About Hokkaido Special Support Fund B


2021, Hokkaido has provided cooperation support funds such as leave of absence and shortened working hours as support for a wide range of businesses affected by priority measures such as prevention of spread and requests for roads associated with emergency measures. "Michi Special Support Fund B" has been set up for those who are not eligible for the "Monthly Support Fund".
In addition, we will continue to accept applications for the conventional "Michi Special Support Fund" as "Michi Special Support Fund A".

■ Contents of [Michi Special Support Fund B]
・ Requirement 1 Businesses that have transactions with restaurants, etc. that are subject to shortened working hours, or businesses that have been affected by requests to refrain from going out or coming and going.
・ Requirement 2 Sales in any month from April 2021 to June 2021 decreased by 30% to less than 50% compared to the same month of the previous year or the year before last.
* Special measures will be implemented for those who cannot compare sales with the previous year.
* If emergency measures are extended, the target month will be extended.
・ Benefit amount 100,000 yen for small and medium-sized enterprises, etc.
Individual business, etc. 50,000 yen
・ Application acceptance period July 2nd (Friday) -September 30th (Thursday)

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