Part of the general waste treatment basic plan was revised


Niseko Town Waste Disposal basic plan, and Public Cleansing Law (hereinafter. Referred to as "Waste treatment") in accordance with the provisions of Article 6, Paragraph 1, Niseko Town municipal waste in the area of ( We have a plan for garbage and domestic wastewater treatment.
In the current plan, some of the following changes will be made in the 2021

・ Plan page 18
Due to the closure of the recyclable waste storage behind the old government office, the recyclable waste will be brought to Tsukagoshi Sangyo Co., Ltd. from July 1, 2021

・ Plan page 64
Regarding the treatment method of sanitary waste, the intermediate treatment facility will be 2021 Reiwa, and the residue will be finally treated at the treatment facility in Kutchan Town.

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