About the panel exhibition of the outline (draft) of the 2030 Sapporo Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

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Sapporo City is aiming to hold the 2030 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.
On November 29, 2021, the "2030 Hokkaido / Sapporo Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Outline (Draft)" was announced, and the contents and significance of the event are currently being widely explained.

In this tournament outline (draft), it is planned to hold an alpine competition in the Niseko area.
This time, we will hold a panel exhibition on the following schedule to inform you of the details of the plan.

Period From February 28th (Monday) to March 4th (Friday), 2022
Place Niseko Town Center 1st Floor Hall

* During the panel exhibition, on the afternoon of 2/28 (Monday) and the afternoon of 3/4 (Friday)
The person in charge of Sapporo City will stay at the venue.

For the "2030 Hokkaido / Sapporo Olympic / Paralympic Winter Games Overview (Draft)"
Please check on the Sapporo City website.

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