The 205th Town Development Townspeople Lecture-Aiming for a Sustainable Tourist Destination-will be held!

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The 205th Town Development Townspeople Lecture "Aiming for a Sustainable Tourist Destination" will be held at the Townspeople Center from 18:00 to 19:30 on May 31 (Tuesday)!

The town has been working on "sustainable tourism" since two years ago. The sustainability coordinator, who is the driving force behind the efforts, will report on the activities up to last year, and the seemingly incomprehensible concept of "sustainable tourism" will be more familiar and more concrete. We will hold a lecture by inviting two experts so that the townspeople can feel it. I want to make a sustainable approach, but where should I start? Is there a subsidy system or mechanism for starting the initiative? If you have any thoughts, please join us!

Childcare is available! If you wish, please contact us by 5/19 (Thursday).
Description: Aoki (Sustainability Coordinator)
Inquiries: Niseko Town Hall Commerce, Industry and Tourism Division Person in charge: Suzuki
TEL: 0136-44-2121
Email: kankou●

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