Radio program "Energy-Town development with sustainable energy in the region-" has started broadcasting!


In the Niseko / Rankoshi area, projects are underway with the aim of realizing geothermal power generation, which is a renewable energy source. The Niseko-Rankoshi District Geothermal Resource Utilization Council, which is organized with local stakeholders, including the town hall, is deepening the understanding of geothermal power generation and discussing its effectiveness and safety.
The radio program "Eneraji" that thinks about such geothermal power generation will be broadcast five times this year, and the first broadcast will be broadcast on the following schedule. We are also looking for questions and opinions about the program from our listeners. We look forward to your message.
<Contents of the 1st "Eneraji" broadcast>
■ Theme "Sustainable Geothermal Energy"
■ Guest Niseko Town Hall Planning and Environment Division Autonomous Creation Section Mitsuo Kawano
Rankoshi Town Hall Planning and Disaster Prevention Countermeasures Office Mitsuru Konno
■放送日時 令和3年9月23日(木) Niseko Amusic Loungeのなか13:20~13:50の30分間
      令和3年9月30日(木) Niseko Amusic Loungeのなか13:20~13:50の30分間(再放送)
■ Broadcast contents What exactly is geothermal energy? And the environment of both Niseko and Rankoshi
■ Questions / Opinions Email niseko762 □ (□ to @)
        FAX 0136-55-5767 までお送りください。

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