner Act. Consultation regarding welfare in each area of responsibility so that everyone, including the elderly and people with physical disabilities, can live with peace of mind.
They will help you get on board and introduce you to specialized institutions.
We also conduct monitoring activities such as talking to elderly people living alone and checking on their safety.
Now that the population is aging and the number of nuclear families is increasing, and connections with the local community are becoming weaker, we are listening to the voices of local residents, becoming a familiar counselor, and connecting residents who need support with government and specialized organizations. I will play a role.

Q: What kind of activities do you do?
A: We act as a liaison for the local community.
・Consultation and support for the elderly and people with disabilities
・Consultation and support for living environment so that you can live with peace of mind
・Support for children and families raising children, etc.

Q: How are you selected?
Selected based on recommendations from region A.
They are commissioned by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare after receiving recommendations from the local community, including predecessors and neighborhood associations active in each area.
No special qualifications or knowledge are required. After taking office, you can attend training and study sessions on welfare-related matters and administrative procedures.

Q: What kind of people are involved?
A: There are many people who are cheerful and feel relieved when I meet them.
These people, who are generally in their 30s to 70s, are well-versed in the local situation and have an understanding and enthusiasm for social welfare and volunteer activities.
In Niseko Town, 13 district committee members and 2 chief children's committee members have been active since December 2022.
The term of office is three years. We stand in the same position as the local community and receive consultations.

Q: Are there any rewards?
A: I am an unpaid volunteer.
Welfare commissioners and children's commissioners are local public servants with special positions, but because they are volunteers, they are not paid a salary.
However, some of the expenses necessary for daily activities (telephone charges, transportation expenses, etc.) will be paid by the prefecture as activity expenses.

Q: Can the contents of the consultation be kept confidential?
A: Yes, of course.
Welfare commissioners and children's commissioners are required by law to maintain confidentiality.
Personal information obtained through activities such as individual consultations will be kept confidential.
This duty of confidentiality continues even after a member retires.

■People from various professions serve as local welfare committees and children's committees.

Agriculture 27%
Self-employed 20%
Office worker 20%
Town fiscal year staff 20%
Organization staff 13%
Source: Niseko Town Health and Welfare Division

■Last year, I received the following consultation.

Matters related to the elderly 80%
Matters related to people with disabilities 6%
Things related to children 14%
Others 1%
Source: Niseko Town Health and Welfare Division

Introducing the activities of local welfare committees and children's committees who watch over, support, and connect the local community

The activities of local welfare committees and children's committees are wide-ranging, from children to the elderly.
They are the local community's reliable ``liaison'' and are the first to respond when a consultation is received.

1. Monitoring visit

They visit local residents, such as elderly people living alone and families with children, to check on their safety and provide counseling regarding problems in their daily lives. We also provide necessary information, such as welfare kerosene, and connect you with related organizations.
``How have you been lately? Have you noticed any changes?'' We exchanged a conversation with a smile and felt relieved.

2.Transfer information to related organizations

In order to support people in need in the community, we consult with related organizations such as nursing care and welfare services, and collect and share information.
On this day, I submitted an application for welfare kerosene to the town hall and told the staff in charge what I noticed during my visit.
*Welfare kerosene is a subsidy for expenses such as kerosene.

3. Participation in training sessions

We will attend social welfare conventions and social welfare committee children's committee training sessions held in Hokkaido and Goshi jurisdiction.

On this day, a training session for children's committee members of the Sanroku Block Civil Welfare Committee was held at the Kyogoku Town Community Center, where the children received training from the president of the Hokkaido Mental Health Association on how to deal with stress and mental health and addiction. Three local welfare commissioners from Niseko Town will be in attendance.

4. Attend regular meetings

We will attend the regular meetings of Niseko Town Social Welfare Committee (Children's Welfare Committee), which are held 4 to 5 times a year.
The committee will share information and collaborate with each other, and consider ways to support households with problems.

On this day, we discussed topics such as snow removal for the elderly, welfare kerosene subsidies, and the Red Feather Community Chest.

Our town's welfare committee and children's committee

Welfare committee members and children's committee members are re-elected once every three years.
The list below is as of December 2023, and the next re-election will be in December 2025.

Secrets will always be kept! If you have any concerns or worries about your daily life, please feel free to contact the committee members listed below.
If you do not know your local committee member, please contact us.

■問合せ/保健福祉課福祉係 TEL 0136-44-2121
Person in charge: Ozaki/Nakagawa

<List of civil welfare commissioners, children's commissioners, and chief children's commissioners>

Name Area in charge
Tadahiko Wakayama Hondori 4, Hondori 5, Hondori 6, Hondori Danchi
Akihiko Aida Arishima, Arishima 1, Arishima 2, Arishima 3, Yotei, Yotei 1, Boyou Danchi, Corpo Arishima
Tomoaki Kawahara Miyata Friendship Association (Tomikawa, Miyata, Obanai, Kurokawa)
Hisazo Satake Central 1, Central 2, Central 3, Central 4, Central 5, Central 6, Central 7
Chiaki Hiramatsu Kondo Friendship Association (Kouei, Kyoei, Toyosato, Higashi), Motomachi Friendship Association (Motomachi, Shinko, Matsuoka)
Izumi Ohno Hondori 7, Hondori 8, Hondori 9, Fujimi, Fujimi housing complex, Arishima housing complex
Tomoko Tokubo Hondori 1, Hondori 2, Hondori 3, Hondori 10, Hondori 11
Eiji Kanouchi Shinarishima housing complex, Yotei housing complex, Shirakaba
Kazuhiko Shirakami Satomi District Friendship Association (Betta, Satomi, Tomioka), Sakura Danchi, Heights, Arishima Forest
Michiko Sasaki Soga Friendship Association (Nishiyama, Takidai, Higashiyama), Fuyoukai, Higashiyama Pension Village, Higashiyama Hill, Metsä Management Association
Atsuko Yamaguchi Hokuei/Moiwa/Annupuri/Potato Republic/Royal Town
Michiko Kudo Niseko social gathering (Onoue/Fujiyama/Niseko)
Toshiaki Kubo Fukui District Friendship Association (Itaya, Fukui, Soma), Mizuho, Nishitomi, Konbu, Katsura
Masae Kubo Child Welfare Area (Chief Children's Committee)
Naoto Kataoka Child Welfare Entire Area (Chief Children's Committee)

Thoughts of the local welfare committee and children's committee

We interviewed local welfare committee members and children's committee members who act as advisors in our town about their activities and messages to the town's residents.

It is especially important for elderly people living alone to watch over their neighbors.
Mr. Tadahiko Wakayama (in charge of Hondori 4, Hondori 5, Hondori 6, Hondori Danchi)

■19th year of civil welfare committee

I became a public welfare committee member at the request of the chief priest of Daisenji Temple, who was the previous public welfare committee member in charge of this area.
At that time, I accepted the position on the condition that I would only serve one term (three years), but before I knew it, I had served seven consecutive terms.
When I visit the homes of elderly people living alone, they are happy, and they trust me and rely on me, so I can't stop doing it.
When we visit people's homes to fill out welfare kerosene documents and hand over year-end condolence money, we make small talk and listen to their concerns.
I'm happy when I can ask someone for advice or help solve a problem, and it's rewarding.
The reality is that many people die alone these days. It is especially important for elderly people who live alone to have their neighbors watch over them.
If the situation is different from usual, such as the electricity not being on for a long time, please contact us. The civil welfare committee is also very reliable.

I hope people who live in the same area can help each other.
Ms. Michiko Kudo (in charge of Niseko social gathering (Onoue, Fujiyama, Niseko))

■1st year of civil welfare committee

I became a member of the local welfare committee in December last year on the recommendation of Seiichi Takaya, who served as the local welfare committee member for many years.
My mother worked as a local welfare officer for over 20 years, so when I was a child I watched her visit people's homes and offer advice. It's not something that just anyone can do, so I accepted it in case it helps.
Around May, the house I was responsible for watching over caught fire. I knew him before I became a local welfare commissioner because he was my neighbor, but I hadn't been able to visit him since I became a welfare commissioner, so I felt a great sense of responsibility.
I immediately called the welfare department at the town hall and, thinking that the first step was to secure a place to live for the time being, I asked them to connect me with the relevant organization.
rice field.
If you are currently having trouble or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to consult us, even if it is a trivial matter. Please cry out for help when you still have time. I hope people who live in the same area can help each other. If anyone around you notices that something is wrong, please feel free to contact us.

If you are having trouble with your child, please feel free to rely on us.
Mr. Naoto Kataoka (Child Welfare Overall Area (Chief Children's Commissioner))

■Chief children's committee member 4th year

I was often involved with children in volleyball and youth baseball teams, and had many acquaintances at schools and boards of education as members of the athletic association and community school committees, so when I was asked to be the chief children's committee member, I decided to do what I had done up until now. I thought it would be helpful.
It will be easier for children and parents to consult with you, and you can also consult from a neutral standpoint.
I think there are many worries and problems related to children, such as child rearing and not going to school.
As the chief children's committee member, I have a duty of confidentiality, so the details of my consultation will not be leaked to outside parties.
Although we cannot tell you what to do, we can introduce you to people like this and connect you with relevant organizations such as government offices. I have been commissioned as an expert to help people in need. If you have any problems, please ask the Chief Children's Committee member!

Information from the local welfare committee will connect you to welfare services.
Yukie Aoki (Niseko Town Comprehensive Support Center/Public Health Nurse)

As public health nurses, we often visit elderly people living alone after receiving information about their problems and concerns from welfare commissioners.
Physical problems are easy to understand, but we sometimes receive information about poverty or suspected dementia that is difficult to see from the outside.
In the past, there have been cases where information received from local welfare commissioners and visits led to nursing care services, such as dispatching helpers or using day care services.
Nowadays, the number of elderly people is increasing, so we are no longer able to keep up with them.
When the local welfare officer visits, please feel free to ask about various things. Also, if you are having trouble,
Please feel free to consult with the local welfare committee in your area. From there, you can connect them to welfare services.

Although we have entered a new year, the uncertain future continues due to soaring prices and the global situation.

Various problems have come to light as the social environment changes, including an increase in the number of elderly people living alone, child abuse, hikikomori, and the 8050 problem.
Welfare committees and children's committees work hard to watch over and provide counseling to the elderly in order to prevent unfortunate incidents, build safer and more secure communities, and enable each individual to lead a happy life.

Please don't suffer alone until you are caught up. In times like these, the people you can rely on are the local welfare committees and children's committees. Please feel free to contact us.

Norio Mitsuhashi was awarded an award!
Mr. Mitsuhashi, who served as a civil welfare committee member for 15 years from 1997 to 2013, was awarded an award at the 2023 National Social Welfare Convention.

Topic of town

みなさんの地域や職場の話題などありましたら、広報担当(TEL 0136-44-2121)までお気軽にご連絡ください。

We worked hard at practice. Kindergarten presentation.

Kindergarten held a song and drama presentation by young children on December 2nd.
The younger fox and raccoon groups danced to music and performed hand gestures to play musical instruments in accordance with the lyrics of the song ``Yama no Ongakuka.''
The middle-aged sheep group dressed up as rabbits and foxes, acted out the play ``Idōreno no Isu,'' and danced around the dance hall in dancer costumes.
The older children, the Kuma group, performed the ``Sanpo'' they had practiced so hard on on the pianica and xylophone. After the play ``The Story of the Zodiac,'' they performed the fox dance that they had performed last year for the first time in a year.
Every presentation received a big round of applause from parents.

Singing “It’s a Small World” with instrumental music (Hitsuji-gumi)
In the play, I memorized long lines and performed them (Kuma-gumi).
Let's dance to the song "Aiueongaku" (Tanuki group)

Accommodation tax business operator briefing session for tourism promotion and regional transportation enhancement

On November 16th, the town held two lodging tax business briefing sessions at the Town Citizens Center, one in the afternoon and one in the evening, to explain the change from a fixed rate system to a graduated flat rate system, as well as the classification and tax amount of the flat rate system.
Various opinions were expressed by business operators, such as ``What are the specific uses for accommodation tax?'' and ``I want the system for calculating accommodation tax fees to be made as simple as possible.''

Work is progressing towards the introduction of accommodation tax in November 2024

Niseko Elementary School community visit day to show the results of daily learning

On November 21st, a community visit day was held at Niseko Elementary School.
Classes were open to the public for each grade, and parents and members of the local community were able to observe the usual learning activities.

In the third-year comprehensive study, each group created a one-day tour program for Niseko Town, and proudly announced its attractions and points based on the guidebook they had compiled.

We will promptly answer questions from parents.

Let's consider a "life meeting" to prepare for "what ifs"

The town co-hosted an event with the Hokkaido Home Medical Promotion Support Center to discuss the final stage of life, a ``life conference,'' where people discuss the final stages of life with family and people they trust.
Lectures and case studies from the debaters
Thank you for your understanding.
Looking back on your life and thinking about what the "final stage of life" should be will also lead to how you live your life.

Approximately 30 participants thought about "what is important in life"

Beware of fire fire prevention poster award

Winners of 2023 Roku Fire Department's fire prevention poster were awarded at each school.
Tomoki Davenport (6th grade of Kondo Elementary School) and Nao Ikeda (1st grade of Niseko Junior High School) were selected as special winners, and Kansuke Nishihara (6th grade of Niseko Elementary School) was selected as an honorable mention.

Tomokki Davenport, 6th grade student at Kondo Elementary School
Niseko Junior High School 1st year student Nao Ikeda

Niseko high school education presentation towards the future

On November 22nd, Niseko High School's educational presentation was held. Teachers and students introduced Niseko High School's activities aimed at reform, the creation of a fun school festival, and efforts to revise school regulations that students independently considered.
At the participant networking session following the activity presentation, approximately 40 participants were divided into groups and a workshop was held. We exchanged opinions on two themes: ``What we think about Niseko High School now'' and ``What we expect from Niseko High School in the future'', and each group summarized their opinions and made a presentation.

It was a good opportunity to learn about the appeal of Niseko High School.

Smartphone class to use your smartphone safely

The town held a smartphone class for people over 60 years old for three days from November 27th to 29th.
We invited cell phone shop staff as lecturers and provided explanations on how to use SNS, communication apps, and the Internet.
In the course, participants learned key points for using smartphones safely while actually looking at them.
Participants learned how to manage their smartphones using passwords and avoid suspicious information in order to prevent the information on their smartphones from being leaked.
They were eager to learn about things like what to do when they receive an email.

I checked how to operate a smartphone from scratch.

Aiming for zero CO2 emissions
Decarbonization action plan resident briefing session

On November 16th, the town held the first residents' briefing session on the decarbonization action plan at the town's community center.
Mr. Atsushi Murakami of Club Vauban, a general incorporated association, talks about the past and present history of CO2 emissions in Niseko Town.
and various regional issues related to decarbonization.
Participants raised many opinions and questions, including the actual status of CO2 emissions.

The second resident briefing session is scheduled to be held on January 12th.

Connect the ball with cooperative play
Whole town 9-person volleyball tournament

On November 26th, the town held the 44th town-wide 9-person volleyball tournament at the general gymnasium.
Eight teams from each region participated in this tournament, which was held for the first time in four years, and the competition was fierce.
The results are as follows.

・Winner: Arishima Team
・Runner East Team
・3rd place Fujimi team
・4th place Sugoroku team
Following the summer softball tournament, we won the championship!

Niseko Yukimori Kosha Town Citizen Information Session Connecting Forests and Companies, Forests and People

An information session for the townspeople was held on December 7th, sponsored by Niseko Yukimori Kosha.

Niseko Yukimori Kosha is a company established in March last year by the town, private companies, and forest owners to connect Niseko Town 's forests, economy, and lifestyle.
At the town resident information session, after the town explained the history of the company's establishment, Niseko Yukimori Kosha explained the overall picture of the business and its activities.

More than 50 people participated and a lively discussion took place.

Everybody's page

This is the participation page for the townspeople. We look forward to hearing from you!

Planning and Environment Division Public Relations Section
TEL.44-2121 FAX.44-3500

Niseko Fan News vol.78

Corner for townspeople by townspeople
Would you like to work as a reporter too? We look forward to your participation.

This month's reporter is Tomoko Tokubo.
Born and raised in Niseko. A true Niseko person spreading the word about Niseko!

Librarian even as an adult

In June of this year, Asobook's 20th anniversary thanksgiving festival was held, during which I read picture books for adults with Deputy Mayor Yamamoto.
Picture books are also popular these days, not just for children, but for adults to read aloud.
One day I saw a bookstore on TV that was a bookstore during the day, and at night the counter opened up and became a snack bar, and the owner of the bookstore was a snack mom.
A tipsy customer asks his mom to read a picture book to him and goes home feeling soothed. Don't you think it's good?
I want to work here too! I thought. I drink so much that I feel like I won't even be able to read picture books anymore...

I have been attending a picture book and children's literature course in Otaru since last year.
As a childcare worker, one of the things I've always wondered about is what books to read to children at what age? about it.
Since it includes not only picture books but also children's literature, I may not have understood anything about fantasy, adventure, psychology, philosophy, etc. in today's lecture, but I still understand the feelings the author put into the book and the depth of the book. Once you understand this, you will be really impressed and have fun.

This course will continue for about one year. I learned about this course two years ago, and as I'm about to turn 60, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make it to Otaru for two and a half years, but now I'm enjoying it.
When I thought about how I could put the knowledge I gained there to use in my current workplace, I came up with the idea of handing out a selection of picture books to read in each class every month.
By bringing the books directly to each class, I am able to get a sense of how much the children are looking at the picture books.
I don't know how long I will be able to do this, but I would be happy if I could be a mediator between people and picture books.

Niseko High School Agricultural Club

To the new Niseko High School
2nd year chairperson Namiko Kudo

There were many new changes at Niseko High School this year. A particularly big change is the revision of the school regulations.

In addition to making a major revision in the summer, we also revised the clothing for the winter season in December.
Additionally, in November, vending machines were installed at Niseko High School where you can purchase bread and sweets.
I buy them not only in the morning and after school while waiting for the JR train or bus, but also during breaks.
The multipurpose hall where this vending machine is installed is always a place where students gather, and after school, it is also a place where other grades can get along and interact.
Since we have revised the school rules based on students' opinions, we will continue to adhere to the established rules and continue to make school life even better.
We, the New Agriculture Club Executive Team, will work together to further evolve Niseko High School into a new one.

Niseko Tanka Association

The wind blows dryly and makes a sound, and dead leaves are piled up thickly on the alley. Tsuneo Sugino

Yoshiko Gunji, near December, where the celebrations of my mother's centenarian life continue.

Niseko Haiku Association

One persimmon, sweet taste, another Yoshie Koshino

Kokasuhiya Cat Turns Over Parking Lot Yasuko Shigemori

Garden work goes unfinished into winter Masako Kashishita

Reiko Kameda spends a long night thinking about how to get there

Play book news No.250

Learning Exchange Center Aso Book
■ Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Closed: Mondays, last Fridays, public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays
TEL.0136-43-2155 FAX.0136-43-2156

Playful Christmas Party
The usual Christmas party was held. We had a great time reading books and watching puppet shows.

artology workshop
On December 14th, we held an artology workshop with lecturer Masako Muramatsu.

Artology Workshop - 2nd time -

We are holding a total of 6 expressive art workshops for adults starting December 14th. The second time is as follows.
There is no need to participate from the first time. The content is different from the first time. Please join us.

◆Date and time: January 18th (Thursday) 6:30pm to 8:00pm

◆Capacity/15 adults *Application required

◆Lecturer: Masako Muramatsu (graphic artist)
*For details, please see the poster in the Asobuk Hall and the website.

Hobby work exhibition Recruiting exhibitors

We are looking for people who wish to exhibit in the 2024 "Hobby Works Exhibition" corner. The exhibition period will be around 2 weeks.
If you would like to exhibit or would like more information, please contact the Asobuku Secretariat.

Notice of year-end and New Year holidays and January closures

We will be closed for the year-end and New Year holidays from December 31st (Sunday) to January 5th (Friday) and on the 9th (Tuesday) as it is a public holiday.
Please use the book post at the front entrance of Asobuku to return books on days the library is closed.
If you have borrowed books from other libraries from Asobook, please return them directly to the counter.


book display
12/30~1/25 Pillar Exhibition “Unfortunate?! Exhibition”

Library staff think about the users and the library when selecting books, but there are some books that have never been borrowed. This is an exhibition of such disappointing books.
If you take this opportunity to read it, the books will be happy too.

hobby exhibition

1/6~1/19 Watercolor painting/Tatsuto Kudo

1/20~1/31 “House of Life” Exhibition/House of Life

Introduction to magazine sponsors
Starting in 2021, Aso Book has started a ``magazine sponsor system'' that allows users to subscribe and donate magazines for one year.
As a sponsor, you can advertise on bookshelves and magazine covers.
As of December, 18 magazines have been sponsored by companies, organizations, and individuals as part of their community contribution activities that support culture and education.

We look forward to your continued use and cooperation.
There are many magazines other than those that use the sponsorship system. Please feel free to use them as well.

Sponsor name Magazine name

NPO Niseko Future Support Team “Mother’s Friends”
Individual “Maury” “Faura” “Da Vinci”
Niseko Takahashi Farm “Natural Life”
Niseko Central Warehouse Group “Niwa Shinbun” “Junior Era” “Slow” “Kuyon”
Bongo Plaza “BRAVOSKI”
Makino Industries Co., Ltd. “Children’s Science”
Lupicia Co., Ltd. “Croissant” “Orange Page”
Jiro Shirakaba “The World”
Ostrich-san “National Geographic Japan Edition” “alterna”
Play book supporter ``Living notebook''
Niseko Distillery “Taru”

New arrival book introduction

practical book
Things that change and things that don't change - Ayaka Uchida

The unknown life of trees Peter Wohlleben

First crochet for left-handed people Junko Sano

Reading material
Totto-chan next to the window Tetsuko Kuroyanagi

Twist the Knife Anthony Horowitz

Know It All Only You Know Forest Basil

Children's books and picture books
The world and I connected through poop (all 3 volumes) Noriko Yuzawa

Survival in the Dinosaur World Revised Edition 1 and 2 Hong Jae-cheol

Toshio Iwai - 100 freshwater horses

There are many other new books. Please take a look at the Playbook.

Niseko Town Regional Revitalization Cooperation Team

Report daily activities from the members!
Next Door Cooperation Team 28.

We will send out information every month so that the townspeople can learn about the activities and personalities of our volunteers!

Editor in charge
<3rd year> Ken Suzuki
<2nd year> Yosuke Kiyobe
<1st year> Ago Miyamae, Takako Itami, Hideki Hinoura, Osamu Muraoka

Introducing the activities of the cooperation team
Radio Niseko
Inside Kira Niseko

"Because I like Niseko of the cooperation team~"
(every Monday from 3:20 pm to 50 pm)
Scheduled performers in January
1/8 Naoki Nakamura/Naoto Arai
15 Saiki Saito/Osamu Muraoka
22 Hokuto Takagi/Risa Ito
29 Onoka Suzuki/Kyoka Sato

≫Information is also being sent on SNS!




Graduation special feature

We are posting greetings from two members whose terms of service will expire at the end of March 2020.

Ayaka Sasaki (from Gunma Prefecture)
Assigned to/Niseko Machi Co., Ltd.

Thankful for a rich life at the summit of Mt. Yotei with its first snowfall

I moved to Hokkaido by chance, and will soon be entering my 7th year in Hokkaido and 4th year in Niseko.
I've moved around to many different places, but the fact that I'm now settling down in one place is a new challenge for me.
During my work at my assigned company and my personal business, I learned about the appeal and difficulty of each job, and realized the importance of having a place to belong and having many communities to be involved in.
I am grateful for the people and environment I am blessed with, and for being able to work in a rewarding way every day.
When you are in Niseko, you can feel the richness of nature as well as the richness of people.
When I first came to Niseko, I thought, ``I want to live here,'' and now, I think, ``I want to continue living here,'' because I was attracted to the people who live in Niseko and their activities. Masu.
I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of encounters and changes will come in my new life in Niseko!

Hiromi Futami (from Miyazaki Prefecture)
Assignment / Niseko Central Warehouse Group

The future we will connect from here

2021 is already the third year since I moved to Niseko Town the year after the coronavirus outbreak. I have three months left in my term.
Assigned to the central warehouse group, I was also able to be involved in hall rental events, merchandise sales, and original product development.
It was a great time for me, as I had been working in the same job for over 20 years, and was able to gain experience that I had never had before.
In Niseko Town, each of us should do what we can to contribute to the local community and protect nature.
Thanks to the time I spent living here, I was able to reconsider my previous mindset and lifestyle.
I passed the 2023 Real Estate Transaction Examination and am planning to start an apprenticeship in the real estate industry.
I also plan to pursue coffee roasting, which I have always been interested in, as a side job. Thank you for your continued support.

Overall activity report October/November implementation

Jack-o-lanterns appear as a seasonal feature of autumn
10/25 Jack-o-lantern making
10/28・29 Lantern lighting

This year too, the volunteer team participated in making pumpkin lanterns and lighting them!
Many pumpkins placed on the grounds of Kiranoyu.
To make a lantern, start by cutting off the top of a pumpkin and using a ladle to hollow it out.
They carved faces and letters into hollowed-out pumpkins, and each person used their creativity to their fullest (?) to create many unique works.
On October 28th and 29th, we will gather again in front of Kiranoyu to light the lanterns.
Pumpkin lanterns were placed around Niseko Station, and each lantern was lit.
A fantastic sight spread out in front of the station as it became dark.
Locals and tourists took pictures and enjoyed the sights of many people. (Yosuke Kiyobe)

10/28 Tree planting and forest education event

We supported forestry classes and tree planting experiences for Niseko 5th graders.
The weather was good on that day, and the children listened intently to the lecture.
At Soga Forest Park, we had the opportunity to plant 40 trees, including Sakhalin fir, with the children.
I was impressed to see the children who participated listening intently.
Events mediated by nature are something that you can experience only because Niseko is so rich.
I once again felt that it would be great if we could educate children about the importance of the environment through local businesses. (Hideki Hinoura)

11/9 Halloween pumpkin removal work

This year's Niseko Halloween was a huge success, with around 1,000 people participating.
Thank you to everyone who dressed up, to the vendors, and to everyone who enjoyed the event.
Well, after a fun event, there is always work to clean up.
Removing the pumpkins was a difficult task. The weather on the day of work was rainy.
There were times when the pumpkins slipped from my hands, but thanks to the cooperation of the local community, we were able to complete the work safely. Thank you for your cooperation. (Osamu Muraoka)

Introduction of my assignment
25 Niseko Central Warehouse Army 1st year Saiki Saito (from Saitama Prefecture)

"As a place where various people gather"

There are currently three volunteers working at the Chuo Warehouse Group, where I am assigned, and our main focus is renting the facility out for events in and outside the town, corporate meetings, workdays, etc.
In recent years, there have been fewer events due to the new coronavirus, but this year it has returned to pre-coronavirus times and a variety of events are being held.

Recently, Warehouse No. 1 and the plaza have been used as the transit area and goal for an adventure race for women, and the former starch factory (distributing sweets), Warehouse No. 1 (rest area), and plaza (for the event) have been used for the Halloween event. Main venue) was used.
When I saw warehouses being used for events in various fields, I was reminded of the potential of warehouses as places where people can gather.
I hope there will be more events in the future!


A new member has joined!

Osamu Muraoka (from Hyogo Prefecture) Assigned to/Children's Future Division

At the Children's Future Division, where I am assigned, I mostly work with children up to elementary school age.
We are active in Kindergarten, children's halls, and after-school children's classrooms.
It's a wonderful environment where you can be surrounded by smiling children and discover new things every day.

I would like to connect with various people through volunteer volunteer activities.
Please feel free to say hello if you see me.

smiling square

In this section, we will introduce various activities and information related to child-rearing!

Parenting topics

A well-done presentation


There was a presentation where children in classes aged 3 and up showed off the results of their daily practice, including singing, musical instruments, games, and drama.
The children chose their favorite songs from among the songs they always sing and the picture books they read, came up with their own choreography, and had fun practicing.
On the day of the presentation, there were many nervous people in the audience, but I believe that experiencing this big event will lead to new confidence.

A big strategy to boost your energy: ``Child-rearing without getting irritated'' A lecture by Dr. Ryuji Shioya, representative of Ohisama Shokasonjuku, was held at the Town Citizens Center.
To get a body that doesn't get tired easily, it's better to say ``I'm fulfilled'' instead of saying ``I'm tired.''
Also, it seems that women have 20,000 words to say, while men only have 4,000 words.
Mothers who are busy raising children every day burst out laughing when they heard this story.

The mothers who participated gave positive feedback, saying, ``I felt energized'' and ``I learned a lot of useful tips for raising children.''

“Ohisama” is a place where parents and children can play casually, and where friends can talk about their worries. (Inside Kindergarten)

Kindergarten entrance information session will be held.

We will hold an information session for parents of children who will be entering Kindergarten from April 2020 on events, things to bring, picking up and dropping off children, etc.
For parents who are unable to attend on the day of the event, explanations will be provided at Kindergarten. Please contact us by phone before coming.
◆Date/Time: February 1st (Thursday) 6:30pm
◆Place/ Kindergarten
*If you would like childcare, please apply by January 26th (Thursday).
*Please contact us for detailed information.

Childcare course “Children’s song”
◆Date and time: January 26th (Friday) 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
◆ Place: Child-rearing Support Center “Ohisama”
◆Lecturer/Mr. Tokubo
◆Application deadline: January 19th (Friday)

Consultation to Ohisama
Ohisama Nikoniko consultation (public health nurse consultation) will be held.
Why not consult with us about your child-rearing questions, such as child development and vaccinations?
We also have a nutritionist on hand, so if you have any concerns about baby food, please come along.

◆Date and time: January 18th (Thursday) 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
◆ Place: Child-rearing Support Center “Ohisama”

<Inquiries about this page>
Niseko Town Kindergarten "Kiratto" charge / Aoki / Sato
TEL.(代表)0136-44-2700  FAX.0136-44-2725

Health promotion news Vol.107

Shinbo public health nurse
Health and Welfare Section health promotion staff


Improve your health with quality sleep

Japan is said to be one of the countries in the world where people sleep for the shortest amount of time.
The percentage of people who get an average of 6 to 8 hours of sleep a day varies by age, but it is around 50 to 60%, and the amount of sleep that people in their prime working age is getting shorter each year.
Chronic sleep deprivation not only causes a decline in mental function, such as daytime sleepiness, loss of motivation, and decreased memory, but it has also been found to increase the risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases and worsen the symptoms of lifestyle-related diseases. I am.

What kind of sleep is good quality sleep?

The amount of sleep you need varies depending on your age, amount of activity during the day, and individual differences, but ideally you should be able to get 6 to 9 hours of sleep.
In order to get a good night's sleep, it is important not only to know how long you sleep, but also to feel well-rested through your sleep.

To sleep soundly

Even if it's difficult to get enough sleep, I'd like to introduce some things you can do to get a good night's sleep.

1. Get as much sunlight as possible during the day to regulate your sleep and wakefulness rhythm.
2. Do not bring your smartphone or tablet into your bedroom and sleep in a dark room as much as possible.
3. Set the temperature in your bedroom to be neither too hot nor too cold.
4. Take a bath 1 to 2 hours before going to bed to warm up your body before going to bed.
5.Sleep in the quietest possible environment and in comfortable sleeping clothes and bedding.
6. Refrain from consuming foods containing caffeine after evening.

Some people drink nightcaps to help them fall asleep, but even if you feel like you can fall asleep easily when you first start drinking nightcaps, the process of alcohol metabolism creates a wake-up effect, making you more likely to wake up in the middle of the night.
Even in the long run, drinking a nightcap can have a negative effect on your health, so avoid making it a habit.

Information of living

News from Niseko Town

Information of living


National Health Insurance tax will be exempted during the prenatal and postnatal period.

From January 2020, a system will begin to exempt people from paying National Health Insurance taxes during the pre- and post-natal period.

[Eligible persons and applicable insurance tax]
・Income-based amount and per capita amount for those whose birth (planned) date is on or after November 1, 2023 and who are enrolled in National Health Insurance.

[Target period]
・In case of singleton/Insurance tax for 4 months from the month before the expected birth month
・In case of multiple births/Insurance tax applicable for 6 months from 3 months before the expected birth month
However, since the system started in January 2020, for example, a person who gave birth in 2023 will only receive the reduction for the amount for January 2020.
In order to receive this reduction, you will need to submit a notification, so please prepare the notification form and your maternal and child health handbook and apply at the Health and Welfare Division counter or by mail.
Please see the homepage for detailed information and notification forms.
■問合せ/保健福祉課保険医療係・税務課税務係 TEL0136-44-2214  担当=王・菅原

don't leave your dog alone

Free-ranging dogs are prohibited by Niseko Town Dog Control and Wild Dog Sweeping Ordinances.
If you let a dog roam free, it may behave in unexpected ways without its owner, such as entering other people's property and defecating, or causing harm to people and other dogs.
For people who don't like dogs, an unleashed dog can be very frightening.
Do not leave your dog alone at night or early in the morning. Please keep your dog on a leash when walking.
Additionally, patrols will be focused on the Kondo and Toyosato districts, where there are many complaints from residents.
Also, when you take your dog for a walk, take a plastic bag with you and be sure to take the feces home with you.
It is also a natural manner not to let your dog pee at the front door of your house.
When you keep an animal, follow the rules and manners, and take responsibility as a member of the family.
■問合せ/町民生活課町民生活係 TEL0136-44-2214 担当=松澤・金子

Notice of Recruitment of Self-Defense Forces

●Self-Defense Force Candidate (7th)

・Eligibility for taking the exam: 18 years old or older but under 33 years old as of the 1st day of the scheduled hiring month
・Reception period: January 15th (Monday) to February 9th (Friday), 2020
・Test date: Either Friday, February 16th or Saturday, February 17th, 2020

●Self-Defense Force candidates (8th)
・Eligibility for taking the exam: 18 years old or older but under 33 years old as of the 1st day of the scheduled hiring month
・Reception period: February 13, 2020 (Tuesday) to February 27, 2020 (Tuesday) ・Test date: March 3, 2020 (Sunday) Test date is subject to change Please contact us for details.

■問合せ/自衛隊札幌地方協力本部倶知安地域事務所  TEL0136-23-3540
または自衛官募集相談員下口 登さん  TEL0136-44-2177

International exchange event “10th Picture Book World” held

``Picture Book World,'' an event that expands children's worldview through picture books, is celebrating its 10th edition.
You can touch over 100 picture books from Japan and the world.
There are lots of fun programs including reading stories in multiple languages, puppet shows by the Asobuku Puppet Troupe, and craft experiences!
Would you like to experience picture books from around the world together, for adults and children alike? We look forward to your participation!

■Date and time: February 3rd (Saturday) 1:00pm - 5:00pm (Admission possible from 12:30pm)
■Location/Townsman Center Large Hall
■ Participation fee / free
Person in charge: Viropaspitshahira, Lai Pei Lu (when absent: Yoshida)

Get ready for heavy snow

The full-fledged snow season has arrived.
The silver world is wonderful and winter sports are fun, but snow also has a scary side that can sometimes cause disaster.

Disasters caused by heavy snow mainly occur due to ``winter-type atmospheric pressure patterns'', ``developed low pressure systems'', and ``small low pressure systems that occur along the coast of Hokkaido''.

Heavy snowfall may cause people to become stranded or cause road closures due to intensive snow removal.
If traffic disruptions are expected due to heavy snow, consider changing your route to your destination in advance, or, in some cases, postponing or canceling any non-essential outings.
The meteorological observatory publishes weather information and future snow forecasts on its website.
Future snow (Japan Meteorological Agency website)
Snowfall situation in Hokkaido (Sapporo District HP)
■問合せ/札幌管区気象台天気相談所 TEL 011-611-0170

Publish contract results

We will notify you of the results of contracts for construction, consignment work, purchase of goods, etc.
The bids and free contracts held from November 3rd to December 6th are as follows:

2023 Kiranoyu air conditioner installation work
■Planned price: 4,048,000 yen
■Contract amount: 3,960,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 97.8%
■Contract partner: Honma Shoten Co., Ltd.
*The successful bid rate is the ratio of the amount actually contracted to the amount planned by the town.
*Excludes unit price contracts

Attorney Sato's
Lifestyle worries
We will solve it!

●This month's theme
“Inheritance registration will be compulsory from this year!”
Until now, there was no deadline for registering inherited real estate (registration of ownership, etc.).
Therefore, if a deceased person owned real estate, there are many properties across the country whose names remain unchanged for various reasons.
If a long period of time has passed since the start of inheritance, it becomes difficult to search for an heir to the landowner, which may lead to problems such as not having a way to contact the landowner even if you want to, or hindering the effective use of the land. A problem arises.
Therefore, due to a legal amendment, inheritance registration will become mandatory from April 1, 2020.
Specifically, those who have acquired real estate through inheritance must apply for inheritance registration within three years from the day they learn of the fact.
In addition, heirs who have acquired real estate through inheritance division negotiations are now required to apply for registration within three years from the date of the agreement.
If you neglect this obligation, you may be subject to a fine of up to 100,000 yen unless there is a justifiable reason.
Not only inheritances that will occur in the future, but also cases where inheritances have already started are subject to the obligation, and applications must be made within three years from the date of enforcement of the law amendment or from the time the person learns that they have inherited real estate, whichever is later. You must be careful because you have a duty.

Park Front Law Office Niseko Office
ニセコ町字本通141番地  TEL 0136-44-3800   FAX.0136-44-3801

There is a vacant room in the town house

Type Apartment name Format Structure Rent guideline Minimum to maximum Parking space
Public housing (for households) Arishima Danchi Building 3 Room 101 1LDK (39.87 square meters) Built in 1960 Simple fireproof structure one-story 5,700 yen to 24,900 yen (varies depending on income etc.) None
Public housing (for households) Boyo Danchi Building E Room 302 3LDK (69.63 square meters) Built in 1993 Fireproof medium floor 12,700 yen to 56,100 yen (varies depending on income etc.) Yes
●Reception period: January 9th (Tuesday) to January 23rd (Tuesday)
●Residence qualifications/application method/Please contact us for details.
■Inquiries regarding municipal housing/City Construction Division Housing Management Section Onuki Sasaki


Director's lecture "Exploring from history - the emergence of generative AI and creativity"

■Date and time: Saturday, January 27th, Saturday, February 10th, both from 2:00 p.m.
■ Place / Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
■Price/Free (separate permanent exhibition viewing fee required)
■Lecturer: Hiromichi Terashima (Director)
■問合せ/有島記念館  TEL0136-44-3245   担当=伊藤・河野


About the correct use of heating equipment

As we enter a time when the use of heating equipment is essential, fires caused by heating equipment are on the rise in Hokkaido.
Especially in January, there are many fires. To prevent fires caused by heating equipment, pay attention to the following points.

When using heating equipment,

- Do not place anything flammable in front of or around heating equipment.
・Do not dry laundry on top of heating equipment.
・Be sure to extinguish fires before leaving the area, going out, or going to bed.
・Turn off the flame before refueling the portable stove. Even heating devices that do not use fire as a heat source, such as electric stoves, can overheat and cause a fire if they come in contact with flammable materials.
Check the correct usage and prevent accidents.
In order to detect fires early and prevent delays in escaping, we ask that households that do not have residential fire alarms install one as soon as possible.
■問合せ/羊蹄山ろく消防組合消防署ニセコ支署 TEL0136-44-2354 担当=佐々木・佐竹・宮入

Consumer affairs consultation memo

“We will buy anything” “For overseas support” Is it true?

Consultation centers across the country are receiving many inquiries regarding ``door-to-door purchasing,'' in which purchasers come to people's homes and purchase goods.
I was told that they would buy anything, and I agreed to come to see if I could dispose of unnecessary items in my home, but I was told that accessories that I had no intention of selling were also forcefully purchased, and that a businessman who unexpectedly visited me said, They kept telling me things like, ``You don't have to sell it, I'll just take a look at it'' and ``I'll send your unwanted items overseas to support you.'' They asked me to come to my house, and I had a hard time refusing them and asking them to come back. There is a consultation.

To avoid problems with door-to-door purchasing, be aware of the following six things.

1. Even if you receive a phone call from a door-to-door purchasing business, do not accept the call easily.
2. Do not let the purchasing company who suddenly visits your home enter your home.
3. Check in advance the name of the purchasing business and the items to be purchased.
4. Even if you have agreed to a visit to buy tableware or old clothes, if they ask you to sell other precious metals, flatly refuse.
5. Thoroughly check the documents issued by the business you purchased from, and avoid signing a contract with a business that does not issue a document that clearly describes the contract details.
6. Consider not handing over the goods to the purchasing business during the cooling-off period and think about it slowly.
If you are involved in a problem, please contact the consultation center or local office immediately.

■Inquiries/Yotei Local Consumer Affairs Consultation Desk
TEL 0136-44-1600 担当=池田

heart gift
We received your donation. thanks for the goodwill
《Niseko Town Office Reception》
“Please use it for regional development renewable energy business” Asahikawa City IDF Co., Ltd.

Track! Vol.36

Activities of a town development company!

Thank you for your continued support this year!

Happy New Year everyone!
Thank you very much for all your help over the last year.
Thank you for your continued support of Niseko Machi Co., Ltd. and "Niseko Mirai" this year.
Construction of a condominium (Mokule Niseko Building A) began last year in the first construction area of Niseko Mirai, and from this spring, people will actually start living in Niseko Mirai. This year, along with the construction of the next condominium, construction of rental housing will also begin.
If you are considering relocating, please check out this information.
Information about the winter event that will be held later this month. The snow play event, which was very popular when it was held last year, will be held from 9:00 am on Sunday, January 28th. For details, please check the flyers posted at each facility in the town and Niseko Town's SNS and website.
Let's fully enjoy playing in the snow by taking advantage of Niseko Mirai's vast grounds, such as sledding and building kamakura ♪
We would like to thank everyone for their daily support and cooperation, and we hope that you will pay attention to Niseko Machi Co., Ltd.'s efforts this year as well.
■Inquiries/Niseko Machi Co., Ltd.

Image of completed Mokure Niseko Building B

Developing the future of Niseko Vol.73

Niseko Town National Farmland Restructuring Project Promotion Reformation Letter
Development area: 1,490ha Project period: 14 years from 2014 (planned)

A district promotion committee meeting was held.

The District Promotion Committee is a forum for farmers participating in the project and related parties in each district (8 districts) of the town to discuss various issues and plans in order to promote the project smoothly.
It is held twice a year, in spring and fall. The autumn event was held from October 31st to November 9th, with 38 people attending at 6 venues in 8 districts.
At the committee meeting, the secretariat explained this year's report items and discussed matters for discussion.
Afterwards, the Otaru Development and Construction Department explained the progress of the construction work and survey design work to date, and the location where the work and survey design work will be carried out in FY2020.The secretariat also gave an explanation about the final survey for the land replacement. After an exchange of opinions and a question-and-answer session, the Otaru Development and Construction Department heard about problems with the fields that were being developed in preparation for the project's completion.
We will continue to make requests to central ministries and agencies in order to carry out planned projects from next year onwards, and will promote the movement even more strongly.
■ Inquiries: Secretariat of National Farmland Restructuring Project Promotion Kiseikai Secretariat (National Farmland Restructuring Promotion Office)
  TEL 0136-44-2121 担当= 辻・大久保

City Case Files

Niseko Town Crime Prevention Association

A case
Occurrence of theft
There was a theft incident where cash was taken from a wallet.

Traffic accident
2 fatal accidents
On November 11th, a head-on collision between two vehicles caused an accident that resulted in injuries.
倶知安警察署/TEL 0136-22-0110

pension news

To all students who have turned 20 years old

The National Pension System is for people living in Japan between the ages of 20 and 60 (there is also an easy-to-understand video explaining the contents and benefits of the National Pension System on the Japan Pension Service website).
Even students must pay insurance premiums, but since it is often difficult for students to do so, there is a ``Special Payment System for Students'' that allows students to defer payment of insurance premiums while they are enrolled in school.
To apply for the special payment option for students, please bring a copy of your student ID or certificate of enrollment and apply at your local government office or your local pension office.

Japan Pension Service homepage
■問合せ/年金ダイヤル   TEL 0570-05-1165
町民生活課住民係   TEL 0136-44-2121   担当=山口・工藤

Nice to meet you, thank you

new staff

General Affairs Division Information Management Section and Property Management Section
Shunsuke Ouchi Shunsuke Ouchi (from Sapporo City)
I used to visit Niseko Town for winter sports when I was a student, but I'm excited because it's my first time living there. I have learned a lot from the warm-hearted office staff, and I would like to do my best to contribute to Niseko Town!

International Exchange News Vol.09

Winter has finally arrived in Niseko. Coordinator for International Relations held a "Chinese-style paper-cutting workshop" in December to deepen exchanges with local residents and give them an opportunity to experience overseas culture.
Lai Peilu, a Coordinator for International Relations from China, introduced the origin and development of ``paper-cutting'' (ji?nzh?, ``cutting'' in Japanese), which is a World Cultural Heritage Site, and discussed with the participants, ``Flower-cutting''. ” (tuanhu?) I made a Chinese-style paper cutout.
Not only the adults but also the children worked very hard and produced many wonderful works!
I'm really happy that everyone enjoyed it!

hello mayor

Community planning society
In addition to small-group "town development talks," last year we held 15 "town development roundtables" at Kotobuki University and other areas.
We exchanged opinions on a wide range of topics, including the lack of rental housing, the need for easy-to-use places to live in each district, the hardships of snow removal, child-rearing and education, and the future of the Shinkansen and parallel conventional lines.

In particular, there were many opinions about the lack of means of transportation within the town, and many people expressed expectations for more buses because they were unable to use the `` Nikotto Bus'' because it was often used by tourists and tourism employees.
How to protect the "freedom of movement" of town residents into the future is a major issue that will allow them to realize the richness of their lives.

This year, we would like to begin measures to alleviate the housing shortage, which has been a long-standing issue, as well as further expand transportation within the region.

Niseko Town Kenya Katayama


Town calendar 1JANUARY

Town Calendar/January JANUARY

Upper right box article
January is
National Health Insurance Tax (8th period)
Nursing care insurance premium (7th period)
Deadline for delivery is the 25th (Thursday)
Delivery date for water and sewerage charges
Direct debit date is the 29th (Monday)
If you use bank transfer, please check your balance.
Inquiries about long-term care insurance premiums/Health and Welfare Division
National Health Insurance tax inquiries/Tax Division
Inquiries about water and sewage rates/Water and sewage section

Top left box article
Emergency and sudden illness response at night and on holidays
倶倶知安厚生病院 電話0136-22-1141

*It may be canceled or postponed depending on the situation.

3rd (Wed)
●Closed office and Kindergarten (closed until January 8th)
●General Gymnasium, Town Citizens Center, Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum, Playbook, Central Warehouse Group Closed (Closed until January 5th)

4th (Thu)

5th (Friday)

6th (Sat)

7th (Sun)
●Twenty Years Old Gathering/Town: 13:00~

8th (Monday)
●Firefighting departure ceremony/in front of Fire Department Niseko Branch: 14:30~
Coming of Age Day
Playbook closed day

9th (Tuesday)
●Start working at the office
●New Year's Reunion/Town: 15:00~
Playbook closed day
Central warehouse group closed days

10th (Wednesday)

11th (Thu)
●Muscle storage class/Town: 10:30~
Open at night

12th (Fri)
●Environmental Council/Town: 13:30~
●Decarbonization action plan briefing session/Town: 18:00~

13th (Sat)
●English conversation circle/o: 10:00~

14th (Sun)

15th (Monday)
●Children's Parliament/Role: 10:00~
Playbook closed day

16th (Tuesday)
●Free legal consultation by lawyer/Town: 13:00~
●Health exercise class/Town: 14:00~
Central warehouse group closed days

17th (Wednesday)
●Radio Niseko interrupt broadcast/10:50~

18th (Thursday)
●Hisama Niko Niko Consultation/Children: 10:00~ See Nikoniko Square p15
● Kotobuki University Elderly Club Joint New Year Party/Town: 10:50~
●Asobukkurabu (Reservation required)/A: 15:00-
●Artology Workshop/A: 18:30~ See Playbook Newsletter p12
Open at night

19th (Friday)
●Hello, Mayor's Office/Role: 11:00~
After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00-

20th (Sat)
●Fake co-op production/movie screening/Available: 13:00~ See living information p19

21st (Sun)
●Kids Park/Kura: 10:00~

22nd (Monday)
After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00-
Playbook closed day

23rd (Tuesday)
●Health exercise class/Town: 14:00~
Central warehouse group closed days

24th (Wednesday)
●Infant consultation/Town: 9:30~

25th (Thursday)
●Magic Carpet/A: 15:00~
●Town citizen lecture “Global climate change discussion and local decarbonization efforts” (tentative)/Town: 16:00-
Open at night

26th (Friday)
●Child-rearing course “Children’s Song”/Children: 10:00~ See Nikoniko Hiroba p15
●Muscle storage class/Town: 10:30~
●After-school children's classroom/body: 14:00~
Playbook closed day

27th (Sat)
●English conversation circle/o: 10:00~
●Director's Lecture "Exploring from History - The Emergence of Generative AI and Creativity" / Available: 14:00 - Life Information See p19

28th (Sun)
●Kids Park/Kura: 10:00~

29th (Monday)
After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00-
Playbook closed day

30th (Tuesday)
Central warehouse group closed days

31st (Wed)

Thursday, February 1st
● Infant health checkup/Town: 13:00-
●Asobukkurabu (Reservation required)/A: 15:00-
● Kindergarten Entrance Information Session/Kids: 18:30~ See Niconico Square p15
Open at night

2nd (Friday)
●Muscle storage class/Town: 10:30~
After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00-

3rd (Sat)
●Picture Book World/Town: 13:00~ See living information p18

Every Tuesday Winter Japanese Class for Beginners/O: 18:00~
Every Thursday Winter Japanese Class for Beginners/Town: 15:30~
Every Monday and Friday after school children's class/Town: 14:00~ (occasionally)
Second and fourth Saturday English conversation circle/O: 10:00~

Photo album of this month

Photo album of this month

We are looking for photos!

Top 3 wonderful artworks in the Yellow Pumpkin Graffiti Contest Photographer: Public Relations Section

ShiriBeshi Zero Carbon Promotion Commemorative Tree Planting Photographer: Public Relations Section

Food and nutrition story vol.23

Food and Nutrition Story Vol.23
[Quick cooking class for adults]
On October 26th (Thursday), we held a ``Quick Cooking Class for Adults'' at the Town Community Center.
On the day of the event, we prepared a menu that was conscious of spices so that even with the low salt content, the participants did not feel inadequate.
We will introduce some of our menus, so please try cooking them at home.
It is scheduled to be held next year as well.
Once the schedule has been decided, we will notify you through public relations, etc., so please come and join us.
Inquiries: Health Promotion Section, Health and Welfare Division Dietitian Kaori Saito
TEL 0136-44-2121   FAX 0136-44-3500

Curry-fried chicken wings
◆Ingredients (for 1 person) Calories: 306kcal Salt equivalent: 1.0g
Chicken wings...3 pieces
Potato starch...2 teaspoons
Olive oil...1 teaspoon
Tomato: 2 slices

[Seasoning A]
Curry powder: 1/2 teaspoon
Soy sauce・・・・・・・・・1 teaspoon
Cooking wine・・・・・・・・・・・・1 teaspoon

◆How to make
1. Make a cut on the back side of the chicken wing.
2. Put the chicken wings and seasoning mixture in A into a plastic bag and mix well.
3. After 20 minutes, add potato starch and sprinkle well.
4. Heat olive oil in a frying pan and steam-fry over medium heat until browned on both sides.

Soy milk miso soup ◆ Ingredients (for 1 person) Calories 90kcal Salt equivalent 0.9g
Shimeji mushrooms・・・・・・20g
Fried tofu...1/1 piece
Unadjusted soy milk・・・・・・50ml
Miso・・・・・・・・・1 teaspoon
Japanese style dashi granules・・・1/2 teaspoon

◆How to make
1. Pour boiling water over the fried tofu to remove the oil, then cut it into 1cm wide pieces.
2. Divide the komatsuna into bite-sized pieces and the shimeji mushrooms into small bunches.
3. Boil water in a pot. Once it boils, add the komatsuna, shimeji mushrooms, and fried tofu and simmer until soft.
4. Add Japanese-style dashi and soy milk and turn off the heat just before boiling.
*If soy milk is boiled, it will separate and the texture will be bad.
5. Dissolve the miso and it's done.

Editor's Note

Niseko High School's efforts are often featured in Niseko Public Relations.
I feel like the atmosphere has changed a lot from when I was there two years ago.
The "Niseko High School Education Presentation", which was introduced in this month's Town Topic, featured various activities aimed at school reform, including practical training at partner companies with close ties to the community, more practical English learning, and school rule revisions by students themselves. The active activities were announced.
Each and every student had a lively expression as they managed the event smartly and spoke confidently during the workshop.
Niseko High School has changed significantly since this year.
I would like to be able to tell everyone through public relations what kind of evolution we will achieve from now on. (fruit)


The situation of radiation dose in the town
Measurement date: 1 month until December 15th
Maximum value 0.053μGy/h
Minimum value 0.029μGy/h
Average value 0.034μGy/h
Space radiation dose rate is normal level
Movement of people (as of the end of November)
Population 5,183 people (+218 compared to the previous month)
Male 2,645 (+151 compared to previous month)
Female 2,538 people (+67 compared to the previous month)
Number of households: 2,868 (+205 compared to the previous month)
Of which, foreigners 641, of which foreign households 503

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