About 2021 Niseko Town special welfare kerosene subsidy project


Business overview

This project subsidizes part of winter living expenses for low-income elderly households in order to respond to soaring kerosene prices.
(Subsidies will be provided only in the 2021)

Households eligible for subsidies

Households eligible for subsidy (as of January 10, 2022)
・ Households exempt from townsman tax over 65 years old (including households with severe disabilities under 65 years old)

Conditions for receiving subsidies* Satisfy all of the following conditions
・ Households exempt from townsman tax in the 2021
・ Households living in Niseko Town since January 10, 2022

Those who meet the above conditions but cannot receive subsidies
・ Persons who are residents of social welfare facilities or who have been hospitalized for a long time
・ Those who live outside of their home during the winter
・ Those who fall under the Niseko Town Welfare Kerosene Subsidy Program

Contents of grant

For certified households, 10,000 yen will be transferred to the applied account.

Application place

Niseko Town Office Health and Welfare Division Welfare Section

An application is required, soInkan sealWhenApplicant's passbookBring it with you
March 22, 2022 (Tuesday)Please come to the Health and Welfare Division window of Niseko Town Hall by.

* We will check the income situation, so those who have moved in after January 2, 2021
You will need an income certificate from your previous address.

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