About bear sighting information on Mt. Yotei


Around 9 am on May 26, there was information about bear sightings in the pot at the top of Mt. Yotei.
The most important thing to avoid personal injury caused by bears is not to meet them.
Please be careful not to approach the area where the sighting information was found.
<Matters that must be carried out when climbing a mountain>
■ Do not enter Noyama alone and act in multiples (do not act alone)
■ In Noyama, walk (act) while making sounds such as bear bells.
■ Be sure to take food and garbage home without leaving or burying them
■ Turn back when you see the traces of bears such as dung and footprints
■ Do not act in dimly lit areas such as early morning or dusk where bears are infested.
■ Refrain from walking dogs where bears are infested, as they may excite the bear.
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