About Niseko Rule 2021-2022 "Do not go through the rope"

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Niseko rules are provided to prevent accidents outside the ski area. Niseko was once the most deadly mountain in the country due to avalanches. Niseko respects the freedom of fresh snow gliding and has a serious concern for your safety.
Observe the following rules for safe gliding.
1.You must exit the gate to get out of the ski area.
2. Do not slip outside the ski area through the rope.
3. Outside the ski area, it is necessary to wear a helmet and an avalanche beacon at a minimum in order to ski safely.
4. Do not leave the ski area when the gate is closed.
5. Never enter restricted areas. Search and rescue and investigation activities are excluded.
6. Only elementary school students are prohibited from skiing outside the ski area.

・ A fee (minimum 100,000 yen) will be charged for rescue searches outside the ski area.
・ Those who violate the above rules may be denied access to the ski resort due to confiscation of lift tickets or suspension of sales.
・ Many accidents occur during bad weather such as snowstorms. Don't overtrust knowledge, technology and tools. Always beware. Follow the patrol instructions. Be careful of cracks and falling trees. Snowy mountains are not 100% safe.
・ Niseko Avalanche Information is official local information, and the Niseko Avalanche Research Institute predicts the risk of the day using a unique method.
・ It is strongly recommended that you carry an avalanche beacon, probe, and shovel. In the unlikely event that these tools can save you or your fellow lives.

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