Notice of subsidy for purchasing ski season tickets for children


This year as well, with the cooperation of the ski resort operators in the town block,
For children of elementary, junior high and high schools in the town and students (up to high school students) who are attending schools outside the town as townspeople
We will carry out a business where you can purchase ski lift season tickets at a low price.

[Target ski resort]
Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort
Niseko Annupuri International Ski Resort
Niseko Village Ski Resort

* Ski resort operators are asked to provide season tickets at a special price.
In addition, we are subsidizing from the town to reduce the burden on parents.

In addition to improving the health and physical strength of children in the ski town of Niseko Town and improving their skiing skills,
Please use it as an opportunity to know the splendor of the natural environment of the area.

If you wish to purchase, please check the contents of the attached application form Chirashizushi.
Please fill in the required items and complete the procedure at the Niseko Town General Gymnasium.


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