2022 Child-rearing household life support special benefits for low-income child-rearing households (for other households)



This benefit will be provided to low-income child-rearing households as a special benefit for child-rearing households from the perspective of providing life support based on the actual situation amid the prolonged effects COVID-19 Thing.

Persons eligible for payment

Parents raising children under the age of 18 (under 20 in the case of children with disabilities) (as of March 31, 2022 * However, newborns born before February 2023 are also eligible)

Payment requirements

〇Those who are exempt from 2022 degree inhabitant tax (per capita rate)
〇 Those whose income has changed suddenly since January 1, 2022, and whose income is equivalent to exemption from resident tax (sudden change in household finances)

Payment amount

60,000 yen per target child (50,000 yen for national projects + 10,000 yen for provincial projects)
* Those who have already received benefits for single-parent households,
Those who are receiving the benefit from other local governments are not eligible.

Application procedure

1. 2022 or special child rearing allowance
→ No procedures are required. It will be transferred to the account receiving child allowance or special child rearing allowance.

2. Persons other than the above (Those who are raising only high school students and are exempt from residence tax, or those who have a sudden change in household finances must apply.)
→ Procedures are required.
Please contact us by phone or at the window.

[Documents required for procedures]
・ Copy of identity verification documents
・A copy of a document that can confirm the transfer account (passbook, cash card)

Application acceptance period

February 28, 2023Until
provided, however, that in the event that a child, etc. born in late February 2023 requests certification of eligibility for child allowance or special child support allowance for March 2023 or revision of the amount 2023 the amount shall be made by March 15.

About tax-exempt equivalent income (income) (persons with sudden changes in household finances)

How to check payment requirements
・ If both spouses are raising children, the one with the highest income will be judged.
・If the expected annual income (income) calculated from the income of any month after January 2022 is less than the tax-exempt equivalent income (income) limit in the table below, you will be eligible for payment.

[Target income]
・ Salary income
・ Business income
・ Real estate income
・ Public pension income

* In principle, the screening will be based on the estimated income, but if desired, the screening will be based on the estimated income.
household sizeFamily composition exampleTax-exempt income limitTax exempt income limit
2Husband (woman) + 1 child828,0001,378,000
3Couple + 1 child1,108,0001,680,000
4Couple + 2 children1,388,0002,097,000
5Couple + 3 children1,668,0002,497,000
6Couple + 4 children1,948,0002,897,000
7Couple + 5 children2,228,0003,297,000
8Couple + 6 children2,508,0003,685,000
9Couple + 7 children2,788,0004,035,000

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