About the emergency declaration of "Kiranoyu" and usage restrictions due to construction


We would like to inform you that due to the state of emergency and facility construction in Hokkaido, the use of the Niseko station square hot spring "Kiranoyu" will be restricted as follows.

◎ Limited users due to state of emergency, shortening of business hours
period:From Monday, August 30 to the cancellation of the state of emergency

<Those who can enter (admission is restricted)>
 (1)Niseko Town people* Please present what you can confirm your current address at the reception.
 (2)Those who have a commuter pass or coupon ticket for Kiranoyu before August 29th* Hot water tour pass is not applicable
<Business hours (business hours are shortened)>
From 10:00 am8:00 pm (Reception: Until 7:30 pm)
<Other restrictions on use in the building>
・ Please refrain from talking in the hall (silent bath)
・ Please use the hall / break room for a short time, and you cannot eat or drink.
・ Please ensure a sense of distance between customers (about 2m or more)
・ Admission may be restricted depending on the admission status.

◎ Limitation of bathing time due to facility construction
➀ Period from September 6th (Monday) to September 12th (Sunday)
Western-style open-air bath The Western-style open-air bath and sauna cannot be used due to tile replacement work.
* During the period, the Western-style bath will be available for men.
➁ Period from September 13th (Monday) to September 19th (Sunday)
The Western-style bath cannot be used due to the replacement of the Western-style ventilation fan / ventilation port and the replacement of the wooden deck.
* Since it is a one-sided bath, the Japanese-style bath will be used by changing men and women.
➂ Period from September 20th (Monday) to October 1st (Friday)
The Japanese-style bath cannot be used due to the replacement of the Japanese-style ventilation fan / ventilation port, the wooden deck, and the open-air tile replacement work.
* Since it is a one-sided bath, the Western-style bath will be used by changing men and women.
<Schedule for men and women to change when taking a bath on one side>
  ・奇数日 男性10:00~15:30 女性16:00~21:30
        (最終受付15:00)  (最終受付21:00)
  ・偶数日 女性10:00~15:30 男性16:00~21:30
        (最終受付15:00)  (最終受付21:00)
* Family baths are available, so please contact us when using them.

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