<Starting September 1> Kira Card points will be awarded for reading and health promotion facilities!


The Niseko Kira Card Association, which is organized by businesses in the town, issues and operates a Kira Card that collects points (1 point = 1 yen) when shopping at member stores (more than 40 stores). We are promoting efforts to return to the local community and expand consumption in the town.
In addition, as a community contribution project, support is provided to local NPOs and youth sports clubs with local support tickets (30 yen per ticket, 6,552 tickets were issued in the previous fiscal year) using the funds provided by businesses, and elderly people are monitored using a card system. We are working on services, issuing immigrant points, Nikotto Bus usage points, birthday points, and holding morning markets by member stores.
Furthermore, in cooperation with the town, we have also promoted initiatives such as giving bonus points to households with children under junior high school age as a child-rearing support project.

Recently, we will also start the following initiatives.
■ Efforts Issuance of health points and reading points
■ Contents Niseko Town Learning Exchange Center "Asobukku", Niseko Town General Gymnasium,
When using each facility of Niseko Ekimae Onsen Kiranoyu,
Add 1 kira card point
■ Method Have your Kira card read into the dedicated terminal installed at each facility
■ Start September 1, 2022
■問合 ニセコ綺羅カード会(ニセコ町商工会内:電話0136-44-2214)
* To issue a Ayara Card, please complete the procedures at the Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry counter of the Niseko Town Center.

By all means, please work on reading and health promotion together, save Kira points, and shop at a great deal at a member store in the town.

<All stores simultaneous point 10 times sale>
In addition, the Kira Card Association will carry out a simultaneous 10x point sale at all stores. Please use all means.
■ Date Every Friday from September to November

<Gift 1000 points for creating my number card>
In addition, Niseko Town is currently conducting a project to present 1000 Kira Card points to those who have newly created a My Number Card by November 30th. For this procedure, please contact the Niseko Town Office Townspeople Life Division window.

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